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How’s it going? I like my music. What was that? [CHUCKLES] Did you like it,
you didn’t like it? I liked it. Yeah, it was good. What music– what did
we just play for him? What was that we were playing? [INAUDIBLE] Oh, yeah. I couldn’t hear what it was. I know, I couldn’t either. Sometimes there’s– people
are so excited to see you, the music is wasted, because
they’re just playing it for you to walk out, but we
just hear screaming. Yeah. It’s always good to
have music and screaming when you walk out. Yeah. You must get that a lot. The last time you were here,
it was before “Black Panther” came out. And it did OK, right? People saw it. A few people saw it
in a few theaters. Uh-huh Few awards,
things like that. Yeah, a little bit. Just a little bit. No, it just changed your life? Yeah, it did. It did. I try to keep things the
same, but in some places you go, they recognize
you a little bit. Yeah. I bet they recognize
you a little bit. But yeah, so congratulations
on that, because it really did well, and well-deserved. It was a great movie,
and you were great, and I’m so glad that it got
the recognition that it got. Now, congratulations are
in order for the sexiest– you’re in the sexiest– I’m in there. Yeah. I just found out
like 20 minutes ago. I didn’t know about this. Wait until you see, OK? You’re in the issue. Let’s just take a look at the
page, and let’s find Chadwick. Where am I? Where am I in there? [CHUCKLING] Jesus. [CHEERING] Sexiest superhero. Hey, I’m just glad to be in the
number, you know what I mean? So are you constantly
having to stay in shape because of these
movies that you’re doing? Well, what I try to
do is I try to change for whatever the role is. You can never really
get out of shape if you’re playing a superhero,
but you can change– I’ve changed my size. But you always still gotta be
able to run five miles if you need to, or whatever it is. Yeah. So you change your workout? You change your workout, yeah. What are you doing
right now lately? Mostly just cardio. Mostly cardio, mostly
just flexibility. Yoga? Yoga, yeah. I think you have to change
it according to, like– for me right now, it’s
about flexibility. You need that as you get older. Not that you’re getting older– I am. But I mean– By the second. Well, we all are, but that’s
the most important thing, is to stretch and
do things like that. Are you working on a
film right now or no? I just finished not
too long ago shooting “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”
with Viola Davis, Glynn Turman. Denzel Washington is producing. So it’s part of the
August Wilson series. I’m really excited about that. Very cool. And then you also were
working with Spike Lee. Spike Lee, yeah. And where was that? We shot in Thailand. Oh, Thailand. Amazing, right? Yeah, it was amazing. Had you been there before? First time. It looks amazing. First time. We shot in Chiang Mai, so it was
a hot, blistering, sweaty Spike Lee experience, you know? I’m from New Orleans. Don’t tell me about
hot and sweaty. All right, let’s talk
about “21 Bridges.” Tell everyone what it’s about
and why it’s called that. This movie– this is
a sort of a throwback movie to some of the movies
we would see in the ’70s. You see them in the ’90s too. ’80s and ’90s. Eight cops are killed. I’m called in as a NYPD
detective to find the killers. We shut down Manhattan
to sort of trap the man. And there’s some twists
and turns throughout that. It keeps you on the
edge of your seat. I’m proud of this movie. And so it’s called “21 Bridges”
because there are 21 bridges that you had to shut– Well, at first we thought
it was called “17 Bridges.” [CHUCKLING] I’m serious. The name of the movie at first
when I got it was “17 Bridges,” and we were about to shoot
the speech that you just saw. And they were like, we’re
not sure if it’s actually 17. And I was like,
well, how many is it? I’m going to say this
in like 20 minutes. Right. So it turns out it’s 21. Seems like it wouldn’t be– In and out of the city. Yeah. All you have to do is count. I don’t know why people didn’t
know how many bridges there were. And I pride myself on doing the
research, and I was like, uh, I thought y’all
would’ve known this. I didn’t have to go
back and research. But you had to shoot– the
entire thing takes place in one night, and it’s
all night shoots. Yes, yes. So that must really– to adjust to just
shooting at night. I will never pick a script
up again and not look and see how many nights it is. You have to measure it out,
because we– literally, it took me, I would say
maybe five months to get back on a
regular sleep schedule. And my dad used to
work the night shift, so I never understood
what he was going through. He would do swing shift
and a night shift. But man, that takes a
toll on you after a while, so I have a whole new
respect for my dad after doing this movie. And then now you won’t do
a night shoot movie again. Never again. All right. We’re going to take
a break, and you’ve worked with a lot of people. We’re going to play
a game to find out how well you know those people. We’ll be right back.

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