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( music playing )( hawk screeches )( gunfire )( door clanks )( whip cracking )( gunshot )( trigger cocks, fires )( hawk screeching )( piano music playing ) Long day? Long life. What’s your name? Susannah. Ooh! Lovely. ( chuckling ) What’s you real name, sugar? I don’t even tell
my customers that. Why should I tell you? Don’t tell me, then. Quinn, I suppose. Even lovelier. What do they
call you? Can’t remember. Make it Cricket. Yeah, them boys outta Texas
know a lot more about cowhide than they do about a woman’s. Where you from, Q? It doesn’t matter. It’s my gift to you. Obliged. New Orleans. Amarillo, El Paso,
Tombstone. You may have seen more
of these territories
than I have. Well, they can keep
them territories. Got any smoke on ya? Ain’t proper
for a young gal
like yourself – to be poisoning your–
– Either you give it to me or I start scratching around
on the floorboards for a soggy little stub. Obliged. My playin’ may be poor,
but I’m not entirely sure
that’s necessary. Found it under my bed. I suppose a little friend
in your garter could be
a blessing. – Don’t play that.
– Oh, I like this tune. – Well, I don’t.
Stop playing it.
– I gotta play something. You looking
to play it with a harp?
I think I told you to stop. I ain’t them boys, Miss Q. I ain’t never
even been to Texas. Do you suppose
a gun this small would be enough
to put me down? You think it’d
kill me outright, or would I have
to bleed to death? So much tawdriness comin’
from such a lovely place. This is how you like
your women, piano man? Everything looks much lovelier
when the sun comes up. Or at least less ugly. This territory
can be punishing. But you strike me
as especially stubborn. Survivors are stubborn. I knew a survivor
like you once. She was the meanest,
stubbornest, most savagely beautiful,
hellfire-and-brimstone, spittin’ she-devil
to ever spread hateful blood on the same boards
you’re standing now. You offerin’ me
a bedtime story? Thought you had a date
with a Derringer. Some years ago when the brass on that bar
wasn’t quite so tarnished and the flies
in them whiskey bottles – still had–
– Wait. – You told this story before.
– I reckon’ I have. And that’s the way
you start it? That’s the way
it starts. Ain’t you gonna
give it a name? Any good story’s
gotta have a name. ( sighs ) ( clears throat ) The Tale of Cassidy Red: A ballad of love and hate. ( piano music playing ) Can I get something
for ya? ( whistles ) You had me worried
you weren’t gonna make it tonight,
handsome. What’s a girl gotta do
to get you alone? Sounds fun. What do you say
we go upstairs and get a little cozier? What the hell
are you thinking
calling me that? Why don’t you
just use my real name
while you’re at it? Well, maybe I should have
just called you Ginger? Did you even bother
reading my letter? I gave you specific
instructions, Rowena. I thought you wanted
to be invisible. Invisible like water,
not molasses. Well, they don’t serve
either in this place. He’s gonna be here
any minute. He’s not coming in here
until I says so. – What did you tell him?
– Don’t you worry. I told him exactly
what he needed to hear. And he’ll definitely be here? What did I say? I need a brush. Give me the belt. You have to be joking. Where are you gonna hide
holsters in a corset? Give me the belt. Look, I’m just gonna
drop them the minute
he closes the door. And make a goddamn
racket doin’ it, but you get close enough,
and you can choke the sound of
this little bastard
off in his beard. It’s a whore’s gun. Well, that sure as hell
ain’t no missionary costume. Anybody washed this thing
since Harley died in it? You ready? I’ll take that as a yes. ( piano music playing ) That was fast. Too drunk
to get his boots off. Left him passed out
in my bed. Want me to get Davy
and Elle to toss him out? Let him sleep it off
for a few. When he wakes me might not
remember he already paid me. Whiskey me, honey? ( sighs ) You may want to rat hole
some of that silver, Rowena. He’s here early. Yours? All yours. Is she here? She certainly is. Think I’ll like her? Oh, I think you’ll be very– what’s that word
you always use? Satiated. You’ll be that. You give her
the twice over? I don’t wanna go up there
and get a switch blade
in between the ribs. Don’t you trust me, darlin’? You got something
for me, Kearny? It’s, uh, Saturday. Has been all day. Will be
for a few hours more. I mean,
isn’t Monday the day? You can’t expect me
to cancel my plans and come all the way
across the street to settle something
that could have been
sorted on Saturday evening. Can you? You gotta give me some time
to get my affairs in order. I can give you an hour
to get your affairs in order. How about that? ( saloon chatter ) Apologies for my rudeness– though I must admit,
I was selfishly hoping I might catch you
in a moment of impropriety. I just want you to know
how happy I am to have you with us. See, I pride myself
on being a good host, so any girls that join us here
in a professional capacity, well, I like
to welcome them…
personally. I like to think of myself
as the Royal food taster, risking harm to my person,
so as to shelter our customers from any potential poison
in the product. Now there’s no need
to sequester yourself
in the shadows. ( chuckles )
If an egotist,
like Rowena admits to a new hire being attractive,
well, then it certainly is not a matter of opinion,
so come on out here. Let’s have a look at you. Well, if it isn’t
Miss Josephine Cassidy. Make peace
with your God, Tom. For what crime do I owe
this death sentence, hmm? Loving you? How about killing
an innocent man? Doesn’t a dying man
deserve one last smoke, Cass? ( trigger clicks )
How’d you do it? – How’d I do what?
