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[wood rattling] [grunt] [grunt] [speaking foreign language] He says he wants you to type
in the missile launch codes. Tell him to go fuck himself. -[thud]
-[grunts] Password, now. [speaking foreign language] [coughing] [speaking foreign language] I agree. [squishing] [gravel crunching] -[grunting]
-[speaking foreign language] [grunting] [thud] -[thud]
-[grunts] [man]
If you don’t give him the codes, he’s gonna kill us both. You want millions to die
just so you can live? Here, I’ll give him
the fuckin’ codes, -and he’ll kill us anyway.
-Please, I have a family. We all have families. Hey, hey. Shut up. [coughs] [speaking foreign language] [coughing] -[radio static]
-Alpha squad. [Hoover on radio]
You got that, right?
-[grunting] What? I’m busy. I’ve reached the location. Got it. [thud] [grunting] [grunting] Hey, what’s the situation? -Cassie’s not responding.
-[groans] Right? That’s what I’m saying. HQ. We have a visual
on the target. Do we have your permission
to engage? [over radio]Denied, Alpha.
The situation has changed.
You are to abort the mission.What do you mean the mission
has changed?We’ve confirmed two hostages.
One of them Delta.
So you’re gonna risk
a million lives for two friggin’ hostages?You have your orders, Alpha.You know what?
Fuck your orders. -Are you in?
-Let’s do it, baby. [speaking foreign language] [gunshot] [speaking foreign language] [sighs] -[thud]
-[door squeaks] -[shouting in foreign language]
-[rapid gunfire] Ha-ha.
[speaking foreign language] -[gunshot]
-[thud] -[thud]
-[gunshot] [thud] [gunshot] I always knew there
was a mole in the operation. I was never quite sure
who it was. How did you know it was me? I actually didn’t. Ha! Got lucky, I guess. [gravel crunching] So what are you?
Some sort of higher up in the Serbian government? Something like that. You know, I’ve been practicing
a little Serbian, myself. Let’s hear it. [speaking foreign language] No. You’re the king. Not the
end. I am. That’s not what I said? No. It’s
[speaking foreign language]. Oh, so it’s not “cry.”
It’s “cry.” OK. I’ll keep practicing. ♪[tense music]♪ [gunshot] ♪[triumphant music]♪ -[digital noises]
-[distortion] [liquid dripping] -[chair creaks]
-[man sighs] My father was a genius. He would have figured it out
had he had more time. That is why you’re here. He entrusted me with his work… …and I have failed. Then do as I recommended.
Use my contacts. They will help you. No. Then use me. No, I cannot. You perfected the drug
on yourself, Nicholas. If you will not do
as I’ve recommended to you… …then I see no other options. Then so be it. [man]Ladies and gentlemen
of the Board,
I’d like to welcome you all
to the nineteenth annual meeting of Human Interest Party. Our goal this year is to find an investment we can make
to change the world. [man] As it has been
every year. Good to see you again,
old friend. You, too. Um, hey. I took notice
that there’s no more coffee left in machines outside. I’m sorry? Nothing. Never mind. How’s it going there, guy? You’re looking a bit pale today. Yeah. You’re being quite loud. Gentlemen, to continue
with this meeting. Last year we made an investment
into a military program that bettered homeland security,
costing us a mere $500 billion with a return of $6 trillion. [sighs loudly] I’m sorry, am I boring you? Um, Jack. If I may. As you do every year.
Why not? Thank you. Gentlemen, I’ve come across the smartest direction
to take this Board. -Pharmaceutical?
-This is ridiculous. We invested trillions of dollars
into the bettering of this country,
now you want to us to invest in what? Drugs? Not just any drugs.
Read on, please. Some of this information
dates back to World War II. Are you certain
all of this is correct? Forget if this is correct. This drug originated during
the Nazi era. Is it legal? Let’s not forget
our last investment. It was during the Soviet Union, originated in Stalin’s rule. Other than you,
who’s gonna buy into this? I was under the impression
that this board was about finding realistic ways
to improve our world. Not pursue comic book fantasies. She’s a handful. [woman] This is not the right
direction to take this board. I agree.
This is completely ridiculous. Now hang on a minute.
I know some of you are new here and some of you have apparently
forgotten… …but the past five years
of this board’s success have come
from this man’s suggestions. I say we hear him out. Thank you. Our own government
funded this… …which means there has
to be something there. Funded? As in they had stopped. Well, yes. Must be a reason for it. Are you people listening? This scientist has found a way
to cure every disease known to man, including aging. It’s a fairytale.
A waste of time, effort, and money. I couldn’t agree more. You know,
if you wanna bang the broad, you could just ask her. Now hold on a minute.
You’re out of line. Sit down. Both of you. [sighs] It takes an army
to fight a battle… …but it takes a great leader,
courage, and risk to win a war. I will be investing
in this one personally. Anyone else? Is there a name attached
to our scientist? Yes. Yes, there is.
Dr. Nicholas Bergman. I am sorry that things went out
of hand a little in there today. I understand. It’s business. But you do understand
that I can’t have you -come with us?
