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“Whoever deserts someone
and go away.” “How do they get any sleep?” “Who knows!? Who knows!?” Hey girlie, come on. Sing with me.
– Me!? Now you girl out there!
Come on! Come on! Come; join the party. Sing. Raja, what’s all this? You left me alone
at there to suffer. And you became Rhonny here.
I had received the news that you.. Madam, I think you are duped
in a big manner in love. But I am not that disloyal person. Might be it is not your lover’s
nature to love only one girl like me. Come on; sing with me and get
relieved of your sorrow.. ..and forget him. “Why has one lover become disloyal?” “I am not able to believe
his disloyalty.” “I had heard that in love.” “No one can ever forget
the first love.” “What’s the benefit of building
the house on sand?” “Just one wave will arrive and
it will be floated away.” “Though one tries his best
to heal the wounds.” “The wounds will be healed; but
the marks will be left behind.” “O beloved!” “Whoever deserts someone
and go away.” “How do they get any sleep?” “Who knows!? Who knows!?” “The beloved..” “Whoever deserts the
beloved and go away.” “The life might be making them cry.” “Who knows!? Who knows!?” Hey, I am not able to
understand anything. Raja! Raja! What such crime have I committed? That you are refusing
to recognize me? Which such mistake have
I committed, Raja? You are having some
misunderstanding. I am not your Raja. I am the singer of
this hotel, Rhonny. So you don’t know me?
– No! All right. Then remove your shirt. Listen madam, have you laid a
bet with anyone about making.. remove my shirt in
this crowded gathering? Shut up! Stop joking now!
And remove your shirt. But why? Because the bullet’s mark
is present on your chest. Huh!? A revolver’s bullet!? That bullet which was fired
at you on broad daylight.. the cross road
of Hutatma Chowk! When the police was taking you
to the court. At that time! Now remove your shirt. And prove that you are not Raja. Come on! Hurry up! Hey no! This side! Hey, what’s this? There is no mark. Hey madam, shall I remove
my shirt also? Even my name is Raja! Sir! Sir! Sir, that girl who was
after you at the club yesterday. That girl jumped from the second
floor and committed suicide, sir. And she has left this letter
behind for you, sir. ‘Rhonny, please forgive me for
my misbehaviour at night.’ ‘Before my craziness for Raja
becomes a joke in front of.. ..the world; I am going away
forever from this world.’ ‘Rashmi!’ Rashmi!!! Rashmi!! Rashmi!! Take her immediately
to the scanning room. You wait here only. What’s all this, Rhonny? When you know Rashmi then why
are you running from her? If your name is Raja then why did
you become Rhonny after all? And who was murdered, Rhonny? Mr. Rana, my life is a chain of
many such several questions. Even I don’t remember
many of its questions. My oldest memory is of that
Ashram Shala which.. ..was organised below
the Satnarayan temple. Where an orphan Raja
was admitted after.. ..being picked up from the street. ‘Yes, so kids; in the
remembrance of God or.. concentration of God;
what is that called?’ ‘Religious hymns.
– Oh yes.’ ‘In every corner of our country; there are many such saints who have
made a research on devotion.’ ‘Bablu, you tell me the
name of one saint poet.’ ‘Saint Kabir!
– Well said! Well said!’ ‘Hey fool, now you tell me.
– Saint Gyaneshwar.’ ‘Oh well said! Excellent! Come
on; now sit down. Come on.’ ‘Raju, you tell me.
– Hasrat Jaipuri.’ ‘Hey shut up! Shut up! Keep quiet!’ ‘You fool! So you call the film
singer as the saint poet?’ ‘But master-ji, even he had written
a song on God’s devotion.’ ‘Really? Which song?’ “I have come devotedly to
pay homage to your today.” “I am the saint of your temple.” “Aaaah..” ‘Aaaah.. shut up!! Aaaah..’ ‘Do you know, kids? ‘What do naughty and worthless
kids like him.. ..become after they grow up?’ ‘Huh!? No! No! This bank will
never shut down because of me.’ ‘Yes! Within some days only I will
bring so many fixed deposits..’ ‘Huh!? So he has disconnected it?’ ‘Excuse me..
– Yes?’ ‘Well, my name is Mr.
Siddhant Kapoor.’ ‘He is my grandfather Mr.
Daulatram Kapoor.’ ‘He has closed down his
business in Africa and.. ..returned back to India.’ ‘Ouch!!!
– Hey!?’ ‘I am sorry, sister. I am sorry.’ ‘Hey, my stick! My stick!’ ‘Thank you.’ ‘The fixed deposit of 10 lakh
dollars and all the diamonds.. .. and jewellery in his bag; he
wants to keep in some locker. ‘Huh!?
– But..’ ‘But what? – My grandfather
says that where the biggest.. ..minister is a bribe taker; there the common man will
at least be a thief. No! No! I made him understand a lot. That it is a very big bank and it
has a good reputation. – Yes. Yes. And here his wealth will
be very safe. – Yes. But he says that in the
matter of agents;.. ..many banks have gone bankrupt!
– Yes. I had brought him till here
with great difficulty. But I don’t think that you’ll
be able to explain him. No! No! You sit. I’ll make your
grandfather understand. Grandfather! Grandfather!
– Hey, one minute! One minute. Who are you, brother-in-law? – I
am the bank manager of this bank. I make you believe that there
is no danger at our bank. Oh yes! The entry of the
agents is banned here. We don’t open any agent’s
account here. Hey dear, you take me home.
I’ll return back to Africa. Grandfather is very scared,
Mr. Manager. Now I won’t stop him anymore.
-No! No! I won’t allow you two
to go without listening to me. Hey, how won’t you allow me to go?
– I won’t allow you to go. Hey, is this some bank? If you don’t believe
me then come with me. I’ll show you that how
strong is our bank. Hey, what’s that? Is
this some storage? Hey, you listen to me, brother. This contains the diamonds and
jewellery worth lakhs of rupees. Please allow me to go.
I am feeling scared. Grandfather, just look
the first door. Forget about the key; if anyone
even takes his finger near its.. ..key hole; then the burglar alarm
beeps. – Where? At the bank? No! At the police station! Just look at this! The
laser light system. If even strong wind wishes
to go near them; then the.. ..danger alarm doesn’t rings here
but at the police station. Look at this! The auto
lock system door. If anyone goes inside once
and then try to come out. Then the danger alarm
doesn’t beeps here.. It beeps at the police station! No! At the hospital!
– Why at the hospital? Because one receives a shock inside! And in this strong locker your
jewellery will be totally safe. I knew it! – The stuff of this
strong locker will be safe in this. That’s why I have brought it empty. Where is the store room?
– Err.. it is next to that. Listen Gopal, you have to reach
the locker within 30 seconds.. ..and fill all the money in
the bag in 30 seconds. – Yes. Another 30 seconds to come out. And the remaining 30 seconds are
enough to get out of sight.. ..and reach of the police. Understand? Come on; set the bomb! Aaah! Save me! Oh no!
I am done for! Two men they have taken the money. Gracious me!!! My money!
Oh no, my money! My money!!! The wretched
ones have robbed it! My money, Babia! Babia, don’t allow
anyone to go out from here. Anyone of these thieves
has taken my money. I will kill everyone! So you
don’t believe me, do you? So you don’t believe me? Yes?
Should I give you a proof? Hey you; come here. I will blast this entire
building with a bomb. Every one of you will
killed; you scoundrels! Return my money back to me!
Return back my money! Return back my money.
Where is my money? Tell me; where is my money? I have the money. Jhanjar Singh has looted the
Bhartiya Janta Bank at.. ..Parsi Wadi; once again
they have defeated us. This is his 13th crime. And the fourth bank robbery. During the last ten months
our special squad was.. ..unsuccessful in catching him. But he is regularly successful in
spreading terrorism in the city. Search the entire city. Every house, every shop
and every lane! Levy a curfew in the entire city. Find the witnesses. This time Jhanjar Singh should
definitely be caught. Dead or alive! Hey stop! Stop the jeep! Stop
the jeep! Stop the jeep! Stop! Gopala, before there is a curfew
levied on the routes.. ..leading out of Mumbai; you take
this money and reach Surat. You start with the 12:30 train. There you will meet Sona Singh. He only will explain you
the remaining plan. Oh shucks! Since forty years I
continuously duped the others. And today for the first time some
other person has duped me. That scoundrel! – Grandfather, I
returned back the stuff just.. ..because the other innocent
people shouldn’t be killed. You have done the right thing, dear. But you don’t worry. Our Behrupiya alone is enough
to fight with these hooligans. I!? No! No! No! No! Not I! Grandfather, I promise you. Before this scoundrel reaches
Surat; we’ll take back every.. ..single paisa snatched
from us artists. Promise!
