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100 thoughts on “Beauty In The Broken (Full HD Movie, Love, Romance, Drama, English) *full free movies*

  1. You can’t change what happened but you can change how you feel about what happened – one of good messages from this wonderful movie. Thanks for sharing!

  2. in this movie I going very deep .and don't. know about around me what happen when I watching this movie …….who are coming here …I suggest plz must watch it😊

  3. Such a touching movie. I cried and I smiled. Yes, I wish there are more loving and caring men out there who can accept you for whom and for what you are.

  4. Have to watch to the end , about finding love and a second chance. (Although I think parts are silly like he keeps her down by the homeless instead of finally taking her to his sailboat, falling for her a homeless after recently loosing his beloved wife, etc.)

  5. It really did make me cry..😪 but then u know it olso made me laugh.. thinking how carried away we get in our brokenness .. that we fail to see our future that may be more promising

  6. Love the story,its different.
    The miracle of love…it moves mountains.
    Theres a time to grief for a loss..but theres always new beggining…
    How beutiful to live,thankyou lord.

  7. Beautiful and good film. There is a hope of those people who already have lost their love. This is their second chance. And in every brokenness there is a beauty.

  8. I have been through everything she has and would love to meet the same guy…but is he out there ? I wept from her re living of her childhood till the final credits. My demons have yet to go and i am 54 !

  9. Such a lovely movie I must say. I enjoyed every second of it. Now I need such a man in my life just to say the least.

  10. I soooo love the movieee 😍 I'm jealous of youuu Pele!!!! 😳😘 proud psych studennnt hereeee 💕💕💕💕💕

  11. I used to read comments before l watch except this movies so l astonished by the true love and sacrifice 👍👍👍👍👍16th October 2019 the whorld will be OK

  12. I don't like the love story much.

    But I do love the message at the end. I didn't realize that was the focus of the movie until then.
    I deeply appreciate that.

    I love alot of characters in this movie, I just can't stand that the psychiatrist tries to change what isn't his to change.

    What if she really did want to keep her lifestyle?
    Some people do, some people don't want to be a part of commercialism, capitalism, some people want to live by their own codes, their own morals, and she is treated as though the way she lives is wrong as must be changed. But it isn't, and it doesn't have to change.
    People like her are not necessarily better off in a apartment.

    It's for the individual to choose.

  13. Great informative movie with lots of heart, glad I came across this movie, I think we can all learn slot from it, FOLLOW YOUR HEART 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰!!!!!!!!!

  14. I don’t need read any comments
    Is obviously for me this movie have something
    Really special message – I really love this movie , is so touchable
    Both actors was perfect fit for this personajes
    Briana Couco is so beatiful the eye brown is so naturally hers no like another girls and remains me fisicly like Marissa Tomei
    Pretty faces, in love her I I love both.

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