-I get it. [static] June 11, 2013. I am beginning
to grow impatient. I have exhausted
all my resources. Experiment 14B-2,
had the same effects… as 14B-1. The process,
however, was faster by five and half hours,
making it the fastest processor at approximately 21
and a half hours. [lighter flicks] Soon there’ll be
investors coming… …from the Human Interest Party
to tour my facility and see examples
of my work. Should things go well,
I will have more than enough to reactivate
the entire installation and continue
my father’s research. [exhales] And if not, God help them all. [static] ♪[country music plays]♪ ♪[country music continues]♪ [Watzel]I don’t understand
why you’re being
such a whiny bitch about this.I think the mission
went great considering the bullshit information we had. Huh. Huh? Is that a sigh? You turn into Mrs. Gal
all of a sudden? Aw, come on. I’m joking.
What the hell is your problem? Because your decision got
that interpreter killed? -I don’t know.
-Come on, man. That’s harsh. If we woulda did nothing,
I guarantee ya, in fact, I give the Watzel guarantee,
and you know that that’s a good guarantee,
that both them woulda been dead. You don’t know that. Hey, man. He made the moves,
and we got it done. Yeah, well,
it was a direct order from HQ. HQ has no idea what the hell
is going on. You know that– You know they got their heads
up their asses. Am I wrong about that? Yeah, well, a good soldier
follows his orders. You’ve been–
you’ve been listening to Roy? Yeah, let’s give you the salute. Yeah, please. Why, oh, why are you listening
to Roy? Maybe he knows
what he’s talking about. No, he doesn’t. [knocking on door] Come in. Your squad has returned
from mission, sir. Thank you. Man, I can’t wait
to get my hands on some real food.
Beats eatin’ this shit. I wonder why the captain
hasn’t joined us yet. Maybe finally took a vacation. A vacation?
The captain’s idea of a vacation is sitting behind his desk
in his office. I think somebody needs an update
on the definition of vacation. I think somebody needs an update
on the definition of table manners. I didn’t deserve that one. Have either of you guys
seen Keith? He’s probably jerkin’ it
to a photo of Cassie right now. You’re a really terrible person,
you know that? Well, see, the thing about that
is when I was little my mom said I could be anything I’d like. Yeah, well, she should have
told you to stay in school. [all laughing] [bang] Can you ever carry
a normal conversation? I’m going to take a shit. That’s exactly my point. Hey, you’ve reached
Scott Hoover. Please leave me a message
and I will get back to you with all the tasty foods
I’m about to blast out of my ass right now… …and we’re out
of toilet paper. Fuck. We are out
of toilet paper. [machines whirring] [grunting] -What’s up, dick?
-What’s up, bro? That’s okay. I’ll go around you. Hey, Watzel.
Word is after your fuck up, I’m taking over you spot
in Alpha Squad. I should probably work out. [breathing heavily] Got some big weights there. Yeah, no.
I’m not gonna work out. Not gonna lie. Think a bit. Hey Cassie, you sure look sexy
over there. Seriously, Cassie.
Let’s just quit playing these games. All right, Keith, no games.
What? You have to admit, you and me,
we are absolutely perfect for one another. Perfect? You think so? Absolutely.
In fact, you know what, we should have a competition.
If I win, we go on a date. That’s hot. How awesome would that be?
Come on. Dinner, Jacuzzi suite. If you’re lucky,
maybe you’ll get a special Watzel magic show
in the oldboudoir.[laughs] What? No, and what, were you up
all night thinking of that? Gross. Actually, yeah. I kinda was. Come on. Do you mean to tell me
that you’re saving yourself for what, the “right guy?”
That can’t be possible when you are advertising yourself
with that outfit. [sighs] What I choose to wear
is out of comfort for me. Why don’t you slip
into something a little more comfortable,
like a coma. [laughing] Screw you. How’s the family, Ron? Oh, they’re good. [sighs] He’s walkin’
and talkin’ already, you know. I can hardly believe it. I mean, we get to spend
the holidays together, but it’s never enough.
I always feel like I’m not there for them. When’s his birthday? Six months.
I got him a present, too… …little toy helicopter. Didn’t know what else
to give him. Well, I’m sure he’ll love it,
and we’re done after this, so you’ll be there
to give it to him. I hope so. Me, too. Hey, can I grab that
for a while? Yeah. I’m done
for the day, anyways. Be careful with these two goons. What the fuck?
Man, he’s a bag of dicks. You know sometimes
I think you and I are the only normal ones
next to the Captain. If I agree with that,
we’d both be wrong. In my opinion,
he is just as bad. How the fuck
do you lift this thing, bro? -Hey, Ron.
-What’s up, Roy? You got about 45 minutes,
and then we got a special briefing. We just got back
from the last mission. [metal clanging] Roy, I wanna see my son. Ron, relax. Let’s talk
right after the briefing. OK? I just don’t know.
I don’t get it. I am a perfectly healthy,
single, young male, and she’s just got
this tight, little, small body. I just wanna kinda pick her up
and put her right there in my pocket. You know, kinda the way
you pocket your plastic girlfriend
that we all know about? She’s rubber. You guys do realize
I’m still right here, right? Well, what’s the matter, Cassie?
Are we not poetic enough for your romantic needs? I mean, come on.
I used the termboudoir.And that’s, like,
the romantic term… …in German for, like,
garden or bear or something. Or it’s French for cock. [snickering] Oh, come on.
Seriously, you have to admit. Right here? Love at first sight. You know what, you’re right. I should just stop fighting
my urges. I’ve wanted you ever since
I first laid eyes on you. Eyes don’t lie. [whispers] Tonight…. Really? No. [laughing] Oh, dude, I– You had it coming. She’s breaking. [water rippling] Alpha Squad,
you guys have a meeting in 40 minutes. Be there. What is this?
