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100 thoughts on “Blade (1/3) Movie CLIP – Vampire Killer (1998) HD

  1. I remember watching this when I was kid and thinking Wesley Snipes was the biggest badass ever. And it's still good 20 years later!

  2. Seems like Blade tried to kill Quinn many times over before the story of the movie. But he just kept coming back. He must be some kind of a special vampire.

  3. My mom said I couldn’t watch this when I was 9 and my brother watched it when he was 4 :/ wow mom thanks so much for loving him more :/

  4. I remember being a big blade fan as a kid, my pop had it on VHS tape and I would watch it a lot(probably way too much) and I'd act out games where I was blade(the female version haha) and I'd have to go against the imaginary vampires with my fake sword and big as trench coat with some cool black glasses lol anyway 21 years old and I still love this movie idc! 🤣

  5. I love when blade breaks his stoic character. I love it even more when gets mad at the doc, can't remember her name, and I love the funny moments in this movie

  6. Rotten Tomatoes after Deadpool: "R-rated superhero movies can work!"

    Blade: "Already did it in the 90's"

    Rotten Tomatoes after Black Panther: "This is the first black superhero movie!"

    Blade: "Wrong again."

  7. Snipes is absolutely perfect in this role. His physicality and how he does all the fighting stunts. Ahead of its time this movie

  8. "Vampires" truly are possibly slaved humans whom have been forced to have weaken-ed states, and possibly controlled by something other than their brain, and truly "ended" (possibly not killed) when a "stake was driven through their chest" andor other actions were done, having "effect" because they are forced to be in a weaken-ed state.

    "Werewolves" are possibly slaved humans forced to be in weaken-ed states, not possibly controlling their bodies with their brains, and "ended" after specific actions occur, without their choice/agreement.

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