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You sewed a new bag
for your lunch-box! Yeah, yesterday. It’s so cute! You’re never idle. – We should all make one.
– Sure. Oh, Watanabe, that’s so tacky! You think so? I’m jealous. Of what? You have a skill. It’s not that much of a skill. Sure it is! You can make
a living doing that. You’re going to study
dressmaking… Well, yeah… You’ve thought about
your future… l want to get married. – Yuck! That’s gross!
– Sorry! – What the…
– But did you hear what she said? It’s not that strange. Things are just so easy when
you get married after graduation. Hey… that’s Endo. Who’s Endo? She’s in our class. And you don’t even know her name! But I’ve never talked to her.
You forget. Where’s she going? The nurse’s office? Is she sick? Or faking it. Ah! I remember now! She was suspended from
school last year, wasn’t she? It’d be hard to talk to someone
who that happened to. But you know, she’s got guts.
Most people would’ve quit for good. Time to go. Hey, wait a minute! Oh, thanks. Here. – Thanks.
– OK. There you go. – And yours.
– Thanks. Mmm! As if we didn’t eat this
every day! ‘As the industrial Revolution
of the 18th century… ‘…is an event said to be the greatest
such revolution in human history… ‘…it has had a vast
historical influence. ‘First it ensured the establishment
of a capitalist society. ‘There are two more points
to note here, the first being… ‘…the “factory-production system”,
or “manufacturing”.’ Miss Kirishima… Am l keeping you awake? You won’t learn if you’re
asleep, will you? I wasn’t asleep. Then will you continue reading
from where l left off please? You can’t? That’s because
you’re always falling asleep. ‘The second point: ‘Manufacturing replaced agriculture
as the focus of social production. ‘As a result, the capitalist
owners of large factories… ‘…became a ruling class.’ We’ll stop here for today. I know. You weren’t sleeping. I brought Endo. You can sit here. Endo… where do you usually
eat lunch? Huh? You’re never around. With a girl from the next class
who was in Grade 11 with me. You go in there? Yeah. I went at the start of the year,
and l just kept going back. You always bring sandwiches? My mother slept in today,
so she couldn’t do rice for me. I know what you mean.
My mum does that all the time. I make sure l get up for school.
l wish she’d do her job, too. Once l had to buy a convenience-store
lunch and sneak it into my lunch-box. That’s terrible! – Yeah!
– I was in tears over it. So you laugh sometimes, Endo… What does that mean? Here. Mum’s making a rice pilaf. You’ll stay to eat? I’ve never had a rice pilaf. – Never?
– No. My mother doesn’t make it. Then take some with you.
Mum always makes lots. OK. She never makes anything
with garlic in it. She hates it. Not even in gyoza dumplings
or spaghetti. Each to their taste, l guess. I guess so. Are you shocked? No. l was admiring the way
you struck the match. Won’t you get caught? She knows. I still don’t do it
in front of her. Once she called me and l panicked
and threw one in the rubbish bin. It caught fire. Stupid! Hey, I’m sorry about today. About what? Everyone asking you
all those questions. That didn’t bother me. Why should it? That’s OK, then. That sweet-bean pancake
was good, out there on the roof. Yeah, it was. You’ve got a lot of CDs. I’ll lend you one. This one’s good. Aztec Camera.
Do you know them? No. Can I look at this book? Sure, go ahead. So you like art? Sort of, l guess. It relaxes me. Hey, Endo… …um… No, it’s nothing. Forget it. What? Tell me. It’s OK. Another time. – Tell me!
– No. What is it? Tell me! – Nothing.
– What? Kayako! Wash the dishes! Later. You’ll forget! I’ll do it! ‘Morning. ‘Morning. Did you listen to the CD? Uh… yeah. How was it? It’s in English.
l didn’t really understand it. Oh. Sorry. l haven’t listened to it yet. Oh, sorry. l shouldn’t rush you. Can l keep it a bit longer? Sure you can. ‘Morning! ‘Morning. Oh, hi. I’m glad l saw you. I’ve had this CD of yours
for ages now. Sorry about that.
I’m done with it now. How was it? Great! I love it. I’ll give you something
harder next time, then. I can’t wait. Nakano… this is Kirishima.
She’s in my class. The lunch group? Yeah, that’s right. This is Nakano. Last year
we were in the same class. What a relief. I was worried you weren’t
making any friends in your class. Don’t say that! Well, it’s true! I know, I’ll put some songs
on a tape for you. OK, great. Lately I’ve been listening
to some French stuff. Great. Put it on a mini-disc. I don’t have one. I wonder if my
cassette-player still works… Make it work! Oh, sure. Kayako… I’m calling those guys
about that party. Want to come? Well… I’m supposed to call about 5.
Can you hang out till then? OK? You OK? Yeah. I feel better. What do you think of
that guy Mizuuchi? Him? I think he’s cool. Yeah?
I like guys like that. But I’m glad you came. I didn’t think you would. No, l wanted to come. You hang out with Endo
so much now… What? Let’s lose these guys. OK? The next corner… I shouldn’t run when I’m drunk. Can you believe a girl
getting drunk like that? It’s just not cool. Don’t you think? Unbelievable, huh. Why did you keep glaring
at me like that? I wasn’t. She talks! I was beginning to think
you couldn’t. You’re not a virgin, are you? How was the party? I’m exhausted. So’s Watanabe, l hear. She got a bit drunk. She says she doesn’t remember. Wow! So you can drink? Not that much. Come drinking with me, then. Ice cream’s fine. Oh, yeah… Nakano said she saw you
