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44 thoughts on “Batgirl Fan film series (S2,Ep.1): Let’s get her, boys! (DC Comics/Superheroine/Short movie)

  1. Hi, we are starting Batgirl season 2. Watch episode 1 – comment, LIKE and subscribe (if you not subscribe already). Let's help me to promote this video: show your friends, add in social networks
    Alternate ending include unmasking scenes on my Patreon

  2. Very professional, good acting and scriptwriting. And Batgirl is a total babe and a good fighter. Like some of the other guys, I'd love to see her defeated (at least temporarily), captured, and unmasked. This was great!!

  3. j adore suis fan et j ai trop hate de voir la suite savoir si le groupe de mec masqué vont se venger et avoir batgirl la demasqué l humilliée le top serai que le chef des mecs masqué garde masque costume avec lui et exibe batgirl sans rien sur le net

  4. Great first episode, can’t wait for the next one. Hopefully Batgirl will be in trouble & tied up & helpless. Perfect revenge for the bad guys but of course, Batgirl will get out of it in the end. Hihi. Cheers

  5. I cant see the self unmasking in this video.. could you angle it to her face in the future? but good work anyways, i will support you on patreon.

  6. Excellent as usual my friend!! I’m looking forward to the next episode and what trouble Batgirl can get into. Very good acting by Yana. Hugs for you!

  7. Oh, that looks like severe trouble for Batgirl! I wonder what this boss has planned for her. But sooner or later he might wanna take a look …under…that….mask! 😉
    Thanks for all your work on these videos 🙂

  8. Hi…Enjoyed how you had her "lure" him in, he thought he was following her, but really Batgirl was leading him on! Going to be fun watching her thwart these guys!

  9. Oooo i know you were. What did he say?
    He needs a new Death Racer because it became to Violent and he needs a new mask to represent him

  10. Hey do u have a trailer for this? I would love to do a reaction to this! I do a reaction to fan films once a month, I would to do your! #blackvikingreacts

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