– How’d you kill him? The red skinned paramour. Wasn’t Rowena supposed to talk
you into using a Derringer? You think I’d trade my weapon
for an empty garter gun? I suppose the daughter
of a whore is smart enough
to know never to trust one. You’ve got exactly
five seconds to unburden
yourself and confess to me how you killed Jakob.
Or I could leave it a mystery and splatter your brains
all over the wall. – Who told you I killed him?
– Five… Oh, your trustworthy
old pal, Rowena. – Four.
– Scrupulous to a fault,
that one. I mean, when was
the last time a hooker lied
to get something they wanted? – Three.
– Who says Jakob is dead? Or maybe she told you
exactly what you needed to hear to get you to come back. Back to this town. Back to me. You’re lyin’. Am I? I am so happy
that you’re home, Cass. ( shouting ) We all are.
Aren’t we boys? ( Joe gasps ) ( Joe moans ) Y’all remember Joe Cassidy? Of course you do. Who could forget
a prickly pear like her? I like your new hair, darlin’. It softens your face. ( crying, coughing ) I am sorry
if I hurt you, Joe, but you hurt me first. Matter of fact,
you shattered my heart into jagged shards
and then sprinkled them pieces
all over that campfire. If you have any heart
still left to beat, I aim to silence it for good. ( laughs ) That’s my girl, staunch to the last. Let’s find this heartbreaker
a soft place to lay down them fiery locks,
shall we, boys? ( Joe groans ) And how did you think
this was going to end exactly? ( Joe coughs ) ( Joe moans ) With your blood
on my boots. ( moans ) ( metal clasping ) ( grunts ) Well, I’ll be.
This bracelet fits a lot better than that ring you lost
interest in so quickly. ( spits, grunts ) Ain’t neither of you
long for this world. Enjoy your last night
together. Joe? Jake? ( groaning ) You’re alive. I am now. Lemme guess.
They share some
poison berries that Jakob had holstered
just in case this ever happened? Not every one
in every story
is quite as hung up – on martyrdom as you are.
– Since I don’t know what
that word means, I’m gonna go ahead
and take it as a compliment. They say that when lovers
are pulled apart by fate
and circumstance, their bond
is only strengthened, as if the heart responds
to challenge with resolve. Are you an authority
on love, Cricket? May I continue? Josephine Cassidy was conceived and delivered
in that room right there, daughter of Harley O’Houlihan, one of the founding
members of Belle Vue’s
most profitable enterprise, and Cort Cassidy, part-time killer,
full-time drinker.A young girl who grows up
in a saloon,
sees and hears things
no child should ever have to,
but when Harley went to work,
she’d banish her daughter
from the Belle
for days at a time.
Joe would ride out
to Cort’s ranch
half a day’s ride
south of Ruby.
Often as always,
Rowena would come along.
She was a product
of the barkeep taking liberties
with one of Harley’s gals,pretty young thing named Jill,
who died giving birth.
Nobody in Ruby paid Rowena
no never mind,
so she followed Joe
back and forth across
that desert,
looked up to her
like a sister.
Besides the occasional meal,
Cort only really had one thing
to offer his daughter,after all, even when
half in the bag,
he was still
a sinister shot.
( whistles ) Hey!Back in them days,a hired trigger like
Cort Cassidy
could wipe entire families
of Apache off their land,
spilling orphans
into the desert.
One of them orphans wandered
for months through open country
’till he made
the mistake of squatting
the wrong property.
Hey. What ya got there? You’re trespassing
on my father’s land. And that tree
you’re digging in
belongs to us. So, whatever you have there
is now our property. Hand it over. Do you hear me,
Cochise? I said, hand it over. Give it to me! ( grunts ) Hey! ( boy groans ) ( boy moans ) Tom Hayes, you’re
a bully and a thief. Leave the poor Apache alone.
