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Thank god! My beautiful naughty granddaughter is not at
home. She would’ve finished this entire bottle of pickle alone. She loves pickles. Oh no! So, how is this, old lady? You want to hide the pickle from me. Don’t eat it; there may be glass pieces in it. There are glass pieces in it? Don’t go, there are glass pieces in it. What happened? What’s this, mother? What happened? How did you fall down? Your beautiful daughter naughty daughter kept a banana
peel.. that I fall.. – What? Look, it’s still there. She made me fall down and ran away with the pickle bottle. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up. It’s your fault, mother. You’ve pampered and spoilt her. She did not study properly. And now the big girl is wandering about in the neighborhood. Wait, I’ll teach her a lesson today. I’ll thrash her badly. No Jaga, don’t beat her. I’m warning you. This is your fault. Shouldn’t she get punished for making you fall down? – No. My granddaughter has made me fall down. How does it matter to you? Doesn’t it matter to me that she made my mother fall down? –
No. It doesn’t concern you. If you ever interfere between the grandma and
granddaughter.. ..then I’ll thrash you badly. – Okay, fine. Pamper your granddaughter as much you wish to. I’m getting late. I’m going. The old lady wanted to hide the pickle from me. As you sow so shall you reap. Now she’ll understand what back pain is. Thank you means expressing gratefulness. Thank you means expressing gratefulness. Thank you means expressing gratefulness. Thank you means expressing gratefulness. Thank you means expressing gratefulness. Thank you means expressing gratefulness. Thank you means expressing gratefulness. ‘How do you do means’ ‘hadudu’ (game of kabaddi). ‘How do you do means’ ‘hadudu’ (game of kabaddi). ‘How do you do means’ ‘hadudu’ (game of kabaddi). How do you do means asking someone his well-being. Oh no! Impossible! I can never learn this. No Palturam! You can’t give up. You’ve to win. I must go to Bombay for money. But before that my mind sings songs. You ate it? You showed me the pickle and then ate it? Did you do the right thing, sister? Bombay is a tempting name but you can’t go there if you wish
to. This is similar. You feel tempted when you see it but you can’t eat it. After a lot of hard work, I made grandma fall down. Broke the bottle and finally got a small amount of pickle. Do you understand, Polturam? – Yes, I do. I’ll run away as soon as I get the chance. I’ll make someone fall down and then run away. I’ll go straight to Bombay. No, not Bombay but to the abode of lord of death Yama. – Oh
no! Wait, I’ll teach you a lesson today. It’s either your day or
mine. You broke the pickle bottle, hurt me and now you are
enjoying.. ..the pickle here. – Yes. Poltu, the useless chap and Mala the troublesome grown up
girl. Old lady, old day don’t call me unmarried girl. – Why won’t
I? I’ll call you a unmarried girl several times. Unmarried.
Unmarried. No, I’m not grown -up. I’ve hurt your back and now I’ll break your legs. You’ll break my legs and back. Wait, I’ll teach you a lesson. Wait, I’ll teach you a lesson. – Old lady.. What’s going on? Unmarried girl. – Old lady. Unmarried girl. Unmarried girl. “Hey old lady.” “Unmarried girl.” “Unmarried girl.” “Hey old lady!” “Oh no, you girl. – Oh no old lady.” “Oh no, you girl. – Oh no old lady.” “Oh no!” “Granny, come on move your body and dance with your broken
hip.” “Granddaughter, I’ll make you forget your dance..” “ grand son-in-law arrives.” “Granny, come on move your body and dance with your broken
hip.” “When my son-in-law comes I’ll teach him.” “What will you teach him?” “When my son-in-law comes I’ll teach him.” “I’ll break the pot full of juices.” “I’ll break the pot full of juices with a stick.” “Oh no! It’s not that easy.” “When your grand son-in-law comes I’ll send you off.” “When your grand son-in-law comes I’ll send you off.” “I’ll watch..” “I’ll watch what the old lady does with a young paramour.” “Oh no, you naughty girl.” “Granny, come on move your body and dance with your broken
hip.” ‘Tell me granny, when you were young..” “Tell me granny, when you were young..” “ did you..” “ did you attract grandpa?” “Shame! Shame! What does she say?” “Love of young age is very intimate.” “Is it?” “Love of young age is very intimate.” “Amidst this..” “Amidst this lies the sweetness of love.” “Granny, come on move your body and dance with your broken
hip.” “Let me dye your grey hair black.” “What are you saying?” “Let me dye your grey hair black.” “I’ll get you married again.” “I’ll get you married to a new grandpa.” “Now I understand who wants to marry.” “I know what you mean.” “I know what you mean.” “Your heart longs..” “Your heart longs for love.” “Shame! Shame! You don’t have any shame.” “Granny, come on move your body and dance with your broken
hip.” “Granddaughter, I’ll make you forget your dance..” “ grand son-in-law arrives.” “Granny, come on move your body and dance with your broken
hip.” Take that down and get this one up. What’s this? Hurry up. You are taking so much time to load a tempo. When will you do the rest o the work? Come on hurry up. Hurry up. They get lazy when they’ve to work. Sir.. – Yes. – ..I’ll make a hand written receipt for you. – Okay. Pay me on Saturday and take the permanent receipt. – Okay. Well Mr. Jagadish it’s your honesty that has helped.. ..the business of Mr. Brajen prosper. Yes, the previous manager stole about 100,000 rupees.. ..and made Mr. Brajen almost bankrupt. Is it right to betray the person I’m working for? It’s my duty to take care of my employer’s well-being. That’s’ right. Mr. Brajen doesn’t have a son. Who will take care of his immense wealth and business? If he had a son then this wouldn’t have been a problem. Nothing can be surely stated these days. We can’t say definitely that a son will help his father. Look at my son. Could I bring him up properly? He didn’t even complete his education. He’s busy chatting and gossiping with his friends. Now he wants to go to Mumbai. Why won’t I go? It’s the city of my dreams. I must got o Mumbai. Where are you going? – Where am I going? Where are you going? – Well, I was going for.. For what? – For this. Potla. – Coming, master. – Why are you calling Potla? Potla. – Yes, master. How much should he pay? He couldn’t drink the tea. But he must pay 10 rupees for breaking the glass. 10 rupees for breaking the glass? – Yes. 10 rupees. Already you’ve a credit of 50 rupees and now 10 rupees makes
it 60. You are worrying about your money? I’ll go home right now and.. Right now. – No. No. Potla, open his shirt button. What are you doing? What’s this? I told you to unbutton his shirt but you are
unbuttoning his pant. Unbutton his shirt. He need not open anything. I’ll open it. Come on, take the shirt. Take it. Oh no! Why did you take off the shirt of such a handsome boy? I won’t be at peace even if I open and take away everything
he has. It’s strange that such an honest father has a dishonest son
like him. Whose son is he? He is the son of Mr. Jagadish who works for Mr. Brajen. His father works hard day and night and his son cheats
people. He has a sister of marriageable age but he is not worried
about it. Of marriageable age? What’s this, Poltu? Why are you without a shirt? Where is your shirt? Forget about my shirt and give me a sari. – Sari? – Yes. Give me a sari and a pot. – Pot? – Yes. I don’t have money so I’ll commit suicide by drowning
myself. What’s wrong, Poltu? What happened? Oh n o! What’s this? Who has taken away your shirt and insulted you, Poltu? Who else but the tea stall owner Kalipada da. I’ve told you all several times to give me money so that I
can go to Bombay. I’ll got here and earn tons of money. But, no one listens to me. Today he has taken away my shirt, in future he’ll take away
everything I have. Shame! Shame! No! No! No one can will insult you again. Actually, I can’t tolerate any respectable person getting
insulted before me. Come on, take this. Who are you? Why have you entered our house without any introduction? What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Well, my name is Banamali. I’m a matchmaker. I want to meet Mr. Jagadish. Oh! But, father is not at home. Oh! He is not at home. Well, have you come to take a look at our daughter or.. ..or fix a match for our son. Why have you come? Why have you come? Do you know what I feel, granny? – What? He must’ve brought proposals for your granddaughter. Mala, where are you? – Father.. Look, I’ve got good tiger prawns. Cook delicious prawn curry for dinner. – Okay, father. – Go. Mother, do you know.. tiger prawns.. Who are you? I’m Banamali, I’m a matchmaker. – Oh! Why have you entered my house without contacting me? Well father, he liked me when he saw me at the tea stall. So, he followed me and came to our house. Is it? – Yes. I knew that shepherds follow cattle. I didn’t know that matchmakers also follow cattle. – What? Shut up! You always speak nonsense. Is Poltu worthless? – No. No. Why so? But a cow that doesn’t work or give milk but only feeds on
fodder.. ..isn’t kept anywhere for long. Got me? Please be quiet. You are always after him. Come on, grandson. Come inside and eat. Yes granny, serve food for me, I’m very hungry. Well Mr. matchmaker, why are you here? I’ve brought a marriage proposal for your daughter. Is it? Share the details of the groom. He belongs to the family of landlords. They are no more landlords but they’ve enough money and
wealth.. ..and your daughter will live the life of a queen. Okay, fine. Tell me something about the groom. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you. The only son of Sonarpur’s landlord family. He is educated, intelligent and of good character, Raja
Choudhury. Stop it! stop this dance. You know brother-in-law.. ..I don’t get attracted by the same woman for a long time.. ..else I could’ve married and made my mother happy and.. spent my entire life with one woman. No. No. why will you do so? Why will do so, brother-in-law? If you do so you won’t be able to enjoy life. I’ll tell her to go away right now. Hey girl! Listen. Listen. Your work is over from today. Sir, till now I was living on your money. What will I do now? Listen, listen to me. Now that you are in this business you’ll definitely get
