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It’s a stigma on the village. We have to face all this. An ordinary man, who played
with our women’s dignity.. standing proudly
with his head held high. And I, to whom each and every
man present here is indebted.. ..have called for a council meeting
for justice. It’s not that I cannot use force.
Or that I don’t have power. If I want.. If you wanted to talk
about force and power.. ..why did you call for a
council meeting? Let’s take the decision
among ourselves. Calm down. Show respect for the village council. This is not an arena. Govind, Mr. Makhanlal says that
the loan you took from him.. ..along with interest,
amounts to Rs.25000. Did you fix your niece Kanta’s
marriage with Mr. Makhanlal.. exchange for the loan repayment? Your silence says it’s true. So it’s simple. And the decision is also
straightforward. Govind, repay Mr. Makhanlal’s loan.. ..and get Kanta married to
whoever you want. Where do I bring so much money from? What do you want?
Should I waive off the loan? Sir, it’s entirely my fault. But now..
– No, uncle. No. Don’t plead before him. I will repay the money. Look, he will repay the money. Yes. Rs.25000. I will repay it. Kanta is mine.
Her family’s responsibility is mine. But what is the guarantee?
– Hold on. Let me speak. The village council has decided.. ..that the loan should be
repaid first. I will marry Kanta after
repaying each penny. Where will you bring so much
money from? Who will give it? The one who gave you to me. Your Lord Bholenath. No! No! No! I won’t let you go. Yes. How can you go? Look, whenever you leave,
something bad happens. Truly. Things go wrong. I understand. But just imagine..
– Enough. I don’t want to think about anything. Parvati, explain to your sister. What do I explain?
My own mind isn’t working. Yes.
Today my mind is also not working. Look. If I don’t go.. We won’t be able to arrange
for money. If we don’t arrange for money,
Makhanlal won’t agree. How will we marry? What do you think?
Don’t I understand this simple thing? Then?
– Yes. So? My heart is not convinced. Kanta, everything doesn’t
happen the way we want. You have to lose many things
to gain something. You know everything. Hey! It’s only for a few months.
Trust me. I will return soon. Hurry up, Parvati. Ram! Stop! I thought the bus will leave. Is it ever possible? Can I leave without meeting you? Listen. Keep this with you.
It will always remind you of me. And listen. Return soon. This is my Mumbai address. Send a reply to my letter
and drop it. Okay. “My bangle says that I can’t sleep
without you, beloved.” “My bangle says that I can’t sleep
without you, beloved.” “Do you have solace after
separating from me?” “Day and night I am in torment.” “I long to meet you.” “Day and night I am in torment.” “I long to meet you.” “My bangle says that I can’t sleep
without you, beloved.” “My bangle says that I can’t sleep
without you, beloved.” “Do you have solace after
separating from me?” “Day and night I am in torment.” “I long to meet you.” “Day and night I am in torment.” “I long to meet you.” “I have gone crazy
after meeting you.” “You have become
the queen of my dreams.” “I have gone crazy
after meeting you.” “You have become
the queen of my dreams.” “Beloved, the days of love are here.” “The days to live and die together.” “The trance of love is spreading.” “Break worldly vows and
customs and come to me.” “Break worldly vows and
customs and come to me.” “Does your heart forget me
after going away?” “Your memories torment me.” “They call me closer to you.” “Your memories torment me.” “They call me closer to you.” “I am unable to move
my eyes from your face.” “I cannot spend the night
without you.” “I am unable to move
my eyes from your face.” “I cannot spend the night
without you.” “Nobody knows my plight.” “Your love will make me go crazy.” “This fervor is thrilling.” “My heart beats fast.
My heart yearns for you.” “It intensifies the pain.” “My heart beats fast.
My heart yearns for you.” “It intensifies the pain.” “Does love keep you also
awake at night?” “I remain restless.” “I endure every pain.” “I remain restless.” “I endure every pain.” “My bangle says that I can’t sleep
without you, beloved.” “My bangle says that I can’t sleep
without you, beloved.” “Do you have solace after
separating from me?” “Day and night I am in torment.” “I long to meet you.” “Day and night I am in torment.” “I long to meet you.” What is the matter?
Why are you so alone? Nothing. Just like that. Want a puff? No. Where are you going? Mumbai. If you are going to Mumbai,
it must be for a special reason. It’s the question of my life. I am going to make arrangement
to repay a loan. What is the need to go so far? You can do that here too. Yes. How? I do a risky thing. It’s partly patriotism
and partly selfishness. I don’t understand. I will explain everything.
Will you come with me? Huh? Let’s go. Brother Raghu, look. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Halt. Halt. Come on. Remove the letter. How can it not come? It must have definitely come today. Give me. I will check. Give.
– It’s not come. Parvati, check.
– I am telling you it’s not there. It must have come.
– It’s not come. If it’s not come,
why have you come to our alley? Get lost. Go. Damn! Damn! Sister, choose one finger.
– Huh? Raghu, choose one finger. What? Here. He will come. He will certainly come. How will he not come?