Can’t you see he’s a half wit? I’m gonna knock the teeth
out of your head,
you little whore. Call me that again. He’s just a jackass,
you know? A donkey. A burro. Do you talk? I’m not gonna take it,
you silly redskin, I just wanna see it. You better
light outta here. Tommy’s gonna be back
with his daddy soon, and then you’ve
really had it. He knows where you
hide that thing now. Can’t very well
leave it behind. It’ll be gone by morning. Come on, then. Come on! That jackass will
never look in here. He’s scared of snakes. Ha! I knew you
could understand me. What’s in there that’s
so damn important anyway? Yaqui silver? Them missionaries
teach you to talk? Y’all scalp ’em afterward? What the hell’s this for? ( musical pinging ) I think that’s the most
wonderful horrible sound I’ve ever heard. What’s it say? Yazzie. Yazzie. What’s that?
Your tribe? No. That’s your name? No. Yazzie. That’s your family? It’s your family’s name? Yes. What’s your name? Everybody knows
all the best names
come out of this silly book. That’s where my name
comes from. See? Guess my folks
were expecting a boy. What? You like that name? You can’t be Jakob.
Jakob is Joseph’s daddy and I already got me
a daddy, see? That’s Cort. That there’s Harley. Your family? My folks. Not much of a family. Fine, you can be Jakob, but at least do this. Otherwise it’s just weird. I been wearing this
for way too long. You wear it. What’s that? I ain’t gonna hurt ya. Look, I got one, too. Them saguaros really
let you know if’n you get too close. Got any more scars,
Jakob Yazzie? Josephine! Rowena!
Where’d y’all run off to? Don’t worry,
he won’t come out here. He’s more scared of them
rattlers than you are. This might be the ugliest
goddamn thing I’ve ever seen.A local prospector,
by the name of Hank Hayes
amassed a small fortune
when the Apache were forced out
of the mountain to make way
for silver mining.
He was something
of a patron saint to the town,
as his deep claims had paid
for Ruby’s courthouse,
the saloon, and the education
of his only son, Tom.
( chuckles ) Ain’t ya gonna plug him
for what he done? What he did. What did he do? Little red bastard
gave me this. Sure’n you wanna stick
to that story? Poor little squirrel
couldn’t kick his own ass. I reckon them gals
up there the one’s
that gave you that bruise.Perhaps he felt guilty
about all that Apache blood
staining the silver
he took out of them hills.
Or maybe he was
just trying to get
a rise out of his ornery son.
Are you Apache or Yaqui? You understand me,
don’t you? Yes. Well, what’s your name, son?Hank Hayes made a decision,and with that, Tommy
had himself a new brother.
Joe! Get over here. Hell’s that around
your neck? Give it here. Josephine! Joe, Come back here!The thrill of kindred spirits
and youthful possibilities
fueled the untarnished
heart of a child.
But the journey to adulthood
rides saddled with the sting
of reality.
And by time Joe Cassidy
had been poisoned
by her father’s prejudice
and her mother’s opportunism,
she had forgotten all about
her fellow outcast
and landed in the arms
of his brother,
the better prospect.Jake, look out
for my fiancée now. She’s the most valuable
thing on this ranch. How long you reckon
you’ll be? Shouldn’t be more
than a few weeks. Bisbee, Tucson, Phoenix. Collect on the old man’s
claims, so… I’m sorry, Tom. Your father
was good to me. Well, let’s hope he’s good
to us from beyond the grave. Got a feeling it’s gonna
cost me a fortune to buy that woman
a new family tree. What are you
talking about? Well, I can’t very well have
the whole territory knowing who my wife’s
parents really are. It’s a scandal we’re gonna
bury under sand and gold. If it’s what she wants. ( chuckles ) Look after the ranch,
little brother. Jake! If things aren’t exactly
the same as I left them
when I get back, you and I
are gonna have words. What the hell are you
doing out here pointing
rifles at cans? You’re gonna get black powder
all over that frock, you know. I’ll spray powder
all over that red smirking– You should
be thanking me,
Joe Cassidy. You’re far too dignified
a specimen to be denting
cans in public. No wonder they pay
good money to pick your
people off this land. Oh! Your dad took
that job very seriously. The man took pleasure
in his work. You don’t know nothin’
about my daddy. You’re probably right. But just think,
if Tommy’s daddy
hadn’t paid so much good money to your daddy,
to use this thing on my daddy. You’d be missing out
on the pleasure of my company right now. If that story’s supposed
to make me feel sorry for you… I don’t need your pity,
Mrs. Hayes. It ain’t Mrs. Hayes yet. Pardon me,
Miss Cassidy. I won’t make
that mistake again. Promise. ( thunder rumbling ) Damn it to hell! ( Jakob growls ) Oh, oh, cottonfrickin’
son of a– What’s all
the singing about? Ain’t it a little late
to be doing a rain dance? Can’t get
the goddamn nail in,
unless I get my face underneath
the goddamn hole. Do I have to get up on
the ladder and do it for you? I wouldn’t want you
to rip your corset. ( groaning ) Oh, don’t you dare hit me
with that thing. Hold this. Well, come on up here. This would be a lot easier
to do from on top of the roof. It’s raining
on top of the roof. ( hammer thumping ) Give me that. Reckon it won’t be too long
before you start complaining
about being hungry. – What’s that one?
