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You know what would make all this even
more awesome? What? More me. All we want to do is hear that sound. All we wanna do is hear that sound. Fellas. All we want to do is hear that sound. All we want to do is hear that sound. All we want to do is hear that sound. All we want to do is hear that sound. All we want to do is hear that sound. All we want to do is hear that sound. Yes, I hear that sound. That beautiful sound. (Yes, we do, it’s beautiful). A sound that means no more condescending adults hanging around. Every groan. Each wail and each moan. Adds up to Daddy’s leavin’- Me the hell alone! Hey, look at me (We’re looking at you girl). I’m finally free (You’re finally free girl). I was invisible (She was invisible). But now they all see. They’re out of my grill. Because of that shrill symphony. Ain’t it the sweetest noise around. That beautiful… That beautiful sound. That beautiful sound. That beautiful sound. That beautiful sound.

100 thoughts on ““Beautiful Sound” | Beetlejuice The Musical

  1. I was just thinking

    They’re dancing and jumping around

    While singing???

    That is freaking amazing I can’t even walk and sing

  2. I'd absolutely give my life so that everyone else could have a professionally recorded netflix version, because that'd be amazing

  3. im really really hoping to see this, either over break (if it will play over Christmas break) or if it travels and comes to playhousesquare.

  4. I did a class with a guy who was part of the ensemble(i think he might have been an understudy also, forgive my lack of knowledge about theater terms, because I don't really remember) for Hamilton when it was touring. He taught us a few parts from dances/songs in the musical and it was pretty cool. I really hope I get that opportunity for another musical, especially Beetlejuice.

  5. I mean everyone's opinion matters, but really I think that the guy in the striped suit and green hair was the best. The guy in the striped suit and green hair was pretty good, I have to admit, but the guy in the striped suit and the green hair just really pushed the limits of singing and acting in a most beautiful way.

  6. "no more condescending adults hanging around"..
    I love that beetle juice is not technically one of those "adults" XD LOL

  7. I’ve only seen the show through the bootlegs so I really hope they film it for Netflix, it’s also now my favorite

  8. This is how I imagine the song writing of this song went:

    Writer: wow!! This song is coming along pretty awesome!

    Director: you know what would make this even more awesome?!

    W: what

    D: like a bunch of beetle juices come on stage and have a giant dance break and after they terrorize helpless individuals!

    W: …………. HELL YEAH


  9. Pleeeease make a professional recording and post it to some vod platform. Not everyone can see it live unfortunately (for me it would be get a visa and travel for ~12 hours) don't leave your overseas fans out

  10. Now I feel great about having a hanging globe light in my house. There is also one in this Beetlejuice house chandelier, with a touch of Batman design.

  11. Когда ты живёшь в России и не можешь сходить на этот мюзикл 😔👌🏻

  12. i live in france and cant see the musical ;————; i hope they do a european tour at some point! also, expect sophia to become a huge broadway star, because she has an amazing voice! i send my love and appreciation to the cast and writers! <3

  13. I love how the musical tells a different story than the movie, focusing more on Lydia's fight with her grief and Beetlejuice's internal monologue.

  14. 1:16 Beetlejuice’s clones are technically him but more of him. It looks like he really cares about Lydia look one of them leaned against the table so she can have something to walk down on and two of them are waiting for her to grab their hands so she doesn’t fall awww

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