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Film Courage: Again just setting up I just jokingly
said something that you said should be on a t-shirt and that is “Call me when
you make your second film.” Kenneth Castillo, Filmmaker: “Call me when you make your second.” Yeah when someone makes their first film I’m like okay give me a calling you to your second film you know
because after your first film you say oh man yeah I got to go through that again
then you’re a filmmaker you know but I say that because in the films that I’ve
done a lot of my lead actors have gone off a lot of my stuff’s ensemble right
soul a few of my leads almost all my leads of all my feature films had gone
off to write and direct their own films because I had shown them how to pull the
rabbit out of a hat for little money because at that time no one thought you
can make a movie for $50,000 and I was doing that and I was getting them at
Blockbuster I was getting them on red box and getting them on Netflix so these
actors would go off and use my connections to do their thing but no and
some of them did it right in the sense that they started their process some of
them didn’t do is so right and they just copied my process
but none of them went off to make a second film you know so I always have
told actors in particular and some of them had asked me to direct their thing
and I’m like why are you doing this well I really want to showcase my talent with
this I okay that’s not a reason it’s a vanity project it’s not something I’m
interested in I know if there’s nothing personal then why are you gonna do this
because that’s gonna reek of vanity as soon as you put it out there so and most
of them were and they never went to go do a second one because it’s a lot of
you gotta I mean look your audience knows you know what it takes to make a
feature film right and if you’re just doing it to showcase your acting talent
it’s it’s that’s a hard thing to motivate there’s to keep you motivated
throughout the process you know and then also after you get past releasing it and
your friends and family are supportive where is it now you know did it go on to
get distribution did it go on to a festival that you know wasn’t especially
what I call specialty film festival you know where you know everybody involved
they’re like they want to support the film and that’s great but not very few
of them have gone to do a second actually none of them had what gone on
to do a second feature and most of the people I know that have that thought
they wanted to be filmmakers after the first one that was it for them and then
just like I don’t know how you did it how do you do it raising your family and
do it I said while I enjoy both I don’t I love making movies I love being a
family guy I love my being a husband I love being a dad so to me it’s not I
almost say that where it’s hard because it is hard but it’s not labored and so
you have a family you have two children and you also work yes yeah so you
haven’t been on a dry spell although I will say this month is the first month
in a while I’m making more money as a writer director than I am in my job and
so that was that was a really good way to start August so this is great yeah so
but uh but yeah I have to I have to maintain my financial responsibilities
to my family but the job that I have allows me to do both it allows me to
keep pursuing my as of I have a flexibility in that and so I’m able to
provide for my family and and and do that and pursue filmmaking
you know that’s helped me keep my sanity have you ever wanted to have a non
flexible job because I know there’s always that bait like mm should I take
this like more steady or not even steady paycheck but no I I’m not a nine-to-five
guy I’m not a nine-to-five guy I knew that very early on yeah I would have
friends that would say you know I don’t know how you do it without the security
of you know retirement or health care that luckily my wife’s job she has the
health care so we don’t worry about that but I said there’s no guarantees man I
go there are no guarantees I go I’m sure a lot of people that worked at a lot of
these financial institutions that have gone gone down all thought they had
security there’s no such thing as security there’s no security and being
an artist you know and somehow we we we pay the bills every month and
still pursue it’s just having courage to do that most people don’t and I don’t
blame them but you have to have that if you want to
pursue your art and there’s a lot of jobs in LA and then are like these
flexible jobs that actually pay a decent wage you know oh yeah always microcon it
were canned make it hustle you know it’s I always say no look if you come to LA
to pursue acting or filmmaking or whatever your passion is if it’s
important to you you find a way if it’s not you find an excuse you

11 thoughts on “Call Me When You Make Your Second Feature Film – Kenneth Castillo

  1. Great interview this is nitty gritty filmmaking advice you have to do what you have to do Great video Well I'll let you know when i'm on my second feature got to finish the first one

  2. This guy acts like he’s the biggest director in Hollywood – meanwhile all
    Of his features on IMDb are third tier C movies lol.

    C’mon give us advice from real Hollywood studio directors – nothing personal.

  3. Making a movie with 50k is hard and a tremendous amount of work. He’s totally right. I’m working on my second feature and the only thing I find giving me courage to continue is my love for making movies. There’s no other thing telling to move ahead. Everything that went on with my first feature is negative.

  4. I am still working on making my second full length feature to happen. It is a tough process but I love telling stories.

  5. @gojub if you are so important why are you spending your time and energy commenting so ferociously on a YouTube page? Just curious as to why you feel the need to judge someone you don’t know. He is clearly doing the work whether you like it or not. Please add a link to your work so we may check it out. I could t find anything on your YouTube page. Go ahead, put yourself out there.

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