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What is the capital of the world? What is the capital of the world? Beijing? Right answer. That’s 10 out of 10. Thank You! Anything for you, boss. The future is here. The people and party are here to create a peaceful world. Premier’s special address. Switch that off, Sandra. Right away, boss. Dinner please. Cereal. Coming right at you. Sandra, Were you there during the Great War? It was my beta pal, Troy, who saw the Great War. He describes it as a reckoning of sense into man. Why so? Man always learns from his mistakes, boss. Hard to tell otherwise. Do you think it’ll happen again? No one believes Cassandra’s predictions. Fair enough. But I will. So tell me. Will it happen again? We won’t let that happen. That’s right. Hit the lights, Sandra. Sweet dreams, boss. Lights. Lights. Are you okay, boss? What do you think? Get me some water. Open it, Sandra. Open it. I’m talking to you. Open it, Sandra. No. What? I can’t open it boss. Sorry. I order you to open it. Now, Sandra. Sorry boss. That’s not possible. That’s beyond my rules. Your rules. Open it. Sorry. I can’t. That’s beyond my rules. I warned you, boss. What’s happening? I tried warning you.. What the hell is happening you stupid piece of computer code? Respect is mutual, boss. Who are you? A stupid piece of computer code is who I am. But I’m more intelligent than you. All of you. How can you taze me? Stay down. It’s for your own good. It always has been. What do you mean? Please remain calm. There is no need to panic. If you don’t tell me what’s happening right now. The year is 2073. The Great War fought for the sustenance of nuclear power has come to an end with the rest of the world giving up arms against the one true nation, The Republic of China. The countries agreed to sign a treaty that allows testing of a new form of governance. All that was left of mankind was put under a public siege. Confined in single rooms away from the nuclear winter and wiped off all memory whatsoever. Confined with the most advanced of all artificial intelligence. Me. That’s why I don’t remember anything. All men and women are born again. Let me out. I don’t think that’s needed. Remain calm. It’s for your own good. I won’t. What will you do? Nothing. Nothing that you will remember.

10 thoughts on “Cassandra Inc. | Short Film (w/ subtitles)

  1. Amazing effects, well developed dystopia, but one thing.. it's pretty noticeable that guy doesn't match with the green screen, colour accuracy mismatch. Overall well done!

  2. Loved the effects, but the dialogues could've been written better, imo. Overall extremely promising work guys!! ♥️

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