– Done! The train going to Saurastra Mail
has arrived on platform number 3. Sir.. sir.. the bag! The bag! Keep the bag on my head! Okay? And reduce your burden! I’ll
reduce your burden. Okay? Hey, you are not able to
manage your own weight. And you are anxious to reduce
my weight! Huh! Idiot! Sir.. sir.. sir.. May God wish;
you rot and perish off! No! You get the punishment of Tada! Hey, what do you have in your bag?
– Nothing, sir. And in that one? So that scoundrel has arrived!
– Hey Coolie! Okay, it’s fine! Come on; now take this. Pick
up the luggage. – All right. Keep both the bags together. And remember one thing. Meet
me at Bogie number 3. Don’t forget!
– He got afraid of Tada. What!?
– Oh nothing. Hey run! Hey run! Hey, you bag thief! Hey!? Hey wait! Hey, you!! Oh shucks!! I am done for! Hey wait, you oldie! Oh! That scoundrel is arriving!
– Hey, I’ll just show you.. Where is the big suitcase?
– That is left at the station only? Hey you fool! Now what reply
will we give to Pathan? If we won’t repay the debt
of one crore rupees then.. ..he’ll cut off our throats.
Understood? Grandfather, if you won’t give
up your bad habit of gambling.. ..then you’ll have to repay
the debt for your lifetime. You don’t try to be my father. Now you just tell me that from
where will we collect.. much amount of money? Grandfather, I have one idea!
– What? Why shouldn’t we loot the shop
of Dhonichand Jeweller? Since many days this work
is pending to be done. We’ll get one or two
crores of rupees. We’ll repay the debt also and
even our lives will improve. Exactly right! Hundred
percent right! You unfortunate fellow will come along
with us then our work will get spoiled. You take the suitcase and
go to Girdhari Mills. Go. From 1 to 3; Dhonichand
closes his shop.. ..and goes to have lunch. He will eat food and we’ll
have the wealth. Exactly right!
– Hey, then let’s go! ‘Gold worth one crore
rupees!? I see!!!’ Greetings, sir.
– Greetings. Greetings. I am going to eat food.
– I see! I see! Take care of my shop. – Oh yes!
Sir, shall I tell you one thing? Sir, the robberies in the city
are increasing a lot nowadays. Sir, who else can be a
greater dacoit than us. Then only the world salutes
you, inspector. Live long! May you live a long life! ‘Hey, he has returned back!’ Hey you.. hey you..
– Huh!? Hey listen he is coming!
He is coming! – Who? Who? Hey, the Seth has arrived. Come
on; hurry up. Hurry up. Here it is! Hey, we have got so much wealth
that we won’t have.. ..any difficulty of eating and
drinking our entire lives. Grandfather, even then you
gamble a little less. Come on you over smart guy; give
me the stuff immediately. Hey, even the thieves and
dacoits have some values.. ..principles. Again to rob after looting once! In fact you should make
friendship with us. Come you oldie, don’t blabber more. Come on you handsome guy; bring
the stuff immediately. Come on!
– Hey, you over smart guy. You won’t get anything
by killing us. The stuff is hidden at such
a place that even your kids.. ..will grow up searching for it. Hey, all right! All right! Come
on; let’s make a compromise! What do you want?
– Yes, what do you want? All the cash in this bag is yours;.. ..and all the Marwari’s
gold belongs to me. Tell me; do you agree?
– Yes, I agree. It’s all right. Go. Go and bring the stuff.
Go and bring the wealth. Throw the gun. Yes, yes, throw the gun first.
– Take this! Yes! Hey come on, what are you staring
at? Come on; hurry up! Take care of my grandfather.
Okay? I’ll be right back. Come on dear, throw the bag here. Oh yes! Understood! Understood! You throw the stuff!
I throw the bag. Come on; one, two, three.. Wait, you over smart guy.. Hey what’s this, pal?
Such a big dagger? First deal with me; then
you touch that bag. Come on; you oldie. Play
that one-two-three game. Hey pal, if you want to fight
without any enmity then at.. ..least decided that where-where
you want to attack? And for how much time
do we have to fight? Hey, after all there are some
rules and regulations or not? Hey, there are no rules, understood? So there are no rules?
– Yes. Grandpa, count.
– Huh!? Grandpa, count!!!
– One-two-three. Hey come on; run grandpa, run! All the jewellery made out of metal! Three months.. on the hard
work of three months.. Everything.. you have made
everything go waste! These.. fifty lakh jewellery!
These.. In the next three months where
I had to make a bomb blast. The arms and ammunition we were
going to purchase from.. ..Sona Singh; this was that money. Now from where the hell
will I bring it? With these fake and
dramatic jewellery? Because of that one boy?
I am doomed!! Hey you brother Jhanjar, you are
needlessly taking tension! Every man and every
member of this lane.. ..just shivers with the
name of this Yeda Gopala. And anyone from them will
definitely find out the address.. ..of that boy for me. Now what’s there to
take tension in that? Then go! And from anywhere
and anyhow find my money.. ..and bring it to me. And give that boy such a death;
next time no thief or.. ..rogue tries to obstruct our ways. My money!!! Oh my money!! Is anyone inside? Hey? What are you doing?
Have you come to steal? No! I am not a thief! – Hey, just
wait! I’ll show you just now. I am not a thief! – Hey, catch
him! Catch him! Catch him! Hey, a thief! A thief! A thief!
Catch him! Catch him! Thief! Thief! Hey, hit him! Hit
this scoundrel! Thrash him! Hit him! Hit him! Thrash him!
– I am not a thief. I am a driver. I am just a driver. Hey why? Then why were
you peeping inside? I was searching for someone, sir.
– Whom were you searching? There is one boy, Raja!
Fair and handsome one! And you thought that it
is that thief rogue Raja? Hey, I feel he has duped him also. He stays in that green house. You won’t get anything. In fact he’ll also remove your
shirt also. Understood? Hey, that’s it! That’s why I am telling
you, oldie! Confess! Tell me something. Huh! Gopal, now this is too much! Now I won’t say anything.
I really won’t say anything. Now you only go and
tell him something. You only go and make him understand. You only had lost my
stuff to him. So go. I am telling you that the wealth
is not with me; can’t you see that? I know that the stuff
is not with you. It is with those boys, isn’t it? You just tell me that where is he? Hey, I swear by you! We’ll take
the money very lovingly. And we’ll let them go free.
Come on; tell us now. Hey, what do I know
where they have gone? You all go away from here. Really!? Then die!!! Oh Grandpa! Hey!? Where is my money? Hey B.P. you go to the hospital;
I’ll deal with them. They might be hidden
somewhere here only. You look that side and
you look that side. Go. There he is! Let him
come to this side. Hey Baria, wait! Wait! Wait! Take
it reverse. Take it reverse. Now where will you
go; you scoundrel! Now you are done for!
Now give me my stuff! This rogue has made us run a lot! Hey you handsome guy;
come on hurry up. Tell us soon; where is our stuff. Hey, hurry up!
What are you staring at? Shall we make you reach
to your oldie? Come on make it fast now.
Come on; I don’t have any.. ..time now. Hurry up! Hurry
up! Return back my stuff! Hey, he has run away! Hey, he has run away with my money! Gracious me!!! Oh no!