clients. Don’t cry, juts go away from here. Go away. Stop! Remember something. Raja Choudhury can’t bear to see girls like you crying. Take this. Goa way with a smile on your lips. Take it. Come on, get up. Yes, tell me. The husband of my step sister, house husband Gokul
Mazumdar.. ..if you can’t get a new girl within three days.. ..then you’ll be thrown out of the house. Remember this. – Okay. My dear brother-in-law, I can bring a new girl here in three
minutes.. ..instead of three days to ruin your life. How am I? – Better. You are much better now. No need to worry. Your blood pressure is normal. Your heart is also good. How can I not be well? You can see how Ratan and Sunita take care of me. Doctor, won’t you go through the previous prescription? No, I don’t need to see it. – Yes, you need it. It’ll help me. – What? It’ll help mother. – Yes, it’ll help me. Come on take it, this will help you in prescribing
medicines. Come on take it. Take it. – Take it. Okay, Okay, the same medicines will continue. Give it back to me. Yes, give the prescription. I’ll leave now, aunt. Okay. Okay. Go back to work. How long will you take care of me? I’ve done my work. This is the most important work that I have. My own son is never concerned about me. You are not my son yet you do so much for me and worry so
much. Will you keep quiet, mother? Let me do my work. Mother. Mother, I need some money. – Money? I gave you money just the other day. Not the other day. It’s almost been a week. If you spend so much money in a week we’ll run out of
wealth. Mother, the money that father has left behind won’t finish.. ..even if fourteen generations sit and eat. Come on give me money. Sunita , open the wardrobe and give him 5000 rupees. Raja’s hall I say something? – Say anything you wish to,
mother. Well, I want to say that don’t spend the money on useless
things. Try and spend the money for a good purpose. It’ll benefit all of us. You all spend on good things. Let me spend on something bad. Brother, take it. Bye, mother. Oh god! Today the relation of a mother and son is limited
only to money. Mother, I’ll suggest something. Get Raja da married. He’ll change when he has a wife at home. Can you force someone to do something he doesn’t want to do? I may be your step daughter but look at your son-in-law. He never thinks of himself. He is always trying to mend the ways of his brother-in-law. Sister, how could you say such a big lie early in the
morning? No one may know the actual nature of brother-in-law. But, I know him very well. Ratan! – Piyali! What’s’ this? Why did you slap Ratan? I’ll slap him. I did the right thing by slapping him. You and Sunita have pampered this boy and encourage him to
do anything. If he says anything to me.. Listen Piyali, I may not have given birth to Ratan.. ..but he is closer to me than my own son. You all may betray me but he’ll never betray me. I’ve that faith in him. Never slap him in future. Mother. It’s so late yet brother-in-law is not yet here. Don’t worry Mr. raja.. has promised that he’ll come here with a
dancer. When will he come? When it’s morning? I won’t be that late, brother-in-law. That’s why, that’s why I’ve brought this beauty with me. Who are you? What’s this? Don’t you know Mr. raja? He belongs to the family of landlords of Sonarpur village.. I’m the spoilt brat, Raja Choudhury. Fill me with happiness in this beautiful night, beautiful
lady. Wait for some time, I’ll be back soon. “My romantic friend.” “My romantic friend.” “I won’t let you leave me and go.” “My romantic friend.” “My romantic friend.” “Come. Come.” “Look at me and see if you know me.” “Look at me and see if you know me.” “I won’t let you leave me and go.” “My romantic friend.” “My romantic friend.” “My romantic friend.” “Storm of love is raging in my hearts tonight.” “After a long time the dumb has got the power of speech.” “Storm of love is raging in my hearts tonight.” “After a long time the dumb has got the power of speech.” “I want to give everything.” “I want love from you.” “Why won’t I take what I deserve?” “My romantic friend.” “My romantic friend.” “I never saw you in this beautiful form.” “You look like rain drenched rose amidst.” “I never saw you in this beautiful form.” “You look like rain drenched rose amidst leaves.” “When the thunder strike my desires increase.” “I won’t leave you even if I get burnt.” “My romantic friend.” “My romantic friend.” “Look at me and see if you know me.” “Look at me and see if you know me.” “I won’t let you leave me and go.” “My romantic friend.” “My romantic friend.” What are you saying, Ratan? Is this true? – Yes, mother. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The farm house is being decorated. The girl will stay there from now. End. It’s the end of all my hopes. If I ever go anywhere with your son’s marriage proposal
then.. ..the bride’s father will break my head. Shut up, Banamali. I’ve been telling you to find a god match for him the past
three years. I want to get raja married. If I got a suitable girl then Raja would’ve definitely.. ..mended his destructive ways. You couldn’t find a single girl till date. I didn’t leave any stone unturned, mother. But, what can I do? The girls’ families throw me out when they hear Mr. Raja’s
name. Liar. You can’t find suitable matches. You can only take money. No one has ever lied in our family. The other day I went to see a girl. She was beautiful and belonged to a good family. Beauty and family doesn’t matter. We won’t keep the girl decked up. A decent girl from a poor family will do. Someone who will dance to our tunes. Why do you wish something like this, sister? Brother is the only son of our family. Sister-in-law must be beautiful and from a decent family
otherwise.. ..we can’t mend his bad habits and get him away from bad
girls. Boys belonging to landlord’s families have such habits. What’s wrong if he has brought a woman and kept her in the
farm house? Listen Banamali, try to materialize the match with the girl
you just mentioned. But the girl’s father has clearly refused, mother. Let him refuse. Keep trying. Tell him about me. If needed, if needed I’ll go and visit him. Oh no! Jealous old lady. She has torn my hairs. So, you can’t even tolerate if I pull your hair a bit hard. You’ll see what changes take place when you get married. My husband won’t be like your husband. Father will get me married in a family.. ..where I won’t be hurt even with flowers. Stop it! If you get a husband like my husband then you’ll know that
you are fortunate. Mother! – What? Well Baju, you may go now. Both of you are sitting here. Why aren’t you answering when I’m calling you? How will we know which mother you are calling? This one or that one? Did you hear? Did you hear what your daughter is saying? How can I answer you? Father. Father. – What? I’ve learn this English book by heart. You’ve learnt the English book by heart? – Yes. Which book, son? – Gita. – Gita? You’ve learnt Gita by heart? – Yes. Okay, now rote Bible in Bengali by heart. Go. Keep this money carefully in the wardrobe. There’s lot of money in it. Keep it carefully. Go. – Yes. How much money? – Lot of money. 70,000 rupees. Don’t drink anymore Mr. Raja. It’s late. Go home now. Home? What will I do by going home, Purnima? I won’t get your company at home. Everyone in your family must be waiting for you. They love you a lot, isn’t it? Love? Yes. Everyone loves me. But, I’ve lost their love because of my bad habits. Well, how is uncle Gokul related to you? Is he your brother-in-law? – Yes. She is the husband of my step-sister. It means he is Piyali sister’s husband. – Yes. How do you know? Well, I’ve heard it from Tublu. Then you must’ve also heard that I’ve a mother and sister at
home. Yes, I’ve heard about it. Shall I ask something? Hope you don’t mind. Why will I mind the words of someone I’ve given my heart and
life? Why haven’t you got married? – Marriage? Family life and marriage is not meant for me. I’m a spoilt boy. Girls like you are enough for me. Purnima can’t give you what a wife can, Mr. Raja. You’ll understand it when you’ll get married. That day will never come. Father! Father! Grandma! What happened? – What happened? What happened? Why are you shouting? Father, I had kept the money given by you locked inside the
wardrobe. – Yes. The wardrobe is open and the money is missing. Who has ruined me? What will I go and tell the businessman? The money.. what’s this? Respected father, from Poltu. Father, I wanted to go to Bombay for a long time. But I couldn’t go because I didn’t have the money. So, I’m taking this money. Despite being the son of an honest man like you I stole. Please forgive me if you can. Scoundrel! Rascal! How could you ruin your father in this
manner? Poltu has taken the money? – Yes, Poltu has taken the money. If I knew that he would grow up to become a thief then.. ..I would’ve strangled him to death at birth. My hard work of all these years, my reputation that I’ve
built gradually.. ..over years has been shattered in a day, mother. Everything has been shattered in a day, mother. Poltu ruined us. What will happen now, father? – I don’t know. I don’t know, dear. How will I face the businessman? What will I answer him? Stop it! Your explanations won’t help. If I wait for your son to send money then my entire life
will pass. Forget about my son. Have faith in me. I haven’t betrayed you. I’ve worked hard to help your business grow and earn profit. What’s the use? The profits have gone to waste. I should celebrate that. I promise you that I’ll pay you the money anyhow. Believe me. I’ll definitely return the money. Fine. The day you return the money I’ll withdraw the case. I’m not ready to waste my time by talking to you. The matter is now in the hands of police. They’ll do what they think is best. – Master.. Inspector, take him away. I don’t like to face these troubles now. I’m busy at the moment. Let’s go. Mr. Brajen. Mr. Brajen, have mercy on me. I beg of you. Have mercy on me. Please don’t hand me over to the police. Give me few days time. I can’t give you any time. Wait. You must be Mr. Brajen, the owner of this business. – Yes. You are handing over a good person like Mr. Jagadish for
money? The amount is significant and that’s’ why I’m handing him
over to the police. I hope you won’t have any complaints if you get the money. –
No. Ratan. – Yes, mother. Here you go. There is 100,000 rupees here. Take the amount that you must get and return the rest to Mr.