this morning and called to you… …and you gave her a dirty look. I don’t think she meant it though. Did I? I’ve never seen you
give anyone a dirty look. Those Cezannes are good,
aren’t they? Yeah. I like table-tops
better than mountains. Still-lifes? So do I. But if you like it,
it must be good. I know! I’ve got a dress
l don’t wear. Do you want it? I bought it last year,
but it’s too cute for me. But not for me? Well, yeah. I think it’d suit you.
Stand up for a minute. It comes down to about here. I can get Sumi to adjust it. Let’s do that. What are you doing
after high school? When we graduate? I haven’t thought about it.
How about you? I haven’t, either. I told the teacher I’d go
to a college around here. I haven’t said anything.
I haven’t the faintest idea. A local college is
the easiest thing to do. And my parents would like that. Do you worry about them? Not so much “worry”. l don’t want
to cause them any trouble. What? What is it? It’s just… …l feel like you’ll be
going a long way away. What do you mean?
I’ll be right here. Yeah, but… Why don’t we go to
the same place? That’s an idea… Let’s do that. And take what?
I’m no good at English. Who cares, as long as it’s
the same college? I do. You’re hopeless! I know. Why don’t you spend a night
at my place when the term ends? My parents go away a lot.
Bring underwear. Why? ‘Cause I’m not lending you panties! Kayako… Did you go to a hotel
with Mizuuchi? Huh? One of the guys said so.
Is it true? When l told you l liked him
you didn’t say anything. I think that’s awful! It’s low! It’s sleazy! Let’s get off. Sometimes l hang out here
on my way home. After school l don’t want
to go home… …but there’s nowhere to go. I want a cigarette. That was really something!
Just like a soap opera. Anyway, who cares? If you like a guy,
what are you going to do? I don’t like him. Then why did you go with him? That’s weird. Did something happen? It’s just… …that I… …like you. Kirishima! Does that mean
what I think it does? Then I’m glad. Are you crying again? I mean it. Endo… Yeah? …do you like being with me? Yes, l do. Why do you ask? I don’t know. I like it. I’m happy. You’re the one who came… …and found me. I ate too much! I’m stuffed. We made too much. But we ate it. You can cook. You use everything
in the fridge. I cook at home. You live with your mum? And my younger brother.
So l do housework, too. You cook every day? No. We buy a lot of meals
at the convenience store. But Mum makes my school lunch. I leave first, but she gets up,
makes my lunch and goes back to bed. Wow! I don’t know why. Maybe she
feels guilty about having to work. I don’t know why
she should, though. You know what l want?
l want to get away from here. You do? Yeah. Somewhere far away. I know l talked about
college here… …but l want to go away.
Tokyo or somewhere. It scares me, though. Anywhere but here. But there’s nothing
l really want to do. I don’t amount to anything. And it scares me to think
of leaving when I’m like that. I don’t believe that you
don’t amount to anything. You know all kinds of things,
music I’ve never heard of… …and books and things.
l really admire you. I just know some stuff. You think so? I’d be you if l could. Why? How boring! You’d be disappointed. Have you… Yeah? …ever been in an ambulance? Have I what? Yes. Was that why
you were suspended? Yes, it was. So you knew about that? I see. I had… …an abortion. In Grade 11. I didn’t tell anyone… …but the next day at school
I felt bad. I bled all over the nurse’s office. They called an ambulance,
and everybody found out. People know about me
being suspended… …but not many know
about the ambulance. They didn’t use the siren. I’m surprised you knew. Does it hurt? An abortion? You get an anesthetic. But once it’s over… …you get morning sickness… …then you feel like
you’re all cleaned out. I didn’t like that feeling. You still want to be with me? Yes. You’re weird. How are you? I’m sorry. l guess
we got carried away. I’m fine if l lay down. Are you catching a cold? Do you have a fever? It’s nothing. I’m worried. It’s not your fault. I’m sorry. Oh, Kirishima… Did l wake you? Sorry. I wasn’t sleeping. They said you were here. Thanks for coming. Kirishima… …could you leave me alone
with Nakano for a bit? OK. See you. Endo’s away, huh… And it’s the last day of term. Is she sick a lot? This might sound strange… …we can’t divide up
the bean-pancake money. When there were four of us,
it divided evenly. When Endo came we were five,
and that was still all right. But without you two,
it doesn’t work. I’m not complaining. It’s just
something that always strikes me. Oh, Mum! Summer vacation
starts today! Kirishima! It’s so hot! Grade 12s don’t have to come
to practice, but l was worried. Must be tough. I should leave it to the Grade 11s. Was her mother worried? Maybe. She was talking so fast
l couldn’t really understand her. Endo’s gone off to see a guy. A guy? Yeah. Her old boyfriend.
You didn’t know about him? The abortion… Oh, so you know. Only that she got
suspended from school. She was seeing a married man. A year ago last spring we went
out on a class drinking party. She got sick and threw up
in the mall… …right on this guy’s clothes. We all freaked.
We apologized like mad. He put his finger down her throat
