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100 thoughts on “BMW Vision M NEXT. Official Launch Film. (Sound by Hans Zimmer)

  1. althought i came for hans zimmer but the car and the video are pretty good none the less


  2. Gott sieht das ding von hinten scheiße aus! Naja e-mobilität ist ja hoffentlich nicht die Zukunft, hoffen wir, dass die Politik ihren Fehler noch früh genug erkennt.

  3. It’s a peace of shit. Ugly as fck! Only because the BMW designer team is obviously without vision, bored as hell and they want to do some Pollock looking shit. From an icon they become a national disgrace. That X7 is also pile of turd. Get a fucking grip and start designing a true cars.

  4. maybe i can afford this in my 3rd life.. it's just i have no money right now

  5. While BMW lives in the past, they think shareholders will
    buy into their drivel by hiring 65 year old retired marketing professionals to
    produce embarrassing and cringe worthy 90’s style marketing hype like Vision, M
    Next vaporware while customers are already driving the future in next
    generation Audi’s, Mercedes, Tesla, Jaguar, Nissan, VW and Korean vehicles.
    KUDOS to these forward thinking auto makers and thumbs down to BMW. When I see
    these douchebags who think they are so cool driving off into the sunset in
    their 2019 gas sucking and polluting ancient BMW’s I can’t  help and judge these BMW owners and short sighted
    and obviously poorly educated who just love the badge to boost their ego.

  6. Tesla: Really nigga

    BMW: But I’m Faster And Safer


    BMW: No. I’m Way Friendly And Careful


  7. I think they should have stayed withe the BMW-typical blue color. It looks so much better than this red 😅

    All in all I think it's not the best of BMWs designs

  8. Best looking car this year, that I won’t be able to drive in real life but only in future video games.

    Wow some likes.

  9. Remember. 5g is not good and can destroy you dont buy into it.
    EMF are used to disperse crowds, it contains radiations. These towers are supposed to be all over the place at stop lights and stuff.
    I feel like it sont happen but just in case it does we know what it is.

  10. I don't like this car at all the girl is ugly and skinny I don't want the future of cars to go this direction

  11. "Progressive" is liberal speak for shit that's considered good just because it's different and no other reason. Don't use that term to describe beautiful BMW's.

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