Jagadish. Let’s go, Mr. Jagadish. – Well.. Let’s go. You came as God and saved me in this hour of need. Who are you? How did you know about my problem? Don’t get so inquisitive, Mr. Jagadish? Let’s go to your house. We’ll sit and discuss everything there. Let’s go. Welcome. Welcome. This is my house. Mother. Why have you come here? I’ve told you that the boy’s character is not good. I won’t get my daughter married to him. Look, the landlady of Sonarpur village Mrs. Sudha has
brought me here. I’m her support. You? – Yes, I’m Mrs. Sudha. Oh! Now I understand that you want to take advantage of my
problem.. ..and buy my daughter. I’m a sick woman. Won’t you even ask me to sit down? Father, tell her to sit down. Come and sit down. Come. Come, please be seated. Be seated. I’ll come back soon. Sister, come here. Mother, you sit and talk to them, I’ll go inside. I understand your feelings, Mr. Jagadish. I haven’t come here to sing praises of my son. I’m his mother. I’ll wish the well being of my son. I’m also the father of my daughter. I can’t ruin my daughter’s life knowingly. I’m Sunita . We’ve come here with the proposal of my brother’s marriage
with you. Will you be my sister-in-law? I agree to you. I don’t know why but I felt that if anyone can change my
son.. ..then she is your daughter. Don’t refuse us. Convince your father anyhow. No, this is impossible. Impossible. Right now I’m not in the financial condition to pay the
money.. ..with which you’ve helped me. But, I promise that I’ll return your money anyhow by selling
my house and land. But, I can’t get my daughter married to your son. Don’t mind my words if I’ve said anything wrong unknowingly. Sunita . – Coming. How can you go away like this? You’ve helped my son and I’ll never forget it in my life. If you don’t have the sweets then I’ll know that you are
angry with us. No. No, mother. I’m not angry with you. I haven’t done anything special. People help each other. Sunita , come. – Coming. I’ll leave now. Bye. Please wait, mother. You can’t go away without having anything. Come on, have something. I’ve lost before you love. I’ve lost to you. I’m unfortunate that I couldn’t make you my daughter-in-law. Please calm down, mother. I..I’ll marry your son. Mala, what are you saying? Father, you’ve taught me that.. ..birth, death and marriage are all in Almighty’s hands. This is what God wishes. This is my fate. No. This isn’t possible. This isn’t possible. Father. Father, if I’m destined to be happy then.. ..I’ll be happy as their daughter-in-law. Don’t refuse, father. – Mala.. Father, just bless me that I can be happy. – Mala.. I’ve never objected to anything that you’ve wished. I’ve tried to keep you happy all my life. I bless you from my heart. – Father. Okay. Do what you wish to. I won’t say anything. I had planned that I’ll get you married and bring a
daughter-in-law home. I had wished to spend my last few years happily with my
grandchildren. When you don’t care for my joys I’ve nothing to say. I..I’ll go and apologize before them and ask them to forgive
me.. I couldn’t keep my promise. I’ve no right over the son on whose behalf I had promised
them. He doesn’t think about me. He doesn’t love me a bit. He doesn’t love me. Brother. Brother, don’t hurt mother anymore. Listen to mother. Listen to her. Okay. Okay, mother. Since you wish to get me married, I’ll marry just for your
joys. – Raja. Do you know that I’m the happiest person today since..’ve come here as my sister-in-law? I know you’ll be able to do what we couldn’t do. Keep brother under your control with your beauty. Don’t leave him under any condition. If needed be strict with him. Who will dominate whom? Sunita, you are teaching good things to the new bride. She is a poor man’s daughter who is now a rich family’s
daughter-in-law. She’ll be strict with my brother? Piyali, don’t you feel ashamed to talk like this before the
new bride? Mother, why did you come here? – Why won’t I come? Why will I keep quiet if anyone insults my daughter-in-law? Okay, I’ll go away from here. I would’ve understood if you had brought home a rich girl. You’ve brought home a beggar’s daughter. Don’t mind her words, daughter-in-law. Mother. What’s the matter, Ratan? Brother is.. – Where is he? In the farmhouse. Okay, you may go. Let me see what I can do. Mother. What’s this, mother? Why are you crying? – I’m scared. I’m scared. Sometimes I feel that I’ve ruined your life. Don’t’ say this, mother. You’ve brought me home as the daughter-in-law of Choudhury
family. It’s my duty to change your son. I’ll change him anyhow. Daughter-in-law.. – Yes mother, go and sleep. Go. You’ve assured and relaxed me. I bless you from my heart that you succeed. You’ll succeed. “Sister-in-law, on this happy night.” “Why do you look sad?” “On this happy night..” “..why do you look sad?” “If you put up a smile on your beautiful face..” “..I’ll get moon in my hands.” “Sister-in-law, on this happy night..” “ you hold on to your sari beautifully.” “On this happy night..” “ you hold on to your sari beautifully.” “Keep my brother under your control.” “Always stay together.” “Sister-in-law, on this happy night..” “May your soft lips blossom with love.” “May your soft lips blossom with love.” “May your life be full of happiness.” “I’m happy to be a part of this family.” “I dance with joy.” “Sister-in-law, on this happy night..” “..why do you look sad?” “On this happy night..” “..why do you look sad?” “If you put up a smile on your beautiful face..” “..I’ll get moon in my hands.” “Sister-in-law, on this happy night..” “Such a sweet sister-in-law and mother-in-law..” “Such a sweet sister-in-law and mother-in-law..” “..I’ll be close to them and love them throughout my life.” “I don’t have any demand.” “Just stay together.” “Sister-in-law, on this happy night..” “..why do you look sad?” “On this happy night..” “..why do you look sad?” “If you put up a smile on your beautiful face..” “..I’ll get moon in my hands.” “Sister-in-law, on this happy night..” “ you hold on to your sari beautifully.” “On this happy night..” “ you hold on to your sari beautifully.” “Keep my brother under your control.” “Always stay together.” “Sister-in-law, on this happy night..” Brother, be careful. Be careful. Go away, I said. Go away. Go. Who is it? You? If you stay awake for me then you’ll have to remain awake on
all nights. Come on, move aside. Move aside. Mother. Mother. Brother has come home. Raja has come home? – Yes. He has come home? Are you sure? Yes mother, I saw him. God, make him turn towards his family. Make him turn towards
his family. What’s this? How come I’m here in this room and on this bed? It’s fine. I don’t like anyone touch my feet. How come I’m here? Actually, you.. I know. I know. I was drunk and unconscious.. ..otherwise I was not supposed to be on this bed. Well, didn’t you get any other place in the room that you
were.. ..sleeping at my feet? – No. No. I it wasn’t a problem for
me. You didn’t have any problem but I did. I dislike these things. Listen to something. I’ve married to make my mother happy and not for myself. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law, did you sleep last night? – Yes. It’s clear from your face that you slept last night. Why are you laughing? Go and see your face in the mirror. – Oh no! Take bath and come, mother is calling you. Well.. – Yes. Did you see the new bride? Why do you call her the bride? She is a doll. A puppet. And I don’t wish to see her. If Raja starts playing with the doll once your game will be
over forever. Raja won’t get involved with the new bride because I’ve
already.. ..kept him engaged in an interesting game. Yet I suggest that you try and keep mother within your
control from now on. Try to please mother. How can I keep my mother-in-law in my control? Tell me. She can’t tolerate me. If I keep her in my control the my hand will burn.. – Into
ashes? Isn’t it? You are Bokul only in name. You are useless. You can’t even control a woman? My words will come true one day. The new bride, Sunita and mother, all three of them will.. ..try to bring Raja back towards his family. And they’ll succeed too. Just wait and watch. Let them. Let them. Well, money, anklets on Purnima’s feet and alcohol.. brother-in-law won’t be able to come out of these
attractions. It’s fine, dear. Please sit down. I bless you from my heart, dear. I bless that you be very happy in life. Mother, ask sister-in-law if she likes my brother. Sister-in-law, do you like my brother? Yes mother, I like her a lot. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. – What happened? Bless me. – You want me to bless you? How will my blessings help? What are you saying? You are my brother’s wife. You are like my mother. Sister-in-law, hot jalebis (sweets) for you. Hot jalebis from Hari’s shop for my dear sister-in-law. Sister-in-law, come on, have it. have it. Look at this crazy boy. – No, sister-in-law. I’m not mad. I’m not mad. You are not ordinary bride. You are goddess Durga. One day you’ll pull brother back in this family with your
hands. Sister-in-law, why are you worried? First have the jalebis and increase your strength and.. ..then you can bring brother back. Come on, eat. Whose letter are you reading? Poltu’s? Mother, I’ve told you several times not to mention his name
