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So here we are again. You’re saying nothing and
I’m doing all the talking. I can’t assist you if you don’t
allow me to help you. And with your fingerprints on the money
you’re looking at at least two years. That’s a long time
for somebody like you. Keep dreaming. I’ll never represent
criminals like you. When I graduate, I’ll
defend the wrongfull accused. I bet they’d love to be represented
by a former drugsdealer Did you find it? Yes it’s all there, but I not sure if
– Thank you. Be safe. I’ll see you around. Please, you can’t trust him.
Don’t go. He’s my father I just – I know. I sold my last trade last night.
This is everything I’ve saved. You must! It’s enough Jenn, for
taking care of your mom, college. You don’t have to deal anymore. You weren’t meant for this anymore than I was. You could come with me.
Have a normal life. I wasn’t meant for that as well. Here. To remember me. Let’s keep moving ladies!
The sooner we get this loaded The sooner we can get out of here! Anything wrong Hank? Nah, keep working. Jack. I’m sorry. I need to know. I can’t help you, I’m not even
supposed to talk to you. You know what things can happen. You must have heard something. I havn’t. He Hank! I have to know, somebody’s coming. Wait! Will he play me? I can win this time. He doesn’t play the game.
He plays the person. Nobody ever wins. This is about respect! You replaced the pawn. Of course we did. We had a new
one the next day. You start. You’re white. You start. See you’re still playing as
aggresive as before. While I was away, I studied
every newspaper every article about chess. I can’t lose. Apparantly. Do you know why my position was
never in jeopardy Jack? It was once. When they killed mom.
When you tried to sent me off to boarding school because
you didn’t trust me. It’s all about image. I never let anyone think they can
best me. Or that they’re smarter than me. Take this one for instance. One of my boys decided to cut
back on my share. That money is untracable. But he
has a storage box in his name. You take this, and you plant it there. That is traceable. That’s
illigally uptained currency. and an anonymous tip to the
police is going to do the rest. You’d give up all this money
just to frame somebody? Sometimes sacraficing a piece
improves your position Jack. Devin – Jenn’s missing. What do you mean missing? Well I havn’t seen her in days.
She doesn’t pick up her burner I even went Of course she doesn’t.
– What? She’s out. I gave her my money
so she could quit. And she’d just walk away like that? That was the plan. No, it doesn’t sound right.
I mean nothing? Listen. I have a job tomorrow
morning. After I’m done I’l l check on her. I’m sure she’s fine.
– No. Tomorrow. I promise. He! Jenn’s missing. Please. You can’t trust him. Don’t go. I never let anyone think they can
best me, or that they’re smarter than me. He doesn’t play the game.
He plays the person. Nobody ever wins. This is about respect. Sometimes sacraficing a piece
improves your position Jack. Jack? Did you ever think about getting out? No. I always knew you’d let me back in. Why? Let me help you. Let me work with you. You’re looking at at least two years,
if you don’t take this deal! You have a visitor. Are you expecting anyone? No. Well. I recommend you take the deal. How? They held me for a couple of days. That money that’s now in evidence? It’s yours. They took it
along with the pawn. They should have killed you.
Why havn’t they? Orders from up high they said. Hank. They didn’t submit it to evidence. Said it was irrelevant to the case. The case. I thought you wouldn’t represent criminals. You’re not a criminal. You’re a friend. Time’s up! When I get you out. Will you try again? No. I don’t think I was meant
for that life anymore than you were.

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