I am totally ruined! Hey, catch him! Hello? Bakshi here! Tell me! Dube here! A boy named Raja
have been admitted to.. ..Ayurvedic hospital injured
by Jhanjar’s bullet, sir. But he is not ready
to speak anything. Isn’t he ready to give the
statement? – No sir. All right! No!!! I’ll kill him. Just leave me. Grandfather, where
have you gone away? Oh, where have you
gone away, grandpa? Where have you gone away? I was so small.. I was such
a small kid since when he.. ..brought me up. Now who will love me? I won’t spare him. I will just kill him. Leave me! I said leave me. Grandfather! Grandfather! Where
have you gone away, grandfather? Where have you gone away? Where have you left me alone
and gone, grandfather? Where have you gone? Hey you all! Go out! So have you got rid
of your frustration? Is your anger cooled down? Dear son. Counting the crimes
of that evil man; all the law.. of the law will get over. He is a big challenge
for the government. You alone can’t face such a
big strength and power alone. Hey, in fact you all are
scared of his strength. Otherwise in stead of catching
him you might not have been.. ..keeping a watch here stealthily. You are not such a great
personality that the police.. ..are appointed for you. You are the eye witness. You have seen the face
of that scoundrel. The one who is the main culprit of
every crime and sin of this country. I want that whatever you have seen;
you give its statement at the court. Your statement will take him
to the noose of death. And the law will punish him. So I should become the witness? Huh? Hey, you are telling as if you
are giving a job to a jobless! Who will become the witness!? Who trusts you after all!? Hey, you all need money to
get the report written. You need money for arrest
and for investigation too. Hey, you are not faithful
even to your real father! Shut up! You worthless man! Do you know the meaning
of a father!? Hey, even a worm lives in the
pipe with it’s children. But your fathers throw children
like you at the cross roads. Neither they fulfil the
responsibility of a father.. ..nor the obligation
of the children. They enjoyed an illegitimate
relationship and.. ..threw you away like
the dirt of their body. Yes, yes, my father enjoyed
an illegitimate relationship. But your father? Did he give birth to you
without doing anything? So you talk about father! My father’s name was
Gurbachan Singh! He was a great man. Do you know what he
gave to his children? Values!!! If I didn’t get to learn any
values; then what’s my fault? But at least I am giving you a
chance to fulfil the deficiency.. ..of those values. What type of an opportunity? Jhanjar Singh is not only the
murderer of your grandfather. Look at this. He had exploded a bomb at the
government building at Delhi. 18 people had died! He had set one of the refineries
of Gujarat to fire. 36 men were burnt to ashes. Not only this much! Some time before we had
arrested six of his men. To free them he kidnapped three
of our government officers. And when our government refused
to return back those.. .. terrorists; then Chajan Singh
killed the 3 of them one by one. And his companions? They are waiting at the
jail for the case. Hey, what a case and
what punishment? The total wastage of
the public’s money! Hey, when he killed one of your
men then you should have.. ..killed two of his men. Then you should have realised! Raja, this excitement of yours
is increasing my expectations. Listen.. you have got several
chances of committing robbery. But you have got only one chance
of serving the country. Fulfil it and you’ll
become immortal! Who is bothered about death? But what is the guarantee of this
thing that before I reach the court; your own men won’t
reach Jhanjar Singh to me!? I agree that because of some
disloyal persons at the police.. ..department; some witnesses
have lost their lives. But I promise you; that for the duration
of 8 to 10 months.. ..of Jhanjar Singh
reaching the court. I will keep you at such a place
where at the police department.. ..besides me; no one else will
know anything about it. I see! So you are Raja’s father!? Yes, of course. I am that father
who had given birth to him.. ..but.. but I had thrown him
away like a worthless thing. Then after ruining his life for
so many years; now which right.. ..have you come to claim
over your son!? Not any right, sir. Not right. A forgiveness! I want
to repent for my sins! What is your name? My name is Dyaal Verma, sir. I do a driver’s job at Delhi. But before that I was at the army. I was an army driver. My son.. he used stay with my wife
near Lucknow at Bansia village. But her brother always used to
write about the illegitimate.. ..relationships his sister. At the end I was fed up and came
to the village in holidays. But he presented such
proofs in front of me. That I became confident
that my wife.. That my wife is a low
category female. And I.. I deserted my wife and
son and went away from.. ..them forever and ever! After some years when my
village people met me.. ..suddenly; then only
his secret was out. He was not a brother, he was
an evil man! An evil man! Just to grab my land; he
divided my entire family. Before I could have gone there
and asked forgiveness from my wife; I came to know that
she expired many years back. Then I came to knew that
my son is at Mumbai. That’s why I came to Mumbai. And while searching for him;
when I reached his house. Then I saw sir, that some hooligans
are running behind.. ..him to attack him. So even I ran behind him. And before they would
have killed him.. ..I rescued him and brought
him to the hospital. So what do you want now? Sir, I had overheard you
say at the hospital. That you want to hide my son
somewhere for one year. I have a humble request to you. That.. if you.. if you send him
to my master; where even I stay. If you keep him there as a servant;
then no one will doubt also. And he’ll stay in such a
big house very safely. And.. and the values which I didn’t
give him for so many years. I’ll try to give them to him. But sir, you please don’t tell
him that I am his father. He must be hating his father a lot. I won’t be able to tolerate
his anger towards me. But your master..!? Sir, if you give your consent; then
I’ll try to make him agree. They are very good people. What is his name?
– Shri Amrind Kapoor. Oh shucks! Oh my legs!
They are gone! Oh no! I am done for! Hit him! Thrash him!
Hit him! Hit him! Thrash that scoundrel! So that
scoundrel has run away. What happened? Why
are you so panicky? Hey, at least tell me first;
what’s the matter? There has been an accident!
– Accident!? With whom!? And how!? What happened, brother? Hey, I have come with great
difficulty after saving my life! Let me call up the police. Hey, what are you doing this? So that the police comes
and arrests you? Don’t become so honest also. That your honesty becomes the
stigma of your daughter. Oh, oh! What should I do now? Hey, repent over your humbleness! Are you the driver or me? You have given me the leave!
So that I can take rest! Did you ever think about it? If anything happens to you now
then what will happen about.. ..this house, this family, your
factory and your respect!? Everything will be
reduced to nothing! Hey, you’ll get several
servants like us. But where will we find
a master like you!? Dyaal! Dyaal, you can save my
husband’s life. – I!? But how!? By taking his blame on yourself! I beg for in front of you for
my husband’s life, Dyaal! No! No, madam. Whatever fine or how much
amount of money you want.. ..I am ready to give you. But madam..
– Dyaal, please.. Please Dyaal.. Madam, I don’t any money or fine.. I.. Master, I am ready to be
hanged in your place, master. I will bear the punishment
of your sins. But master, will you also bear
the circumstances of my sins? Sins!? What type of sins? Sir, you know very well. That I was searching for
my son for so many years. And I have found him now. He is at Mumbai. But.. he has become a
hooligan and a rogue. But what do you want from me? Master, you.. you give shelter
to my son in your house. Please don’t give him
any wealth, master. You just give him the good values. The ones which I was
not able to give. This is my duty in reality! With the values at least he’ll
become a good human being.. ..from a hooligan! That’s it! This will be the
repentance for my sins, master. Sir! Sir, the policemen
have arrived outside. Police!?
– What!? And some people have come along
with the weapons also. They are asking for the man wearing
a white shirt. Oh my God!
– Tulsi, you go and stop him. Go now; hurry up. Master, there is no time now. You remove your shirt and
tie and give it to me. Master, for my son.. you..
you please promise me. I have informed Mrs.
Kapoor that Raja.. ..and B.P. are going to reach there. Not in a police van but in
a taxi you all drop them.. ..outside their house. So that no one has any doubts. After that you four in civil dress
will take rounds of that house.. ..for 24 hours. Raja’s life is very precious
for us. – Yes, sir. Huh!? Huh!?
– Rashmi! Mummy! Mummy, I am very excited
today. – Yes? Why? Mummy, from dacoit Phoolandevi
to Natwarlal. And from Charles Shobraj
to Nishant Mehta. I have read all the Scot
and criminal books. Mummy, this man.. he
is a man from France. He sold off that Eiffel Tower!
– Really!? And that too twice!
– Oh my God! Mummy, at least our Raja will
sell off Kutub Minar! Huh! Stop blabbering and close
down all these books and.. your course books. Come on; do your work now. And don’t you dare to come out
of your bed room. Come on. Oh mummy! Yeah! I am so excited! You remember whatever Mr.
Bakshi told you, don’t you? Don’t reveal all the secrets of
house as soon as he arrives. And as far as possible you keep
him out of the house. Okay? Hey, do you consider
me such a fool? Huh!? Hey, I have a lot of experience
of this world. Huh! You deceiver! I have met Natwarlal
twice personally. Hey let it be! Let it be! Is anyone present at home? Hey, are you Raja? No! I am constable Pandurang
Talwadkar! The spy police! The spy police!?
– And he is inspector Shinde! Special crime branch! Mr. Commissioner has sent us to
ruin.. I mean search your house. Search my house? For what? The two dangerous criminals
whom you are going to give.. ..shelter in your house; we have come to investigate
about their security. Criminals!?
– Come here. At least inquire first that
whether they are really the.. ..policemen or someone else? They seem to be hooligans and
rogues to me! – Yes. Yes. I think madam is afraid. Please give some money as bribe. We’ll write the report
anyhow and go away. Hey, they are the policemen only.
Go bring tea for them. What is beneath this ground? Beneath the ground!?
– What’s there? What’s there?
– What’s there? Hey, it’s the foundation,
pal. What else? – Good! Where is the way from
here to run away? The way to run away!?
