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They’ve broken through the front lines! I’ve lost contact with the capital! There’s too many of them! Stand fast! Finish them! Where’s B-127? Sorry I’m late. I hit a little traffic. Get down! Incoming! Optimus. Decepticons, attack! Autobots, fall back! Get to the tower! Destroy the launch pad!
Let none escape! Cybertron has fallen.
Get to the escape pods. There are other Autobots
scattered across the galaxy. We must reach them if we hope to survive. Optimus, this is our home.
We have to fight for it. We will fight on.
But we must find refuge first. I found a planet
that’s well hidden. Earth. You will travel there
and establish a base for us. Once we’ve gathered the others,
we’ll join you. You must protect the planet. If the Decepticons find it,
then our people are truly finished. Now go! Good luck, soldier.
I’ll buy you some time.

29 thoughts on “Cybertron Battle – Opening Scene | Bumblebee (2018) Movie Clip

  1. I said this once and i say it again: Optimus Prime deserves his own movie

    Edit: By the way, let me tell you Optimus giving time to Bumblebee to escape it's what a leader does, a leader never leaves until his team has already left

  2. What I can say is: One of the best ,,openning scenes of movies" of all the time. Thanks Filmic Box I can watch it in 4K. But I have one question for you Filmic box. Is there a chance to donwload only this video? Maybe?🤔

  3. 0:54 soundwave- decepticons attack
    0:58 Optimus prime- autobots fall back get to the tower
    1:03 shockwave- destroy the launch pad let none escape

  4. Travis Knight is amazing. He started out with stop-motion animation and now this.

    He should direct an episode of "Love, Death + Robots". He would be perfect.

  5. Best scene in the whole film! Bumblebee is easily the best Transformers related film since the first one (and that's pretty sad)

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