before me. What can I do? I’ve brought them up since they were small. It’s not easy to forget him. Whose letter is it? – Mala’s. The peon gave me the letter today. – Oh! Do you know what I feel after reading her letter, mother? Mala, Mala has suppressed her sorrows and has made up.. ..some happy stories and written to me about them. You always suspect things. My granddaughter is very happy. My granddaughter is so beautiful that even if any devil
married her.. ..he would’ve changed. Come on, I’m very hungry. Come and eat. – Yes, let’s go. Oh god! Almighty! You are the creator of this universe. Joys, sorrows, smiles and cries, everything is in your
hands. Everything is in your hands. I may face many sorrows in life but I should be able to face
everything.. ..with a smile on my face, God. I should be able to face everything with a smile on my face. So, this road is closed. Doesn’t matter. Dr. Deepak Mitra knows how to cross a blocked road. Why did you pull my dress? What would’ve happened if it tore? – What can I do? Is aw the road blocked by a big piece of bamboo stick and.. I thought it’s easier to pull your dress then to remove
the bamboo. Well doctor, so you are practicing how to tear clothes of
your patients these days. Shame! Shame! Sunita , why are you insulting my profession? Aren’t you my patient? Tell me. Yes. Yes I’m your patient. Do you know that I’m very sick? You are very sick? – Yes. Well, what sort of ailment? Where’s the problem? In my hands, my heart, my legs. Oh no! You’ve problem in your entire body. – Yes. Do you know that my legs want to run towards you? My hands want to embrace you? – Oh no! My eyes only want to see you. – Oh no! My heart.. – yes heart? – beats fast. It beats fast. Oh no! Let me check. “I’ve diagnosed. I’ve diagnosed.” “What have you diagnosed?” “Love disease” “I’ve diagnosed. I’ve diagnosed.” “I’ve diagnosed your ailment.” “I’ve diagnosed. I’ve diagnosed.” “I’ve diagnosed your ailment.” “This disease is called love.” “It’s the ailment called love.” “This disease is called love.” “It’s the ailment called love.” “I’m finished. I’m finished.” “It means I’m finished.” “I’m finished. I’m finished.” “It means I’m finished.” “What shall I do now?” “I need medicines.” “What shall I do now?” “I need medicines.” “Listen to me, doctor.” – “What’s’ it? What’s it?” “There’s no solution now.” “Listen to me, doctor.” “There’s no solution now.” “Admit me in your hospital o heart diseases.” “This disease is very dangerous.” “You’ve high fever.” “This disease is very dangerous.” “You’ve high fever.” “Neither a thermometer or barometer can measure the
temperature.” “What have I contracted at this age?” “I’m finished. I’m finished.” “It means I’m finished.” “This disease is called love.” “It’s the ailment called love.” “What shall I do now?” “I need medicines.” “I lament during day time.” “Is it?” “I keep turning sides.” “I lament during day time.” “I keep turning sides.” “I wait for summer in winter and winter in summer.” “When will spring arrive?” “Shall I inject you?” “No. No. no. No.” “What if there’s a reaction?” “Shall I inject you?” “What if there’s a reaction?” “What shall I do if anything wrong happens?” “Let anything happen now that I’m hooked.” “I’m finished. I’m finished.” “It means I’m finished.” “What shall I do now?” “I need medicines.” “This disease is called love.” “It’s the ailment called love.” “I’ve caught. I’ve caught.” “I’ve caught you on time.” “We’ve fallen, we’ve fallen, both of us have fallen.” “Where have we fallen?” ‘We’ve fallen in love.” Mother, just see what has happened. Why? What has happened? I went to the shop and showed your prescription for hearto
problem. But, they did not give me any medicine. For what? – Hearto. Hearto. Crazy boy, that’s not called hearto it’s called heart. It maybe anything. I went to the shop and showed them the prescription. But they said they can’t give any medicine as sister
Sunita’s name is written here. Sunita’s name is written in the prescription? – Yes. Yes. What else am I saying? Come on read it. Let the handsome doctor come, I’ll ask him. I’m here, aunt. I’m here. Doctor. Hey doctor! – What happened? What sort of doctor are you? – Why? Why have you written the wrong name in mother’s
prescription? Wrong name? What do you mean? It means that you’ve written Sunita sister’s name instead
of.. ..mother’s name in the prescription. Well, well, I mean.. Doctor, write down mother’s prescription properly. I’ll be back soon. Mother, I’ll come back after some time. Okay? How are you, aunt? I can’t be good after what I see in the prescription. – No.
No. Well, I mean.. you, Sunita.. you and Sunita.. Sunita was having heart problems like you. Oh! So, is that the reason why you’ve written her name by
mistake.. the prescription? – Yes. Will she get well? – Yes. Of course she’ll get well. She is almost cured. She is cured. Oh! So she is cured? – Yes. Well, where do you treat Sunita? In the ground beside the broken down school. – Oh! You treat her beside the broken school? I understand. I understand everything, son. You love Sunita a lot. After going through the prescription I’ve understood that
she also loves you a lot. Then I’ll leave now. – You want to leave? Of course you’ll go. I want to say something. If you really love Sumita I’ve no objection. Does your mother know about this? Mother knows everything, aunt. We were waiting for your approval. If you agree then she’ll come.. No. No. She need not come. I’ll go and talk to her when I’m alright. – Okay, aunt. It’s fine. Goodbye, aunt. – Goodbye. Listen, I want to say something to you. – What’s it? Tell
me. I love you and you also love me. What do you mean? I want you to act. – Act? – Yes. Not for me, it’s for mother. The doctor has suggested that we always keep mother happy.. ..otherwise her condition may become serious. What must I do? You must act before mother to make her happy. – Acting? –
Yes. You want me to act? – Yes. Pretend before mother that you love me a lot. No. No. This isn’t possible for me. You must do it to make mother happy. I want to give mother peace of mind. Don’t you want your mother to be at peace? Tell me. Tell me. Don’t you wish it? Of course I do. But, you must know that I do nothing against my wishes. Do this small favor for your mother. Take this. Necklace? What shall I do with it? Show this necklace to me before mother and tell me.. .. ‘Mala, I’ve bought this necklace for you.’ ‘Look, if you like it. Look at it.’ Can’t you do this? Tell me. Can’t you? Can’t you do this mall acting with me for mother’s
well-being? Tell me. Tell me. Mother, take this. Mother. Mother, did you call me? – Yes, son. Sit down next to me. Do you know that today is my marriage anniversary? Your father gifted me these bangles and made me wear them. I want you to help daughter-in-law wear these bangles. Mother, actually I’ve bought this necklace for Mala. It’s very beautiful. It’s very beautiful. You love daughter-in-law so much. I’m very happy. Mother, you gift them to her. I’ll call her. Mala. Mala. Brother, you’ve a very nice choice. This will look very good on sister-in-law. Did you call me? I loved this necklace when is aw it in the shop. I’ve brought it for you. See if you like it. Do you like it, dear? Yes mother, I love it. It’s fine, dear. Stay happy. My dreams are coming true today. I wish to see the face of my grandchild now. I want to be a granny. Take this. Make her wear this when you go to your room. Go and rest in your room. Come, let’s go. I’ll be free after I get you married. – Mother. Did you see how this small acting made mother happy? But this is not the end. You heard what wishes mother has. – I know. I know what mother wants. Mother knows what I want. But, you don’t understand what we both want. I don’t understand? What do you mean? Look, we are married. It’s normal for mother to expect that a child will be born
out.. ..of a husband and wife’s love. Forget about mother’s wishes. Okay, let me talk about you. You had said that for you girls only mean enjoyment. Well, can’t you treat me as one? Tell me. How can I satisfy you? You can’t do it. You can never do it. Why can’t I do it? I’m also a woman. I may not be of your choice but I’ve everything that you
need to enjoy. Take a look. What do I not have? Look at me once. Look at me once. Look at me properly. Purnima. No! This isn’t possible. This isn’t possible. This is not love, not love. It’s a mistake. How can I tolerate when you see another woman in me? How can I tolerate it? No. This isn’t possible. This isn’t possible. This isn’t possible. Listen, I’ve seen with my own eyes. – What? Raja put a necklace on his wife’s neck with his own hands. Raja put a necklace on his wife’s neck with his own hands? –
Yes. You saw it with your own eyes? – Yes. Wife, it’s acting. It’s acting. Both of them are acting. They are trying to keep mother happy and healthy. Is it? – Yes. Raja ahs told me. Then mother’s joys and happiness are all false? Yes. Everything. Everything. The real game is in my hands. Got it? If I play the game at the right time then one move will
defeat them. Ratan. – Who is it? Who is it? Who called me with such a sweet voice? It’s me. It’s me. Sister! Sister, so it’s you. I think you are in some problem. Do you know sister that people address cow as father when
they are in problem? You are very naughty, Ratan? That’s because I feed on the grains of this house. – What? I’ve fed on the grains of this house and after seeing
