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All of the good we did…
it doesn’t matter.What does matter is that
to them, justice was done.
See, a just world…is a sane world.There was nothing sane
about Chernobyl.
I’m pleased to report
that the situation in Chernobyl
is stable.
In terms of radiation… I’m told it’s the equivalent
of a chest X-ray. No! Chernobyl is on fire.And every atom of uranium
is like a bullet…
penetrating everything
in its path.
-Metal, concrete, flesh.
Now, Chernobyl holds
over three trillion
of these bullets.(STATIC FEEDBACK)Some of them will not stop
firing for 50,000 years.
Tell me how to put it out. You are dealing with somethingthat has never occurred
on this planet before.
OVER PA) Cut the phone lines. Contain
the spread of misinformation. -(PA CONTINUES)
to our boys?
The pain is unimaginable.
-(STATIC FEEDBACK)In three days to three weeks,
you’re dead.
You can see him,
but you cannot touch him.Do you understand?-(PA CONTINUES)
-(STATIC FEEDBACK) What happened on the night
of the accident? MAN:
You think the right question
will give you the truth?
There is no truth. -(PATIENT SCREAMING)
-LEGASOV:What happened then…(STATIC FEEDBACK)…what happened after…-(GUNSHOT)
-…all of it…
All of it…-(PA CONTINUES)

100 thoughts on “Chernobyl (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

  1. The soundtrack really added to the series. It’s different from most dramatic television soundtracks but it’s worth a listen to.

  2. hbo: make a 10/10 serie about the worst nuclear accident in human history to tell people about the price of lies… then they lie to add drama effect, they lie to spare people of some horrible visuals, they lie for convenience.

  3. If we can cut the top off of a mountain to mine the coal underneath, then why can't we build a mountain on top of this dead reactor??

  4. In 1986, my uncle was a young nuclear physicist. He was among the liquidators. He said that the series fairly truthfully told everything. By the way, in 1986, Japanese physicists said that the accident was due to the fact that Russian scientists and engineers are savages. It’s funny, given the accident at Fokushima 20 years after Chernobyl and its lessons.

  5. This is my favorite piece of horror media in the last 20 years. Actually, I dont think any horror film classics can compare either.

  6. They never showed how actually it begun because the story behind before the explosion is as important than the disaster itself. The crew for the night shift failed to implement standard procedures on was supposed to be a regular testing for the new RBMK reactor safety features because their supervisor is too cocky to listen to his subordinates.

  7. The quality of this show is so high that it has been measured at 15000 Roentgen/h.
    But you can watch it safely, I'm told it's the equivalent of a chest x-ray…

  8. Each time i think about it i just think about those suffered during that time specially the kids and babies 💔😭 fuck those invented this nuclear shit

  9. "And when the fourth seal was unlocked, I heard a voice say 'Come and see.' I beheld a pale horse. On its back was Death, and Hell came with him."

  10. Alexander Skarsgård, Emmy winner 2017.
    Stellan Skarsgård, Emmy winner 2019.
    Gustaf Skaragård, Emmy winner 2021.
    Bill Skarsgård, Emmy winner 2023.
    Most talented acting family in the world

  11. You know it’s a brilliant series when you keep checking the time left in every episode because you don’t want it to end.

  12. Фильм заслужевает 10 балов из 10 теперь мы Украинци знаем правду

  13. i only just finished the second episode and this is unbelievable. i can only imagine what it was like to be living through this. rip to all the people who were lost in this tradgedy.

  14. This miniseries was absolutely remarkable. The most ironic part about all of this is how recently certain events have occurred in Russia which is starting to become similar to another Chernobyl itself just months after this show's release. History does repeat itself.

  15. Can’t beleive that it spread in the ground all over europé, my grandma got cancer like a month Ago and the doctors think it was from chernobyl

  16. I wasn't even 2 years old at the time of this disaster, but my relatives remember the fear of contamination that spread throughout Europe, and that later on that Summer potato crops suddenly died on the fields.
    I'm talking about Northeastern Portugal, some 3 thousand kilometers away from Chernobyl…

  17. Imagine, terrorist Islamists would plan an attack
    on a nuclear power plant and blow up ?!
    That would be an end to everything at this time.

  18. Biggest & Most Tragic Nightmare Of The 20Th Century, Barring W.W.2 ….
    Then A Few Decades Later Comes…FUKISHIMA.
    Or Have The People Of The World Forgotten…..( I Swear, Radiation Is A (((Jewish))) Abomination.)
    Even 12,500 Years Ago Nuke Wars Are Described In Ancient Texts..Atlantis,Lemuria,..The Mahabharratta..
    Radiation Is A Nightmare The Human Race Must Deal With,Fast Before It Destroys This Planet…

  19. My grandpa had worked for the rescue operation digging and deactivating the ground in Pripyat as a specialist of the Ukrainian national transport association Ukrcommundoravtotrans, Mukachevo branch. He died 26 years later at 69. And I was named after him and very proud of this.

  20. My bestfriend is one of the first group of men to be sent there. Their boss told them that the radiation is not really bad. He passed away in the scene after only an hour being exposed to radiation.

  21. After this series I'm speechless. I wasn't even born when these events took place, but I know for sure: Chernobyl gives a great understanding about how Soviet government hated its own people. Nothing has changed in Putin's Russia, we, people, are still cannon fodder here.

  22. This show needs to be an educational series for the future generations to come, just so they have an understanding of what nuclear reactors can do.

  23. this was a sad and amazing story it may hav. edited some points but with the time and media they had the got the message……

  24. had the Soviet union still be in existence we wudnt get to watch this masterclass CHERNOBYL nor wud CHERNOBYL the mini series on HBO wud b allowed to release

  25. This is the first film, which, as I noticed, is banned for showing in Russia even now, when there is no Soviet Union. Therefore, think about how much propaganda and lies are in it ..
    I remember how after watching a foreign film K-29 about a Soviet submarine, the participants in the event got up and applauded. Here is the opposite situation. Laughter and bewilderment. Apparently depends on "who" Making a movie and what "order" is received from the his government and the CIA services.

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