Today is the full moon night. If he doesn’t come,
I will do his court martial. Halt. Halt. Halt. Halt. Listen.
– Yes. Give me direction for this address. I don’t know. Excuse me. But listen.. Please help a blind man, sir. Please help a blind man, sir. Listen.
Can you tell me where this place is? Can’t you see? I am blind.
A blind man. Oh! So you are blind.
– Yes. I was deceived. Okay. I will leave.
– Where are you going? It’s me.
– Who? Your Ramgulam. So you can read. That means, you can see. Don’t you feel ashamed to
fool everyone? Not fool, darling. Business. Will you be my partner? Get lost. Cheater. Loose character. Hey! What is it? No. Nothing. Just.. So why did you come here? Get lost. Why are you standing here? Why are you crying? If you wanted to cry,
why did you come to Mumbai? Wonder from where people come. Ram. Where are you, Ram? What was your mission? Tell me. What was your mission? What do You want? Why don’t You tell me clearly? You just stage complicated designs. You made me laugh
whenever You wanted. You made me cry whenever
You wanted. But just see. If anything happens
to my Ram, then watch. It’s confirmed that he had links with
Indian Border Intelligence officers. Yes, sir. The news is confirmed. What’s surprising is.. ..that our intelligence
doesn’t have any information. Maybe he has come for the first time. But we will have to find out
his mission. Sir, I don’t think he will break. Wonder what these
patriotic Indians are made of. Come. Sit. Come. Sit. Sit. Want to smoke? It’s obvious.
That you don’t want to talk to me. Fine.
But I want to say only one thing. The country for which you are
eager to lay down your life.. ..cannot even give you
two meals a day. Work for me. I know you need money desperately. Or else you wouldn’t have
risked your life. I will give you everything. That you crave for. Everything. Just work for us. We will make you rich. Why did you let her go? What could we do, son? Our luck is bad. Firstly, there was no news of you. Secondly, Makhanlal’s terror. We were helpless, Ramgulam. O Goddess. Just take me across.
O Goddess. Move aside. Move aside.
Carefully. Carefully. Move aside. Move aside. Move. Move. Look at this.
You aren’t looking properly. And you are telling others
to move aside. Where have you come from?
Alibaug. Or Jhumri Telaiya. No. From Rampur. That’s why. Wonder from
where these people come. Hey Munna! How do you know my name? You see, you look so adorable. Okay. Tell me.
What work do you have? Will you help me?
– What? I have to go to this address. Ramgulam. Boipada. Mumbai.
– Yes. Whose address is this?
– It’s his address. Is Ramgulam your husband? No. He is my fiancé. So you have come here
looking for him? Yes. Alone?
– Yes. I understood.
– What did you understand? Your plight will be the same as
Pooja Bhatt in ‘Sadak’ movie. What happened to her? Don’t you watch movies? No. I have watched only one movie. ‘Jai Santoshi Ma’. Now only Goddess can help you. Or else you will land up
in a brothel house. Hey! What are you saying? You are so small.
But you blabber a lot. Don’t act too smart with me. The railway station is there. Book a ticket and return to Rampur. Or else you will be killed without
anyone’s knowledge. Get lost! May my enemies die! So see your enemies dying. I am leaving. What? Yes. Hey! Listen! I am gone. Attention. Attention. The champion of fingers,
the magician of words.. ..the darling of police and jailor.. ..Charles Sobhraj’s master.. ..Natwarlal’s disciple,
the king of thieves and thugs.. ..Mr. Kishan is arriving in prison. Which jail is this, Peter? It’s an unbridled jail, boss.
– An unbridled jail. The jailor didn’t come to welcome me. I think the jailor is memorizing
the welcoming speech, boss. Shut up. He committed his first theft
at the age of 15. He spent three years
in juvenile prison. For his second theft he was
in Ahmednagar prison for two years. He escaped from there and was caught. He was sentenced to two years
of imprisonment. After six months he escaped
from prison and was caught. He got a sentence of 7 years. He escaped from prison once again. On being caught he was sentenced to.. ..10 years of rigorous imprisonment. Oh, my God! He escaped again
and was finally brought here. Good. Very good. Kishanlal, seems like you were
born with a runner’s feet. Not me, sir. My mother was
running when I was born. Your mother was running?
– Yes. Why? She was running after stealing
her neighbor’s hen. After stealing a hen?
– Yes. She stole a hen. Her granny told her
if she consumes chicken soup.. ..she will have a strong baby. Good. Very good. Kishanlal, I am pleased to meet you. You should be, sir.
Escaping from prison is an art. I am the king of this art. I have brought this flower
for you, sir. Accept it, sir. I have given flower to jailors
all over the country. Yes. I gave it to Nasik’s jailor too. He smelled it and fainted
after 20 seconds. And I ran away. Kishanlal, no drug can make me faint. And don’t even think of fleeing
from this prison. Why? Why? Because I have a record. So far nobody has been able to
escape from my prison. Don’t worry. Don’t worry at all. I have broken world record.
I will break yours as well, sir. Let’s see who breaks whose record. You or me. Hey!