– What one? That one? That big black
sumbitch who keeps – circling the same spot
over and over again.
– Oh, that one. We call that one,
Angel that Draws Salt
from the Earth. Really? No. You ass. ( both laughing ) Why do you assume
I know what every bird,
snake, and rodent is called? I don’t know.
Don’t your people
have some sacred bond with the land, sky,
and every animal
in-between? My people?
You were born here,
too, you know? I’ve spent a hell of a lot
more time with your people
than my own. You really don’t know
what that thing is? Of course not.
That’s why I asked. It’s a turkey vulture. What are you,
thick or something? Oh, the hell with you. Hell with you. ( Joe laughing ) What’s he circling? Food. I know that.
What kind? Hell if I know. Something that
ain’t dead yet. Do you remember when I pulled
a gun on Tom for you? What? We were kids. Tom was beating you senseless
and I got the drop on him. Reckon you’re confusing
dreams from memories. Yeah, I do that sometimes. You comfortable in that? How do you mean? You’re soaked in sweat twice
through and your hands
are swollen from those frilly manacles. Does that dress
make you happy? He gave it to me. Looks like
it’s dinner time.( birds squawking )If a man arrives home
early from his journey,
he may very well find his house
empty and his bed cold.
Tom Hayes made such haste
riding home from Bisbee
that he was rewarded
with the kind of welcome
that no man
ever recovers from.
( coyote howling )How did they meet? She was a pro.
He was a customer. Ain’t hard to make friends
on the second floor of the Belle Vue. Does he still visit her? Once a week, every week
for the last twenty years. – Does she charge him?
– ( Joe giggles ) That’s not a conversation
that I’m especially interested
in having with my mother. Why are you so curious
about Harley and Cort? I’m curious about you. And Tom mentioned you
didn’t want people knowing that Harley and Cort
were your folks. Tom doesn’t want people
knowing they’re my folks. I could give a shit. But he can’t have people
knowing that his in-laws are a whore
and her steady drunk. Do you love him? Of course not. ( trigger clicks ) Then why are you
marrying him? I thought he could
take me away from all this. Away from this town. Does that make me
a horrible person to use someone
like that? Not necessarily. I’m relieved
you think that. Why? Because I’m not
marrying him, Jake. I don’t know if I can take you
away from this place, Joe. I know. But here I am. How did that bastard
become sheriff anyway? There were rumors
that when Tom Hayes realized his fiancée
was fixin’ to leave him for his adopted brother, that he used his daddy’s fortune
to buy himself a badge. Who’d vote for
a monster like that? The mines
had dried up, the railroad hadn’t
passed through here yet. Tom Hayes was the only person
in town with any seed. And he planted it
in all the right pockets. Why didn’t
people just leave? Lot of them did.Before Hank Hayes passed on,
this town was fixin’ to be
another Bisbee.Plenty of farms, homesteads,
ranches, promise.
But when his son
became sheriff,
this palatial establishment
we’re currently residing in, as well as Harley O’Houlihan’s
pleasure parlor upstairs, became the center
of this town. And the only profitable
business left in it.With the engagement
called off,
rumors began to swirl
as to why Tom Hayes
hadn’t just gunned down
his fiancée and brother.
But he never
threatened the lovers,
nor involved himself
in their affairs.
Instead, he took up
residence in the Belle Vue.
Using his father’s money
and political influence,
he set about rewriting
the rule of law in Ruby.
Still, Joe and Jakob
behaved cautiously
around Tom at all times.Uneasy about the new
sheriff’s intentions,
they made quiet preparations
for their escape.
But shortly after Tom
had taken control
of the saloon,
Harley’s consumption reared
up with a fierce vengeance.
So, at Rowena’s pleading,Joe decided she couldn’t
leave her mother to die
alone in a brothel.
When Harley passed
and the lovers were finally
free to run away,
they decided to do so
Worried they might be spotted
by Hayes or his deputies,
Joe left first
and Jakob stayed behind
to collect on
his poker winnings.
