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[Soldier #1] It’s going down! [Soldier #2] What? [Man #1] It’s sort of weird being honoured for the worst day of your life. [Man #2] You know things most the rest of us will never know. [Man #3] That’s got to weigh heavy on a young man’s shoulders. It’s really good to have you back, little brother. [Man #4] Your story, Billy, no longer belongs to you… …it’s America’s story now. [Man #5] So here you are, Billy. [Billy] For the first time in my life… …I feel close to something… …bigger, than myself. [Woman #2] You just open a door a crack and light comes pouring in. [Woman #1] And what really happened over there?

100 thoughts on “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Vin Diesel Movie HD

  1. i strongly doubt that any civilian person could understand the mixed and fucked up feelings a soldier could go through :/

  2. this movies just shows how brainwashed american people are, thinking that someone is triing to attack america with all the best military equipment these terrorist have in middle east…its the true thinking of uneducated american not all americans.

  3. It is hard to understand and feel the movie. Indeed. But after you realize.what it is talking about you'll be deeply immersed

  4. I saw the movie, it was very enjoyable and had a great story telling. I thought the movie was awesome, should have been nominated best movie of the year. I hate rotten tomato, and anyone that say their movie critics, they don't know anything. You can nitpick any movie, but the best movies change your life, and this movie is one of them.

  5. All the flags and uniforms in the world will not make you a hero. Everyone knows that this man and his friends are just a group of mercenaries, killing for money. Simply thugs.

  6. it's really sad because of Trump ego, a lot young women and men will die for no good reason. But there will be a lot of films about it in 10 to 15 years.

  7. Ahahahaaa propaganda and lies over 9000.
    Reality is different, most of US soldiers kill civilians without any regret in Irak & Afghanistan, sometimes they humiliate them and rape women, sometimes they steal and beat them just to show them that they are above.
    They break doors and take homes for days without the agreements and mostly humiliating and killing the people who live there because they don't want them here.

    Reality is sad yeah, but has no profit for Hollywood so, creating drama emo story lmao.

  8. Each one of you is a sacrifice unto the devil OOOW RAAAAW!! Helping the World Revolutionary Movement. World Communism! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  9. I just seen it & it was kinda stupid….could've been better imho…..why were they getting beat up by the football stadiums security? Lol

  10. Shitty movie, how they portrayed the public toward our vets made this movie terrible. Not realistic at all, and left all that bullshit out of the trailers.

  11. Good movie only problem is if he got in the car with his sister he would have been in the Briggs so that hole part was pointless

  12. Just watched this yanks bullshit abortion of a movie,,it is so Bad,,at one point I thought it was a comedy,,,Fucking appalling waste of cellulose 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🇬🇧

  13. This is a beautiful movie on Iraq war vet's a must see – It lies in the category of other modern day War movies (Iraq, Afghanistan & Somalia) like – Last Flag Flying 2017, Hyena Road 2015, American Sniper, Zero Dark 30, Lone Survivor, Hell and Back 2011, The Messenger, The Hurt Locker, Stop Loss, Green Zone, Home of the Brave, Taking Chance, Saving Jessica Lynch 2003, Black Hawk Down, , The War Tapes, Redacted, Generation Kill, Good kill, the ground truth, Brothers etc.

    Comparable to other war movies like – Patton, Last days of Patton, Hacksaw ridge, Letters from Iwo Jima, Saving Private Ryan, Flags of our fathers, The Outsider 1961, Captain Newman MD, In Love and War 1958, Battle Cry, between Heaven and Hell (Robert Wagner), Hell is for heroes, To hell and back, young warriors etc

    Guys please check out my list on World War 2 movies – (List still under progress)Vietnam War – List under progress

  14. The actors are horrible… the story is mediocre…. overall a poor effort, unprofessional, NOT A REAL MOVIE.

  15. Regardless how much the movie lost, there’s no arguing Lee is a great director that can elicit touching and raw acting from his actors.

  16. The thing is . This movie is insane how true it is when you come back from deployment or if you’re in active duty . The questions the dumb questions like “ what happens when a 50 cal shoots you” it’s a totally different life than civilian life

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