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Repairing… redemption for me. I wanted some time for me
and I grabbed it. I left my girlfriend, I quit my job,
I left everything, everything, just to stay on the street,
on my fucking own. You might start with an idea,
then you end up that you actually lost that idea
and find yourself with some tools and that becomes your philosophy. – I’d let you come at 2:00 pm.
– That’s ok. We’ll do just the afternoon shift. When you come inside you think
that place is a bunker. On the one hand he lives like
all this had landed on him, on the other hand he should understand
that he is the creator of that. In fact when I was seeing her
eating sandwiches on the street I used to say to her
“Let’s satiate those senses!” Do you remember? “Goals, targets are
just for insecure people,” I said, “who need to know
where they are actually going.”

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