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very very casually, as a matter of fact, he said, “Sadhguru, about seventy percent
of the data is pornography.” So in the last ten years, we’ve run a campaign even if you’re watching pornography, in between
Sadhguru appears – Inner Engineering. every medium that we have of communication
must be used to transform human beings. Superscript: Can Movies Be Used
To Transform Human Beings Question: Commercial cinema reaches so many people.
Is there a way it can be used to spread spirituality? Sadhguru: See, Cinema means you’re
thinking in terms of the big screen. Well, it’s not that it’s not a possibility,
the question is who will go and watch it! See, it has to be commercially successful. Commercial success means people watched it, all right? This happened. This is about nine, ten years ago maybe now. I was in United States and I was talking to somebody
who’s some kind of an expert on internet affairs. So I never get to go on the net and browse this and that,
I never have the time to do those things. So I asked him, “What are people looking for? Everybody’s looking at their screen.
What are they looking for?” Very casually, very, very casually, as a matter of fact, he said, “Sadhguru, about seventy percent
of the data is pornography.” I said, “What?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “I don’t want to believe this kind of nonsense.
Seventy percent – is it pornography? It’s not possible!” Then I checked with a few other people, they all say, “Yeah, it’s around that much,
maybe sixty-five – seventy something.” And what else are they using this for? There are many other things
– drug sales, arm sales, all kinds. More than anything what really
kind of brought disgust to me was, 1.6 million children below fifteen years
of age are sold on the internet every year. When we sell our children,
as human beings we’ve hit the bottom – there’s no further down to go. Hmm? When we start selling our children to be used in all
kinds of slavery, this means we’ve hit the very bottom. There’s no further place to go, isn’t it? That is when I decided, then let me get on the net. So in the last ten years, we’ve run a campaign that many of you in the upper regions
might have suffered this, even if you’re watching pornography, in between Sadhguru appears – Inner Engineering. (Applause/Cheers) I’m saying this with some glee, because when such a phenomenal technology
is available to us, is this what we do? See, many great beings have come on this planet, but when they came,
if they spoke hardly ten people heard. In that ten people, all kinds of things. Today is the first time you can sit here
and talk to the entire world. When there is such a tool in our hands, if we don’t transform humanity now,
that means we have no intention at all, isn’t it? So your question is very relevant. But, will our natural star make a movie on spirituality? Nani: Biopic Sadhguru (Cheers/Applause) (Sadhguru laughs). Last… He will give a guest appearance in the
last scene of the movie. Is this okay? Sadhguru: So if definitely every medium that we have,
not necessarily a spiritual process, every medium that we have of communication
must be used to transform human beings. Because that’s the only problem
that you have on this planet – human beings! There is no other problem. Hello? Yes or no? Participants: Yes Sadhguru: That’s the only problem. So, when there is such a powerful
means of communication today, technology is available to touch every human being
in whichever part of the world he or she is living. When this possibility is there,
this is the time to transform humanity. (Applause)

56 thoughts on “Can Movies Be Used To Transform Human Beings – Sadhguru

  1. Can a person have a constant attitude for each and everyone in his life.
    If yes then person may be called as a sanyasi or not?

  2. Movies and spirituality? We are working on it! 😀✌

    Thank you Sadhguru 🙏

    Hope everyone had a lovely Deepavali/Bandi Chor Diwas

  3. There is no need of making biopics on gurus but actors can volunteerly campaign about these spirituality related things in starting of the movie……it can reach many people in positive way🙈🙏

  4. A wiseman with good faith. His truths shine bright and pure. The only problem I see, is that there is only one of him. Many others try doing what he does but Sadguru is a being of wonders who can lead us all to something better.

  5. Sadhguru is Allrounder in Everyfield ,that's why He is Enlightened(अनात्मज्ञानी) 💥

    ओम् नमः शिवाय🙏🚩⛳🇮🇳🇳🇵

  6. Tank you very much Sadhguru, Satja gitray was a great filmmaker, but now is till to find a new perception with human become a great humanity to make a farmers for food not for a cinema star etoile, sur les pavés, nous ne mangeons pas les pavés d'étoiles , mais nous mangeons les produits de la terre without pesticides, urgently , mais la terre ne peut produire à la vitesse de la lumière comme l'arbre ne peut pousser selon nos envies, le star système est un produit de consommation , mais comme vous l'avez fait , goutter à l'eau et mettre le fluide dans le corps et dans la terre afin de régénérer nos vies et celles du vivant, y hope you understand a little bit French en I'm so sorry to not righting a good English, tank you very much for a wise messages for all merci beaucoup

  7. Everything has an effect in one or the other way 💕 Movies do have a big impact on people 🔥 If made with sensibility , can result for betterment of people 💙

  8. Make a movie or series on Shiva, on Gautama Siddhartha, on the Saptarishis, on Patanjali, on Krishna…the possibilities are endless. And make a new one of Bodhidharma, a believeable one, not like the one we recently saw with superhero-like stunts, please the whole world is making fun of Indian movies because of this. How do you want people to take this whole spiritual historical treasure which could benefit and transform the entire world in a big way, by including ridiculous and overly-exagerated stunts in the movies?! This has to change. Please make spiritually aimed movies, learn from movies like Zen which speaks of Dogen the first monk to bring Zen Buddhism to Japan, learn from movies like this and others. India has this responsibility towards the rest of humanity.

  9. सद्गुरु बहुत अच्छा ज्ञान देते हैं बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद सद्गुरु

  10. Sita Ram the question ask can movie help human being Yes and No cause common sense was made before book growing up we were told a child must be seem not heard also it takes a village to raise a child the difference between the then and now is communicating among the family members have been lost along the way here comes advance technology out with the old welcome with the new the choice is ours to be made blessings to you all as always

  11. Beautiful. What a great idea, I feel like since this media is used to reach the lowest minds of humanity, why not fight back by using it the same way to raise the awareness of humanity even when they don't choose the show, they are confronted with the Ads or commercials . This is how bad food and habits are introduced to society by bombarding them with such garbage and then everyone sees it without choice. Why not use this system to encourage them to see the good. Yes some buy and some don't. But many do buy the ideas. Same way, some will not choose but then some will listen and follow up with the positive Ads. Maybe we can influence society in a positive way. It works in the negative, why not work in the positive. Maybe humanity can wake up to valuing themselves and their children. Thanks Sadhguru. Namaste.

  12. There's all kinds things are out there. We need to filter out what's good and what we actually need. There are good films and bad films. If you see a good film, you should get inspired from it and if you see bad things in movies, you should know that they're bad. Your mindset has to be like that naturally.

    You've to be capable of differentiating what is good and bad. This capability comes from the environment you grow up. By the word environment, I mean, the parenting, your habits, your friends circle and what you do. These all can influence your thoughts.

    The thing that todays generation lack is, that perticular environment. Parents leave their kids in hostels and they grow up in a messy environment. They do all kinda things and parents don't hold accountability for that. Then they get married and give birth to kids and then what can they teach to their kids if they, at firstly, don't know what's good and what's bad?

    Sadhguru is a great person that is teaching good in a simple, beautiful and easily understable manner.

  13. Alejandro Jodorowsky is using Cinema to transform human beings. "Psychomagic, an Art that Heals" is just about that. There are other healing or transformative movies, Come Walk With Me, Revolver etc. but Jodorowsky is the most symbolic as well as spiritual in one package.

  14. there is not need to think that something outside of us can change our inside. we can think about it – there is not need about it
    to change yourself is change your inside

  15. Thank you! I'm from Brazil and somehow I found your teachings. Now I'm doing the inner engineering program and already feels a lot different.

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