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“Old Hollywood” is synonymous with class,
sophistication, and images of matinee idols chastely stealing kisses on the silver screen. In reality, though, all sorts of bonkers nonsense
was going on behind the scenes. Here’s a look at some classic film stars who
were actually really weird people. In 1960, the editors at Good Housekeeping magazine got a strange call. Cary Grant, the suave, sophisticated film
star who almost never gave interviews, was on the line and wanted to talk – about the
magnificent amount of LSD he’d dropped. Yup! Plagued by personal demons, Grant finally
found peace when his third wife introduced him to the wonders of acid, which he dropped
over a hundred times between 1958 and 1961. And he wanted everyone to experience the same
wonderful benefit, so he went on a campaign to promote the benefits of LSD, which according
to the biography Cary Grant: A Touch of Elegance, included Grant saying things like:
“It releases inhibition. You know, we are all unconsciously holding
our anus. In one LSD dream I s— all over the rug and
s— all over the floor. Another time I imagined myself as a giant
penis launching off from earth like a spaceship.” Sold! “I don’t know sir, but it looks like a giant…” “Dick!” “Yea”
“Oh my God it looks like a huge…” “Pecker!” “Oh where?” “That’s not a woodpecker it looks like someone’s…” Privates! We have reports of an Unidentified flying
Object.” Most people who get nose jobs want to make their nose smaller. But legendary writer, director, and actor
Orson Welles was obsessed with making his nose larger. He thought his real nose was too small for
his round face, so in every movie, he had a fake nose made – and as his career went
along, those noses got bigger and bigger and bigger. When he finished a film, Welles kept his noses,
named them, and stored them in his Hollywood home, where he would occasionally take them
out at parties and perform magic tricks with them. That’s the sort of crazy you can get away
with when you’ve directed the best film ever made. In one of the most famous cases of a star having a secret weird side, Joan Crawford
was outed by her adopted daughter Christina as a jealous egomaniac in the infamous memoir
Mommie Dearest, which was later turned into a hit movie. An account of her time as Crawford’s ward,
it made the Hollywood star sound like the mother from hell. Among other tidbits were harrowing descriptions
of the physical abuse Crawford occasionally unleashed on her children, the revelation
that Crawford lied when she told Christina her birth mother was dead, and of course the
famous meltdown over wire hangers. “hangers!!” Some claim the book wasn’t entirely true,
but considering Crawford was so weird she once sabotaged her own movie in order to spite
rival Bette Davis, separating truth from fiction is nearly impossible. The star who who gave us Doctor Strangelove and Inspector Clouseau wasn’t just a weirdo,
he was apparently also such a monumental butthead that few could stand to be around him. Peter Sellers would have screaming meltdown
tantrums on set. He’d freak out at his wives, smash crockery,
and threaten them with his shotgun. He’d even get low-level people fired on movies
as a way of venting his frustrations against people like producers and directors who were
more powerful than he was. He was also profoundly superstitious. So when director Vittorio de Sica told him
that the color purple represented death, Sellers took it way too literally. According to the biography Mr. Strangelove,
Sellers became convinced the color purple could kill. He refused to be in rooms with it and would
have screaming tantrums if he came into contact with it. Elizabeth Taylor’s hellraising is so infamous that her private life was publicly denounced
by the Vatican. Over her lifetime, she married eight times,
had endless affairs, and took great pride in the offense she caused. Sometimes, her behavior was truly outrageous. After marrying and divorcing Richard Burton
twice, Taylor was so upset that she got engaged just to spite him. While working on the play Private Lives, Taylor
and Burton brought out the worst in each other. They separately turned up drunk. They broke character. They skipped performances. When Taylor missed a show, Burton got fed
up, went to Vegas, and married Sally Hay. When Taylor heard the news, she was so furious
she announced her engagement to Victor Luna, upstaging Burton. Not that she hated her ex-husband. Later in life, Taylor claimed they would have
married a third time if only Burton hadn’t died. The best way to describe Katharine Hepburn is “fiercely independent.” She lived as if married with both women and
men, all while acting like it was no big deal. Part of that, though, was that she had plausible
deniability, as according to the book Kate: the Woman Who Was Katherine Hepburn, the famed
actress not only didn’t like physical intimacy, she hated nudity to the point where she would
walk out on a film if there was a scene showing someone naked. So why did Hepburn loathe nudity and physical
romance so much? According to a college friend, she tried intercourse
once and, quote, “just didn’t like it.” Fair enough! They say that cleanliness is next to godliness, but matinee idol Clark Gable took it to a
whole new level. According to Warren G. Harris’ biography of
Gable, the star shaved his chest and armpits because he didn’t like sweating. He also didn’t like baths, because it meant
soaking in your own dirty water, so he always showered, even carrying his own portable shower
around with him when he was in the army. Considering his obsession with hygiene, it’s
ironic that Gable’s Gone with the Wind co-star Vivien Leigh later publicly called him out
for having bad breath. Still, no matter what people said about his
weird ways, he always had the perfect comeback. “Frankly my dear I don’t give a Damn.” Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “Classic Film Stars Who Were Actually Really Weird People