Another “rescue mission?” Somebody’s kitty’s stuck
in a tree? Where’s the rest of your squad? Just missed them. Be there. So wait a minute,
if I climbed up that tree… …does that count
as me actually getting some– [water rippling] Do you need to talk to me, sir? Your squad has a briefing
in 20 minutes. Make sure you’re there. For what another mission? I’m not at liberty
to disclose that. You know that. We weren’t supposed
to go on another one. All right. I’ll be there. [water rushing] I hope you’ve all had
a good afternoon’s rest from your last mission.
I know you’re all tired, and you want to relax.
Let me reassure you right now, you will not be heading
on this mission for a couple of days. That being said, this should be
a fairly easy task compared to some of your
other assignments. With all due respect,
we were promised -two months’ leave.
-Things change. The situation’s just recently
been brought to our attention. So bring it to the attention
of the Bravo or Delta Squad. Using a squad larger than
your own would be a waste of our resources and manpower. Come on,
like that’s stopped you guys– Keith, that’s enough. Of course I meant no disrespect. This is my first time working
with some of you, so I’ll start with
a basic introduction. My name is Rick Dallas.
I will be your advisor on this assignment.
This is a classified briefing to inform you of the details
of your upcoming mission. You will be departing this base
in two days. Your mission begins in four. That answers that question. At the end of this briefing,
you will have all the information we have
on the mission. Your job is to uncover the rest. Fairly simple, my ass. If this is so fairly simple,
why us? We’re the pros.
Especially after all that “save our resources” bullshit
he was yapping on and on about. Unexpected developments. Come on, captain.
What could possibly develop that would require them
to deploy us? He’s got a point, sir.
We’re always sent in as ghosts on missions
that no body’s supposed to know we’re ever there for. So I guess now the question
is what are they hiding. Maybe the bigger question
is why the hell weren’t you in briefing? You guys are putting way
too much thought into this. We’ve got our orders.
It is what it is. Just like a good little captain.
You got your orders. You got orders like that,
and you didn’t think to ask any questions
about it? [scoffs] You know,
maybe I was never cut out for your position after all. You guys need to take
a few days off, all of you. Go out. Go have some fun. Sure you don’t wanna
come join us? No, I’ve got way too much to do
before this mission even begins. You’ve always got something
to do. Your loss, dude. See ya, Captain. Hey, Cassie. You OK? I guess a visit wouldn’t be
a bad idea. No. It wouldn’t. She probably misses me, too. Yo, bitch!
Hurry up. See ya later. Oh-ho-ho! I say the four of us go out
for some drinks. Yeah, just what we need.
Keith drunk. You act like I’m gonna drink
and get into a fight or something. I think it sounds like fun.
Let’s go nuts. Whoa. Since when did you become
the party type? I’ve always been the party type.
You guys just aren’t my type to party with. You think you would
have learned by now. Hey, you know– Yeah, I know. Screw you. [Watzel] Exactly. I don’t even
have to say it. We can’t go out in this stuff,
so let’s change. Yeah, I suppose
we should probably. -I’ll go change.
-Let’s do it. I’m good. Nah, you should change, too. -You look terrible.
-I like this. -You should be ashamed.
-It’s slimming. ♪[country music playing]♪ Oh, you brought me two? Yeah. Does this mean something? It means it’s two
for one, honey. All right, so how tight? The tightest shirt
this man owns. I’m not shitting you. The tightest shirt he owns. [laughing] [Watzel]
Ladies, where are you going? She likes me. [Ron] Oh yeah, you called it. Called what? What the hell’s
so funny over here? Oh, uh, we’re just
having a blast, and you’re
the main entertainment. Well, that’s usually the case,
but what’s so funny this time? Well, Scott over here
was guaranteeing us that you’d be wearing the tightest shirt
you own. [laughing] Well, if you got it, flaunt it.
Right Cass? Huh? Like that? Are you still not talking to me? And Hoover what the hell
is going on over there? I have not been gone that long. Who? Yeah, in case you
were wondering, -they are all his.
-Sadly, yeah. I actually don’t feel
that great. I think somebody might need
a ride home. Not gonna be me. Don’t look at me. I’ll take him. Yeah, well you better
do it before he starts confessing all his sins. Hey, I know how much
I can handle. Yeah, how many is that? I don’t know. All right, buddy.
Four? Six on a good day. Only had two. Yeah, try seven. Hey, I’m a talented drinker. That’s talent? -Pure talent, baby.
-[Cassie] That’s talent. Everybody’s gotta be good
at something. But seriously,
if you’re taking me home we should head out. [scoffs] -Have fun.
-You too, guys. [Watzel] Hey. No hug?
Later, babe. Shut down. She’ll never know what Watzel’s
really good at. I think, uh…I’m gonna need
some shots here. ♪[rock music playing]♪ Can I get some shots, please? Of course. And your number? Eh, maybe next time. Come on. Strike two.
[laughing] I don’t know what’s going
on these days. There you go. [Watzel] Mm. Thank you. Best feeling in the world
right there. If you say so, man. What’s going on with you? Nothing. Just living life,
taking it day by day, you know? What are you 60-years-old?
Man, you gotta live a little. So how’s Jill
and junior anyways? They’re good actually.