Take him and put him behind bars. Kishan! Hey! Do you intent to rot here? You are rot here. He think yourself master. I came here for few days. What, buddy? Eating too many burgers
has made you skinny. Do you intent to rot here? What do I do, man? I had made arrangement to escape
from the previous prison. Okay.
– But I got transferred here. They have become very smart.
Very smart. What? They don’t appreciate
someone’s toil. They have their informers inside. Be careful.
– Good you came, Kishan. I had made arrangement for myself. We will leave tonight. I have cut a bar
in the toilet’s window. There is a tree behind the toilet. From the tree to the roof.
And then on the ground. That means, freedom. Is this a charitable home? That you will come,
eat and then leave. They have become very strict. No matter what you say,
my plan is foolproof. When prisoners will go
to barrack in the evening.. ..everybody’s attention
will be on them. And I will flee quietly. Directly into their clutches. Leave it. What? Leave it. Your plan won’t work. How many times have you
tried to escape from prison? 17 times. And how many times were you caught? 17 times. Don’t give me any stress. What? I have come for a long stay. Peter.
– Yes, boss. I want a bottle of liquor
and pomfret. Hey! Swami. Exactly. If you create so much mess,
I will have to come. Swami. I didn’t do anything, Swami.
– You didn’t do anything? You made the police chase
my Kishan like a dog. And you are standing here
like a coward. Unnecessarily you put him
behind bars. Traitor! Scoundrel! Swami. Forgive me, Swami. I have come to liberate you
from the world. Thambi, finish off the scoundrel. No. No, Swami.
– No! Who is crying?
– His wife. Shut up, moron. She is my Gita. Gita.
– For God’s sake, leave him. Look at this. I should leave
this beauty for God. Look. Make me happy. Become my Gita once.
I will leave him. I will leave everything.
Come. Come. No, Swami. No. Swami, leave her. I say leave her. No. Thambi.
– Swami, leave her. He is making a lot of noise.
Make him quiet. Silence him. Gita. Gita. Gita. Gita. Hey, man! You.. Hey! Hey! Get in! Come on! Come on! Get in! What happened?
– Kishan has escaped. How? He cut a bar in the toilet’s window.
From the tree he climbed the roof. And from there..
– Get lost. Toilet window. He duped me and ran away. Scoundrel Kishan.
I won’t spare you. Mind your tongue.
If you say anything about my boss.. I will finish him off. Kishan has escaped from prison. Now it will be fun. Get to work. You go here.
You go there. I will follow him. Where will he go? Oh God! Hey! The brake has failed. Get lost. Didn’t you find
anyone else to fool? He is coming. Halt. Hey! Hey!
– Quiet! The brake is not working. The brake is not working.
The brake is not working. It’s written here. Stop. I will stop provided
the brake works. Hey! Hey! Move aside, moron.
The brake is not working. Hey! Hey!
– Oh God! Help me get up. Help me get up.
– The brake is not working, sir. Sir.
– You escaped from prison. If I don’t penalize you,
I will remove my moustache. Big bro. Big bro, it’s you. What drama is this? Kishan, you see, there is a
lot of traffic in Mumbai. I thought I will help the police
control the traffic. Bro. Bro, the police are after me.
First control them. Look there. Look. Yes. Where? Hey! Hey! Hey! Kishan, you left my hand. Did you see where he went? That way. No. This way.
– Here. No. Here. There.
– There. No, sir. Here. No. It’s confirmed he went here. You are trying to fool me.
– No. I know everything. Come on. It could be this way too, sir. No. He went there. He went there.
Confirmed. Move. Move. Are you hurt? What are you saying, man? Am I mistaken? Yes. I am also wondering
the same thing. I have seen you somewhere.
– Yes. You see, my mind is not working. I am also stunned. How you broke it! ‘Think about it.
You won’t get this chance again.’ Exact. You are my exact duplicate. What? It’s the miracle of nature.
Where are you from? Mumbai. But I don’t have any twin. I also don’t have any twin. I am from a village in the mountains.
Bilaspur. Very good. Oh my! Police’s siren.
You have worn prisoner’s clothes. They are my friends, buddy.
My friends. What? Stop. Stop. Yes. Kishan, I have captured you. Come on. Let’s arrest him. Where did he go? Where?
– He is lying inside unconscious. I will leave now. What? Caught you. It’s very difficult to escape
from Dildar Singh Rathod. I will tell you the story of a
crazy damsel. Whoever sees her will sigh. “She has killer eyes.” “She has a flowery smile.” “She is the darling of crazy lovers.” “Everybody is smitten by her.” “Some give me sidelong glances.” “Some call me darling.” “Some give me sidelong glances.” “Some call me darling.” “It’s the age of tumult.” “I have turned 18.” “Oh my!” “I have turned 18.” “Oh my!” “Some give me sidelong glances.” “Some call me darling.” “It’s the age of tumult.” “I have turned 18.” “Oh my!” “I have turned 18.” “Oh my!” “I turned 15, 16 and then 17.” “I was longing to meet you.” “I turned 15, 16 and then 17.” “I was longing to meet you.” “Slowly my cheeks are
turning scarlet.” “I have turned 18.” “Oh my!” “I have turned 18.” “Here comes the beautiful damsel.” “All decked up.” “She has tender charms.” “Just one glance and
two hundred men fell ill.” “Oh my!” “Youth came stealthily.” “Youth has become a nuisance.” “Youth came stealthily.” “Youth has become a nuisance.” “The whole world is crazy.” “Of my mesmerizing gait.” “I have turned 18.” “Oh my!” “I have turned 18.” “Some give me sidelong glances.” “Some call me darling.” “Some give you sidelong glances.” “Some call you darling.” “It’s the age of tumult.” “It’s the age of tumult.
