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heavy security of a special New York screening last night of the controversial movie Joker counterterrorism cops with automatic weapons flanked the entrance to the theater at glitzy Lincoln Center fans were wounded and had their bags searched police vehicles lined the block the police presence will continue here and across the nation some officers will work undercover authorities say there are no credible threats but many are weary and are not taking any chances one theater chain says they will allow fans to come in dressed as the Joker but they won’t allow anyone in wearing Joker face paint or a mask that covers their faces Joker stars Joaquin Phoenix as a downtrodden loner who adopts the Joker persona – but revenge can you introduce me as Joker even the US Army has warned of a potential risk at Joker’s showings telling servicemembers when entering theaters identify – escape routes if a shooter finds you fight with whatever you can the warning specifically mentions in cells involuntarily celibate young men whose frustrations could boil over reviews are mostly positive a phenomenal film but one critic calls it punishingly dull Joker is expected to make a bonanza at the box office either despite the controversy or because of it Joker’s gonna open really well it should make more than 80 million dollars this weekend which would set in October record [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Cops Increase Security at ‘Joker’ Movie Screenings

  1. It's all society faults its government the rich people corporations and joker a moral jesus with slight mental problems

  2. Stigmatizing men having difficulties finding a women, what a great idea, like it's gonna make things any better

  3. Police searches my bag which happens to have an AK
    Police: YOU CAN’T COME IN
    Me: oh no…
    Police: You can’t bring those cheetos in the theater

  4. We constantly ignore the necessity for more security at school, despite MANY school shootings killing CHILDREN occuring in the past. But we'll send mass amounts of security in for a fictional supervillain character. This world is twisted.

  5. Is all this security because of that guy that killed a lot of people in the dark Knight rises movie in Colorado 🙁

  6. America the police state. this is what happens when you tolerate children and their idiocy. democrats and the media should be ashamed but they lack the emotion

  7. I want to see a bunch of people in clown costumes stand outside the police department holding balloon rifles and wanding people down with bowling pins.

  8. You know what I've noticed? Nobody panics when things go "according to plan." Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, John Wick will kill a lot of people, or IT will kill children, nobody panics, because it's all "part of the plan". But when I say that one little sick clown down on his luck will kill few people, well then everyone loses their minds!

  9. At some AMC theatre they required you to have 2 people if you're watching, no single watchers, welcome to 2019, the year of mass shootings

  10. If anything this proves the movies' point. Society is sick, unstable, and full of hatred and bullying and we all know it.

  11. All i can Imagine is some stoner trying to sneak snacks in and seeing armed guards patting people down as they go in.

  12. Tbh the joker isn’t even as bad as Taxi Driver or platoon. I think joker was a really good movie and fulfilled my expectations but the worse that the movie does is make you feel uncomfortable and that was the point of it

  13. Just don't go to a theater with a white audience go to one with minorities. You're more likely to get mugged than shot up in a theater

  14. they didn't have this kind of insanity when the Dark Knight was released,remember its just a movie if you think otherwise
    then you're the real clowns

  15. Predictive programming. They want to be in our everyday lives. Everyday were being stripped away from our rights. Freedom of speech, the right to own a firearm, getting ready for martial law everyone. NWO is happening now.

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  17. Omfg this is stupid. ITS A FRIKING MOVIE! Stop blaming video games and now outstanding movies and saying they cause shootings. I 90% guarantee you it’s not the reason.

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