Uh, she just sent me a letter with a picture of him
with a toy soldier. -That’s cool.
-No, actually it’s not cool. I don’t want him following
in my footsteps. I mean, look at me.
Don’t get me wrong, I like you guys and everything,
but I’d rather spend time with my family. ‘Bout you? Well, let’s just say
I haven’t found the right “one” yet. Well, you are kind
of an asshole. Come on. You gotta admit. I’d have to say
at first glance… …that I am the best looking
guy in this bar. OK. So I’m saying, man. You pick a girl,
any girl in this bar… …and I’ll be taking her home. Fine. That chick
right over there. Mm. Nah, not quite my type. All right. What about
that one over there? [Watzel] Where are you pointing? No, right there. [scoffs] Forget it. So I’m gonna make this easy
on both of us. I’ll pick her. OK. Man, that one right there. Yeah, uh…she’s on a date. -I’d hardly call that a date.
-She has a boyfriend. This is a bad idea. Me? I never have bad ideas. Hey, seriously though.
This is a bad idea. [clears throat]
Yeah, probably. Take notes. All right. ♪[heavy guitar music]♪ It’s fuckin’ Watzel. Oh, thank you. -Hi, how are you?
-What the hell, buddy? That’s my girl
you’re talking to. Oh, that’s your girl? The way she’s eyeing me
I’m pretty sure that I’m taking her
home tonight. OK, buddy. -[thud]
-[clattering] [thud] [indistinct chatter] [Ron] No go. [Scott]
Just keep driving straight. You know this would be
a lot easier if you just gave me an address. I don’t know the address
to the hotel. What, you can’t go home? Home’s too far. All right, well you’re
not gonna go to a hotel, so you can stay
at my place tonight. [glass shattering] [grunting] I’m callin’ the cops. Aw, shit. So this is your place, huh? This is it. [floor creaking] I appreciate you whatever– You’re gonna stay here tonight.
All right? You’re in the perfect condition
to do something stupid. You can stay at the hotel
tomorrow night. It’ll be nice to have a mess
to clean up, too. What is that for? [gun cocks] Just in case. Whatever, Scott. -Where are you going?
-I’m going to take a shit. [laughing] How does it make you feel? Come on, girls don’t poop. Yeah. I’m going to change.
I’ll be right back. What do you need clothes for? You’re tired already?
We just got here. I know, but come on.
Can’t we just, like, go to an inn or something? Yeah, of course you’re tired.
That’s all you do is just sit around
and watch football all day. Shut up. What kind
of fish are you gonna get for me when we get
to camp? I, uh…actually don’t know
how to fish. -You don’t know how to fish?
-No. Why did you bring
nine fishing rods with you? It’s actually one fishing pole
it just, like, screws together. -You’re an idiot.
-You’re an idiot. What’re we gonna eat, babe? I brought, like,
a Rice Crispy treat. -We could split it.
-Oh, we’re gonna split it. -Yeah.
-Great. What am I, like, fat or something? You think I need
to lose weight? -Don’t start this again.
-Is that–is that what it is? -No. I love your ass.
-No, it’s cool. Wow, great.
OK, well why don’t you watch it walk away? OK, well I could use
a little comfort. Good talk, babe.
Good talk. Looks like somebody’s, uh,
property right here. Yeah, it’s really creepy. Hey, look babe, a dead body. Well, you said you did want
to get in touch with nature. Babe, I think that… …I think that really
is a dead body. The fuck? Babe, call the cops.
Hey, dude. Are you OK? -Holy shit.
-We don’t have any service. Holy shit! What the fuck, dude?
Get the hell off of me. [screams] What the fuck, man? I was trying
to help you. [growling] Get back. Get the fuck back! [growling] [gunshot] [thud] Holy shit, man.
You just shot that guy. What the fuck’s going on? None of them
have ever gotten this far. -What the hell’s going on, man?
-What the hell is going on? Who is that guy? Hey! -[bones crack]
-[screaming] -[gunshot]
-[thud] You’ve got ten minutes. There’s policies
even your sector have to follow. I’ll make sure to forward
your message to the president. Sir. I’m afraid I can’t let you
take that file. Listen, pal.
Everything in this room belongs to my sector. [gun cocks] Sir, under no circumstances
can I allow you to take that file. There’s classified
military information in there intended
for military higher-ups only. OK, big guy.
Take it easy. Well, I think we’re
all set here. Follow me. [silent gunshot] [Captain on radio]Ron, are you
at the base already?
Yeah, I just got here now.You need to listen carefully.[silent gunshot] Good work. Drop your weapon! [thud] [silent gunshot] You might as well shoot me now
because I’m not giving up these documents. [thud] I’ll call you right back. Doesn’t anyone know the meaning
of rest on this base? Or how to knock for that matter? What is this about? Those three guys
from earlier, that’s what they were trying to get. And? And it just so happens
that these documents pertain to the mission
we’re going on next week. Get to the point, Captain. The point is is I thought
we were briefed on all of this. You were told everything. Then who was it that tried
to kill Ron? [Ron] You know something
and you’re keeping to yourself. You’re gonna get us all killed. Captain. I just hope you know
what the hell you’re doing. And I sure hope
you understand the consequences of your actions. You’re being awfully casual
for everything that’s going -on here–
-Good day, Captain. Captain. [sighs] Getting suspicious about
this mission now? I know he’s a government
official. Wait, you’re saying
whatever’s going on is linked to our government? It’s a covert ops group.