Did you hear?” “I have turned 18.” “I have turned 18.” “Did you hear?” My God! God has made you so beautiful. Where are you going? You are so gorgeous.
You are so gorgeous. I am crazy for you. You are a professional liar.
– That is the problem. If I say anything,
you say I am a liar. Just see. Just see. Next time I go,
I will take you with me. What? You will take me to prison? What will I do there? What will you do?
What will you do? We will have fun.
You will dance. And I will watch you merrily. What? Again a lie. Don’t I know what happens in prison? Is that so?
What happens? Tell me. One has to do tough labor job.
Or else the jailor beats you. That’s why I fooled everyone
and escaped. And Shiva was planning
my escape since six months. What? Did you again
escape from prison? Don’t worry.
I have made such arrangement.. ..that nothing will happen to me. I have made good arrangement.
What? What did you do? Did you..
– No. It’s useless to tell you. If I say anything to you,
you will say I am lying. Right? Just understand that I am present
at both the places. In prison as well as outside. What? Don’t think. Don’t think. Leave me. Oh Lord! Shall I ask you something?
– Yes. Go ahead. Do you never think about us? What are you saying? I think about you so much
that I have lost weight. Lost it. Nothing else?
– What else? Hey! Hey!
You have become serious. Don’t give me the stress of love. Yes. I cannot even tell you
that I love you. I think about you day and night. God forbid if anything
happens to you.. You will kill yourself.
It’s an old dialogue. Nobody dies for anyone. What? Fine. Wait and see. One day I will die in your arms. Why? For me? Fine. Sorry. Look, if you die,
I will also leave the world. What? Look, don’t talk seriously.
Why am I here? I have come for
some kisses and romance. And you are talking about dying. Sir, he wants to say something. Come, Natwarlal’s disciple
and Sobhraj’s teacher. Have you hatched a
new plan to escape? If a stone had been in your place.. would have understood
what I am saying and my truth. But you are going on harping
that I am Kishan. I am not Kishan. What proof do you have that
you are not Kishan? You are not giving me a chance
to present any proof. You don’t let me send
any message or letter. Take my identification.
Take my fingerprints, sir. You will know that
I am not Kishanlal. You are not Kishanlal.
– That is what I am saying. Didn’t you escape from every
prison after duping the jailor? No. No. No, sir. Hats off to you, Kishanlal.
You are a great actor. But I am also not less
than a superstar. Understand one thing. Leave alone this paper,
even your thoughts.. ..cannot escape from prison. Because my name is
Dildar Singh Rathod. Take him away. Stop. Stop. What happened, sir? Moron. Look there. It’s Gita. Reverse. Reverse.
That’s it. Stop, moron. Stop. Stop. She is Gita. Gita! Where were you? Where did you go?
Where were you? But I am Kanta. Who are you people? Your own people, Kanta.
When did you come? Is that so? Day before yesterday. I search for my Ram the whole day. Nobody tells me anything. Ramgulam. Swami, it’s our Ramu. Ramu?
– Really? Do you know him? I know entire Mumbai. Come, Gita.
Come. Come on. Glory to Lord Bholenath!
Thanks, Goddess. Come, Gita. Come. My lord. Who have you brought? She is my new Gita. Deck her up. Come. Come on. What are you doing to me? I will bathe you and
make you beautiful. But I had bathed in the morning. Why don’t you understand? Tonight is the night of union. Really?
– Yes. Will he come today?
– Yes. O Goddess. Leave. What are you doing? Someone will see. What beauty! What beautiful face! I touched you and I lost my mind. Hey!
– Where are you going? Sit. Sit.
– What are you doing? Leave my hand. Stay within your limits.
– What are you saying? Today, I want to cross all limits. You are a cheater. Tell me. Where is my Ram? Who? Your Ramgulam?
– Yes. From today I am your Ramgulam. Hey! Talk respectfully.
I know how to give abuses. Do it. Do it. Abuses will also sound
so sweet in your voice. Do it. Do.. What happened to you? Why are you afraid? Why are you afraid? Did I do anything to you? Look. Look. If I want, I can kidnap
anyone and rape her. But did I do anything to you? I brought you here like a gentleman. See, I have everything. Car, bungalow, money,
power, everything. Only my heart is empty. Become my Gita. Make me happy. I will become your Ramgulam
for the rest of my life. No! Goddess, what trouble
have you put me in? In the village that rogue Makhanlal. And here, this shameless Swami. Don’t delay too much.
