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100 thoughts on “Black Widow (2020) – Movie Teaser Trailer Mashup / Concept ” Widow Origin “

  1. I am SO excited for this movie. Tbh, Natasha and Scarlet, you guys are the best, and Marvel, I swear to god if you mess this movie up I’m gonna be so pissed

  2. Ok guys first of all, after endgame I think I might cry, I miss her. (😭😭😭) Second of all, why did they have to wait until she DIES for them to make a movie about her, like I can't be the only one who feels a little of about that, right?

  3. Tbh I’ve always thought if black widow dies I wouldn’t care and when she died I was the main one crying in the movie

  4. Striking resemblance to
    Red Sparrow but Scarlett is an upgrade I'd say. Jennifer Lawrence is about Average and Scarlett is a little above in my book. And I'll watch it eventually but probably not in theatres. Not even if she gets naked. Jennifer got naked I think. Really cant remember but I think so..

  5. Black widow and red sparrow are in same school where they train to be a Russian spy, damn for sure there's a sequel for red sparrow too.

  6. I’m so happy black widow (Scarlett Johanson) will get her movie!!!
    I just really hope hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) gets one too…

  7. At the end of the black widow movie we might see black widow movie with white hair and in her suit which might hint that shes still alive after tony stark did the snap.

  8. Seeing the trailers and all the hype and just smiling, crying almost of happiness and thinking……

    You worked so hard for this…..

    Thats My Girl.

  9. I never got to see black widow's movie,BUT WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?!!?!!???DID THEY WASTE MY TIME TILL NOW SO THEY SHOW ME WHAT HAPPENED TO HER!!?!??!!?DAMMIT!!!!!

  10. I hope they will stay loyal to the comicverse for once and we will get a dark, Soviet era thriller+action movie that involves Red Room, the Winter Soldier and other widows 🙏

  11. so black widow was trained by that old lady in John Wick 3?
    boi! can wait to see john wick cameo in black widow

  12. If this is the "official" movie trailer, it is pretty lame and doesn't create any desire for me to want to see the movie.

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