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59 thoughts on “Camera I Use To Film My YouTube Videos | Canon 70d 7d T3i

  1. Dang dude you have a lot of cameras! I only have two, but I love my new 70D such a great investment for video quality. The auto focus is so on point.

  2. watching from Tucson Az, I have been making videos since 2006 on other channels that I have, one thing about making videos for youtube, you do start to get a collection of electronics lol, great vlog hope your feeling better and happy Holidays to you and your family.

  3. Nice video.
    how about a follow up video showing the Editting process?

    Oh. And if you celebrate it.. Merry Christmas everyone.

  4. Great video. I started with a Canon Power Shot ELPH 340 then upgraded to the T5i. I'm going to figure out how to hook it up to a small monitor that I can easily move around the shop. Its hard for me to tell if its focused just how I want it on the little screen. I like that slide.

  5. We both watch a piece of plastic with glass , keep posting i keep watching . Greets from the Netherlands and merry Christmas .

  6. I just hit 1000 subscribers I might invest more in Video quality once I have more subscribers cant justify it right now but dan I REALLY like that 70D awesome pic quality

  7. Do you use a filter lens on the large frame camera? I just thought that would be better if sparks were to hit the lens. Then replacing the filter would be cheaper than ruining the lens. I know my mother uses them when she shoots with her 7D.

  8. Thank you and all those involved in the efforts and production of this channel.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all.
    May the new year bring you, your families and friends much health, wealth, happiness and peace.

  9. Hey Buddy, nice video.
    If you want a quiete autofocus you can use the Canon STM Obejctives.
    I use them on my Canon 700D and i love them 🙂
    Greetings from Germany 🙂

  10. like the info , have asked a few people on you tube about wat they use , not all of them actually give a reply
    often people having problems focussing while making those video's , like when they hold stuff in front of the camera or manipulate / point at stuff on the workbench
    seems that you found a good solution
    took a quick look at the prices and the 70d is about 600 to 750 euro used here and thats without its lens
    the interchangeabillity of the lenses on those canon cams is prolly the reason why people only sell the bodies

    the movies i made on my channel are made with one of the first hd cams called the click (pic shows newer version )
    its the size of a cellphone point and shoot without a seperate memory , it has a build in pop out usb plug which loads the upload / edditing software from the cams memory on any computer its plugged intoo , runs of 3 aaa cells and has a verry simple menu

    was a good cam for my holliday on the fillipines , you could stick it on youre breast pocket and it doesnt look expensive (its actually not)
    it was good enough for wat i did with it but i think i might need another cam for inside filming in slightly dark spaces like my workshop and close up work

    not sure how whell i will keep up with regulair updates when i start my big project coming up
    i actually suck at even taking pics of the progress while i work on sumting so changing cams around and showing wat i;m doing prolly be a little mush when in the groove and working on stuff
    might just stick to "the click" and be done with it , dunno yet

  11. That was a great video, i make my own youtube videos and at the moment i do it all on a go pro. I have been serious about upgrading to a DSLR and you have just highlighted some features i would have not thought about.

    so thank you and your fabrication videos are an inspiration 🙂

  12. Anybody with a fabricating kind of mind enjoys a "how it's done/made" session. Good job as always IMO. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  13. love watching the videos man and really enjoy the content and this video is a great way to show viwers a different side to the videos you normally do. Happy holidays brotha

  14. ha. I thought you was using GoPro's. regardless, they look great on my end. computer, HTC phone, and my tv. all good.

  15. I'd like to have a model railroad train with a camera mounted on the flatbed car circling to make clips for a neat effect. -Enjoying your channel bro…

  16. Thanks for the video. I've been wanting to start shooting some stuff in my shop and was wondering what cameras people are using. I just bought Panasonic HC-VX870 which is a 4K video camera. I also have a Canon 60D and GoPro Hero 4. Trying to figure out how to integrate all of these. May look into a Canon 70D as well. Great job and Merry Christmas.

  17. Hey There F00L! he-he. Just kidding. I'm an 0l' man. and, I don't know Nothing about this Stuff at all. I have to say, I didn't know you have to Spend So Much to video any of this type of stuff. N0 Idea at All. I do enjoy your video's and, I just Never Gave it a Thought until now when you showed this one. I can't wait until Friday………..he-he

  18. Hey man just wanted to say thank you for putting out good quality video, I'm one of the people that does watch a lot of youtube on my home tv so it makes it nice to have good quality. I have just started getting more serious about my youtube channel and documenting my latest project check it out if you get time, now I just need to talk my wife into letting me use her camera so I can have better quality too!

  19. Your comment about people watching YouTube on TV's was ironic, as I just received a chromecast for Christmas. Watched this video on my flatscreen. As always keep up the great work.

  20. Very, VERY informative and educational !
    I REALLY appreciate your efforts to be 'professional' the 'lobuck' way.
    You're an inspiration to thousands of gearheads !

  21. Thanks for a great video. I realize now how much effort goes into the actual filming. It's not like you just stick a GoPro on the desk and start to work. I guess you really must have a great interest in the filming, editing and production of the channel content, and not just the actual fab stuff.

  22. This was an EXCELLENT video. We need to upgrade, so I like that you showed a few different cameras and your views on them. My main problem is when video recording outside there is such a glare on the screen that I can't even tell if I'm even shooting what I want. What is the solution to this? Anyone have any advice to fix that problem OR a camera that doesn't show glare on the screen when outside. It is always sunny in Florida so it makes it all that mroe difficult to see on the screen.

  23. for now I use a cheap vivitar point and shoot I have not had mine monetized up until a few days ago I've been on here sense 2011 once I start generating a little money maybe I will upgrade right now i'm paying a lot of attention to the analytics to see what videos people are watching it is amazing me

  24. The 7D actually is the same frame camera as the 70 D and Rebel T3i they both have a cropped frame sensor. The 70 D has dual pixel technology which is the auto focusing for VIDEO you want, just make sure any future DSLR you get has DUAL pixel technology for your video production.

  25. You have inspired me to start filming my own stuff. I just setup my channel and ordered a T3i to get started with. I can't wait.

  26. Found you on a search for a cannon 70d, awesome vid fella, just started my Harley sporter vlog channel so looking for an off the bike filming cam for my meets. Subscribed to you great content can't wait to watch your other vlogs!

  27. How do you get it the file from Canon 70D to upload onto Youtube so clear? Is it the software you use to edit? when I upload my videos onto youtube, the quality breaks. What do you do?

  28. Very nice and good video and a fantastic outlook too. Am I glad I watched this.Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your views. Mabuhay! (Live long and strong!)

  29. for the kliki noise you can put -10db on the rode videomic pro and also you can adjust the volume levels on the camera manually

  30. You say you're using the same mount with multiple accessories (dolly, steady cam, tripod etc). What brand of mount are you using?

  31. Thanks dude, coming all the way from New Zealand. I'm looking to make better videos of my music on youtube. For the moment I'm just using my sony xperia 20 mega pixel phone. It's not bad, but not the easiest thing to work with.

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