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36 thoughts on “Contract | Konkani Action Thriller | Short film | Lesten Gonsalves Films.

  1. is it ur 1st movie….??????? if yes… den its okkk okk.. hope ull be back… with more better… movies.. n guys… so a original acting … it seems ull r forced to act… any ways .. good going… Good luck…

  2. Excellent Lesten! Bhov borem 🙂 I'm an actor and interested to work for Konkani Short films. Let me know if I could join you.

  3. Commendable. I am sure as you make movies you will gain experience and improvise in all aspects, so cheers to that and it's always good to start what you want to instead of waiting.

  4. Awesome technical aspects and very proud of what you guys have come up with! There is always ample scope for improvement, keep it up guys, looking forward to your next project. Please focus on the acting and dialogue delivery next time, overall, good work!!!

  5. I really liked the movie. I must appreciate the maker of this movie. Being a Goan like watching Goan movies. I must say that this is a good start. Apart from comedy movies I want to watch all kind of movies made by Goan. Keep going u are doing nice job.

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