What are you telling, brother? Hey, this is a house!
Ask about the way to leave. It is from behind. Who else is present in
this house besides you? My wife, my only daughter and
some servants are present here. Any criminal record of them? Have you considered this as
the Tihar Jail or what? What does this cupboard contains? What is kept in a cupboard? Even a dead body can
be present in it! Oh, oh! Come on; have
a look, brother. Look inside carefully.
Even you have a look. They both will come and
stay in this room. Take care about this thing;
that they both are fond of.. ..eating tasty food. One of them is very fond of eating
the Indian dish (Rajma). Yes, the Rajma! And the other one likes fish. And sometimes one of them drinks
a lot of liquor. – Huh!? But you don’t worry. He drinks
after coming to his room. Only in his room. Yes! And don’t feel bad if the other
one sometimes returns drunk. Oh my God!
– What happened? Hello? Yes, Mr. S. P.,
your policemen has arrived.. ..but those two haven’t arrived yet. Policemen!? Hey, among them one
is tall, fair and handsome? Yes, he is fair. And you might have shown
them your entire house. I have shown each and every
room of the house. Till here that I have also opened
my locker and shown to them. Hey, you foolish Kapoor! They are only the ones
whom I have sent! What!? These two are the same ones!? Oh shucks! What happened? Good
gracious!! Hey!? – Yes? Listen Raja..
– Yes? Mr. S.P. says that you do
very good driving. – Yes. My driver is on a leave nowadays. So till then you drive this car. You’ll get 2000 rupees for
this work. – For a week? No! No! For a month!
– Oh! I have heard that you
prepare very good food. You help at the kitchen; you’ll
get 600 rupees for this work. But who’ll go to buy the vegetables
from the market? You’ll go! Who else will go?
– Yes, so then 600 rupees will do! Good morning, daddy.
– Good morning. Err.. Raja, drop Rashmi to college. And dear, you drop T.P. to the
market on the way. -All right. These are the money for your fees.
And give this to T.P. Thank you. ‘I have heard a lot
about this cheat.’ ‘But how will I get
to see his misdeed?’ ‘Err.. Idea!’ Hey, stop! Stop!
Stop the car. – What happened? I forgot the money. Anyway; today is the last
day to pay the fees. Then let’s go home.
– What!? Hey, no! No! No! What is the need to go home? Anyway, Mr. S.P. was
praising you a lot. He was telling that you can sell
the Kutub Minar also very easily. So can’t you arrange for 500 rupees? In fact I can arrange
for many things, madam. But then even you’ll have to get
involved in this dangerous game. Hey, I agree to it.
– Then let’s go! If you talk about over time and
misguide the other people.. ..then I’ll put you in the
oven and roast you alive! Go and do your work! Oh! So stupid! Where
it might have gone? Till now it was present
in this only. -Hey, doesn’t matter! You will find it. Raja, I am extremely sorry.
Please.. – Doesn’t matter. What’s the matter, dear? Sister, he had got a very beautiful
diamond ring with a.. ..lot of love from Jaipur. But I am so stupid!
I lost it somewhere! Hey darling, I’ll get another one
for you. – What!? Another bride? No darling, the ring. I can
get a second one also. But you are the only
one; aren’t you? Your daddy will definitely agree
for our marriage, won’t he? I am feeling scared! What
if you desert me? No darling, I love you. Brother, by the way the ring
costs 2000 rupees. – Yes. But if you find it then call
me up on this number. I’ll give you 2500 rupees for it.
– Yes? Actually it is an emotional matter!
That’s why! – I see! Okay?
– Yes. Come darling, let’s go. Thanks!
– All right. Greetings. Greetings.
– Love birds like us! Sir..
– Yes? Give me brandy. Give me brandy.
– Huh!? From where did you find this ring? I found it there. The washer woman
who arrives at my home, Ra.. Rajjo.. I’ll.. I’ll give it to her. – Hey,
you forget about washerwoman.. .. and give the ring to me. Hey! Shall I call the
police or what? – Huh!? Hey, I’ll give you 300 rupees.
Please give the ring to me. No!!! This is not less then
1000 or 1500 rupees! Okay brother, take 600 rupees.
Now give the ring to me. 600! 600 rupees!
– I see! 600. Yes, yes, please give it to me.
– Yes. Here! Take 600 rupees.
– The brandy. Hey, come on; drink it and get lost. Oh wow!
– Hey, come on; connect the phone. We have the ring in our hands
and money in the ring. The number which you have
dialled doesn’t exist. Huh!?
– What!? Hey, what great fun!!! Brother.. so you have arrived?
Our brother has arrived! How are you?
– Yes? Oh! So you found the ring? Money? So you want the money, don’t you? I do have the money with me.
I always keep the money with me. Here, take 200 rupees.
– Yes? More!!
– More? I’ll just look out for them. Oh! Where is the money gone? Oh! God! Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! Hey, give me the money soon. I found them! I found
them! I found them. Always behind.. I don’t know
why mother always keeps.. ..the money in my back pocket.
I am not able to understand it. Here, take 200 rupees! Now 200
plus 200 are 400 rupees. Hey, give me more. – More? Hey,
from where should I bring more? Money? Hey, open your purse! Hurry up!
– The money.. Hey!? Hey!? Hey!? Hey!? So they have
arrived! I have got them. I have found them. I
have found the money. I have found the money.
I have found 200 rupees. So now the entire amount is paid! If I ever see you in this
locality next time. Then I’ll put in the oven
and roast you alive. Not at all! Never ever do it!
I am doing a dieting nowadays. Huh!
– Bye-bye! Bye-bye! Bye-bye! Oh my God!! – Come on; give
me the money now. Give me. Raja! – Hey, come on;
let’s flee from here. Oh shucks! My money!? Hey!? ‘Oh! He is such a big thug!’ “Danger on the left also!” “Danger on the right also!” “Danger above also.” “Danger down also.” “From head to toe you are a..” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Your age is 16 years old.” “Your age is 16 years old.” “And your tantrums are 17.” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “You girl with 17 tantrums; your
every tantrum is a danger.” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Your age is 16 years old.” “Your age is 16 years old.” “And your tantrums are 17.” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “You girl with 17 tantrums; your
every tantrum is a danger.” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” Hey come on; now. Oh wow! “The first danger is
your red-red lips.” “Red-Red!” “The second danger is your fair
complexioned cheeks-cheeks.” “Cheeks-cheeks.” “The third danger is your
long tresses-tresses.” “Tresses-tresses.” “The fourth danger is the
trap-trap of this hair. “Trap-trap.” “The fifth one is your
admirable gesture.” “The sixth one is your
mind blowing beauty.” “The seventh one is your eyes.” “The eight one is your slim waist.” Hey, what are you doing?
What are you doing? “Everyone is mad after you.” “Even I am your victim.” “You girl with 17 tantrums; your
every tantrum is a danger.” Hey, why don’t you say something?
Why don’t you do something? “Your age is 16 years old.” “Your age is 16 years old.” “And your tantrums are 17.” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “You girl with 17 tantrums; your
every tantrum is a danger.” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “The ninth danger is
of your long nights.” “The long nights.” “The tenth danger is of
your bitter talks.” “The bitter talks.” “The eleventh one is
your flying drape.” “The twelfth one is the
kohl of your eyes.” “The one with silky hair.” “The one who steals my heart.” “You walk like a peacock.” “Even the moon is
jealous about you.” “Your eyes are just magic.” “This heart is taken over by you.” “Thirteen are your lovers.” “Fourteen are in your eyes.” “Fifteen is your moon.” “Sixteen; there is grave danger.” “Sixteen; there is grave danger.” “Sixteen; there is grave danger.” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Your age is 16 years old.” “Your age is 16 years old.” “And your tantrums are 17.” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” “Danger! Danger! Danger! Danger!
Danger! Danger!” Ouch!!! Mummy! Yes, yes, all right. He won’t
come to work from tomorrow. What? One minute. Hey
Raja, come here. I’ll talk to you afterwards. Hey, what’s this? Raja, have
you drunk liquor and come? Have you drunk liquor and returned? Don’t you feel ashamed? Hey, you over smart man!
Get lost now. Have you taken the contract from
my father to improve me or what? Yes?
– Hey, if I had been your father. Then I would have thrashed
you black and blue. Hey, you rich man; don’t try
to act like a father more. So you’ll thrash me!?
Come on; beat me. Beat me now.
– Hey? You rogue, I’ll thrash you up! What? Do you talk with your
elders in this manner? If I had been your
son then? Yes? Yes? Do you know what I would have done? What would you have done?