  1. The glorious public facade of Hollywood often hides a really sick, seedy and pathological underbelly.

  2. I dont understand how anyone could be afraid of the color purple. Sure, it's not that great a movie and is overrated so I can understand not liking it. But to be scared of it?

  3. Peter Sellers and Joan Crawford were both bi-polar and I doubt the treatment back then was stellar. Also, Crawford's mother was abusive and we all know how that works through the generations.

  4. I find it hard to believe that Katherine Hepburn hated physical intimacy given that she was partnered with Spencer Tracy for 26 years while Tracy remained married to his wife during his time with Hepburn.

  5. I feel like hepburn but i see other side not fully complete to be partners. They are very stupid.desireless.uncaring.frustrating .heartless.

  6. I always thought Clark Gable said, "Frankly my dear Scarlett I don't give a damn" Please don't tell me this is a Mandela Effect

  7. Cary Grant an LSD fan? Amazing! Why does loving LSD make him wierd? If anything it makes him cooler than ever!

  8. Let’s face it these people never grew up. They were groomed cater to givien the keys to the city , in reality they’re just people they’re just actors ,what is so great about being an actor ? nothing. So then what you’re hearing about most of these people is that they just are not kind , loving , good or caring people. More like spoiled teenagers then prestigious adults.

  9. LSD has gotten a bad rap- just like they used to say about pot. More objective research is needed.

  10. LSD was used by psychiatry for years before the counter couture. It is being used again for drug addiction in therapy.

  11. When I was a young kid, my Mom, who met several big name movie stars over her lifetime, told me that all of Clark Gable's teeth were false. I wish she'd never told me that, as I have always loved him as an actor. Mom also told me that Liz Taylor's eye color was a beautiful violet.

  12. Clark Gable wore dentures & there was a smell associated with them that Vivien Leigh noticed during their prolonged close-ups. He complained about her foul language, so the two were mutually complaining about the other's mouth.

  13. Joan Crawford was egomaniac for sure . It's no secret she adored her fan club .Thought she could play her 20 year old daughter's role on a soap opera. and yes she pulled a stunt on the set of Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte to spite Bette Davis and the director . Instead of outright quitting , she pretended to have an illness

  14. Katherine Hepburn……weirdo, full of herself, funny she carried on an affair with a married Spencer Tracey for many many years!!!

  15. Hepburn had affairs with both spencer tracy and howard hughs. I would assume they were not just talking about movies.

  16. You know i get sick of your bullshit putting old stars down, it isnt going to make the disgraced cesspool of hollywood today come off any better.
    I respect the old stars and their movies, i would consider someone nukeing hollywood today a mercy killing, the Hollywood of yesterday
    Was the nations pride.
    Please consider doctor assisted suicide I'll get you an appointment with Doctor Kevorkian if you'd like

  17. Clark Gable's hypocrisy: I've seen that in so many people here in Japan – they call out body odor, especially of "dirty, smelly" Nepalese and Koreans or other Others, but simultaneously have lousy breath.