Once he had the money,
he would ride out to meet her
and they would
head west together.
That was the plan.Tom Hayes could have
killed the lovers,
and that would have been
the end of this here story.
But in the glow
of that campfire,
he decided death
was too good for ’em.
He wanted them to hurt
the way that he had hurt.
And the best way
to hurt a person
ain’t to hurt
that person,
it’s to hurt
the person they love.
How did he do it? He shot him. In the street? Harley’s room. Did you see it? I didn’t have to. Then how do you know? He’s dead, Joe. I’m going back to Ruby. You can’t do that. They’ll be on you
the moment you set foot
onto Main Street. There’s no place in that town
he doesn’t have eyes. If you go back to Ruby
and get yourself shot, – then what did he die for?
– What did he die for? If he were still alive,
he’d beg you not to do
anything foolish. He’d want you to stay away. You best take that little
whore’s advice to heart,
Josephine. Mama was a whore. Well, she’d be the first
to admit that. Is that how you see ’em? As whores first
and women second? I’d trust the judgment
of a whore over just about anyone. You trusted Harley? You think she loved you? Why you so concerned
whether your mama and I
loved each other? Because she’s dead, Cort.I thought you should know
there won’t be warm body
and a bottle waiting for you
above the Belle anymore.
– Your mama, she–
– Don’t hurt yourself, Cort. Maybe you can get together
with all of Harley’s regulars. Who knows how many brothers
and sisters I have scattered – all over the territory.
( gun shots )I’ll pluck
your eyebrows off if you don’t watch
your mouth about your mama. Harley O was the decentist
woman I ever had the– If you loved her so much,
then how come you didn’t take
her away from this life? I told her every time
I saw her that I loved her. She never came
to see ya? Sent that Rowena
out here to deliver
a few letters. You and I have both
had someone taken from us. You can’t hunt down
consumption, but I can put a bullet
in the heart of that
seed sucker who killed Jake
and made a slave
out of Harley. Good.
You just leave me
out of it. You’re too busy pinin’
for a whore you can’t
even shoot straight. I shoot just fine,
young lady, but stomping into
a suicide mission to avenge some Apache bastard
that gives you the vapors just ain’t the way
I planned on ending
my life. Are you sure you want
your last words in this world to be a slur about a man
who died today? ( trigger clicks ) As far as I’m concerned,
that Apache bastard is the only family I got. Well, you got every right
to go and seek your revenge. But I don’t owe him nothin’. I thought there was
a good man buried inside that
poisonous husk. You may have me confused
with someone else. You may have thought
that Apache was the only family
you ever had. By God, now I’m really
the family you got left. I’m going to Ruby
to kill Hayes with or without
your help. Well, you gonna see
your mama again, a lot sooner
than I will. Hayes woulda already
plugged you twice in the time it took you
to aim your first shot. I thought you said you didn’t
want any part of this. I don’t.
Don’t mean I’m averse
to entertainment. What sick
sense of humored sumbitch taught you how to shoot? ( gunshot ) Hell, maybe some people
just can’t be taught. ( chickens clucking ) If you want poultry for supper,
I suggest using a hatchet. You smoke them hens
with a bullet, the meat just ends up
tasting of antimony. You ever do
any actual ranchin’? This spread’s about
as useful for ranching as a cactus is
for a saddle. So then how’d you
pay for all this? ( gunshots ) So killin’
still pays well. Pays a hell
of a lot better
than conspiring. Unarmed Navajo, Apache,
Chinese, women and children,
they deserve it? You will forgive me
if the judgment of a petulant child
smacks of hypocrisy. And you think
killing Hayseed Hayes is gonna give you
that satisfaction? I’ll let you know. What are you closing
one eye for? Close one eye,
you just gonna see
half as much. Plus you just gonna
end up spraying wide cause you ain’t got
no depth perception. I know you think
I’m an ancient,
bigoted, drunken fool, and you’re not wrong.
But tell me, Lady Vengeance, how is it that someone
twice your age and twice as drunk as you
can get three dead eye shots off in the time it takes
you to get one? – Because you’ve been
practicing your whole life?
– Wrong. Because you’re so drunk,
you’re not even trying to aim? That’s close. I ain’t got time
for the ramblings of a lonely
pickled reptile. You’re so busy lookin’
that you ain’t seein’. For every second you spend
crossing your eyes
at your target… ( yelling )
…you lose two split seconds
you could have spent firing! Tell me how, Cort!