to help her bring everything up. We thought he was a nice guy. I didn’t know, but Endo
got his name card. She called him up
and went out with him. But he was married! She didn’t know that at the time. In the end, she got pregnant, didn’t
tell him, and had the abortion. Then everyone found out. Her parents went to yell
at the guy… …and when they got there,
his wife was pregnant, too. Isn’t that awful? I thought Endo was over it.
l was starting to relax. You know all those
foreign CDs she has? That’s the kind of music
he likes. Why did she go to see him? Didn’t you know?
He called her. One night the phone rang. Whoever it was hung up, but she
guessed it was him and called back. I guess the baby was stillborn… …and he and his wife
weren’t getting along… …and he got depressed
and called Endo. Can you believe that? But it really shook Endo up. Nakano… …when did you hear this? Before end of term,
in the nurse’s office. I know what you mean.
l wonder why she went? She might not even
come back, you know… I’ve got to go. Kirishima! How are you? What’ve you been up to? Your mother called. I didn’t tell her
l was going away. A souvenir. Grapes. They’re really great. Thanks. Your mother was worried. Yeah. Some friends wanted to go. l didn’t
want the hassle of telling her… …so l just went. Where? To the sea, to the mountains…
lots of places. Who with? Friends from middle school. Who? You wouldn’t know them. Was it fun? Not much. I wanted to see you. Endo… …why are you lying to me? What? I’m not lying. Kayako, there’s grapes in here. I know. They’ll rot here. Bring me some tea. Eat them. You have them. Yes? Could l speak to you? We’re still on vacation,
you know. Well… come in. Would you look at a painting? You are…? Kirishima. 12C. The drawing’s lousy,
but the colours are very good. Right here… it’s not bad. Did you do that
this summer? Yes. It’s my first painting. Yeah? I’d like to try and get into
an arts university. You’re in Grade 12? Yes. You’re kind of late. People who start sketching
in Grade 10 don’t even make it. – A public school?
– No. A private university… Tokyo? Anyway, come in from
tomorrow and practice drawing. Yes, sir. Here you are… The ceremony’s starting… You’re not very tanned, are you.
Didn’t you go anywhere? You called me. Why don’t you say something? Look, I’ve forgotten about it, too. If you don’t want anything… I do. Well? My friend didn’t tell me
something very important. I’m really upset about it.
l wonder why… What is this? A quiz show? Is this a joke? Are you in love… …with this “friend”? Yes. – How much?
– A lot. – And the friend?
– I don’t know. That means you’re the one
who’s most in love. You’re sad because you’re not
getting back what you’re giving… …or something. I’m going. I’ll walk with you. No. Come on! Hey… Yeah? …why did you pick me? Why did you invite me
to that hotel? Do you ever talk about
anything besides “me”? Why did you go with me, then? You said you’re in love. I wanted to get close. To what? I don’t know. We could find a hotel… No, thanks. I heard you’d taken up
painting… l guess it’s true. I want to talk to you. I know all about it. Endo, you’re horrible! I know. I’m a horrible person. So I’m not surprised
that you hate me. I don’t hate you. You don’t care if I’m not around.
Why are you crying? I painted a picture this summer. Grapes. A still-life. I was alone all summer. I had nothing to do. Are you hungry? You’re broke? I wanted to take you to my
grandmother’s in the summer. My parents are divorced. She’s my dad’s mother,
but me and my brother… …have still always gone there. It’s way out in the country.
They used to have cows. It’s like a ranch.
It’s really nice. I wanted to take you there. You sure talk a lot. But if I don’t… If I don’t talk… …I’ll just get mad at you again. The sea’s amazing, huh… What did Nakatona tell you? Most of it. That you’d gone to see him. He said he needed help. Not in so many words… …but I could hear it. I couldn’t tell you… …that he meant more to me
than you. He said he wanted to start over… …in Tokyo, with me. And l got my hopes up. But l didn’t go. You were here. No. You wouldn’t have gone
whether I was here or not… …because… …l always come second. You broke up with him,
so the number-one slot is vacant. When someone else comes,
you’ll put him there. But you’ll always be
the one I love the most. They’ll be worried about us. Probably. Should we phone? No. Here. It’s good. Yeah. Endo… …let’s go to Tokyo. We’ll go to school there. And live together? Sure. Will we cook, fight to see
who goes in the bath first…
…and both sleep in? And when one of us goes out,
or when we go to sleep… …instead of “goodbye” we’ll say
“see you later” and “good night”. Like a real couple. We are a real couple. But l can’t go. Your parents? That’s part of it. I don’t amount to anything. Suddenly you’ve found
what you want to do… …but not me. I just go with the flow. Those art books didn’t make me
want to paint. But you started painting. If there’s something you
want to do, you go and do it. You’re strong. I’d like to be that way. You do amount to something. You’re Endo,
just the way you are. The first bus! We could get on that
and go to school. Let’s go. After I went to Tokyo,
a letter arrived from Endo. “This is all I can do”,
she wrote. She’d sent a video-tape. I watched that tape
over and over again. ICHIKAWA Mikako KONISHI Manami Directed by
ANDO Hiroshi