  18. My grandmother also had the same issue with the colour purple! She always called it the "death colour" and refused to have it anywhere near her! 🙈🙈🙈

  19. I read somewhere that Clarke Gable didn't like Vivienne Leigh at all & purposely ate onions before doing any close/kissing scenes with her! 😂😂😂😂

  20. If you are open to the possibility that all actors are transgendered then almost anything outside of that is plausible imo .

  21. He´s not a classic film star and has not made one decent movie but tom cruise is really, really weird. Even the look in his eyes just spells in capital letters WEIRDO!

  22. I took LSD many times in the 1980’s…. I loved it..!
    I laughed,I talked, I drove , I flew…I could see the imaginary next to the real.
    I loved the colors, the waves.
    But mostly.. I loved taking a medium dose and go bar hopping….
    I took a 3 hour bus ride to VEGAS,alone once with 20 doses.. stayed awake for 4 plus days.. saved one dose for after I woke up.. took it and stayed awake two more days.
    Never got hurt.. never scared anyone.. always had money left .. drinking.. I always woke .. broke..!
    I’m 58 today.. wish I had some.

  23. Too bad Liz wasn't on that Lockheed Lodestar with Todd when it did a power dive from 13,000 feet near Grants, New Mexico.

  24. Hepburn was in love with Tracy, and they lived together until his death, in their kitchen…no sex? I doubt it, but who besides them ever slept in their bed?

  25. and whats wrong with lsd great for lots of problems nothing weird about that cary grant way ahead of his time in my view doin lots of treatments with lsd mdma mushrooms these days

  26. I always thought Clark Gable was the face of V for vengeance, you know that white mask anarchists wear at demos and street protests, the grinning mask, I liked Taylor and Burton as working class drunks in Hollywood,

  27. Clark Gable, when a huge star, volunteered to fly as a gunner in B-17s when he was in his 40s. The other guys in the crew were young enough to be his kids. He flew several combat missions over Germany. He didn't have to. I don't give a rat's about his hygiene.

  28. Orson Welles was the least crazy man who ever lived, and keeping his prosthetic noses (Leonard Nimoy kept some of his Vulcan ears) is pretty damned weak in terms of eccentricity. Clark Gable's desire to follow good hygiene is about as weird as my own fondness for the soft drink Pepsi Max ie not in any way weird. This sort of vacuous garbage is what Watchmojo specialize in…do not follow their terrible example.

  29. don't care what you guys say about Clarke Gable…He said on the set of gone with the wind anybody not treated the same on this set (negroes) against racism….I'm walking off…whooo hoo love Clarke so fuck whoever said he's weird😊🇦🇺😉😁👌🌸

  30. Elizabeth Taylor – I knew someone who worked for her. Nothing but good was ever said. She was nice to people. Her romantic life was a struggle. But a nice person.

  31. I tried acid ONE time when i was 16 or 17 lol… Just to see what it was. It was pretty awesome im not gonna lie. Later as an adult I randomly came across the details of the drug and yeah… Glad it was a one time deal cause the breakdown of what it is made out of, the brains reaction and the crazy damage is nuts. To each their own just be as safe as possible. I smoke weed lol so im good with that ✌

  32. I wonder if you guys that post these celeb tidbits are telling the truth or have any skeletons in your coset too? I love Youtube but there are times l'm ready to start reading again. Because of vids like this. None of you provide proof…so, why don't you shut up and spend more of your time volunteering for some sick kids or something worthwhile for your community? Get a life!

  33. Fame and money does one thing, it magnifies a person's true inner self. In other words, if you are a loving, kind, generous and compassionate person, you'll do it even more if you become famous and wealthy. But if you're truly selfish, egotistical, arrogant, inconsiderate jackass, that's you but 5 times magnified. Most of the time it's actually artists, musicians scientists and religious leaders. They act this way because they know who they are and hate themselves more than anything else. Study some of Sigmund Freud. A lot of what he teaches is very accurate.

  34. There’s no such thing a really weird people. There is however scumbags who make money off dead people, apparently.

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