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12 thoughts on “Cinematography DSLR Techniques Reel 2013 Philip Hartshorn

  1. haha thank you Alex! That means a lot coming from you, a relevant man in NYC yourself!

  2. I dont understand why you arent super popular yet! Actually you are my inspiration 🙂 Working at gym and training Wing Chun – just like me 🙂 Keep going, i love this channel!

  3. That is too kind of you! I appreciate the support! How long have you been training wing chun?

  4. Phil, (and may I call you Phil without my being "chicken-winged"?) You, sir are definitely on the road to STARDOM, as is Molly Durnin! Wish I could go back in time, age-wise, but was able to be there with you, Jack, Molly, and the gang. What an amazingly talented group of performers you all are. Anybody near you guys was def blessed growing up w/you. If I didn't find out about Molly, I would never have known of so many great, talented people! She's simply AMAZING, as are you ALL! AL K.

  5. That is extremely kind of you! Thank you for the compliments and the support! I know we will all reach our dreams! Hard work and determination pays off…

  6. I bTOTALLY appreciate your apprecianativity.. Now, Phil, lets tell all the OTHER A-HOLES to start CARING about other people. Start by caring about who's next to you. PHIL, I('ve Never SEEN YOUR TALENT SINCE my apartment mate at PlattsburghState. was a master at Kung FU.. No BS! He knew Bruce Lee; by the time we were roomates, Bruce was gone. I told my great friend Joe Law to only show me necessary survival moves. Felt confident from that point on. HI! Idiots..

  7. Philip, I'm an old mover; but everything going on today is my thing; how does ANYONE learn more about ANYTHING without another human's input? Woop, there goes the board. OH NO! There's my Sheltie just being herself. We can all learn from our supposed "dumb" animals! Don't know where you're living NOW Philip; but get your butt to The Mill on Round Lake, Wed. 7/24/13….
    Anything else is just not PH.

  8. Listen here, Mr. Confidence…we'll be right over to try to ruin your best-laid-plans you've been working so hard to instill in those Humans; your efforts will be fruitless, however. The only hope to save the World, we fear, is the that AMAZING Molly Durnin will sing, and then, we will be left to TRY to ruin the world as simple a-holes. DURNIN IT!

  9. Philip, "Here Comes The Sun" by the Beatles/ G. Harrison just came on. What an uplifting song! My Mom, when asked by Potsdam or any other college, whether she would take another student teacher into her fold, would always say: "If this student is willing to stay with me in the classroom until the Janitor tells me he's got to lock-up because it's 5 p.m.; then, yes, I'll take that student teacher". Footnote: EVERY "student teacher" my Mom had, has awards dripping off their walls; DEDICATION!

  10. One other thing, Philip. I just bought a Samsung Dig SLR; 16.4 MP, 35Xzoom. Hoping to get some videos of Molly's next gig. I'm lost. Guess it'll be just photos. Love Samsung's directive: "Here, just USE it" Remaining, as always (OH MY GOD__JONI MITCHELL IS SINGING!!!) your new dedicated fan, AL K.

  11. Phil, Molly told me on the phone tonight that you grew-up down the road from her, Jack, and Caitlin. Not surprising to know how super-talented you ALL ARE! Brilliance is INFECTIOUS! (in a good way).

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