Tell me how to shoot
like you. Look, I ain’t never
asked for anything, and you ain’t never
given me anything. I gave you my name. Give me something
I can use, Daddy. Give me something I can
use to defend myself. You don’t wanna
defend yourself, you wanna take
a man’s life. Josephine. Now your hand is on its way
from wherever it was to pointin’ directly
at your target. A weapon is just something
it happens to pick up
along the way. The holster
tosses you the gun as your hand rides by it. The gun matches
the speed of your hand.It joins it.Go again. – ( Joe chuckling )
– What was that? – I shattered
the son of a bitch.
– No, you didn’t. – I did.
– No, you did not. You took three
to the chest before you even had a chance
to fire your first shot. Go! Go again! Why is your hand shaking
like a punch-drunk pugilist? There ain’t no blood
left in it.Tell your veins to pump
the blood where it’s needed.
You in charge of your hand, or it in charge of you? I guess that answers
that question. – Better.
– I missed. Yeah, your eyes don’t aim,
your arm aims. When you blink,
does your weapon discharge? – No.
– What discharges
your weapon? – My hand?
– Your arm. Hand is an extension
of your arm. – Fingers an extension
of your hand.
– All right. Your arm aims the gun.
Your finger pulls the trigger. – Now they do the work,
so they make the rules.
– All right. – Your eyes don’t even
hardly factor into it.
– All right! All right, then. –( horse whinnies )
– What are you doing, Cass? – Don’t call me that.
– Why not? – He calls me that.
– Who? You know who. Hate that crooked son
of a bitchin’ badge polisher? – Yes.
– You wanna put two
in between them blank – beady eyes of his?
– Yes. You want him
to answer for Jakob? – Yes.
– Draw that Colt! ( gunfire ) Better. ( snoring ) You all right? – What’s it look like?
– Looks like you
haven’t slept. What’s it to you? Are we gonna go shootin’
or you wanna get into bed? I want you
to leave me alone. ( Joe sighs )
You know, I thought
you were gonna help me. Help you do what? Help you
get yourself killed? I’m not like Harley, Cort. I’m like you.
( chuckles ) I never wanted to believe it,
but I can’t deny it any longer. So what? So you’re the best shot
I’ve ever seen. And if you can make me
half the shot you are, I’ll be twice
the shot Hayes is, – so I shouldn’t have
a problem–
– So you can what?Why don’t you put
that bottle down
and come with me
back to Ruby?
Aren’t you listenin’
to me, girl?! ( sobbing ) – You shouldn’t have come back.
– Why? Because you were safe.
You’d gotten away. You should have
stayed there. You couldn’t bear the thought
that he won, could you? So, whether he
shot you yesterday
or hung you tomorrow, – I should just let him
get away with it?
– To hell with him. I knew I couldn’t trust you
to look after yourself. The hell with you, too. I leave you alone
for five minutes and you get your
skinny ass caught. Nobody asked you
to come back here. If I hadn’t come back here
you’d have a noose around
your neck by now. – I can take care of myself.
– Clearly. Bump off Hayes,
then what, huh?
You shoot your way out? I didn’t care what happened
after I killed him. – Joe, you have to be
smarter than that!
– No, I don’t, Jake. No, I don’t!
You’re the smart one. You’ve always been
the smart one. And I thought you were dead,
so I didn’t give a damn if they plugged me
the minute I left that room. Harley’s room. Hell, it’s where
she died, after all. Worse places to take
my last breath. ( chuckles ) He ain’t never gonna
leave us alone, is he? Not as long as we’re
both still alive.( piano music playing )Ever spent
any time in lock up? I have. Didn’t care for it much. They didn’t let you bring
your piano in with you? If memory serves,
my jailbird days preceded my ivory
ticklin’ days. Oh, you didn’t play
piano as a child? ( chuckles )
No, there weren’t a lot
of pianos where I come from. Where’s that? Not too far from here. This town
is like a well. Anything gets too close
and it ends up fallin’ in and never climbin’ out. That’s why smart people
keep their distance. Even if they’re
dying of thirst. Why haven’t you left? What? What’s keeping you here?
You got family? Family? No. You hogtied
to this piano? Getting a lot of satisfaction
out of serenading drunken lowlifes
on their way to Nogales? Ask me another question. What made her believe
Jake was dead in the first place? She made a mistake. And what was that? She trusted someone. ( Tom whistling ) When my father died,
he said I wish you
could have been more like
your younger brother. He said I could have learned
something from my brother. This was never
about you, Tom. It shows what you know
about a man’s heart, Cass. – Don’t call me that.
– A man loves what he loves because that’s
what he loves. It ain’t got nothin’
to do with whether or not
it loves him back. You holstering a rejoinder,
hard breather? You don’t have
to do this, Tom. Let her go.