everything.. ..I’ve become naughty. Now tell me why you called me in that shrill vulture like
voice of yours. What did you say? I am a vulture? Yes, you are the female vulture and brother-in-law is the
male vulture. Both of you are patiently waiting to pounce on your prey. Ratan, you’ve become over smart. Listen, brother-in-law has not come home since last night. Go to the farmhouse and bring him home. I can’t. I can’t go to such evil places. You won’t go? – No, I won’t. Do anything you wish to. I’ll do anything I wish to? Okay, remember this. Remember this. I’ll answer back one day. Remember my words. Worthless chap! Remember my words. Worthless chap! I’ve told you many times that I dislike these things. I can take my shirt, pant and shoes. You don’t have to worry about all these stuff. It’s my duty to take care of you. After all I’m your wife. – Wife? You are only the daughter-in-law of this family. The daughter-in-law of mother’s choice. If you tell me how I can become the wife of your choice.. You can never be one. I’m beyond your reach. Remember something, as long as you stay in this house.. ..never try to go beyond your limit. You’ve married me before the sacred fire and have accepted
me.. your legal wife. You’ve given me the right to do my duties towards you and.. I’m doing my duty. There is no use pretending. What do you think? That if you shed tears like actresses, you’ll be able to win
my heart? What are you saying? That I’m pretending? Yes. Yes. You are pretending. My mother has fallen sick after you came here. If you haven’t recognized me in this one year then know very
well today that.. can’t keep me confided tot his room with any pretence
or drama. What are you saying? – Move aside. My mother has fallen sick after you came here. You are pretending. Yes. Yes. You are pretending. It’s your pretence. Remember that you can’t keep me confided to this room with
any pretence. You can’t keep me confided. Yes. Yes. You are pretending. No. No. No. No, I’m not pretending. I’m not pretending. I’m not pretending. I’m not pretending. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Ratan. Ratan. Ratan. What’s it, sister Sunita? What’s wrong? There’s a problem. – What has happened? Sister-in-law has left the house and gone to her maiden
house. – What? What’s this? Mala, you are here? You are alone at this hour? Where is son-in-law? I’ve come alone, father. I’ve left that house forever. – Mala! What are you saying, Mala? What are you saying? Grandma, I’ve lost. I’ve lost. I’ve lost. I’ve lost. I had bragged that I would lead a happy life with him. But, I’m not destined to be happy, grandma. I’m not destined to be happy. – Don’t’ cry. Don’t cry. Stop crying. Come inside. Come inside. Wait, mother. I don’t know what has exactly happened at that house. But, I can guess that her problem is with son-in-law. Father, I had promised mother that I’ll bring him back to
his family. I couldn’t do it, father. I couldn’t do it. I’ve lost. So, I’ve come back to you, father. You’ve made a mistake, dear. After marriage marital house is the actual house of a girl. One must face all problems silently. If you come back like this then you’ll never be able to go
back to that house. So, so, you must go back to that house right now. – But
father.. No, dear. You have to go back. Wait, I’ll change my dress and come. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law, we are here. What’s this, dear? You are here at this hour? Look how our sister-in-law has surprised you. – Yes. Surprise? – Yes. What do you mean? – Meaning? It is a plan made by sister-in-law, Ratan and me. You’ll never go to meet your daughter.. we planned to come and surprise you. Isn’t it, sister-in-law? Just look at them. I had suffocated out of stress. If this continued for a little long I would’ve.. Right! What if anything happened to grandma because of our
plan? – Yes. No. No. this isn’t right. Let’s go, sister-in-law. Our work is over. Let’s go home. That isn’t possible. You are from my daughter’s marital family. How can I let you go without eating anything? Why will we eat? Why will we eat? A little while ago you were sending my sister-in-law away
without.. her anything to eat. She is my own daughter. Just now you were saying that sister-in-law is not your
daughter. She belongs to our family now. Well, you must come to our house eat the food cooked by
sister-in-law.. ..and then we’ll come and eat to our heart’s content here. We’ll eat to our heart’s content. – Okay. Come, I’ll drop you off. No. No, there is no need for you to go. As long as Ram’s devotee Hanuman is here.. one needs to worry about sister-in-law. Let’s go, sister-in-law. Let’s go, sister-in-law. – Let’s go. – Let’s go. It’s fine, dear. Bye, father. Bye, grandma. Listen, Ratan. – Yes, mother. Go to brother’s house early in the morning tomorrow. Brother’s house? Brother? – Birpur. Birpur. Daughter-in-law’s maiden house. – Okay. Invite everyone. Tell them that I couldn’t go there personally s I’m sick. –
Okay. I’m going, mother. Where are you going now? – Where else? Birpur. To sister-in-law’s maiden house to invite everyone. Ratan, you are just too much. Did I ask you to go right now? – Then? Go tomorrow morning. – Okay. Okay. Okay, mother. Why are you inviting them, mother? I can’t express how happy I am today. I’ll celebrate. I’ll invite everyone in the village. Bring daughter-in-law’s father and grandma here by car. Okay, I’ll bring them here by car. – Yes. Mother, what are you celebrating? You won’t understand. When a son who has gone astray comes back on track.. ..then a mother feels very happy. You won’t realize it. Mother, who are you speaking of? So, this is the kind of information you keep about your
brother. I’m talking about Raja. He has changed a lot these days. He doesn’t go to the farmhouse at nights. – You are right. We must celebrate. Don’t worry. I’ll to sister-in-law maiden house tomorrow morning and.. ..bring everyone here by car. Yes, do it. Now go to sleep. I’ll go now, mother. – Okay. – Good night. May I come in, mother? What’s the matter? Why are you here? I never saw you come to this room in the past five years? How can I come? Tell me. I’ve got shelter in this house as I’m the son-in-law. It’s the greatest gift that I’ve received. If I come here daily and disturb you then my conscience
won’t forgive me, mother. Why have you come now? I was passing by when I heard that some celebrations will
take place. I’m deprived of everything here. If you forgive me and share with me why you are celebrating
then.. It’s for Raja. Changes have taken place in Raja’s life. He is leading a happy life with daughter-in-law. So, I’ve decided to give everyone a treat. Why are you laughing? It’s making me laugh. I’m feeling sad too. I’m feeling sad for you. Why aren’t they feeling bad to cheat a simple and innocent
person like you? Who is cheating me? Who else? Your son Raja and your beloved daughter-in-law. Both of them have planned and are cheating you. What do you mean? I don’t mean anything. Actually, I was with Raja some time back. Yes, in the farm house. Actually, the necklace that Raja gifted Mala was actually
given by mala to Raja. Yes. They did that in front of you to make you happy. – No. No. Mother, what can I say? They are taking advantage of your goodness and pretending
before you. No. No., this isn’t possible. This is not true this is not true. It’s a lie. Raja and Mala can never pretend before me. I don’t believe it. You are lying. Mother, I’m not lying. I never learnt to tell lies. If you don’t believe me then go to Raja’s room and check if
he is there. If you find him there then use your shoes.. no not your
shoes.. .. open my shoes and beat me with them. Yes. Yes. I’ll go and check. Go and check. Daughter-in-law. Daughter-in-law. Daughter-in-law. – Coming, mother. Mother, why are you here at this hour? Where is Raja? He is sleeping. – Call him. I’ve something important to discuss with him. He has slept just now, mother. You know our son very well. If we wake him up from sleep he may get angry. – Okay. You need not call him, I’ll go and call hi, Are you doing the right thing, mother? Is it right to enter a couple’s room at night like this? Go to your room, mother. – I will go. Of course I will. Before that I’ll check what wrong is going on in my family. Move aside. I say, move aside. – Mother.. mother.. Mother! No! This isn’t possible. This isn’t possible. Such a big pretence. Such a big lie. No! Oh no! Mother! Mother! Daughter-in-law, why did you cheat me like this? Tell me, why did you cheat me? Mother, I didn’t cheat you. I didn’t cheat you. I wanted to give you little peace of mind. Daughter-in-law, I’m in pain. I’m in pain. Ratan. Sunita. Where are you? Come here quickly. Mother! What’s wrong with mother? What’s wrong with mother? Mother has fallen sick. – What? Let me check. Call a doctor. Call a doctor. Mother. Mother. Lie down, mother. Lie down. Yes. Yes. Sister-in-law, don’t worry, I’ll call brother. I’ll get a doctor right now. Don’t’ worry. Mother, go to sleep. Mother. Mother. No. No. Nothing can happen to my mother. Nothing can happen to my mother. Mother! Mother! Oh god, please cue Mr. Raja’s mother. Keep these keys carefully. I don’t want money, house, cars and wealth. Get well soon, mother. Get well soon. Daughter-in-law, I hand over the responsibilities of this
