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As the launch for the first-ever mission to Mars nears, the Space Center organizes cocktail parties for us astronauts. And as Chief Commander I am required to attend. Occasionally we run into an old acquaintance or two. Who the hell are you? So there I was pressurization to the roof, right? And the widget hits the metrics component! You’re hilarious. I must introduce you to Daddy You also run the risk of bumping into people you’d rather forget. Hello Dave. You know each other? Professor. I hadn’t seen professor fingers since my last training medical and until tonight I had no intention of ever seeing him again. Assume the position Dave. I’m going to study your anus so you can go study Mars Congratulations Dave, you are now an Astronaut. Bon voyage! Nice seeing you. Bon voyage. Yeah nice seeing you. Leaving already? Yes. It was time to prepare for Mars Premium. Space travel involves intense thought and a well-crafted plan of action. For example, the shopping list down in Youston’s office Come in. It’s all here: pasta, chips, coke, whiskey, sausage, fries, a bottle of Downy. And for desert My flan! Come now Dave. You know why flan is not allowed in a zero gravity environment. The molecular structure will liquefied Nope! We replaced it with a melon. A melon? But they’re not in season. We genetically modified it. It its seedless. Seedless? Goodbye Dave. Goodbye Youston I’d heard about nervous breakdowns due to flan depressurization, but the fact that Youston would lump me in the same categories as those intergalactic amateurs was both hurtful and suspicious. I became wary of the melon. Seedless? If it had no parents, how did it get here? If it wasn’t born, then it never actually has lived. And if it has never lived, well, I’ll refuse to travel with a dead melon. I thought it wise to ask for additional analysis. I want a battery of tests done. Do you understand? Everything! Professor! I’m picking up signal! Then, give it a pencil. This melon claims to be the reincarnation of a fashion designer. Hello. Youston here, get down here and try on your new spacesuit. But. This melon is simply fascinating, he’s so smart, so cultured. The team is crazy about him. The purity of the lines. The audacity of the materials. Fantastich! This spacesuit is ridiculous, who designed it? While I was away, the melon had taken control of NASA. I decided to talk to my superior about this. Oh don’t be so obtuse, that suit fits you like a glove. That’s not the problem! And while you are here Dave, I am pleased to introduce you to your new partner. Obviously, the melon was in control. And the vocal synthesizer that enabled him to express himself freely, didn’t make things easier. Hi, guys. Your interior designer sucks. What are you doing here? I’ll have a Cognac, son. He freely imposed his eccentric taste on my rocket ship, my beautiful house. my life. One thought kept me in high spirits. One thing that no astronaut ever escapes. Sorry buddy, we all had to do it. Are you sure? Next. Doctor Finger’s claws. And don’t forget professor, this season it’s all about zebra prints. Thanks for the advice Melon. You should visit more often ma chérie. Dady, I have a life. I can’t assist you Hey Dave! Let’s go Clara. See ya. Ok. You’re up Dave. But I don’t have an appointment. Dave. A shiver went down my spine. What did that little fruit tell him? Wasn’t the professor sworn to uphold the Hippocratic oath? And Clara, since when she and the melon became so chummy? What caused this sudden complicity? All that tenderness. What was going on? Hello Dave. Life is like a shoe box. You never now what you are going to get until you open it. What are you doing here? Oh god. No No, Jesus, No. Please! Stop! No! No! No! Every sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Ground Control to Commander Dave. Do you copy? Ground Control to Commander Dave. Do you copy? Melon here I think commander Dave fainted Youston to Melon: where are you? Describe your location. Sector B-21 Near Singularity Dave to Houston : I copy. God damnit Dave! You scared the bejesus out of us Are you alright? Do you remember the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey? The Kubrick movie? Yeah. Why? Well. I think I get it. What did he say? What did you say Dave? The ending, with the creepy geezer, star child and everything. Yeah. I get it now.

8 thoughts on “Black Holes | A Short Film by David Nicolas

  1. Amazing looking animation; the shot where Astro Dave and Ancient Dave look each other in the eye gave me chills…

  2. I think this was the Lightwave 3D Project i was following thru tutorials…Are u sure LW is dead? Have u checked its pulse. Was the stake properly jammed in. – Just sayin'

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