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100 thoughts on “Best Friend – Animation Short Film 2018 – GOBELINS

  1. What if Kimmy is Arthur's childhood best friend but died when they were kids, and the reason he's so attached to the tech is cause he misses her, and wishes she was still around? Hmmm…

  2. I would love a sequel, it’s just like Zabatsu or Neon District. But this is actually really cool.

    Especially the dude in the helmet that was in the beginning. HES COOL!

  3. I think they just represent us, we always play phone or games that means we are always running from reality, we became addicted to it and without it you feel anxious, lost, and feel like you cant live without it

    Well maybe if you arent like that but that's just represent our generation

  4. Wow. When i've watched this at first time , i thought this guy is loser im not totally like him. And now i found out that my 18th birthday is the same . (2 months ago)

  5. Are you still looking for a better friends?Now,we can give you the best.The friend that only you can see."Best friend,never be alone"

  6. interesting concept but….I feel REALLY REALLY Sad for him….cause he doesn't have any REAL friends. BEST FRIENDS take time to make, and when you do you're glad you have them.

  7. I think at the end it means that somtimes even if we know that our friends or our relationships are fake with people, we can not just let is go. Not because we can't do it, because we are afraid to be alone

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