There’s something in that paperwork they don’t
want us to know. Those documents…
why don’t we just look at them ourselves? No. Rick knows.
Rick will tell my father… …and we’ll know by the end
of the day tomorrow without breaking
any regulations. Smart man. This is not what it looks like. Those guys deserved it,
so that guy’s girlfriend deserved it, too. Oh, come on. You know you want
to keep me in these handcuffs. Kate. I feel violated.
I feel violated. -Kate.
-Don’t “Kate” me. Don’t. You know I appreciate this. You know how much trouble
I could get in for this? No. I–I get it. Don’t call me anymore
and keep your dog on a leash. What about me?
Can I call you? Oh! [Watzel] There’s a surprise.
More brutality. -You really screwed that one up.
-[engine turns over] I think she kinda likes me. [Watzel] You sure you don’t
want me to call you? [chuckles] -Keith…
-Don’t give me that look. -Keith. Keith!
-What? What smart ass thing
you have to say now, huh? Keith, you’re a screw up.
Keith, you need to take more responsibility.
You know what? I am sick and tired
of listening to your shit. Stand down, solider. [chuckles] Stand down, soldier?
Unbelievable. Is that all I am
to you, huh? Captain? Is that all you see in me? -[Watzel] A soldier?
-All right, Keith. Relax. -Stay out of this, Ron.
-[Roy] All right both of you. Let’s get back to the base.
We’ll talk about it then. Come on. No. Now let’s go.
Both of us back to the base? You don’t speak for me.
I don’t give a damn -what your rank says.
-Enough Keith! It’s not enough. I am sick
and tired of being ordered around
like a dog. “Oh, hey, Keith.
Why don’t you go do all the heavy lifting,
and I’ll go get a promotion?” You know what?
I’m sick of it. It’s bullshit. And how about you show me
some respect for once, huh? [spits] I spit. I spit on your boot. And you still have nothing
to say? You know why that is?
‘Cause you know damn well that that promotion
belonged to me. And you know
that the only reason why you got
your little promotion is because of your daddy. -[thud]
-[grunt] Find your own way back. How dare you strike me
and now you’re gonna walk away? I’m sick and tired of this. -All right.
-Come on, Ron. [imitating] Come on, Ron. Come here, boy.
You gonna take that from him? What’s your problem?
Are you losing your mind? What the hell’s wrong with me?
I’ve had enough! All right. That’s enough. What has he done for us
except send us on dangerous missions? He got your ass out of jail. -He’s an asshole.
-But he’s also our captain. So he’s the captain
of assholes. [sighs] I’m done.
I’m done with all this shit. [exhales] ♪[drumming]♪ ♪[cymbal]♪ [phone ringing]Hello?Dad? Scott? Is that you? You sound like an old man. Well, I’m not gettin’
any younger. So did I miss my funeral? You sure did, but you missed
a lot more than that. How’s mom? She’s been better.You need to come home, Scott.I can’t. Don’t be selfish. You don’t belong
in the military. For once in my life,
I have responsibilities. For once in my life,
I actually belong where I am, Dad.
I can’t come home. Don’t you realize
how precious life is? Please don’t throw it away
so carelessly. I know exactly
how precious life is, and that’s why
I’d rather die young and accomplish something great
than die an old, miserable manwith nothing to be proud of.I have much to be proud of, son. [sighs] -[sirens]
-[knocking] May I help you? No, I’m OK. She hasn’t been
feeling well, lately. -I’m sorry. Who are you?
-I’m from hospice care. Hospice? Yeah, it’s complicated. What happened? She just hasn’t been
feeling well. Are you the paper girl? No, I’m her granddaughter. Come on inside. I’m sorry. She didn’t tell me
she had a granddaughter. I don’t even blame her. After everything she did for me
I haven’t even seen her in four years. Did you want something to drink? No, I’m OK. She’s upstairs if you want
to see her. [sighs] I’ve missed you. There’s no excuse for why
I haven’t seen you in so long, Grandma. You’ve probably been worried
about me. But I want you to know
that you don’t have to worry anymore. I’ve finally found people
who care about me.Sure we argue and we fight,
but behind all of that
is just the truth.We care about each other.
We’re a family.
I’m going on another mission
soon. It’s my last one
with Alpha Squad. And if I come back alive,
I’ll visit you again. [weakly]
You will come back alive. Where are my glasses? [Cassie] They’re right here. -Hi.
-Grandma. Oh, honey.
Are you the new nurse? What do you mean? Where’s the girl
with the dark hair? I need my eye drops. What? Grandma, it’s me. You are so pretty. You remind me
of my granddaughter. She was so sweet. Are you OK, dear? It’s OK, sweetheart.
It’s OK. It’s OK. -[Cassie] Hey.
-What’s up? Nothing.
Sorry. Have you been here long? A couple minutes.
Doesn’t matter. -Did you go see her?
-Yeah. -Everything good?
Yeah. You’re lying to me. She has Alzheimer’s. [feet scraping] [thud] [Bergman] June 18th, 2013. Some new and interesting
developments. Subject 40C-3 has experienced
some unusual mutations compared to the other four. The cellular structure
of the skin began to solidify approximately
seven hours ago. The body began
to solidify not too long after the key process began. I estimate that within a couple
of days the entire body will solidify. This thing’s gaze
is merciless… …but not unintelligent. It sees me as the enemy. Some…human subconscious
remains within him.He remembers what
I’ve done to him.