Or else I will go mad. Wait. Wait.
– Why? My Ram never used force. What would he do?
– He would talk lovingly. Yes. I will also do it. You cannot do it.
– What can I not do? Tell me. I will do it. Okay. Can you pull your hand from
your leg and hold your ear? Pull my hand from my leg
and hold my ear? You cannot do it, can you? My Ram used to do that and
roam all over the village. Is that so?
– Yes. Look. I will turn entire Mumbai
into a hen. Wait and see. Okay. From the leg.. See this. It’s so much fun. What are you doing? This is how Ram used to catch me. You also catch me. What’s the big deal?
I can see with my heart’s eyes. Come. Come. Come. Come.
– Here. Here. Kabaddi. Kabaddi. Kabaddi.
– No. Here. Come.
– Hey Swami! Here. Here. Hey! Oh my! Gita! Gita! Open the door.
– What happened? Open the door.
Why did you lock the door? Where is she? She ran away. She ran away. Ran away?
– Yes. Why don’t you watch where.. Munna! Aren’t you the gal from Rampur?
– Yes. Wow! You are looking so gorgeous. Did you marry Ramgulam? No, Munna.
A rogue tried to cheat me. Right. I told you. Look, there is still time.
Book a ticket and return to Rampur. Why don’t you understand, Munna? How can I go?
– Why? Don’t you have money for the ticket? It’s not that, Munna. Without meeting Ram..
– Again the same thing. You don’t know where he is. Nor do you have his photo.
How will you find him? Whatever it is.
I will definitely find him. If I don’t, wait and see.
I will kill myself. Hey! Why will I see all that? You can do whatever you want. I am leaving. What? But where will you spend the night? Anywhere. What do you care? I understood. I understood. You can spend the night
at my boss’s bungalow. Tomorrow morning
you can do whatever you want. Come on. Come on. This is my mansion.
– Do you stay here? It’s just like our landlord’s house. It’s not like your landlord’s house. It’s like Sunny Deol’s house
in ‘Damini’ movie. What Deol?
– Talk softly. If Sunny hears,
he will disfigure your face. Come on. Your house is very nice, Munna. But why is there so much junk? What are you calling junk? This chair. It’s the same chair
on which Rajkumar had sat. In ‘Saudagar’ movie.
– I see. And see this mirror.
– Yes. Amitabh Bachchan had
applied bandage here. In ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ movie.
– Oh! My boss bought this bongo, congo. From an English movie.
Look. It’s here too. Do you sleep here, Munna? No. My boss sleeps here. I sleep outside. Here is my bed.
– Wow! Where will I sleep, Munna?
– You? Yes. Here.
You will get nice cold breeze here. But this is..
– Yes. Hold on. Munna, show me. How did this come here? What do I know? Someone must have
given it to my boss. Ram. What, man? How much money
do you have in your pocket? I told you that your work
will be done. Don’t irritate me. Go. You escaped. Otherwise I would have made you
remove your underwear. Come on. Here. 3 queens. Not 3. Look. 5 queens. 5 queens. Of which place? Queens of five countries
are looking for a king. Does anyone have the guts
to break the bow.. a ‘Swayamvar’
and marry the queens? Don’t do drama.
Who are these beauties? Not beauties. These are gals. My only wife and
I have selected them. For your marriage.
– Marriage? Me? Why? What do you mean?
We have selected them. Now you won’t go to prison.
But to your in-law’s house. “I saw Rekha’s eyes.” “I saw Sridevi’s gait.” “I saw Meenakshi’s mischief.” “I saw Raveena’s cheeks.” “I saw Madhuri’s smile.” “I saw Dimple’s hair.” “But this hero didn’t find
any heroine to fall in love with.” “But this hero didn’t find
any heroine to fall in love with.” “Go and bring a fairy.” “Go and bring a fairy.” “Who can steal my heart.” “But this hero didn’t find
any heroine to fall in love with.” “Black, curly hair.” “Enchanting eyes.” “This Kolhapur chili is very spicy.” “Black, curly hair.” “Enchanting eyes.” “This Kolhapur chili is very spicy.” “The girl looks much better
than the guy.” “The girl looks much better
than the guy.” “One is moon and
the other is partridge.” “You won’t find such a
pair anywhere.” “One is moon and
the other is partridge.” “You won’t find such a
pair anywhere.” “Come and form a
bond of love quickly.” “The girl looks much better
than the guy.” “The goddess of beauty.” “Her name is Sunaina.” “She will do all your
household chores happily.” “She will sing sweetly.” “And entertain you.” “She will cook everyday.” “She will massage your feet.” “The goddess of beauty.” “Her name is Sunaina.” “She will do all your household
chores happily.” “The thirst of my lips is searching
for you, beloved.” “I am so young and beautiful.” “Come here.” “The thirst of my lips is searching
for you, beloved.” “I am so young and beautiful.” “Come here.” “I am today’s girl.” “People are crazy for me.” “I want to cast a spell
with my charms.” “And steal everyone’s heart.” “The moonlight of dreams
is for you. I swear on you.” “Capture me in your eyes
and love me, beloved.” “From which world has she come?” “She looks like a fairy.” “I am speaking the truth.” “There is no other girl
like her in the world.” “What eyes and what face!” “She is young and gorgeous.” “She has stolen
my slumber and solace.” “Yes. She is the heroine
who has stolen my heart.” “She is the heroine
who has stolen my heart.” Hey!
