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I am a hybrid and I have always felt
that people wanted to put me into a box. Well, what are you? Narcissister Organ Player is a film about my complex familylife and how it compelled me to create this
masked erotic performance character, Narcissister. The film has a lot to do with my mother’s illnesses
that she had. My mother was an immigrant so we learn about her immigrant experience here in the United States Part of the film involves my embodying
various organs of the body, the hand, the heart… There’s the radical politics of my performance work around womanhood around
eroticism around femininity and redefining what all those
things can be and then you see all of that in the film. Not only are we talking about race
and gender and sexual orientation it’s just a completely unique way
of telling story that we haven’t seen before. Making a hybrid film
that’s a documentary / performance film was perfect for Narcissister and also for
this story that I wanted to tell. Tell us more about your relationship to the
mask. Do you take on a different persona? The mask makes this whole
project possible. I am able to add facial hair to it so I can
be a man sometimes I can be a black woman I can be a white woman. The mask frees me completely. It allows me to, I think, go as far as I do.

3 thoughts on “Celebration of Independent Voices: Narcissister

  1. Disgusting feminist trash…this actually makes me WANT to oppress women, they're the most privledged group of people in this nation yet theyll keep complaining that it's not good enough for them…they're actually narcissists…

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