[laughing] He glares at me with hatred. I just see he wants
to grab my throat out.Feed me to those abominations
outside the door.
[ratting] [laughing] Just a couple
of days ’til show time. [growling] [blades whirring] [Watzel] Hey, I’ve been meaning
to ask you. Why don’t you wear
a wedding ring on your finger?
You two are married, right? It’s my good luck charm. Why the hell do you wear it
around your neck? To keep it close to my heart. That’s really gay. You really can’t be nice
for more than one minute, -can you?
-No. So Keith, you got something
to tell us? What happened last night? [Ron] He’s just pissy ’cause
he didn’t get any last night. Or he got some up the ass
from some of his cop buddies. Real funny. You know what?
You should be a comedian. Well, look at these two. I bet you two
had fun last night, huh? Huh? Probably a better time
than you had in jail. Hey, how the hell does everybody
know about that? You don’t exactly know how
to keep a low profile, do you? True. Or how to keep your mouth shut. Or stop causing problems. Or how to let your team down. Now that’s more like it. Anybody else got anything nice
to say? Captain. Colonel, you wanted to see me. Captain, about the mission
you’ve been assigned… …the briefing given to you
and your team did not include all the information available. So what you’re saying
is they probably shouldn’t have even taken
on this mission? The nearby town
has been reporting that multiple people
have disappeared over the last few months. All near the site
of the objective. Heard about it all
in the briefing. In the briefing,
you were also told it was a recon mission
to gather intel. It’s not. [Colonel]
We found photographic evidence. There are things
our intelligence unit can’t explain about the area.
Classified documents have been found that show
the US Government’s been involved in the past. Our advisor…who is he? I can vouch for him. But I can’t vouch for his units. Please understand
this isn’t a joke. You and your team
could be walking into a trap. I’ll take my chances
considering these are far-fetched assumptions. They aren’t far-fetched. Dad! We’re gonna be fine. ♪[dramatic music]♪ Scott, you take point. [Roy]
Keith, you take right flank. Ron, take left flank. Cassandra and I
will pick up the rear. Move. [gear rattling] ♪[dramatic music]♪ We’ve got a visual. Ron, you take point.
Scout ahead. [Roy]Alpha Squad, follow back,
fifteen meters.
Everyone, move out. [bird chirping] All right.
Let’s split up. I’ll take the rear. Not up the rear this time,
Keith? -Oh, my god. Shut up you guys.
-[Roy] Focus, focus, focus. Move out. [thud] [door creaks] [door opens] Hey, what’d you find? [Roy]
Somebody’s doing experiments. These are all the results
of tests that were run on dogs, rats, you name it.
Even humans. Something very big
is going down, and it looks like
they’re not done yet. So…where is everyone? That’s just it, it doesn’t make
any sense. There’s no names in here.
Just letters and numbers of all the different subjects.
That’s it. [birds calling] [door creaks] Movement. We have movement. What’s your situation? [Ron]Closing in on target.Hey. This area’s under
military investigation. -Stand your ground.
-[thud] Down on your knees! [gunshot] [thud] [gunshots] [thud] -[gunshot]
-[squelching] -[growling]
-[thud] -[squelching]
-[growling] -[Ron screaming]
-[gunshot] [squishing] Ron! [growling] [deep growling] -Let’s move, now.
-[gunshots] What the fuck is going on? I’ve seen enough.
Let’s find Scott and get the hell out of here. Contact HQ. Advise them
of the change of situation Alpha to HQ. We’ve encountered
an unknown hostile. Requesting mission abort.
HQ, come in! Radio’s useless. What the hell
are you three waiting for? Come on. Hey, save your ammo.
Save your ammo. -[Watzel] Let’s get inside.
-[Roy] Are you crazy? We’re aborting the mission. I saw a way underground.
We should go that way. No, I’m the captain,
and I say the mission’s over. Look, I hate to interrupt,
but we gotta make a decision now. Don’t you think if we could
contain this right here, right now, it’s our duty
to do that? I’m not losing
more men over this. Ron died because of this. What about his family? [growling] Scott, you go in,
you take point. Cassie, back him up. This is all on you. All of it. [overhead lights buzzing] [Watzel] Clear. [Scott] Clear. [Cassie] Clear. Now that we have a minute,
can somebody please tell me what the hell those things were? They’re experiments. [Cassie] Their bodies were
all decayed just like the ones that attacked us. What kind of experiments? [sighs] Pharmaceutical.
Those five wealthy investors that went missing…
probably involved. When you say pharmaceutical… …we’re talking,
like, a new drug? According to those
documents we found, yes. Actually, a cure for aging. See, that still doesn’t explain
what those damn things are. Biochemical enhancements
of the cellular structure of an organic being,
similar to that of a super-human. That’s the [inaudible]
experiment. I don’t care how enhanced
these “beings” are… …when I shoot at shit,
it bleeds and then it falls over and dies. So why in the hell
are these things not dropping? It’s all linked. The disappearances
in the local town. Those five wealthy dudes.
Those things…it’s all linked. Right. Cassie and I,
we’re gonna scout ahead, the two of you watch the rear. [Watzel] Clear. Clear. Still nothing. Place pretty much
looks evacuated. It’s possible whoever
was down here is already dead. Think those things out there
got to everything in here, too? Haven’t seen any bodies. Maybe they moved ’em. [Roy] They don’t respond
to our weapons. They don’t respond
to our threats. I doubt they’re moving
evidence around. All right.