– Oh my! By God! By God! By God! What a girl!
Where have you come from? I have seen many girls.
Eena. Meena. Deeka. But all are nothing compared to you.
– You are too much. What are you drinking? This? It’s tonic. I lost my mind after seeing you. So to bring me to my senses. What? I know.
You get intoxicated too quickly. Let’s go home.
I will make you sober immediately. Hey! What are you saying?
What are you saying? To hell with home.
Let’s enjoy here. What? Hey!
– Hey! Beware if you do anything here. I am on duty. You also had to come now. Well done.
– You are too much. What a girl you have enticed, Kishan! Keep quiet. What are you saying? Don’t cling to him.
Maintain distance. Don’t start a film here. What? This is a public place. Yes. Show me your license. License. We aren’t married. What? What are you doing here? Making plans of marriage.
– You won’t change. I will have to penalize you. Oh man! Forget that.
Why are you boring me? What is this?
– It’s from Bhaiya’s den. Look, I am on duty.
I don’t touch it while I am on duty. Keep it there. Keep it there. Yes. I am on duty.
– Drink it later. What? Yes. Come tomorrow.
– Yes. I will be on duty here.
Do come. “The thirst of my lips is searching
for you, beloved.” Oh my! Hey! Who are you to barge
into my house? Talk politely.
What kind of maid are you? Maid? In whose house are you barging in? In my house. Your house?
– Of course. Isn’t this Bhaiya Kumar’s house? Yes. So?
– So he is my darling. What? What?
– My husband. What did you say? Husband?
– Of course. Of course my foot! Look, my husband. In your presence your maid
is insulting me so badly. Why didn’t you tell me that
there is a witch in your house? Witch? Wait.
I will show you what a witch is. Get lost, wretched woman! No violence.
– Wretched woman, come here! What a shameless man! Second marriage. You will be my rival. Where are you going?
Wretched woman! That is the way out! Come here. I will teach you a lesson. Wait. I will beat you..
– Oh my! My darling! My dear. Why do you don a
new guise every day.. ..and make me incur a sin? I get deceived. What do I do? I am such a great actor.
But people don’t appreciate me. When I go to a film studio,
the watchman stops me.. ..and humiliates me everyday. When I don new guises
and come home.. wife beats me with a broom.. ..and spoils my makeup. Come home. It hurts. Why did you dress up like a woman?
– Carefully. Carefully. I don’t have a penchant of
dressing up like a woman. It happened because of
your darling Kishan. Oh my! What happened to Kishan? Nothing happened.
He got lucky today. We were trying for so long
to get him married. But he didn’t like any girl. Today, he found the best girl. He did? Where? At my den. Where else? What a girl! It felt like a fairy
has descended from the sky. Kishan went mad on seeing her. For the first time I saw him
so happy. He was truly happy today. God bless him. I couldn’t do anything for him. But if he finds a good life partner.. ..he will change for the better. Yes. That’s true.
He will definitely change. If he doesn’t, I will pull his ears. Does he return home drunk
everyday, Munna? No. Not everyday. At times he wins in gambling.
So he drinks. O Goddess! Has he started gambling? Look at this.
He doesn’t gamble everyday. Sometimes he gets money
from hooliganism.. he gambles to please himself. Hooliganism? What are you saying, Munna? Not just me,
but the entire locality says this. What else does he do? He? Poor guy doesn’t do anything. But when she comes,
he has to do something. Who comes? Tina, Meena, Rosy, Laxmi. Wonder who else. What happens then? What do I know? Boss gives me Rs.20 and
tells me to go watch a movie. Oh God! Get up, boss. It’s 9 o’clock. Get up.
– Munna. Let me sleep.
What a wonderful dream! That’s the benefit of drinking. A man starts dreaming after drinking. No, Munna.
This dream was not due to drinking. But a special dream. What a girl I saw at Bhaiya’s den! Gorgeous from head to toe
like a bride. She clung to me and told me
to take her home. Stop it, boss.
– Why? It wasn’t a dream.
– Then? It was real. She is standing there.
Standing there? Where?
– Yes. There. Oh! What?
– Boss, give me money. Why? Bruce Lee’s movie has been released. Kung Fu. Karate. You start your movie.
I will go watch my movie. Give me.
– Quiet. Watch quietly. Watch all shows. Come on.
– What do you mean? Morning, afternoon,
evening and night show too? Yes. So? It’s not enough.
– Oh my! Here. Fine, boss. If you say so. What are you doing? From today no movies. Why?
– Because I am saying so. Come on.
– Hey! My program.. But what will I do at home? The same thing that every kid does.
– Hey! Here. What is this?