family to you. Never leave Raja and go. Take care of my daughter. Take care of my daughter. Promise that you’ll take up the family’s responsibility. You’ll never leave this family and go. – Mother! Promise me. – I promise you, mother. I promise that I’ll not go anywhere. Raja.. where is my Raja? Mother! – Raja! Mother! Mother.. mother.. couldn’t you wait a little more for me? Couldn’t you wait? Look, look, I’m here. I’m here, mother. Couldn’t you wait a little more for me? Couldn’t you wait a little more for me? Mother has left me forever. You are also going to the city to practice. What will I live with? Sunita.. ..don’t you want me to get established in life and make a
name for myself? The city is on the other side of the river. Whenever I feel like I’ll come here or you can come over
whenever you feel like. As soon as I join the hospital I’ll send mother with the
marriage proposal. Shame! Shame! What sort off dress is this? Why? Don’t you like me in this dress? You go to the farmhouse every evening to enjoy dancing and
singing. So, today I’ve.. They are professional dancers. I pay to watch their dance. What suits them doesn’t suit my wife. Wife? You accept that I’m your wife? I’m your wife.. wife.. Mala, how dare you snatch away the glass of drink from my
hands? I am wondering why didn’t gather this courage earlier? Give me the glass, Mala. – No. Give me the glass, I say. I won’t give you. Give me the glass. – No. Give the glass. – No. I’ve heard that landlord’s were hungry for blood. The effect of alcohol doesn’t last long. But the addiction towards blood doesn’t go away easily. Look at my forehead. Look, how my forehead is bleeding. Look, look at me properly and see. Mala.. Mala.. “I’ve loved you.” “I’m blessed to have you.” “I’ve loved you.” “I’m blessed to have you.” “You are only mine.” “I’m only yours.” “You are only mine.” “I’m only yours.” “Whatever I wished in life, I’ve finally got it.” “Whatever I wished in life, I’ve finally got it.” “My heart is filled with joys.” “My heart is filled with joys.” “With whom shall I share my joys?” “You are only mine.” “I’m only yours.” “You are only mine.” “I’m only yours.” “I’ve crossed many hurdles to unite with you.” “I’ve crossed many hurdles to unite with you.” “My heart doesn’t agree it can’t stop.” “My heart doesn’t agree it can’t stop.” “That’s why I repeatedly say that I love you.” “You are only mine.” “I’m only yours.” “You are only mine.” “I’m only yours.” “I’ve loved you.” “I’m blessed to have you.” “I’ve loved you.” “I’m blessed to have you.” “You are only mine.” “I’m only yours.” “You are only mine.” “I’m only yours.” “I’m only yours.” “I’m only yours.” Mala, allow me to go to Purnima the last time tonight. Only for tonight. This is the first time you’ve asked my permission. But, but I won’t let you go in this state of health. I’ll also go with you. I heard that you are sick and so you couldn’t come. Who are you? I’m his maid. Your forehead is bleeding. What happened? That’s nothing. Actually, I’m unlucky. Wait outside, I’ll call you. Come, come inside, Mr. Raja. Come in. Wait, I’ll dress up and come. I’m his maid. Actually, I’m unlucky. I’m his maid. I’m his maid. I’m his maid. Mr. Raja. Mr. Raja. Mr. Raja. What are you doing? Stop, Mr. Raja. What are you doing? Mr. Raja, have you become mad? Yes, I’ve become mad. I’ve become mad. I’m mad. The son who can’t love his pious mother. The person who can’t respect his wife is nothing but mad. He is nothing but a mad man. – Mr. Raja. Yes, Purnima. The person I’ve neglected and ignored till date has.. ..brought me here for my happiness. She is my wife yet she introduced herself as my maid. What? What are you saying, Mr. Raja? She.. she is your wife? Yes. Yes, she is my wife. My legally wedded wife. – No. My wife. Oh no! Come and have a look. Hurry up and come. What’s going on? Where are they roaming about? Come. Come. Hurry up and come. We are ruined. We are ruined. Where did you go with my sick brother? – To the farmhouse. What? The farmhouse? You took a sick man to the farmhouse? He needs rest right now but you took him to the farmhouse.
Why? I took him there to entertain him. I’m intelligent enough to know where I’ll take my husband
and where not.. ..and what’s good for my husband and what’s not. Yes. That’s right. You are very smart now. You killed mother and took control over the house keys. After mother’s death you’ve learnt how to answer back. You’ll be at peace if you kill my only brother. Isn’t it? Sister, never speak to her in this manner. I was saying all this for your well-being, brother. I’ve told you many times not to get involved in family
matters. After all you are his step sister. Even your good words will seem bad to them. Don’t’ cry. Don’t cry. Let them do whatever they wish to. Don’t’ cry. Don’t cry. What’s this? Where are you going? To the place where I’ll never go. Have tea and then go. Goodbye. What’s the matter? What are you thinking? I was thinking that I’ve a new trick up my sleeve. I’ll make my move at the right time. I feel very scared. Act carefully when you do anything. Careful. I must do everything carefully. “This life will suddenly douse off one day.” “This life will suddenly douse off one day.” “Yet my life is blessed.” “Yet my life is blessed.” “I’ve got you in the journey of my life.” “In the journey of my life.” “This life will suddenly douse off one day.” “I’ve gifted a garland of love to you unknowingly.” “The garland ahs torn off long back.” “I’m left with heartbreak.” “The conversations of love..” “The conversations of love..” “..have suddenly stopped as I was speaking.” “As I was speaking..” “This life will suddenly douse off one day.” “I’m the candlelight.” “I’ve burnt alone many nights.” “Before I doused off I was lucky to meet you.” “I’m very happy now.” “I’m very happy now.” “I’ll melt away.” “I’ll melt.” “This life will suddenly douse off one day.” “Yet my life is blessed.” “Yet my life is blessed.” “I’ve got you in the journey of my life.” “In the journey of my life.” “This life will suddenly douse off one day.” “This life will suddenly douse off one day.” You look totally different today. Your make-up, your tunes, everything seems different. Even you look different today, Mr. Raja. – I? Yes. Purnima.. – Wait, Mr. Raja. Whats’ this? Why are you gifting me this precious chain? I’m supposed to gift you. Whatever you’ve gifted me means a lot to me today. I’ve never given anything to you except money. You’ve given me something more precious than money. This thread. See, if you can recognize it. Thread? I know you won’t recognize it. You are not supposed to remember. It happened many years back. A gardener names Dijen used to work for your father. He had a daughter. Her name was Ratna. She used to make garlands for the young master daily and
make him wear them. Do you remember? Do you remember it, Mr. Raja? Raja. – Ratna. Come, let’s exchange garlands and play husband and wife. Yes, it’ll be great fun. We’ll play husband and wife. Raja! What’s going on? – We are playing husband and wife, father. Landlord Bipin Choudhury’s son is playing with a gardener’s
daughter? It means, it means you are Ratna. – Yes, Mr. Raja, I’m
Ratna. I’ve carefully kept the thread on which the garland given by
you was woven. I’m not fortunate enough to wear the flower garland given by
a husband. So, I treat it as my wedding garland and always keep it with
myself. It means you recognized me when you came here. Yes Mr. Raja. I recognized you the day I came here. Then why didn’t you introduce yourself? I was scared. I was scared I would lose you, Mr. Raja. I didn’t want to lose you when I got you after so many
years. But, now you’ve to.. – I know I must leave. I’ve already made arrangements to leave. Where will you go? – I don’t know. Ratna’s heart will be here. Purnima will go away. Purnima who has no place in the society. I.. I want to give you some money. No, Mr. Raja. Let your love be the only wealth of Ratna’s
life. Ratna will never want her Raja to spend money after girls
like Purnima. I beg you for one thing. – Tell me. May I.. May I touch your feet? – Ratna.. No! Ratna! Ratna! Ratna! What have you done? Promise me that you’ll give the rights of a wife to the
person..’ve legally wed. Promise me. promise me. I promise. I promise you, Ratna. Ratna! Arrest him. Believe me. Believe me. I didn’t kill her. The court will decide that. Take him away. Believe me, I didn’t kill her. I didn’t kill her. No! No! I don’t believe this. I don’t believe this. My husband can never kill anyone. He can’t kill anyone. It’s not true. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. That’s what I too believe. It’s a lie. She, she is the cause of all problems. This girl is harming everyone in this family. Sister. – What are you saying? Shut up! I won’t tolerate if a servant interferes in every
matter. Yes. I’m a servant. I’ve been given shelter here. As long as I live here as a servant I’ll speak the truth. Sister-in-law had managed to bring brother back from the
