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100 thoughts on “Bow Hunter Breaks Down Bow and Arrow Scenes from Movies & TV | GQ

  1. A bunch of people commenting on game of thrones and how the guy missed on purpose obviously angered that this guy didn't know that. I'm over here with my respect for Cam Hanes growing bigger and bigger because he didn't know that and doesn't watch game of thrones cause it's seriously overrated.

  2. the 1 thing you don't mention with legolas: look at how fast he draws it it's a 10 pound bow it would probably not even pierce the armor. a couple months back there was a yt video released in which an as realistic as possible replica of azincourt plate armor was put to the test against comparative quality (160pound) warbow and case hardened (both field tip and broadhead) arrows with proper stifness, and the arrows just shattered on the target leaving a dent at best. Long story short it's unlikely that Legolas even has penetration this lethal in most his opponents, and there shouldn't really be a fear of him hitting the person behind.

  3. I genuinely wonder how many people, in one for or another, have gotten in contact with Cameron to let him know that Legolas is actually 2,391 years old

  4. Tanks guys i loved the video, but i don't believe you didn't include the "arrow" on your video come on guys it's 8 seasons of bow and arrow.. I'll be happy to hear what he have to say about it.

  5. I love how this guy explains things with a sense of humor. Good information! 👍🏻 Really enjoyed watching this.

  6. "You can have a laser sight on a bow.. it's just gonna be hard to see… Especially in daylight, at distance." Dude… you murdered Jeremy Renner… right… there.

  7. what about that famous scene in hunger games everyone laughs at? 5:26 if she release the arrow in that pose, then her nose is gone. and he absolutely adores her. i don't trust his expertise.

  8. lecturing people about how a crossbow isn't real archery when he shoots a geared up compound bow… both are more like shooting a gun than a bow

  9. Ya I don't like the way some of these guys shoot… Love how u were being nice about it lol I do bow hunting and bow fishing

  10. Thing you gotta keep in mind about Legolas is he is about 2900 years old give or take in the fellowship of the ring so I dare say he has had some time to really nail down that quiver to string placement on the bow

  11. I guess they didn't show the entirety of the GOT scene because he didn't seem to get the context of the scene shows he was purposefully missing to taunt his prey.

  12. Cameron is Crazy good with his compound, but would have also been nice if they had a more traditional archer, considering most of these were recurves and longbows. I guess they were sticking to newer movies, but surpirsed they didnt have any of the Robin Hoods, nor Deliverance.

  13. 18:39 hahaha I'm sorry I had to!
    Lars Andersen makes Legolas look like he's stuck in molasses

  14. For the GoT since he has no context of who Ramsey is, then of course he's not going to be able to understand what he was doing.

  15. Wouldnt a Mongolian horse archer be better to ask about combat bow scenes.because as a hunter theres alot of assassination like concepts like stealth and camping,while combat is more movement and invasive or defensive standing

  16. I mean.. you guys that watched the show that made this should have pointed out that Ramsey was purposely missing until the final arrow..

  17. "Compound bow guy gives good reviews to all who paid him" and still hasn't shown his skill.. boi, where is your recurve bow?

  18. By the time of Fellowship of the Rings, Legolas was two and a half thousand years old living in a culture known for remarkable archer, so I'd say he had plenty of time and resources to master archery.

  19. If they had Hawkeye with a pair of glasses/goggles that helped him see the laser sight/pointer on the target, than it would make sense as we do have something like that goggles/glasses that make lasers show up better.

  20. Lol this dude really hasn’t game of thrones or at least not that part 😂 He doesn’t realize Ramsey was toying with the Starks because he’s sick.

  21. It's time for a video featuring Joerg Sprave! He's got some arrow dispatching designs you might like. Let him show you the features!

  22. I haven't seen Rambo II in a whole heap of years… why is the PAVN officer wearing an IJA uniform with PAVN rank slides!?

    Wtf is that about? Why did I not clock that the first time I saw the film..?

  23. Professional bowhunter? I think you mean "professional bloodthirsty coward". I hope he takes one right through the neck.

  24. Ramsay “missed” his first two shots. He knew exactly was he was doing. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    And Legolas never had real arrows. CGI.

  25. Mythbusters tested the myth of the splitting arrow. It was busted. Splitting one arrow with another is not possible.
    Mythbusters also tested the myth of catching an arrow in mid air. That was also busted – on the same premises.

  26. Really cool that the arrow in Brave an animation got the movement of arrows correctly . It’s something you wouldn’t even think about if you aren’t into archery

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