– It’s a book. Study. I won’t study.
I want to watch a movie. Look at this. If you act smart,
I will thrash you so badly.. ..that you will forget
all about kung fu and karate. I brought you here and
you are dominating me. Try to touch me. Is that so?
– Yes. What happened? Munna, in which film was this move? A mother-in-law was also
once a daughter-in-law. What is this, Munna? Finished! What is this? There is no milk at home. So? I don’t drink tea. Now you will have to drink this.
Got that? I understood. I understood. What is it? Let’s go out. Where? To a hotel. Where it’s only you and me.
No disturbance. Come on. Do you think I am your
Tina and Meena? Don’t you feel ashamed? You have changed drastically. Me? What are you saying? I am right. In Rampur you won
my heart with your simplicity. And here, all this..
– Rampur. Simplicity.
– Stop all this. I cannot endure it anymore. I have endured a lot in the village. You are mistaken. Where did you see me? Have we never met?
Who gave this to you? You are my exact duplicate. What? It’s the miracle of nature.
Where are you from? Mumbai. But I don’t have any twin. I also don’t have any twin. I am from a village
in the mountains. Bilaspur. Very good. What happened? Police’s siren.
You have worn prisoner’s clothes. They are my friends, buddy.
My friends. What? Friends?
– Yes. We were playing a drama. What? In childhood we play
thief and police game. They were hell-bent after me. Okay.
– Yes. You.. Kanta. Kanta. Now tell me. Why don’t you speak? Did you remember everything? What are you saying?
I don’t understand anything. I will explain everything, Bhaiya. Come and sit.
I will explain everything. Yes. What? Now look. Look, who is this? It’s me. And this is him.
– Yes. I was inside and he was outside.
Okay. I put him behind bars. And I escaped from prison.
Did you understand? Now I am outside and he is inside. People think I am in prison.
And he is outside. Did you understand?
Do you understand what I am saying? I have understood.
But you don’t understand. What did I not understand? She is not like your other gals. She is a village girl. She won’t give her heart so easily. Once she gives it, she will
even lay down her life for you. If she finds out the truth,
she will kill either herself or you. She will not find out the truth.
He is inside. Someday he will be released.
What will happen then? That’s why I am saying to forget her. Forget her? For the first time
I have loved someone. And I should forget her? She has captured my heart.
My heart. Love is good from a distance. But get too close and you perish. She belongs to someone else. Fine. She belongs to someone else. I will leave her.
But she doesn’t want to leave. Why she doesn’t want to leave? Because she thinks I am Ramgulam. Ask yourself. Are you Ramgulam? No. You are Kishan. That means, I should go to prison. That is the problem. But I am also a great actor. If I don’t drive her away.. ..I swear on you,
I will shave off my beard. Beard?
– Yes. Beard.. Glory to Lord! Glory to Lord!
Alleviator of all problems. Of body and teeth. Of teeth and ears. I have come to your door
to alleviate all your sufferings. Come, dear. Come soon. I left my penance and
came straight to you. Come. Come, sir. Come. Certainly.
– Come. Wow! Wow!
– Come. Come. Beautiful. So beautiful. Wow! Sit, sir. Have a seat. First look into my eyes
and show me your hand, dear. I want to read your lines
and predict your future. Read quickly, sir.
And tell me my future. Wow! You have good lines.
– Is that so? But things aren’t good. I mean, what belongs to you
isn’t with you. What is with you doesn’t
belong to you. So go towards east.
Search for it where you lost it. But sir, I have found what I lost. Now I don’t need to go anywhere. You don’t need to.
But he has to. We cannot see him. But he is watching us. No. You will have to go, dear. Look.
There is Rahu line on your palms. Return to where you came from. No. I have sworn, sir.
I won’t return alone. If you don’t return,
you will regret it. If you unite with him,
you will be separated from him. And you know how bad planets can be. The one you love will be destroyed. No, sir. Don’t say that.
Don’t say that. I can even lay down my life for him. Fine.
I will return to my village today. Okay. But I won’t let any harm
befall on him. What is the matter, sister?
Where will you go? How did Saturn interfere
between Rahu and Ketu? You barged into my house
and you are calling me Saturn. Wait. I will beat you now.
– O Goddess. Don’t say that, Munna.
He is a learned sage. I will show you. Ask him. Didn’t he bunk history class
to watch ‘Bol Radha Bol’ movie? You are great!
Please don’t tell boss. I am pleased. If you make good friends,
you will benefit. Go. Tell your boss that
I have done the wonder. I have turned a sheet
into a handkerchief. Bhaiya.
– Yes, Kanta. You are a cheater.
What did you think? You will fool me and drive me away. I won’t leave from here. Wait. I will show you.
– No. Give that. I have hired that. I have reformed many people
like you in my village. No. No. No need for that.
Ask me why. Why? I have already received
lots of beatings. I have hired it. Bring the beard.
– Yes. Kishan, where were you?