99 thoughts on “Blue (2001) (2003) – Japanese movie. English Subtitles. Full Movie.

  1. Beautiful movie. I love these type of quiet screenplays in another culture. At times it was almost like I was reading a Haruki Murakami novel. (my favorite author)

  2. Beautiful and real. I suppose that children in Japan are no different from children in America. We all go through the same friendships, loves, heartbreaks, as all children go through. This movie Is very sweet and sincere!!! Happy valentines day! I hope these young girls are still acting . They are very real , talented beauty's. I hope they make another film together , mabey show their lives after they are adults. it reminds me of the movie " Ghost World". Sad and sweet the way Love really is. beautiful young women. James in the U.S.A.

  3. Beautiful and real. I suppose that children in Japan are no different from children in America. We all go through the same friendships, loves, heartbreaks, as all children go through. This movie Is very sweet and sincere!!! Happy valentines day! I hope these young girls are still acting . They are very real , talented beauty's. I hope they make another film together , mabey show their lives after they are adults. it reminds me of the movie " Ghost World". Sad and sweet the way Love really is. beautiful young women. James in the U.S.A.

  4. for once subtitles are perfect and mentioned, but there is no need for them.Thanks for posting a good quality upload

  5. Kayako Kirishima, in her third year at a high school, feels a sense of isolation in school life and vague admiration and uneasiness about the future. One day she makes friends with Endō, who is isolated from her surroundings because she remained in the same class for another year. Kayako is strongly attracted by Endō, who shows her a world that she didn't know.

    Mikako Ichikawa as Kayako Kirishima
    Manami Konishi as Masami Endō
    Asami Imajuku as Mieko Nakano
    Ayano Nakamura as Chika Watanabe
    Yōko Hirayama as Sumida Emiko
    Ayaka Ota as Ayana Murai
    Sosuke Takaoka as Mizuuchi Manabu
    Tasuku Amagishi as Atsushi Kirishima
    Jun Murakami as older man

    Kayako 'dabbling' with Endo and Mazuuki was her beginning of her transition into adulthood; rejecting Endo because of the lie and spending the summer drawing was the beginning of her life as an adult; adults can make a decision to do something and then go do it.

    Endo admires Kayako now as an adult; the same way Kayako admired Endo's collection as an adolescent. I agree that Kayako was trying to PULL Endo into adulthood as they were running for the bus near the end…Endo's film at the end shows a fate worse than death….being stuck in the past!