She’s innocent. Innocent says you. You realize this woman
started her evening by pointing a gun
at the publicly
elected lawman of this here
municipality? Who exactly elected you? And the penalty
for attempted murder of a sheriff
in Hachitoa County is death
by hanging. And what’s his crime? Just keep me here
and let him go. Tell you what. Why don’t we make this
easy on ourselves. Hmm? Two bullets. Two bullets to change
your world. The way I figure it,
you can pick up that gun, shoot the other one, shoot yourself, and then the two of you
can shuffle off in a blaze of glory
all “Romeo and Juliet”
fashion. Or you could
pick up that gun, shoot me, shoot the other one, and then toss the gun
back at my lifeless body and convince whoever
comes through that door
in the morning that I was consumed
by a fit of homicidal
suicidal jealousy. Or I could just shoot you
twice in the head and not give a shit
what anyone thinks. It is going
to be hard
to convince anyone that I got two in my own head
before I went down, Cass. Don’t call me that. Then when they find out
who was responsible
in the morning, you’re both gonna
swing anyway. Maybe just one in the head and Jake and I make
your suicide sound
real convincing. I dropped four rounds
at my feet, popped myself
with the fifth, and then left a live one
in the barrel. There is not a deputy
in this town that’s gonna believe
I was drunk enough
for that. Sorry, Cass. – Joe, don’t!
– Come on, Cass! Come on!
Put us all out
of our misery. Make Papa Cort proud. – Joe!
– ( gun clicks ) You see that? I just told her
you were gonna get your neck stretched
in the morning, and she still couldn’t help
but use those precious imaginary bullets on me. You may think this woman
loves you, Jakob, and you may be right, but I can Goddamn
well guarantee you she ain’t got the necessary
faculties to love your ass half as much
as she hates mine. She truly is
her father’s daughter. Well, I guess the main
question of the evening is, which one of you gets to go
first in the morning? Cause the second one
gets to watch. ( Tom whistling ) Big night for him, getting
to watch us suffer. That man suffered
because of us, Josephine. He ain’t a man. He’s a boy.
Always been a boy. He didn’t deserve
what we did to him. He hasn’t recovered. We may have caused
him pain, the difference is we never
took any joy in it. His daddy had a saying, an open door might
invite the bad, but a closed door rejects
any possibility of the good. It’s all right
to get angry, Jake. I reckon you got
enough anger inside you for both of us,
Joe Cassidy. How’d we end up here,
you and I? There ain’t no one else
I’d rather spend my last
night on Earth with. ( glass shatters ) Oh.
( chuckles ) I’m sorry, darlin’,
did I wake you up? I didn’t mean
to frighten you. I brought some hooch,
but it looks like you
started without me. That’s all right,
as long as you’re not
too drunk to rub my tired feet. Sheriff Hayes sent me. Got me up out of bed. Said his best man
was stuck in here
all night, cold and bored,
doing his job, guarding the condemned
and all. Said I oughta come
and keep you company. Said I was to do
whatever you asked, whatever you wanted,
for as long as you wanted, and I said,
“Yes, sir, Sheriff, sir.” Did I do wrong? You’re not gonna send me
all the way back up to the Belle
before sunrise, are you? That’s what I thought. Don’t be greedy,
we ain’t got enough blankets to carry the whole
Goddamn arsenal. Where we gonna
stash ’em? Do I have to do
everything for you two?
Use your imagination. And don’t forget
them cartridges. Those are thirty thirty
Remington shells, genius. It’s a Winchester.
It’s a fourty four caliber
rifle? Okay, then. Hand me that satchel. ( thumps ) Rowena? Well, you may have lost
your looks, Jake, but at least you
still got your eyesight. What the hell are you
doing here? What’s it look like, Ginger?
I’m springin’ you. Why? I mean, she’s got a real
gratitude problem, don’t she? Well, maybe
I’ll just spring him. And I leave your ass
for Hayes to string up. – Rowena, listen to me.
– Why should I ever
trust you again? You’re the reason
we’re in here. I made a mistake,
now I’m trying to
make it right. You told me
Jake was dead. – You told me he was dead!
– ( Rowena screams ) You left me out there
believing he was dead
this whole time. – Then you helped
Hayes trap me.
– Joe, don’t! – Why shouldn’t I just wash
these bars with your–
– Joe! – ( Rowena gasping )
– You helped that son of a bitch
and now you’re in here. Why should
I believe you? It wasn’t my fault!
He lied to me. You lied to me. – He promised me.
– Promised you what? That he’d let me go? He promised me that if
I helped him lure you back
he’d let Jake go. The hell you say? ( gasps ) I thought that maybe
if he knew I was the reason, someday he might
look at me the way
he’s always looked at you. You both need to get
outta here. Right now. – No!