Where were you? If you are in trouble, tell me. Swami can do anything for you. This time I have planned a big heist. A whopping loot. I have planned to rob banks
in London and America. Turn around. Where are you lost? I am finished. I will leave. I am not in the state to
understand any plan. What? Seems like someone
has fooled him too. Kishan. What is the matter? Are you fine? Huh? Where are you going? Home. Home?
– Yes. I will also come.
– No. Why?
– I won’t stay at home. I will..
– Liar. How do I explain to you? Why don’t you tell me clearly
that you are bored of me, Kishan? Try to understand me. Yes. “No. No. Beloved.” “My crazy heart doesn’t listen.” “No. No. Beloved.” “My crazy heart doesn’t listen.” “Come. Let me love you.” “And flourish your life.” “Come. Let me love you.” “Come. Come.” “Come. Come.” “No. No. Beloved.” “My crazy heart doesn’t listen.” “Come. Let me love you.” “And flourish your life.” “Come. Let me love you.” “Come. Come.” “Come. Come.” “No. No. Beloved.” “My crazy heart doesn’t listen.” “What are the thirsty clouds saying?” “Why is the cool breeze teasing me?” “Crazy, fragrant breeze has
brought the message of spring.” “Come. Let me caress your tresses.” “Let me stare at your face.” “Let me spend my nights
in your arms.” “Let me capture you in my eyes.” “All scenarios are singing.” “The earth and the sky are dancing.” “No. No. Beloved.” “My crazy heart doesn’t listen.” “No. No. Beloved.” “My crazy heart doesn’t listen.” “Come. Let me love you.” “And flourish your life.” “Come. Let me love you.” “Come. Come.” “Come. Come.” “No. No. Beloved.” “My crazy heart doesn’t listen.” Ram. What are you doing? Don’t stop me today. Don’t stop me. I am crazily in love with you.
I have gone crazy. I am also crazy for you, Ram. So? No.
– Oh my! What has happened to you? Have you turned into a beast? Yes. I have become a beast
in your love. I have gone crazy. Ram. Don’t refuse today.
Don’t refuse today. Don’t refuse today. I love you a lot.
I love you a lot. Don’t refuse. No, Ram. Don’t do that. Don’t take my trial by fire. I don’t want to hear anything. I want you. Right now. You have changed so much. Look. You are under
the oath of our love. Stop your oath drama. Your love is also a charade.
It’s a charade. Get lost! No, Ram. Don’t say that.
Don’t say that. I am alive only
because you are with me. Leave it. Leave it.
Say this to someone else. What? Get lost! I have seen many like you. I am ready. Just grace my forehead
with vermilion. And take seven rounds of the fire. What are you saying? Now there is nothing to say, Ram. I have surrendered everything to you. Everything is yours. I was only protecting your vow. My vow? Yes. At the council meeting
you had vowed to marry me. But after repaying Makhanlal’s loan. Makhanlal.
– But it’s okay now. I will take all the blame on myself. For your happiness
I will take seven births, Ram. You just… grace my forehead. You are still angry with me. I have hurt you a lot. Forgive me once. I won’t give you a chance
to complain. Stop it. Stop it. It’s my fault. I have hurt you a lot, haven’t I? No..
– Sorry. Sorry. Look. I will marry you. In a temple. In my style. I love you a lot.
From the bottom of my heart. Don’t worry. This city is like that. What a man thinks
and what he becomes. Look at me.
– Still. It’s best to work hard
and eat two honest meals a day. I will quit it.
I will quit all illegal deeds. Really?
– I swear on you. I forgot to give you pickle.
– Have you made pickle too? Yes. I made it today. Potato pickle. Give me quickly. Go. Move your leg. Why? Cross it and go. It’s sinful.
– What? It’s sinful. Oh my! Isn’t this sinful?
– Get lost! “The weather is so pleasant.” “The whole world is making merry.” “Steal my lip’s rosiness.” “Why are you making excuses,
darling?” “My youth belongs to you.” “Give me some memento.” “Concoct tales if you want.” “But it won’t make a story.” “Beloved, let’s build our abode
under our eyelids.” “No. No. Beloved.” “My crazy heart doesn’t listen.” “No. No. Beloved.” “My crazy heart doesn’t listen.” “Come. Let me love you.” “And flourish your life.” “Come. Let me love you.” “Come. Come.” “Come. Come.” “No. No. Beloved.” “My crazy heart doesn’t listen.” You have stopped again. Come on. Why have you brought me here? I have an appointment
with a film producer. To hell with the producer.
– Why will the producer go to hell? How will the film work then?
– Today, I will buy whatever I want. It’s so beautiful.
– Is your name Sunder? No.
– I am talking about the sari. Ask the cost.
– How much does it cost? Rs.400.
– Rs.400. Stop your drama, drama king. I am buying it for Kanta,
not for myself. What will Kanta do with this? Not this. Sari. You buy clothes on hire
for your acting. Will you buy wedding
clothes on hire too? Kanta should return to her village. Kishan and she cannot marry. Why? What’s the flaw in Kishan? Kanta also loves him a lot. No..
– My Sardar. Look, it’s not what you think. It’s what you don’t understand.
– What are you saying, