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The following video contains mature subject-matter
that may be inappropriate for younger viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. I would define a “brotacular movie” as an
action movie you could sit down and watch with your bros. No wait, that doesn’t sound right. A brotacular movie is a movie you watch with
your bros, lady bros, dog bros and even cat bros. All you need to know is brotacular movies
are dripping with machismo. Now some of you pansies might notice this
list is missing some classics like Terminator 2. Gear down, big rigs. Everyone and their grandma has seen Terminator
2, so we’re not talking about it here. On this list you’re going to see some fan
favs and some movies you probably haven’t heard of. Oh yea. I made only one rule for this list: only action
movies from the 90’s that made under $100 million at the box office. Still here? Goooooood. Let’s do this. Hard Target is about Chance Boudreaux, a drifter
helping a woman find her missing Dad, but really, Hard Target is a love letter to Jean
Claude Van Damme’s mullet. Eleven minutes into the movie we see it whip
in the breeze off a roundhouse kick. A couple minutes later, Van Damme turns around
so we can see his mullet as he walks away, and the scene fades into the star-spangled
banner. Beautiful. Later on, Van Damme duel-wields pistols, unloads
into guy, roundhouse kicks him, unloads into another guy, roundhouse kicks him too, then
unloads a final time. With each kick, that beautiful mullet twirls. Twirls, twirls. I mean that’s totally badass! Rumor has it director John Woo and Van Damme
didn’t get along, which is why they never teamed up again. But man I wish they’d set aside those differences
— for the mullet’s sake. “Give the guy a gun and he’s Superman, give
him two and he’s God.” That’s Inspector “Tequila” Yuen in a nutshell. That’s why he takes on a full warehouse of
mobsters with a handgun, a semi-automatic, and a shotgun. He swings from the ceiling, raining lead justice
down on everyone, then he slides off a car hood before rolling to cover. And then he pulls out the shotgun. Hard Boiled is Tequila and an undercover cop
against the mob. You’ll never see more sliding, diving, rolling,
and flying in the air while shooting in any other movie. And you’ll never see as much gunfire either. You’ll thank me for it, bro. Desperado is about El Mariachi looking for
a guy that calls himself Bucho — that’s all. But instead of helping him, everyone seems
to want to do things the hard way. “I’m not against you guys, so keep it down
— just keep it down. Hey. I’m just looking for a man, who calls -” ‘Matalo!’ “- not yet!” Desperado is about PASSION. The passionate loooove between Antonio Banderes
and the audience, between the audience and guitar playing, between Antonio Bandares and
Salma Hayek, and between director Robert Rodriguez and John Woo’s films. There’s still duel-wielding pistols, flying
through the air while shooting, but not as much as Hard Boiled; they had to make room
for the PASSION. “Did I thank you?” ‘No you didn’t.’ “OK. I will.” Has anyone loved someone the way Johnny Utah
loves Bodhi? Or the way Bodhi loves Johnny Utah? I know I have. Point Break is about FBI agent, Johnny Utah,
going undercover to catch a gang of surfers who are secretly bang robbers, lead by this
man, Bodhi. Johnny’s problem is he doesn’t know how to
live. Pitiful. Lucky for him, Bodhi is a searcher, looking
for the ultimate ride. Bodhi tells Johnny that surfing is, “it’s a state of mind. It’s that place where you lose yourself and
find yourself.” Even though the two start off as enemies, they come
to respect and bro-love each other because they share the same kamikaze spirit — they
live to go to the edge, man. If you’ve been searching for a sweet ride
and haven’t seen Point Break yet, this is your wave, bro. Vaya con Dios. Fist of Legend is about Chen Zhen beating
the living crap out of every fighter he meets. Where is your master now? I want to see him. At the start of the movie he’s attacked by
fifteen guys. He breaks ten of their bones including breaking
a guy’s leg in half before they change their mind. My man. Later he attacks an entire school. As Chen Zhen enters, one student tells him
to leave. Take your Chinese shoes and get out of here. So Chen Zhen grabs the back of the guy’s head