This is out of protocol… …but I need the three of you
to scout ahead. I’m gonna backtrack our steps
and make sure we’re not setting ourselves up
for an ambush. All right, let’s move out. [gun cocks] [Watzel] Hey, guys.
I think we got bodies over here. Yeah, bodies. Cassie. [Watzel]
I don’t understand this. There’s not a damn soul
in this place. What if this is a setup? I’m starting to think it may be. [Scott] Who would set us up? [Bergman] Don’t shoot. Please. I’m flattered, but don’t think
aiming three rifles at me is necessary.
I’m only one man. Who are you? I do believe it’s custom
to introduce yourselves before asking somebody
their name. Well, I like to say hello
by putting a bullet in someone’s head.
So I’m gonna ask ya one more time. Who the hell are you? I see. My name is Dr. Nicholas Bergman. Berg. Like the mountains. Are you the man behind all this? I am grandfather
of this entire facility. All you see belongs to me. You’re responsible for all
the disappearances? Even those wealthy investors? Everybody makes mistakes. These investors were mine. I needed money,
and your government had stopped funding my research. It probably explains
the attack on the base by the government operatives. Government operatives? Oh, the men from the branch
that funded my research. You can’t have
unwanted information going around. So you decided to start using
the townspeople to run your experiments illegally? Believe me, it was last resort. I used my own scientists
before I decided to involve the innocent. They all died
for a good cause. You fucker. You three have seen
the documents, right? You understand that my research
will change the world. A pharmaceutical drug
to enhance the structure of the human body. It’s a lot more complicated
than that, my dear. I am the son of the scientist
who found the Fountain of Youth. I’ve never heard
of such a thing. You wouldn’t have.
It was all kept a secret. During World War II,
a secret lab was built under Hitler’s orders
to create a cure for death itself. Hitler felt that once his secret
race was discovered… …he would need a way
to preserve it. It was chaos,
and the experiments went out of control. The entire facility
had to be destroyed… …but my father managed
to save a few samples. He could not continue
his research under the fallen Germany.
So he came to the land of opportunity. You’re lying. There is no way
they’re gettin’ samples like that across
without being detected Yes, that was a problem. A problem my father
took the risk of fixing. He injected himself
with the samples to get them across
without suspicion. It sounds like
bad science fiction to me. The samples he injected
himself with flow through my veins.
I am 66-years-old. Bullshit. It’s very possible. Unfortunately,
not everyone reacts the same way. The drug kills most hosts before
any enhancements can be made. That’s what those things were. We found what we’re looking for.
Let’s take this fucker, and let’s get out of here. What are you whispering about? You don’t think all this
is going to end with me, do you? So what do you saying? My failed experiments
are a blessing to some. I’ve sold this drug
to dealers all over the world. Made quite a profit from it,
but it’s just not enough. You sold this thing to
terrorists? Fuckin’ Burger,
whatever your name is. My research needs to be funded
one way or another… …and since your government
has failed to contribute… …I’ve decided to take matters
into my own hands. -[grunts]
-[gurgling] As the nations of the world
surrounded Hitler like an infection,
so shall this virus -[gunshot]
-seal your fate. Don’t take another step. Gentlemen. [door creaks] [Watzel] Contact! Contact!
[inaudible] ♪[tense music]♪ [gunshot] [growling] Do it up! [growling] [squishing] [gunshots] -[grunt]
-[gunshots] [snap] [rattling] ♪[tense music]♪ [rapid gunfire] [gunshot] [gunshot] [rapid gunfire] -[growling]
-[squelching] [thud] -[gunshot]
-[squelching] [Cassie] Guys, we’ve gotta go! [growling] [Roy] Stop. Put your hands up. I’d advise you
to lower your weapon. You’re in no position
to give me orders. You kill me,
there will be nobody to prevent a major outbreak. You’ll be responsible
for the death of billions. Kill you? I’ve got more
than one way to take you back alive. I don’t think I’ve made myself
clear on how important this research is. Your experiment’s a failure.
It’s over. Don’t you get it? Do you just get it, captain? This virus is very difficult
to control. Enough talk, Bergman.
You’ve got till five to get down on the ground. What is it you don’t understand? You’ve seen my work. You’ve seen the documents. This drug is the cure
to all disease. This is the future. -[growling]
-[rapid gunfire] -[gun cocks]
-[gunshot] [growling] [growling] -[growling]
-[squelching] -[grunts]
-[thud] [growling] [thud] -[growling]
-[thud] [raspy growling] -[thud]
-[grunting] [growling] -[grunt]
-[deep growl] Come on. [raspy growling] [thud] [door closes] [sighs] Son of a bitch. [Watzel groaning]
Bastard bit me. [Cassie] Let me see. I’m burning up. It’s spreading.
Take off your vest. [panting] Let me see. [inaudible] We don’t have time. Are you OK? Fine.
Just hope the captain is. We gotta find the captain, but from what
I’ve found so far… …hit these things in the head,
they don’t seem to get back up. I gotta get this off. All right, guys.
