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[music] My dear Belle. You’re so ahead of your time. This is a small village. You are the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. Nobody deserves you. And it’s small-minded, as well. But small also means safe. [growl] [music] I’ve come for my father. He’s a thief. Come in to the light. [gasp] [growl] I will escape.
I promise. [music] Look, a girl. Who said that? ‘Ello! [gasp] Ooop. You can talk. Well of course,
that’s all he ever does. How lovely to meet your acquaintance. Want to see me do a trick? What happens when the last pedal falls? The master remains a beast forever. And we become antiques. What did you do to it? Nothing. Get out of here. Gooooooo. [growl] [gasp] You have to help me.
You have to stand. [music] If she is the one…
who’ll break the spell you must finally learn to love. ♪ Tale as old as time ♪ Have you really read
every one of these books? No, some of them are in Greek. ♪ True as it can be ♪ [music] ♪ Barely even friends ♪ ♪ Then somebody bends ♪ ♪ Unexpectedly ♪ [music] ♪ Certain as the sun ♪ ♪ Rising in the east ♪ ♪ Tale as old as time ♪ Kill the beast! ♪ Songs as old as rhyme ♪ ♪ Beauty and The Beast ♪

51 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast Animated and Live Action Movie Trailers | Disney Side by Side by Oh My Disney

  1. I loved the new live-action version. I was a huge fan of the animated, so when i first saw the new trailer, i flipped. Every actor/actress did an amazing job.

  2. This is not the original 1991 trailer, this is footage from the 1991 movie cut together to resemble the 2017 trailer.

  3. Except this isn't the trailer for the original movie, just clips of the original cut to resemble the 2017 trailer.

  4. I know both trailers aren't shot the same, but this is amazing how much Emma Watson looks like bell, and the graphics for Beast!

  5. All stories take place in the context of other stories, especially stories that are different version so fthe same tale. The 2017 take on Beauty and the Beast succeds on its own merit as well as a strand in the web of Beauty and the Beasts.

  6. One of the movies represented here is one of the best movies of all time…the other has Emma Watson.

  7. The original animated version far surpasses the new live version. The comparison you show is confusing.I certainly prefer the original.

  8. 0:09

    Original – Belle is the only one wearing blue to help emphasize how she stands out

    Live Action – Other People are Wearing Blue Destroying the Brilliant Visual Storytelling

  9. This trailer for the 2017 film leaves hardly any implication that it is a musical, also the trailer makes the film more darker and edgier than it really is.

  10. I think Emma Watson’s portrayal of my disney counterpart is really really terribly awful and bad. I always liked and loved emma watson as hermione granger weasley. Emma watson’s hermione is really good. Emma Watson as belle not so much

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