path of ruin. Everyone also knows who showed brother the path of ruin. Is there any use listening to a servant? It’s not the time to hear what people are saying. Come on; let’s go to our room upstairs. Let’s think calmly of a solution to this problem. Let me think how I can free my brother-in-law. Don’t’ cry. Don’t cry, Mala. Believe me, I didn’t kill her. Yes. I didn’t kill her. Believe me. I believe you. I know you can’t do this. You can’t kill anyone. You can’t kill. When you believe me I don’t wish for anything else. Sister-in-law, let’s go home. – No. I won’t go home without him. I won’t go. Who? Who is it? Listen, have you mixed it properly? – Yes. Sister-in-law, you haven’t eaten anything throughout the
day. Won’t you eat anything now? No, I don’t feel like eating. Get up early tomorrow morning. We’ve to go to meet brother. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. No! Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Let’s go. What happened? Why are you shouting? – What happened? Hey Sunita! – What’s this? No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Listen sister-in-law, I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything. I don’t know how I came here. Oh god! Let me die. Sunita sister, elder sister, brother-in-law, believe me.. ..I don’t know what has happened. You don’t know? Right? I knew this long back. I couldn’t catch your red-handed so I didn’t say anything
till date. Believe me, sister. It’s not true. It’s not true. It’s not true. Sister-in-law is like my mother, she is like my mother. She is like your mother? Will I believe what I saw.. ..or will I believe what an evil man like you is saying? It’s the fault of that evil woman. – No. No. She has hurt herself, is bleeding and is behaving as if.. ..she doesn’t know anything. She enjoyed throughout the night and now she is acting that
she is pious. It’s either your day or mine. Evil woman, come I’ll teach you a lesson. – No. No. Tell me whatever you wish to but don’t accuse her. So, you don’t want to defame your sister-in-law. He wants to sacrifice for his love. Just like Laila Majnu. – No. Come on, get out. Get out. – Come on. It’s either your day or mine. I don’t know anything, sir. You ruined our reputation. Come on. Come on. Leave me. Leave me. Believe me. Believe me. So, the lovers are enjoying themselves. I’ll throw you out of the house. I won’t spare you. Get up. – Brother-in-law.. We’ve given shelter to our enemy. I don’t want to see you near this house. Get out of the house. I haven’t committed any mistake. I haven’t committed any sin. Yet you beat me. You threw me out of the house. God will never bless you, never. If I’ve not committed any mistake. If I haven’t committed any sin I’ll come back to this house
again. I’ll come back here. Just wait and watch. Come on, you wretched woman. What will you do with her? What can I do with her? Her husband will deal with her. Let Raja come back. Everyone, everyone has seen what she has done. Everyone is a witness to what she has done. Whatever Raja decides will happen. Oh no! Will this wretched woman live in this house till
then? Yes, she’ll stay in this house. But yes, not in that room. Not in that room. I feel very sad when I think about the incident. My mother-in-law expired in that room. And this wretched girl was doing evil things in that room. She’ll stay.. she’ll stay in the empty room outside the
house. She’ll stay there and repent for her sins. Sister, sister, don’t throw me out. I beg of you. Don’t throw her out? Wretched girl! Sunita, Sunita, believe me. Believe me. I haven’t committed nay mistake. I haven’t committed any
sin. Everything is a lie. Everything is conspiracy. Believe me, Sunita. Till date I trusted you, sister-in-law but I don’t anymore. Is this your real nature? Sunita! – Shame! Shame! Come on. Come on. – Keys. The keys. Keys. Well, let me see the keys. Take her away. – Keys. Yes, keys. Come on, wretched girl, you have to stay there. Come on. You’ll stay in that room. Come on. No. No, this isn’t possible. This isn’t possible. I too never dreamt that this can happen. The person who got shelter in your house finally set his
hands on your wife. It’s not his fault. What about our daughter-in-law? Look at the scandal they’ve got engaged in. Shame! Shame! – Shut up! Shut up! I don’t want to hear anymore. Not anymore. I’ll never spare that betrayer. Never. ‘It’s the wretched girl’s fault.’ ‘Till date I trusted you, sister-in-law but I don’t
anymore.’ ‘Is this your real nature?’ ‘Promise me daughter-in-law that you’ll take up the
responsibility..’ ‘..of this family and you’ll never leave this house and go.
– Mother.’ You are a fallen woman. – No. You are characterless. – No. You are a fallen woman. – No. You’ve committed a serious mistake. – No. Believe me. I didn’t commit any sin. I didn’t commit any sin. Sister, brother-in-law, Sunita, are all of them lying? Yes it’s not true, it’s not true. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. Mala, how will you wipe off the sin that has stained your
character? You’ll have to live your entire life with the burden of this
sin. Its better that you die. Its better that you die. Its better that you die. Yes, that’s right. Let me die. What’s this? Leave me. Leave me. Let me die. Why are you committing suicide? What’s this? Why are you here? Why have you come here? Leave your sari the way it was. You look wonderful that way. My brother-in-law did not value your youth. I’ll give you the value. I’ll give you the value of your youth. Go away, go away from here. I haven’t come here to go away. – Leave me. Leave me, I say. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. No. No. Don’t move forward, I say. Don’t’ move forward. No. No. I’ll jump into the river and commit suicide. No. No. No! No! What are you saying? This isn’t possible. This isn’t possible. I’m telling the truth. She jumped into river Ganges and then no one found her. My Mala has jumped into river Ganges? My only daughter has ended her life in this manner? Mala! Doctor. There is a drowning patient in ward number 2. Her condition is serious. You go, I’ll be right there. Turn the patient. Oh my God! Sister-in-law Mala? Yes sir, Mala. She is missing since the last two days. Don’t worry; we’ll try to find Mrs. Mala. What are you saying? Why shouldn’t we worry? Mala is the daughter-in-law of our family. We all love her a lot. We won’t live without her. I can’t eat or sleep properly. Yes sir, do something. I know my husband. He can’t see anyone in pain, inspector. Sir, this man wants to meet you. What’s the matter? Come inside. Sit. Sir. I went to bathe in the river. I found this lying on the river bank. I showed it to other people and they said that it’s
precious. I’m a poor man. I got scared and so I’ve brought this here. Okay. Sign a register in the next room and then you may
leave. Okay, sir. What’s this? This is sister-in-law’s necklace. Brother had gifted this to sister-in-law. – What? Are you sure? Yes inspector, I’m sure. This is sister-in-law’s necklace. This means.. this means sister-in-law.. Has committed suicide. Sister.. – No. Mala has committed suicide due to family problems. I don’t want to live. I don’t want to live. Why? Why did you save my life? Why? Sister-in-law, I’m a doctor. It’s my duty and responsibility to save people’s lives. Well daughter-in-law, it is a sin to commit suicide. What’s the use of staying alive? Tell me. My husband is in jail. Sunita who I loved more than my own sister misunderstood me. How can I go and face my father with the burden of false
accusations? I don’t’ want to live this life. Daughter-in-law, don’t forget that there is god above us. On day truth will definitely win. Yes sister-in-law, mother is right. You can reveal the truth and bring back peace in that house. No, that’s not possible, brother. Gokul Mazumdar has proved before my marital family that.. ..I’m a characterless fallen woman. No daughter-in-law, you are not a fallen woman. We know it. You’ve to prove it. You must make them understand that brides of Bengal are
born.. ..not just to stay inside the kitchen. If needed they can also take up swords. – Aunt. Come, come with me. Look at Mother Durga. Mother Durga was Lord Shiva’s wife. But, when the time to face the assure came she too had to
take up.. ..weapons in her ten hands. You’ve to burn Gokul Mazumdar with the fire within you. Yes, sister-in-law. You have to fight back now. No. No. I don’t want to listen to anything you have to say. Shameless fellow! Worthless fellow! The shame of our family. Get out of here. Don’t beat him. Don’t beat him. – Leave me. Don’t beat him. Don’t beat him. – Leave me. Leave me. – No. You are showing me money? So, you’ve earned a lot of money. Isn’t it? For you, for you I had to sell my daughter in the name of
marriage. – Father.. Yes. Yes. My son-in-law is in prison and my daughter is
missing. I don’t know if she is alive or if she has committed
suicide. Today you’ve come to show me your money. I spit on your money. Get out from my eyes. Get out. I’ll think that my son has died. – No, son. No. Poltu. Poltu. Where are you leaving us and going? I was already lost, let me get lost again. No. No. Poltu. Poltu. Don’t go. Don’t go. Jagu. Jagu. Poltu went away. Let him go away, mother. Let him go. Let everyone go away. Everyone. I don’t need anyone. I don’t need anyone. ‘Who knows for how long all this has been going on?’ ‘We had givens helter to a betrayer.’ ‘The betrayer..’ No! Ratan! What can I do? Tell me. What can I do? I had fired at Raja but his love Purnima came in between. Raja’s wife jumped in to the river in front of my eyes and
