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– Sleep well? – Mmm, really well. What time is it? – Early enough, for us to
continue where we left off last night before I shoot off to work. – Yeah, I was just thinking that. – Well hold that thought.
Ill be rioght back. – Is the flush broken, or something? – What? – You left a little present
bobbing away in the toilet. It’s just a little floater, it’s not that bad. C’mon, surely we’ve been together long enough
for me to see a little bit of your poo, haven’t we? Is that why you get up before me? So you can have a little sly morning poo. You know I heard you earlier, I did, I heard you. I heard you get up but I didn’t want to say anything
incase you got a little bit embarrassed. – I wasn’t having a sly morning poo. And anyway, I flushed the toilet. I know, I heard you. Just before you ran back in
and pretended to be asleep. I know you get up in the mornings before me because you don’t want me to see you first thing. You are beautiful, whatever you do. – Obviously. – All this means now is that our relationship
has officially moved on to the next level. It’s been like, what? Three weeks? – Four! It clearly doesn’t mean that much to you if
you can’t even know how long it’s been. – Well a little poo isn’t going to scare me off. if it makes you feel better I’ll let you go flush the toilet,
to make sure Bob’s gone for good. Bye, Bob!

18 thoughts on “Bye Bob (Short Film) My RØDE Reel 2017

  1. I would have loved to have been in on the casting first reads when you pitched the scene to the talent. [cringe] . Just found the channel. Subbed.

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