  6. i wantedd to know more ahh haa hm, what happned latter, did they met again, did they live together like coupels, i wanna know aaaa :'-(

  7. it is really a great movie, at first i just said to myself what am i watching and yeah it slowly making sense. thanks by reading some comment i can fully understand the movie its a real piece of art.

  8. I am not well in the head and unhappy with my life  . I recently  painted my first painting and I am middle aged and a half  a landscape of mountain's I can see from my house on a framed canvas that was going to be throw away   with oil pastels . from a photo I took and loaded on the computer . I found it very relaxing and I will do more . I found this movie very relaxing to watch no car chases  brutal sex or violence . thanks for loading it .

  9. Endo the best part of Kris his ma, searching for chastity in there avoidance of arrogance, an inborn nature for togetherness, love in fragile beauty, the untenable blue.

  10. неплохо поставлен , спокойный актуальная драма разок посмотреть можно, если скучно!

  11. Americans are no more expert in ancient history than a Egyptian dung beetle theory. ROFLMAO don't bore me ROFLMAO

  12. the story was good and places are very nice….but the movements are slow in movie and its makes it longer.the culture was little awkard for me….

  13. …the ending of this means that Endo just wait for Kirishima to comeback with her.
    She went in the beach as part of their most memorable moment..the first confession and their first kiss…😉😉
    I felt so tired after watching this…it's like 1920's 😆😆😆😆 just kiddin..😂😂😂😂

  14. you're right..Maybe the film symbolizes how people deal with hardships, trials and mistakes. Either you use it to grow or let it defeat you..

  15. Hello all introduce my name is Hastin Nuraini Jalan Lilin Mas 6 Dadaprejo Junrejo Batu East Java – Indonesia Tel: 62-81334887683 I love to write and have a series of short stories I want to sell a movie script for Hollywood And one day want to be a jury at the film festival greetings from Indonesia

  16. 何気無い退屈そうなシーンこそ日本映画の持つ特有な繊細さなんだろうな、って思う。

  17. I saw a nice review written in the blog 'writing in the virtual' by someone called mahesh hapugoda. He says, '….[That] will be the most important lesson for a higher school girl who goes in search of the meaning of life through sexuality. Sex will always be mischievous but, if you are intelligent enough, even a higher meaning can be derived through its mischief'. Read Blue (2001): Film Review

  18. "the truth is always slow". beautiful movie. thank you for uploading. this movie touches deep down one's desire to love, to own love, and reciprocated with love.
    Whether mentally or physically love could be manifested both ways or either. Similary, consciously, and unconsciously.

  19. A beautiful movie full of intense adolescent feelings. You want the two girls to have a lasting, deliriously happy life together, but you know it's not going to happen, so the sadness is all pervasive. It should get an academy award, but it won't, because some people have got the insight, the attention span of a chimpanzee.

  20. When you realise that this is "Blue is The Warmest Color" and they took idea's from this movie to make theirs..smh…

  21. I just happened to stumble across this. Once I recognized Kayako's actor as Mikako Ichikawa who I'd seen in Shin Godzilla, I decided to stick around and ended up watching the entire thing. It was a pretty interesting movie and I like the choice to film a lot of long shots.

  22. Loved this beautiful piece of art..
    Tho I wished the subs were more synched.. made it sumwhat difficult to keep up with what they were saying..
    Where can I purchase this film on DVD??

  23. That was a beautiful movie… but the "your number one spot is just vacant… I'll always be number two" hit way to close to home 😔 A gay girl's reality when we fall for a bi girl.

  24. Gimana sih caranya berbahasa jepang biar gampang …. ajarin dunk… fans berat ni ma movie jepang…..😁😁😁

  25. 동성애자와 양성애자! 성 정체성에 대한 스토리! 근데, 청소년기때 좀 이르지 않나? 한참 성장기인데 낙태 수술을 하면 자궁에 안좋다던데…

  26. すげえな540万再生…。世界中からコメントが。

    2002年頃に、地元の映画祭で観たのが懐かしまれる。当時、高1男子だったが、大友良英の音楽の印象と、アズデックカメラの使われ方に吹いたことしか覚えていない… 自分にとってはシリアスな世界でなかったのだろうか…

  27. 美大を目指して浪人中の深夜、YouTubeを徘徊していたら出会いました。ぼーっと見終わって、ふと窓外を見ると空は夜明けのblueでした。まだ、やれる気がする。たぶん。

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