( gunfire )( Rowena gasping ) Take care of him for me. Hayes:
Poor sweet little Rowena.
Shame to see her go. Just when I was
beginning to trust her. But aiding in a jail break
is punishable by death. That’s just law
of the land, I’m afraid. You confound me, Cass. Shedding tears
for that little turncoat who was more than happy
to trade your life for a chance to dig her claws
into your redskin. I’m gonna kill you. You’re in no position to be
making threats, my old friend. Maybe I’ll just string
that noose up right about here. I wish you would. I really do. And that is exactly
why I won’t. Hachitoa County
municipal code expressly
forbids public execution before 7:00 a.m.
on the Lord’s day. I oughta know.
I wrote the law myself. You look out that window,
you should be able to see the sun hit
them gallows at 7:01. Enjoy the show. ( screaming ) – ( man grunting )
– ( Joe gasps ) ( Joe moaning ) Well, you’re not
looking your best,
Josephine. But I guess
you proved me wrong. You still alive. No thanks to you. I am sorry, darlin’. I’ve had just about all
the apologies I can handle
for one morning. Think you can knock Hayes
off a gallows with these before he has a chance
to string up your boy? If you can keep those
bastard deputies off me. Don’t think you gonna
be exchanging no gunfire
wearing that frock. Well, well. If it isn’t the surviving
members of the Cassidy clan. Why don’t you just
let ’em go, Tom? The three of us
will ride outta here. You’ll never see us
again. Not a very strong
bargaining chip, Cort. What makes you think I’d ever
let this one get away again? Do you have any idea how many
guns are on you right now? You got any idea how many
eyes are on you right now? I own them eyes. That boy may be an arrogant
ornery troublemaker, but that don’t
make him a criminal. You really gonna execute
an innocent man in front of all creation? Who’s gonna stop me, Cort? You? Your daughter? Them whores? You ain’t gonna do
a goddamn thing. You’re gonna stand there
and watch me hang this backstabbing,
freeloading home wrecker. Then you are gonna
turn tail on Harley’s child and run to your dusty bottle
back in the desert. Drop that door, Boggs. He killed Rowena! She was unarmed and alone
and he shot her in the back like the coward
sumbitch he is. Are you really gonna
spend your lives giving
half your nut to a murderer just ’cause
he has a badge bought
and paid for? When you gonna say
enough is enough?( gunfire continues )Hold your fire. Hold your– ( screaming ) Cass… Listen to me. Y’all can ride out out here.
I promise not to follow you. I mean it.
Just get on out of here. Kill an unarmed man. If loving you
is punishable by death, then I’m gonna go
with a clean conscience. I love you,
Joe Cassidy. I’ll see you in–( bell tolling )Come back to me,
all right? Joe! That was fast. Not quite fast enough. I’m so sorry, Jake. Don’t you dare
do this to me again. I thought you were dead. Joe, please. And that was so much more
painful than this. I can’t do this
without you. Yes, you can.
For me, you can. Anything for you,
Joe Cassidy. I love you, Jake. Were you just trying
to make a point or is that story true? I’m afraid it’s true. And a lady like yourself
deserves the truth. I appreciate that, Cricket. It’s gonna be awful
cold in my room. I don’t know where you
plan on sleeping, but we could fight
off that chill together. Now that’s the finest offer
I’ve had in many years, Q. And I’d be the luckiest man
in the territory if I were to accept
such a gift, but I ain’t loved
but one woman. And she’s the only one I can
imagine falling asleep next to. Do you think of her
when you play all them melancholy
love songs in here? Every single note. It’s almost sunrise. Getting to be
about that time. I ain’t never seen
a sunrise. ( chuckling ) – Well that’s–
that’s tragic.
– Why is that? A sunrise
is at least twice
as beautiful as a sunset. Twice? It’s more magical, more symbolic. More deeply cleansing. To the sunrise. May she never
take a day off. Whew. You know, I’m pretty sure
that train depot faces East. What are you saying,
young lady? I’m saying, that platform
would be a mighty fine place to see the sunrise. Watch the steam
from the dawn train gettin’ closer
by the minute. Nogales behind,
Tucson ahead. Ain’t nowhere
but here, Q. You know,
leaving this place don’t mean
you’ve left her behind. Uh, you forgot
your little friend. Ain’t my friend,
and I don’t plan
on needing him. ( clanging ) Hey, Q! Let a humble admirer
pay your way. Appreciate the offer,
but I ain’t never bought myself a train ticket before, and I’m kinda
looking forward to it. Don’t you dare get off
that train ’till you spot someplace out that window
you ain’t never seen before. You take care of yourself,
ivory tickler. ( piano music playing )( music playing )

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