We gotta move. [heavy breathing] [snap] [Cassie] Scott. Just in case. [metal clanging] [metal clanging] [metal clanging] [metal clanging] [metal clanging] [metal clanging] [metal clanging] [metal clanging] [metal clanging] [inaudible] [metal clanging] [growling] [gunshot] [scraping] Dr. Bergman. Yeah, the virus has reached
the second category. [Bergman] I look forward
to meeting you in person. Together,
we will change the world. [gunshot] [gunshots] [gunshot] [squishing] [grunt] ♪[tense music]♪ Oh, fuck. [rapid gunfire] [growling] [grunting] [rapid gunfire] [growling] [groaning] [rapid gunfire] [panting] [gunfire] -Hey, asshole!
-[thud] [panting] [gunshots] [grunting] -[heavy breathing]
-[gasps] [thud] [grunting] [growling] [cries] -[growling]
-[bone cracking] [screams] -[thud]
-[scream] [growling] [panting] Cassie. [Watzel panting] [growling] [deep growl] Cassie. [panting] -[gunshot]
-Cassie! [thud] Ah! [thud] [grunting] [grunting] [gurgling] [metal clangs] -[grunting]
-[thud] [growling] [gurgling] [gunshot] -[high-pitched aftershock]
-[loud moan] [growling] [metal clangs] [grunting] [Watzel] Move! -[heavy breathing]
-[high-pitched aftershock] [panting] [click] [grunting] [groaning] [explosion] [door opens] [distant rapid gunfire] [door opens and creaks] [door closes and creaks] [door opens and creaks] [grunts] [heavy breathing] [bang] Fuck! [heavy breathing] [rapid banging] [heavy breathing] ♪[string music]♪ [gun cocks] -[screams]
-[squelching] -[growling]
-[screaming] [gunshot] [screaming] [heavy breathing] [screaming] Mr. Hoover,
your son’s returned home. I regret to inform you
that he’s in critical condition. But he’s alive? ♪[piano music]♪ You breached our security,
managed to sneak one of your own on the base,
convinced one of our own to betray us. Sounds like a personnel problem. You know… …when the survivors
of Alpha Squad first briefed us on what went on
during their mission… …I didn’t believe them. Five day ago,
I’m watching the news, some shit about people
eating each other in the streets. The aggression
they were showing resulted in local PD
opening fire on a few of the crazed individuals. But they kept walking. Then I started to believe. And now we have you…
sitting here safely tucked away from all of this. Thousands of innocent people
dying by the minute, women, children. [woman]
My god. You’re gonna be OK,
all right? I’m just gonna put
this gauze over the…. Baby, I need you to move
your head. Baby. Alice. Alice, wake up.
Mommy’s here. Come on. Wake up. Wake up now. Wake up. Wake up, baby. [knocking] [crying] [bang] [heavy breathing] [shakily]
My dear. We’re gonna be OK. -[crying]
-[banging] [man]So what’s your point?Alpha Squad found no traces
of Nicholas Bergman. We need someone to blame
for this disaster. You want someone to blame?
Blame your superiors. This is long been
since foreshadowed. If this continues,
we could be looking at a national outbreak
in the next 72 hours. Did your prophecy
foreshadow that? [screaming on a recording] You hear that? The screams. The agony. I could take you out
of here right now and drop you right in the middle
of that chaos. My team would get better results
than you are. Sit tight, hot shot. Someone else wants
to speak with you. [recording stops] Remember me? I helped you shoot
one of your comrades. You infiltrated our base. You infiltrated one of our own. I’m gonna ask you
some very simple questions… [gun cocks] …and you’re going to answer
every one of them. How do we prevent
a global outbreak? Who is Bergman working for? Are you working
for Nicholas Bergman? Answer my fucking questions! Yeah. Right. You’re not intimidated
by this at all, are you? And that’s why
I’m bringing you with me. And where might that be? We’re going back
to Bergman’s lab. [laughing] You’re not gonna find
anything there. Dr. Nicholas Bergman,
it’s nice to finally meet the genius behind all of this. I certainly hope you’ve kept up
your end of the deal. I’m a man of my word. You have your money
along with the five subjects that I sent your way. I am impressed. Oh, and I certainly hope
that the military wasn’t too much of an interference
for you. You have your plans.
I’ve had my own. I should. It worked out nicely. I bet. What’s next? Next? [man]
The world will fall into chaos. The governments will collapse,
and the people will cry out for help…
and we will give it to them. Dr. Bergman.
Welcome to the Illuminati. ♪[rock music]♪ [helicopter whirring] So, you boys are delta, huh?
[scoffs] Thought there’d be more of you
not wearin’ standard issue. It’s easier for them
to grab onto us. As for the rest of our squad, eight died
under the original CO. [exhales]
As long as I’m breathin’, -no one else is gonna die.
-[laughs] What about Bravo? Whole squad was sent in 48 hours
ago to quarantine the area. Right up until last night,
it was just myself and Parsons. Until he tried to take a chunk
out of my neck. Ever since then, it’s just… Been hopin’ you guys would find
me not being a walkin’ corpse. It’s crazy out there. I think what we need to do is
we need to re-group– Civilian! [snarling] Drop your weapon
or you will be fired upon! -Drop you weap–
-[gunshot] What the hell was that? -That thing wasn’t human.
-How could you be sure? You need to keep
your soldiers in line. Soldier, really?
Have you looked around lately? You’re still trained,
start acting like it. [axe dragging] [bones cracking] [evil laughter] [evil laughter intensifies] [evil growl]

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