– Come on; I’ll show you just now. Hey!?
– Come here. Where are you taking me? – There
is no need to stay at my house. If you want to do such dirty deeds;
then go out from my house. Get lost! Hey you! Just for the matter of
giving statement I lived in.. ..your house for
some days; so you are.. ..throwing me out in English style? Hey, what will you throw
me out of the house? I myself will go away
from your house. I spit on your house!
I spit! Get out! So that scoundrel tells
me to get lost. Get out! You get out! So you call me a drunkard!? Hey oldie, in fact
you are a drunkard. So that rogue calls me a drunkard. Hey, if I were a drunkard then..
then wouldn’t I have fallen down? Hey!? Hey, it happens sometimes. So that scoundrel calls
me a drunkard! I spit on your bungalow, you oldie. ‘Come on Raja, sleep here only.’ T.P, you just go out and see. What if something happens
to him in the cold? I know this rogue very well. Forget about the cold; even
if you put him in ice then.. ..nothing will happen to him.
-Then what? Doesn’t he feels ashamed
of going and drinking alone? Hey!? One gets just superb sleep
in the open air! You all have the habit of
A.C., don’t you? Yes? Did you all have some fight
among yourselves? Yes? Everyone is sitting quietly. Did you say something to mother? Come on; give me the bread now. Huh? Oh wow! The stuffed potato
chapattis and curd! Don’t touch them, you dirty fellow. Just look how baby is eating
with the fork and spoon. Hey, many people lick
her fork and spoon. But my hands just go in my mouth. What’s dirty about this?
Why? Isn’t it true? Yes? Huh? Hey, what’s this, brother? There is no need for you all to
leave your breakfast in half and go. Anyway; who am I related to you all? That you all should forgive me? I am going away. And then I’ll
never show you my face again. Err.. daddy..
– Wait! Yes? – Will you repeat such
a mistake next time? I won’t do if.. I get
two stuffed chapattis! You naughty boy! Hey boss, our reporter has brought
very dangerous news. That boy Raja, he has become
the police’s reporter. But where have the police
made him underground. Only S.P. Bakshi knows about this. That S.P. himself will
reach him to me. Because Jhanjar never spares
the proof and witness alive! ‘O God! In which trouble
I have fallen today?’ Hey!?
– Huh? Please have pity on me, dear. I have come here getting rid
of trouble from upstairs. And here you!? Please dear.. I was just verifying
whether master-ji.. teaching in the
right manner or not? Oh God! Hey, stop it! Hey master, why are you making
a noise like a bull dozer? Huh!?
– And you? Why are you
hammering the ground? So you feel my dance as hammering? If it was not a hammer then the
plaster wouldn’t have fallen.. ..from the ceiling and hurt my head. Look at this!
– Oh shucks! Hey, what’s this, pal T.P.? Why master, why don’t you both get
admitted at the municipality? Why? – They want to demolish
many buildings. Hey get lost! Get lost! What
do you know about music? I recited the Geeta to the
donkey the entire night. The donkey told what rubbish
are you talking? All right, you brat of a donkey! I will show you! Then
you keep on laughing! Come on, T. P.
– Hey, get lost! Get lost! “Ta-Ta
– Thai-thai! Ta-Ta – Thai-thai!” “A fire is caught! A fire a caught.” “A fire is caught! A fire a caught.” “There was a fire!
There was a fire!” “A fire was set! A fire was set!” Hello fire brigade.. yes, a man
at my adjacent house one.. shouting at the top of his
voice that there is fire! Fire! “A fire is caught! A fire a caught.” Yes of course, you write
down the address. “A fire is caught! A fire a caught.” “There is a fire! There is a fire.” “A fire is caught! A fire a caught.” “There is a fire! There is a fire.” “A fire is caught! A fire a caught.” “There is a fire! There is a fire.” “A fire is caught! A fire a caught.” “There is a fire! There is a fire.” “A fire is caught! A fire a caught.” “There is a fire! There is a fire.” “A fire is caught! A fire a caught.” “There is a fire! There is a fire.” “A fire is caught! A fire a caught.” “There is a fire! There is a fire.” “A fire is caught! A fire a caught.” “There is a fire! There is a fire.” “A fire is caught!” “Fire..
– Hey, where is fire? Fire!?
– Aaah!!! But who told you all that
there is a fire here? I had called them up. Since one hour this master is
shouting at the top of his voice. There is a fire! There is a fire! So I thought that I should call
them up to extinguish the fire. Why? – You yourself can’t
even dance a little. And you are making
fun of the others? Now when we have already arrived
then let us watch.. ..the rehearsal only. Shut up!!! By the way; hats off to that thug! Shut up, pal! I have brought him
to our college picnic so.. ..that we all will
thrash him so much. That’s he forget to cheat
anyone in his life time. And you all are the ones; that
you are keeping on laughing. Okay pal, by the where
is that thug master? Come along with me. Hey, just show me your hand! I see! So you know palmistry also? Hey, you know that great astrologer
Virendra Sharma. Yes! – When I used to
cook food at his house. Then he became so happy
with my food.. – Yes? That he taught me this.
– Oh wow! So you know to cook food also? Now listen to this. You know the Taj Hotel at Mumbai,
don’t you? – Yes. The cook of that hotel; he
is so happy with my poems. That he has taught me many things. I think he is bragging a lot! So you know poetry also? Oh, oh! “I met Madhuri Dixit on the way.” Who had written this song
to Annu Mallik? – Who? I had written it.
– Oh wow!! Come on Kalpana! Come on Rashmi! The breakfast is ready. Madam, just a minute. Okay? And more than that; the
Maharaj of Bermuda.. ..he has become so happy
with my poems. That he game me a goggle. And as soon as you wear it; all
the men look naked to you. Eek!!!! Hey!? Hey!? This is not
that goggle, dear. This is not that one. Hey, please come now.
– One minute, madam. Hey, this is just marvellous, madam. The diamond necklace! Did you
win some lottery or what? No dear, it’s a fake one! It costs only 5000 rupees.
– But it looks real, doesn’t it? It was lying in mummy’s
locker since when. I have made her wear
it today forcefully. Yes! Yes! Let’s go now! Hurry up. Please come now.
– Only five minutes, madam. I will introduce you to one
thug master. Please come. Yes come! Yes come! Hey, I have handled so many
jewellery and ornaments. As if they are the gram grains. Really? So can you look at any
diamond and guess its price? Now listen to this! I have worked at night shift at
Dhunichand jewellers for 2 years. But if you are not
able to tell then? I’ll lose whatever you say. So do you bet on it?
– Done! Tell me! How much does this
necklace of madam cost? Now let it be, Rashmi! Come
on; let’s have breakfast. No madam! Tell me; how
much will it cost? At least two lakh rupees! Hey, he is just faking! Where will mummy get two
lakh worth necklace? You have lost! You have lost!
You have lost! You have lost! You have lost! You have lost!
You have lost! You have lost! You have lost! You have lost! Hey shut up! So I have lost
just on your telling? Come on; let’s go to the jeweller. The decision will be
taken there only. I think Raja; you see
it from near once. All right! If you say
then I’ll see it. Give it to me. Yes of course, this necklace
is a fake one. You all have won!
– Yeah!!! Tell me what I have to do?
– I.. – I.. I’ll tell that. – No, I’ll tell
that. I will tell that. I will tell that.
– I will tell that. There is a Hanuman swing
on that mountain. From there you jump
in the Parvati river. Oh no!!! Hey Rashmi, he will die! And even
the flow of Parvati is so fast. And swing is also so high. Hey, forget about water. Even if you put him in ice then
nothing will happen to him. All right. I’ll jump. Good bye. Hey, how will he jump
from that swing? Rashmi, please stop him, Rashmi. Otherwise I will be committed
a very big crime. A sin!? – Yes! This necklace
really cost 2 lakh rupees. What!? But how did you get this.. I know! A teacher doesn’t
has the capacity to.. ..wear such a costly necklace! But actually the matter
is such, Rashmi. That Kalpana’s daddy
expired 5 years back. And its so difficult for a female
to live with such a growing up girl. That’s why when his dear
friend Mr. Chauhan.. ..expressed his desire to marry me. Then I gave him my consent. He only has given me this necklace. Now I don’t know that how should
I tell Kalpana about all this? What if she misunderstands him? That’s why I didn’t
tell her anything. Today if she would have come to
know the real price of the.. ..necklace; then she would have
considered me as a flirt and vamp. And the lives of both of us
might have been ruined. But Raja understood my helplessness. And he took the blame on himself. Please save him, Rashmi.
Please save him. Please save him. I think to take the blame of the
other to himself and bear the.. ..punishment; this quality
is present in his blood! Raja!! Raja wait! Raja! Raja wait! Raja!! Raja!! Aaaah!! Rashmi! Wait Rashmi!! Hey, some one stop her!
Some one stop her. Raja! Raja!!! Oh Raja!! Rashmi! Rashmi! What was the need for
you to come here? How would I have stood
at the shore after.. ..putting your life in danger? But everything is changed
for me, Raja. I love you! “In the first glance it has
been taken over by you.” “When I saw twice then I went mad.” “In the first glance it has
been taken over by you.” “When I saw twice then I went mad.” “It was enchanted by your magic.” “When I saw you.. this heart.. “When I saw you.. this heart.. ..this heart went out of control.” “This heart went out of control.” “In the first glance it
has been taken over by you.” “When I saw twice then I went mad.” “It was enchanted by your magic.” “When I saw you.. this heart.. this
heart went out of control.” “This heart went out of control.” “Hey, what’s this started
happening to me?” “Wherever I see; I see only you.” “This morning seems so new.” “The darkness talks about you.” “The season of youth
has become fragrant.” “There is an intoxication and I
have started getting aroused.” “Now I don’t find peace in privacy.” “Without you, I swear! Everything
is just incomplete.” “Without you it is
difficult to live.” “When I saw twice; then I went mad.” “It was enchanted by your magic.” “When I saw you.. this heart..” “When I saw you.. this heart..” “This heart went out of control.” “This heart went out of control.” “Stealthily-stealthily by
setting in the eyes.” “By coming directly in the
heart from the eyes.” “From the time our eyes
met each other.” “I don’t have any peace
or sleep since then.” “Your beauty is a song
for every season.” “The mention of your name
is a tune to all music.” “You are the sky, moon,
cloud and the star.” “I am the glance; you
are my scenery.” “The path of life has become
the destination now.” “When I saw twice then I went mad.” “It was enchanted by your magic.” “When I saw you.. this heart..” “When I saw you.. this heart..” “This heart went out of control.” “This heart went out of control. You cheap girl! You worthless girl! So you roam with Raja!? Hey, you have reduced the respect
of your parent’s to nothing! Didn’t you felt ashamed? That you are roaming with
the ordinary servants? Everyone is humiliating us outside. Did we give birth to you
for this day only? Why didn’t you die as
soon as you were born? You have shattered all
my dreams to nothing. We wanted to marry you to
some good respected family. And you are the one who.. In stead of becoming the
daughter-in-law of some.. ..millionaire family; it’s better
if I stay in a hut with my Raja. Along with whom all the happiness
of my life is linked. Do you love the son of a driver? You should feel ashamed of yourself. So you want to make the
servant of the house as.. ..the owner of the house? What!? Today he seems
a servant to you!? Did you forget that day? When you were pleading in front
of Raja’s father for the.. ..sake of daddy’s life
and protection? And that driver is bearing the
punishment for daddy’s crimes. Stop it! I don’t want that
someone else should also.. ..hear this blabbering of yours. Who is my father? So.. so after all you searched
out your father, didn’t you? Curse me! Curse me! Curse me as much as you want. I am such a selfish
and such a scoundrel! Taking someone else’s blame on
yourself you are bearing the.. ..punishment of the jail just.. ..because your son
can lead a happy life. And you call yourself as selfish.. So what happened? I wasn’t able to accept you even
after your mother’s death, son. How would you have accepted me also? After hearing the news about
mother’s death; whenever you.. ..had come to the village then you
might have searched me a lot. But what could I have done also? I ran away from the village getting
fed up with uncle’s atrocities. But since the time I
have fled from home.. ..I have just kept on running. When I was small; then I used
to run sometimes for food.. ..and sometimes for support. And from the time I have grown up. Then sometimes to save myself
from the police.. ..and sometimes from the hooligans. From which difficulties does a
father’s support save a child? That I have come to know only
after being an orphan. But what could I have done? Yours and mother’s helplessness
had become.. destiny, father. Father! – Aaaah! Forgive me,
son. Please forgive me. Please forgive me, son.
Please forgive me. Oh! So you have come to
know about your father. Yes of course. And to get him
released; only you can help me. I can help you!? But how? If I can put my life in danger for
the government on your request. Then can’t you recommend the
government to release my father? All right! I’ll try to get your
father released from the jail.. soon as possible. S.P. Bakshi, please come in. S.P. Bakshi, please come in. S.P. Bakshi, please come in. S.P. here! Sir, I am Ram Prasad
Mishra, speaking. Sir, just now Jhanjar Singh entered
the Universal bank to loot it. But the bank manager informed
us at the right time. And we took action immediately
and wounded.. ..Jhanjar Singh and
his three companions. But sir, Jhanjar Singh has run
and entered a school bus. And around 35 to 40 school
children are present in it. He has taken the bus
in his custody, sir. What can we do now, sir?
– Hey, give it to me. Hey! Amarjit Bakshi! I want
Raja and 50 lakh rupees! The amount which he
has stolen from me. I am taking the bus towards Pune. It will never stop on the way. So that you don’t get any
opportunity to deceive in any manner. Understood? That’s why bring him in such an
open car from where I can.. ..see him and the money clearly. And Raja is able to enter
the bus easily also. Sir, now where should
we search for Raja? Raja is here only along with me. You just follow Jhanjar Singh. I’ll bring Raja and
come there. Over! Help!!! Help!!! Help!!! Help!! Hey, shut up!! Hey you, if you make any noise then
I’ll thrash you up! Hey you boys! Hey shut up!
– Help! Help! Uncle!!! Uncle, save me. Uncle!!! Uncle, save me! Uncle!! So you have arrived with the money! Well done, dear Raja! Uncle, help! Hey Jhanjar Singh, leave the kids. Your enmity is with me. Then listen Raja! Don’t
do any smartness! Otherwise these children
will be killed! Only you and the money! Bring it nearer! Bring it nearer. Hurry up! Hey you also,
come on hurry up. Oh thank goodness! Now hurry up
dear Raja! Give me the stuff. Give me the money. Dear, this is my money!! Hey driver uncle is dead!!!
Help!! Help! Wait! Wait! From that side!
From that side! Oh uncle! Help!! Give me money! Give money
to this blind man, sir. Hey move aside! Hey, the
bus is coming this way. Hey, isn’t he a blind man? Hey, he is not a blind man!
Hey catch him! Catch him! Thrash him! Take him to
the police station. Help! Help! Help! Thank goodness! I am saved! Now we all will be
exploded together! Just look! Hey, bring him out carefully. Come on!! Yeah!!! Raja, the bars of the prison
are very weak for me. I will meet you again. Take him away. From the entire investigation, S.P.
Amarjit Bakshi’s report.. .. and Raja’s statement
it is proved. The robbery at the Bhartiya Janta
Bank and the 3 murders.. ..committed there. Jhanjar Singh and his group
is responsible for it. Keeping these crimes in mind
the court accused Jhanjar.. ..Singh as the terrorist;
announces the punishment. Of 22 years of life
time imprisonment. And the other thirteen crimes
committed by Jhanjar Singh.. ..its decision will be taken
at the next hearing. Raja!!! Aaah! Raja, you!? At such a stormy night! Why did you put your life in danger? If I would not have put my life
in danger then my darling’s.. would have come in danger. What do you mean? I have come to know that your
father is sending you to.. ..London tomorrow evening. Might be he has the intention
to get you married there only. Before this I’ll give up my life. I have loved you and I want to
marry you to give you happiness. And not death! So come on; let’s
go from here. – Where? Till where our life takes us! “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” “O’ I have chosen you.” “I have left behind
the entire world.” “Never fall in love; this
heart went on saying.” “I let it saying that.” “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” “O’ I have chosen you.” “I have left behind
the entire world.” “Never fall in love; this
heart went on saying.” “I let it saying that.” “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” “I walk on the stars.” “Even then there is
a fear in my heart.” “I am along with you; in this
manner like your life partner.” “You only are my companion
and my family.” “Neither anyone will arrive;
between the two of us.” “O’ this love dwelled
in the storms too.” “And I let it dwell.” “Never fall in love; this
heart went on saying.” “I let it saying that.” “What did it moonlight say?” “That there was a havoc
in the waves.” “Whatever is said to you; and
listening to what you went mad.” “Oh, what a thing it is, O beloved,
this love also!” “There is restlessness also.” “And also peace.” “O’ the lamp of love
burned in my heart.” “And I let it burning.” “Everyone heard it in
the world, O beloved.” “And saying this; I let them hear.” “My sleep has been disturbed.” “And I let them be disturbed.” “When both the lovers
started the affair.” “I let this affair go on.” “In the storms also;
this love dwelled.” “And I let it dwell.” “O’ the lamp of love
burned in my heart.” “And I let it burning.” “I definitely had to fall in love.” “I myself did; I let her
fall in love too.” “O’ I have chosen you.” “I have left behind
the entire world.” “O’ I have chosen you.” “I have left behind
the entire world.” “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” “I have chosen!” Wow! It’s such a beautiful sari! For whom it is?
– For me! Then please wear and show it to me. All right. You wear this pant
and come to the temple. I’ll come wearing a sari. Really? But why? For marriage!
– Marriage!? Your father has come to
know that we are here. He might reach here any moment. To stop him from following
us again and again. We just have this way
left out with us. Rashmi! Rashmi! Rashmi, where are you? Where are you, Rashmi? Rashmi!! Lala, didn’t I tell you? That
keep a watch on this oldie! This oldie will definitely make
us reach that boy some day. Yes! Ouch!!!
– Rashmi! Rashmi! Aaah!
– Rashmi! Rashmi! Rashmi, you are all right,
aren’t you, Rashmi? Nothing has happened to me. Rashmi!!! What has happened to my daughter? Who are these people? They.. they are Jhanjar’s men. They have come for me.
– Huh!? You take care of Rashmi.
– My dear daughter. I will divert them towards
the other side. No Raja! Please don’t go.
They’ll kill you. Please don’t go, Raja.
– No Rashmi. No Raja!
– Rashmi, please leave me. No Raja, please don’t go. Ouch!!!
– Rashmi, leave me. please leave me. No Raja, please don’t go.
– No Rasmi. Raja.
– Let me go. Don’t go Raja!
– Hey, please let me go, Rashmi. Come on Pakia,
you go on that side. No Raja.
– Let me go. Hey, they’ll kill you. Don’t go. Come on. Now what else do you have
come to snatch from us? What do you think? That the favour which
your father did to us. In return for that you have got the
right to elope with our daughter? I just wanted to meet Rashmi..
– You have nearly killed her. Now do you want to really kill her? I just want to look at her once. I just want to see whether
she is fine or not? In your presence she
can never recover. Go away from here. What are you staring at my face? Why don’t you go? Go away! Go away from here. Get out! Mrs. Kapoor! Mrs. Kapoor!
Mrs. Kapoor! Mrs. Kapoor! Mrs. Kapoor!
Who is this Raja? – Why? Your daughter’s nerve is sinking. And she is just calling Raja’s
name in her unconsciousness. Raja!!! Wherever he is; you call
him here immediately. Otherwise your daughter’s
survival is very difficult. Please.. In stead of allowing her to spend
her life with a driver’s.. ..son; it’s better that she
dies at the hospital only. Raja! Raja! Raja, I say stop now. If you forcefully try to enter
Rashmi’s room, then I.. I’ll have to call the police. Raja! Raja, please stop. Rashmi!! – Hey stop! Where are
you coming inside the hospital? Rashmi! Rashmi!? Rashmi!? Rashmi!? Big dream. Come Mr. S.P. just look. First time when you
had come to meet me.. ..that time I was a culprit. And even then I was
applied first aid. And today.. in this jail! This is not only my journey. This is of every ordinary man;
who wants to walk on this way. Because these contractors of
the society want the common.. just because he bets his
life and protects the country. And they sleep peacefully. Only common man takes values. Because they enjoy their life. And this same common man;
when he asks a small part.. ..of their happiness, then
he is accused as a culprit. He is made a criminal! And he is locked up in this lock up! Well done, Mr. S. P. Excellent! What values you have! Listen Raja, at present you
are not under you control. Yes! Yes! I have gone
out of control. I have gone out of control!!! I don’t want your bonds of values. I don’t want such a law! If the values of your society
have stopped at the boundary.. ..of the rich and poor!!! What is my fault after all? Yes? I wanted to give up the wrong life
and lead a simple man’s life. I wanted to work hard and
settle a house with Rashmi. And what did you all
give me in return? This darkness, this loneliness,
these prison bars! And Rashmi!? She was at no fault! Even then she is fighting for
her life at the hospital. If anything happens to Rashmi,
then I promise you. That you only will be responsible
for giving birth.. a greater criminal
than Jhanjar Singh! I have got you with great
efforts for this country. I won’t allow your life to
go waste in this manner. I will definitely fulfil the
responsibilities which.. ..I have regarding you. That’s why I have come here. Nothing will happen to your Rashmi. And neither will you have
to live behind bars. Nor you’ll have to escape from
the bullets of the terrorists. If you listen to me! I can even give up my life also
in order to save Rashmi’s life. Tell me; what will I have to do? You will have to die! For the world also and
for Rashmi also! For them you’ll be a dead person! But how!? Get up, Raja! You are all right, aren’t you? Thank God their bullets
didn’t injure you. You know this very well that from
today your name is Rhonny. This is the ticket for Nepal
on Rhonny’s name.. ..for the 3 o’ clock flight. And this passport along with it. There are some clothes
for you in this bag. One van is waiting outside for you. It will take you to the airport. I have made the arrangement
at the Kathmandu hotel in.. ..Nepal for the job of
an orchestra singer. Now you settle in Nepal
forever named as Rhonny. What sort of settling down, Mr. S.P? Now until I don’t die;
I just have to suffer! Rashmi has to get desperate
with the memories. And I? I have to get desperate
to forget her desperateness. I can understand. But with the love of young men like
you; the families are made. But with the sacrifice;
the countries are made! The sacrifice you have given
to reach Jhanjar Singh.. the noose of death; for
that not only our department. In fact the entire country
will be thankful to you. ‘When Jhanjar Singh and his group
were satisfied that by.. ..killing Raja they have
taken their revenge.’ ‘I settled forever in the beautiful
valleys of Himalaya.. ..with the new name Rhonny. How is Rashmi now, doctor? Listen.. after falling from such
a height, how much injury she.. ..has received on her head; Until we don’t get the scanning
report; we can’t say anything. Hey, let it be. Hey! What’s going on?
What’s this going on? Just hold this for a minute! What happened? No! I was just verifying whether
it has current or not. Hey!? Oh shucks! What
type of a man you are! Hey!
– Hey get lost! Hey!! – Hey, allow me
to work now. Get lost. Hey, 684! You are already
in the jail. What will you do of
so many notes? Yes? Come on; hurry up and give me
the white fairy soon. Hurry up. Hey you scoundrel, with this note
I will buy that key; the.. which will open the
key of this jail for me! Hey, what are you talking about? Come on; give me fifty rupees more!
– Increased the price or what? Give me 50 rupees more. Hey, I am giving you, pal.
– You rogue! Scoundrel! Hey, how did this rogue
get so much money? Did he steal my money or what? Hey! Snatch it from him!
– No! No! It is mine! It is mine! Hey leave it! Give it to me. Hey, it is mine! It is mine! You scoundrel! You rogue! My money.. How did you get this photograph? Sir, it is mine! This money and all
these things are mine. You scoundrel! From where did it come to you? What relation do
you have with him? Yes? What relation do you have with him?
Who is he of yours? How do you know him? Tell me, you rogue! Tell me! Tell me or I’ll just kill you. I will tell you. I am telling you. ‘I had kept it here only. I
don’t know where it is gone?’ Are you searching for this? Huh? Oh yes! Yes! Your neighbouring companion
had stolen this and taken away. That rogue thief steals
in a jail also. That too from a religious
man like you!? Forgive me, O God! I have told the jailor and got
him shut in the dark cell. Yes. You have done a great favour. Doesn’t matter.
– You seem to be a very good man. For what are you being punished for? Forget these things.
First you count your money. Whether you have the entire
amount of money or not? -Money? In fact I was worried
about this photograph. Yes dear, now after looking at the
photo; not more you’ll just.. ..have to spend today’s
night at the jail. You are telling the right thing. I am being released tomorrow
itself. – What!? That’s why by requesting Mr. Jailor;
I have offered this offering. Take this. – But what’s
the use of going outside? Your son is dead. Hey, don’t talk such things. Let his enemy of his enemy die! He is.. hey, shall I
tell you a secret? My son is alive!!! Hey, what are you talking, brother? Someone might have told you
a lie just to make you happy. No brother, no. He is alive.
– Huh!? I swear by my child and tell you. He is alive! Hey, just to save him from his
enemies; Mr. S.P. had played.. ..a drama of his death. Really!? Then where is
your son after all? My son is at Nepal. He works at hotel Kathmandu. Now I’ll spend my remaining
life with him only. Oh yes. Yes. If I am released from here;
then I’ll definitely meet.. father and son! Definitely come there. Okay?
– Oh yes! Yes, brother. Now you go to sleep. Even I
will perform the veneration.. ..and go to sleep. As I have to get up
early in the morning. Hey brother..
– Yes? At least distribute this offering. Oh yes!
– Yes! Mr. Warden..
– Yes, what is it? Mr. Warden, take this sweets and
distribute it among your brothers. And even you all also take it. Oh yes! Yes! Definitely!
We’ll surely take the offering. In the happiness of me being
released from the jail I had.. ..offered this to God, brothers. Hey brother, even you have it. Hey, let it be! I’ll eat it. Hey, I’ll feed it to you.
Eat it. Please eat it. Will you smoke!? Yes? – Sir, Jhanjar Singh
has escaped from the jail. He has taken Mr. Dyaal Verma
also along with him. And we have got the news that
he has gone towards Nepal. Oh! Okay! Listen D.P..
– Yes sir? Jhanjar has fled away from the
jail kidnapping Raja’s father. Inform Raja that he shouldn’t leave
Kathmandu and go anywhere. We’ll reach Nepal tomorrow.
– Yes, sir. How is she, doctor? Don’t worry. She is fine. Her scanning report is totally okay. And she hasn’t received
any injury on her head. How are you now? Huh!? Who are you? What has happened to me? And.. who are you all? I think she has lost her memory. Rashmi! I am Raja!
Your Raja, Rashmi. Didn’t’ you recognise me!? Try to remember, Rashmi.
I am your Raja. Yesterday.. yesterday you
only had fought with me. Remember that Rashmi. You.. you please tell her.
That I am her Raja! Try to remember, Rashmi. I will never leave you and go. Rashmi! Try to remember, Rashmi. I.. I am your Raja, Rashmi. Come on; it’s better! So now you have agreed. That you are only Raja
and that too.. mine! Come on doctor, let’s see the
other patient. – Yes sure. Excuse me, doctor. In which room does Rashmi
Kapoor admitted? She has left yesterday only
along with one boy. With a boy!?
– Yes. I see!!! “Who separated you from everyone?” “Who made you forget the
way of your home?” “Who is your heart and life?” “Who is he? Who is he?” “Who is he? Who is he?” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You have stolen my heart.” “You have made me your lover.” “You are my heart and my life.” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You have stolen my heart.” “You have made me your lover.” “You are my heart and my life.” To kill the terrorists
like Jhanjar Singh.. ..the Nepal police will help
you in every possible way. “Should I fight with
you or love you?” “I will sign every season
on your name.” “I have anger and tantrums
with you only.” “Why has such a thing happened?” “You are good and you are bad also.” “And you are each happiness
of my life.” “Your locality, your lane!” “Now it has become my address.” “It has become my address.” “It has become my address.” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “If I see you then only I see you!” “If I think; then only
I think of you.” “If you are separated from
me even for a moment.” “I feel I have lost something.” “My first desire has been aroused.” “All the bonds are breaking up.” “The earth is new; the sky is new.” “Everything has become new to me.” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You!!! That’s you!!” “You have stolen my heart.” “You have made me your lover.” “You are my heart and my life.” Where is this Marfa
village after all? On the other side of Himalaya. I think this these are
Jhanjar’s men. – Yes. They might be going towards
the camp only. Raja, you!? What are
you both doing here!? This is too much! I had
sent a message for you. That don’t leave Kathmandu
and go anywhere. Jhanjar Singh has threatened me. That if I want to save father’s
life; then I should come to Marfa. Oh! So this means Jhanjar
Singh is at Marfa? Hello uncle. Hey, even you
are here? Where is T.P? I think they are taking father
towards the Pagoda. Raja, you and T.P.
go towards Pagoda. I and Rashmi will come separately. Come on, Rashmi. Jamaal, how much white
fairy have you brought? 400 kilo, Gardulla.
– What!? 400 kilo!? That’s it!? This.. this will get
over within two-four days. Leave me! Leave me. I
say leave me. Leave me. Gardulla, this boy ignores
firing a bullet! I know that you all are misguiding
us against our country. I won’t shoot a bullet at anyone. I won’t kill anyone. Thrust in his mouth
two-three times more. Once anyone is addicted to drugs
once; then to enjoy it.. .. again he won’t even refuse
to shoot his real parents also. Brother Gardulla! Brother Gardulla!
– What is it? Suraj Pratap Singh has ordered
for weapons. – I see! Hey, so many weapons? What will
he do with so many weapons? Does he have the intention of
winning the country or what? Think something like this only! The election has arrived
in the country after all! Hey, what he is talking about!! Gardulla!!
– Yes? She is the lady who is ready
to explode the bomb. You!? So you know that you’ll
have to tie the bomb.. ..fastenings on your body and
go for the election meeting! Hey, what’s this!? At present this is the most
dangerous bomb of this world. If two its bands explode; then
around it in the boundary of.. ..1000 metre; the buildings,
people, cars, trees. All the things which exist there;
they’ll be reduced to ashes! And not even this much part
of your body will be saved! No I have children. Please leave me. I don’t want to do this work. Hey, catch him! Catch him!
Catch that scoundrel. He shouldn’t escape from here. Catch him! Catch him. Take him! Take him. Jhanjar Singh!!!!! Raja!!! So after all you
are trapped in my trap. So you are trapped after all! I and your father! We didn’t
see your fake death. But today we’ll definitely
see your real death. Yeah!! Whatever you want to do; do
it soon, Jhanjar Singh. Otherwise you’ll repent
a lot afterwards. Because the noose of the Hindustan
police is reaching.. you with great
speed towards you. Well said! This country Hindustan
is a wonderful country! Hey, it converts even the thieves
into devoted citizens. Leave him! Bring him here!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!!
Thrash him! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Hey!! Oh shucks!
– I won’t spare you, you scoundrel. Tie him up! Tie up this scoundrel! You rogue! So this Indian
is very powerful! Hey you! Take away this scoundrel! And when he dies; then send his
dead body to Amarjit Bakshi. Greetings! No, I didn’t
steal anything. You!? Yes. Mr. S.P. has taken away father. Now we have to take Raja from here. But where is Raja? Raja!! Raja!! Mr. S.P. met me. The commotion which you
created in the locality. Taking advantage of that we
have saved your father, Raja. Raja! Raja, now anyhow you
have to accompany me.. ..till outside. Then we’ll ride a horse and get
out of this cheap locality, Raja. Get up! Get up. Slowly. Careful. Careful.. Slowly. Will it be right for me to flee
away in this manner, Rashmi? What do you mean by in this manner? Whether I come along
with you or not? You all will definitely save father. But this locality from where the
foul plans to destruct our.. is made; should I leave
this and flee to save my life? Father has accepted the punishment
in the jail because of this reason. That the values in
his should awaken!! Should I repay the debt of his
sacrifice in this manner? Hey come on! Come on! Come
on! Hey come one now! Jhanjar Singh!!! Unbelievable!!! So you
are still alive!? I was mourning over your
death since when. Hey, but you have returned
back again. The root of your evil
deeds, this camp! From the place where you
are destructing India. I will definitely demolish
it today and just now. You!? Alone!? Hey you lame fellow; to demolish
this camp you’ll.. ..have to take 100 births. To demolish this camp I don’t
need to take birth 100 times. I just need to die once! Look at this!! Err.. this.. this.. this!? Within three minutes this locality
will be shattered to.. ..pieces along with me. Hey Raja, move back. Now tell me to fire a bullet at me!! Hey, no one.. no one will
fire a bullet at him. No one will fire a bullet! Remove your jacket. Go
and remove your jacket. He is gone mad. No one touch him. Hey, where are you going? Hey,
why are you coming here? Hey, catch him! Hey,
where are you going? Hey help me.. Hey, flee from here! Run
from here. Yeah!!! Hey, run from here!
Get out from here. So you were very fond
of dying, weren’t you!? Come on! Come on; let’s
go to die now. You scoundrel! Come on! Oh shucks!!! Oh no!!!
Oh no!!! Oh no!!! “In the first glance it has
been taken over by you.” “When I saw twice then I went mad.” “In the first glance it has
been taken over by you.” “When I saw twice then I went mad.” “It was enchanted by your magic.” “When I saw you.. this heart..” “When I saw you.. this heart..” “This heart went out of control.” “This heart went out of control.”

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