died. I’ve removed the obstacles of my path one by one. I mixed sleeping pills in the water Ratan and my
brother-in-law’s wife drank. I got them trapped in a false scandal. What shall we do, sir? Remove the third obstacle of my path Sunita from this world. No! Bhala! Ranjit! Sunita.. Sunita has heard everything. Kill her. Go. Where did she go? Where did she go? – Over there. Chandan, Raghu, Gonu, go and catch her. Catch her. Catch her. Catch her. Catch her. Catch her. Ratan?! Scoundrel! Rascal! Come here. Scoundrel! Don’t you feel ashamed? Just one guy, just one guy beat all of you and ran away with
that girl. Master, Raja has escaped from prison two days back. A man escaped from prison two days ago.. ..and you are informing me today. Isn’t it? Believe me, I didn’t know. Believe you? I don’t believe anyone of you. None of you. Raja, Raja will definitely come here. But if he meets Sunita and Ratan before that then my game
will be over. I give you 24 hours’ time. If you can’t bring them before me then I’ll bury all of you
alive. Get out of here. Sister Sunita, come one at. No, I won’t eat. You’ll fall sick if you don’t eat. Come on, hold this. No, I won’t eat. I’ve lost appetite, Ratan. How long can we hide like this? You don’t worry. Gokul Mazumdar’s men are roaming around. I’ll take you to the police station when I get the chance. Come on, eat. Brother?! Brother Raja, you are here? You are surprised to see me here. Isn’t it? I’ve broken prison and escaped. Yes, I’ve broken jail to punish an evil man like you. Brother, brother, listen to me, don’t beat Ratan. Brother, listen to me. Sunita! Brother, brother, listen to me once. – Shut up! I won’t listen to anything you say. The other day you tried to kill me. – No, brother. What did you think? That you’ll get all the property after my death? – No. No, I won’t listen to anything that you’ve to say. Brother, listen to me.. The other day you fired at me in the farm house. Isn’t it? –
No. No. You’ve ruined my life and now you want to ruin my sister’s
life. – No. Brother, you are making a mistake. Betrayer, I’ll kill you today. Brother! No! No, brother. No. Don’t misunderstand Ratan. Don’t misunderstand him. – Move aside. Move aside. I say, move aside Sunita. Whatever sister and brother-in-law has explained to you is
not true, brother. Brother-in-law conspired and sent you to jail. Don’t misunderstand Ratan. Don’t misunderstand him. They lied to you, brother. They lied to you. What are you saying? Yes, brother. I swear on mother that what I’m saying is
true. Brother-in-law wanted to kill you. He killed Purnima and sent you to jail. Sister and brother-in-law added sleeping pills to the
drinking water.. ..of Ratan and sister-in-law and spread the false scandal
about them. That is why sister-in-law committed suicide, brother. Yes, we all misunderstood your sister-in-law. So, your sister-in-law committed suicide because.. ..she couldn’t bear the false allegations leveled against
her. He also wanted to kill me. Ratan saved me. Ratan, forgive me. forgive me. I misunderstood you. No brother. No. don’t ay such things. But, I won’t’ spare Gokul Mazumdar. I’ll teach him a lesson. Mother, give me strength. Give me strength so that I can take revenge against the
insult inflicted on me. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Give me strength, mother. Give me courage, mother. Sit here. I’ll surprise sister-in-law. Sit down. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law. Mother, where is sister-in-law? Sister-in-law.. – What happened? Do you’ve any information about my family? There’s good news. Good news. Come and see who I’ve brought along with me. What’s the matter? – Come with me. Come and see. Take a look. Sister. – Poltu. Poltu. – Sister. Poltu, my brother. – Sister. Poltu. – Sister.. sister.. It’s because of me that your life is ruined. Forgive me. Kill me. kill me. Don’t be sad, brother. Don’t;’ be sad. How is father and grandma? Are they alright? How can they be good? Father and grandma are going mad worrying about you. Let’s go back to our home sister, let’s go back. No, brother. No. I won’t go home until I clear the charges that have been
leveled against me. I won’t go home. I know, sister. I know everything. I also know that my sister can make no mistake. Everything will be fine. There is god above us. There is news. Raja da has escaped from jail. What are you saying? – Yes, sister-in-law. Oh god! What kind of tests are you taking? Goddess, take care of him wherever he is. Take care of him. Take care of him, goddess. What’s this? Who are you? What do you want? No. Leave me. Leave me, I say. Raja da! Sister Sunita. Raja da. What’s wrong? They.. they are taking my brother and sister away. Stop them. Save my brother and sister. What are you saying, Ratan? What are you saying? Sister-in-law, I tried hard to save Raja da and sister
Sunita. But, I couldn’t save them from the goons of Gokul Mazuimdar. Forgive me, sister-in-law. Forgive me. We have to save sister Sunita and Raja da anyhow. Gokul Mazumdar, wants to kill my husband and make me a
widow. But, I’ll never let him fulfill his desires. Never. What will you do, sister? We’ve no weapons. We don’t’ need weapons. My courage is my weapon. Gokul Mazumdar, I’m coming. Now you’ll see the strength of the vermilion of Bengal’s
brides. Sister-in-law, we’ll also go with you. Sister-in-law, we are with you. – Yes. Mother, give me strength. I pray that I win this battle to save my husband. Come on, both of you sign this document. No brother, don’t sign this document. We won’t’ sign this document. Yes. We won’t’ sign. So, you won’t sign? – No. Then your dear brother will be hanged to death. He has murder charges against me and on top of that he had
broken jail. It’s better to get hanged than hand over my property to a
traitor like you. Shut up! I’m not any ordinary villain, I’m very dangerous. I just swallow up everything. Hey come on. Tie up the scoundrels. Leave me. What do you think? No brother, don’t sign it under any circumstances. I’ll teach you how to sign. I’ll undress your sister before everyone. No! If you harm my sister, I won’t spare you, rascal. Come on tell me if you’ll sign or not. No brother, don’t sign it. We won’t sign it. We won’t. Come on tell me, tell me if you’ll sign or not. Save us. Save us, god. Who are you? Mala?! Mala? Sister-in-law? So, you are still alive? Yes, I’m still alive. I’m alive to punish an evil man like you. Till date you’ve seen the brides of Bengal live with their
family.. ..husband and manage the kitchen. Today you’ll know that they can kill the devil when the time
comes, Gokul Mazumdar. I’ll punish you in such a manner that you’ll remember it
throughout your life. You’ll punish me? Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen to what she is saying. So dear, how shall you punish me? Don’t forget that Mother Durga had ten hands when she killed
Asura. I’m not alone today. Look over there. Very good. Very good that all of you are here. None of you’ll go back alive. Hey! Kill the scoundrels, I’ll handle this girl. Leave me. You evil man.. – No. –’s because of you that I’ve lost
my mother. Evil man, it’s because of you that I’ve lost my mother like
mother-in-law. You’ve ruined my life. My entire life. Beware.. if you step forward I’ll.. ..I’ll put all of you to sleep together. Inspector.. inspector..come, come. The criminal is over there, arrest him. The criminal who has broken jail. He is standing there.
Arrest him. Shut up! – Shut up! He is not the criminal, you are the actual criminal. – I? I? Yes, it’s you. What are you saying, inspector? Yes. I’m stating the fact. We’ve got all evidence after arresting your wife. Ram Singh. Don’t worry, sir. I’m with her. She won’t be able to escape. Listen, they took me with them and threatened me in such a
manner.. ..that I disclosed all your evil plans. You’ve done the right thing. You are being arrested on charges of murder and cheating. –
Oh no! Mr. Ganguly. – Yes, sir. Arrest them. – Okay, sir. Bring them along. Hey! Hey! Don’t leave me and go. Don’t leave me and go. Listen, after you go away they’ll torture me. Come on. – Don’t go. Inspector, take me with my husband. Don’t leave me and go. Fat lady. You can call me by any name but I’ll go with you. Come on. Come on. – I can’t live without you. Mala, I’ve hurt you a lot. You.. forgive me. No. No. don’t say such things. It didn’t hurt me. Mala. Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law, bad days are now over. You’ll lead a happy life from now on. Don’t cry. Smile. Please smile. Yes, sister-in-law. You showed us that when needed.. ..the brides of Bengal can turn into warrior queens. You are right. Tell him what’s going on. Come on, tell brother. Tell him. Tell him. Tell him. Hey! What does Ratan want to say? Tell him. “Sister-in-law, on this happy night..” “..why do you look sad?” “On this happy night..” “..why are you sad?” “If you put up a smile on your beautiful face..” “..I’ll get moon in my hands.” “Sister-in-law, on this happy night..” “ you hold on to your sari beautifully.” “On this happy night..” “ you hold on to your sari beautifully.” “Keep my brother under your control.” “Always stay together.”

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