and slams him to the ground. Glorious. He has tougher fights later on, but for a
long while Chen Zhen doesn’t have opponents, he has victims. And I like I love it. Brandon Lee. It’s too bad you’re gone, man. You were the best part of this movie. In Showdown in Little Tokyo, Brandon Lee is
Dolph Lundgren’s parter. The two play out buddy-cop-comedy while trying
to take down the American Yakuza. Some jokes don’t work, but that’s what makes
the movie awesome. “We’re gonna nail this guy. And when we get done, we’re gonna go eat fish
off those naked chicks.” Brandon Lee is the smart ass, while Lundgren
is the straight man. If you ask me that’s what makes Brandon Lee
look so good. “How long did you study?” ‘Since I was four.’ “You should have started earlier, that would
have helped your form.” ‘I was four! There’s nothing wrong with my form.’ Also, Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat is the
main villain, and his number two is Master Tatsu from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If that isn’t enough, there’s lots of
gunfire and nudity too. It doesn’t get more brotacular than that. Army of Darkness is the third Evil Dead movie,
where Ash goes back in time to save the world. You know what I’m talking about. If somehow you don’t, you should know it’s
a little bit weird, man. Chainsaw arms, evil twins that pop out from
your shoulder, annoying mini-clones, screaming witches, undead armies, and campy humour. But also the best damn one-liners any movie
has to offer, baby. “Lady, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ask you
to leave the store.” ‘Who the hell are you?’ “Names’s Ash. Housewares.” If that sounds like your bag, check it out. If you loved Duke Nukem’s one liners, you
have this movie to thank. “Come get some.” And, of course, the one and only Bruce Campbell. Somehow, Bruce is able to play this B-movie
role both straight, and like he’s in on the joke too. Find me someone else who can do that, I dare
ya! “Hail to the King, baby.” Sometimes I think that Steven Seagal has a
lot of input on his films. In Hard to Kill he plays Mason Storm, a cop
who is gunned down in his own home and spends seven years in a coma before he wakes up for
revenge. While in the coma, a nurse has the hots for
him and brings him gifts. “Would you like a little pussy, JD? She’s a little bitty pussy. Look what I’ve got here. She’s sweet.” She even checks out the goods and says, “Besides you have so much to live for.” Haha! That’s what she said. In every film, Seagal seems like a douchebag
know-it-all. He studied martial arts and medicine in the
East, he’s a deadeye with guns, and his big dick is a magnet for the ladies. But then we see him run, or practice his katas,
I think we get to see the man behind the curtain. Seriously, look at those katas. Amazing! Universal Soldier is about dead soldiers that
have been reanimated to be a superpowered army that you can command like robots. When universal soldier, Luc Deveraux, starts
to remember his past, he escapes the program with a hot reporter. Then the two are then hunted by Luc’s fellow
super corpse, Andrew Scott and the rest of the universal soldiers to make sure the program
is kept secret. Van Damme makes the perfect lifeless soldier. I just want to eat. You can tell by the banter between him and
the reporter. In one scene, he asks for the reporters help. He strips naked and says, “There must be a tracking device on me” ‘Well what do you want me to do about it?’ “Look for something unusual.” “Something hard.” Smooth. This is Jackie Chan’s fourth Police Story
movie. In this one, he’s trying to stop nuclear arms
trading. No big deal, right? WRONG! There were a lot of great Jackie Chan films
in the 90’s, and if you’re gonna say, “Why not Rumble in the Bronx? Or Who Am I? Or Operation Condor? Or Mr. Nice Guy? Or Legend of the Drunken Master? Or hell, even Gorgeous?” You might have a point, brother. I didn’t make Jackie Chan awesome, I’m just
showing you how awesome he is by putting this movie on the list. Because ladder fight. And yea, because ladder fight. That’s all for this video. To see the movies I considered, check the
link in the description below. There were a lot. If you want to scream picks in the comments
below, please do so. Let’s just keep it civil down there. And thanks for watching, guys. If this is your first time to the channel,
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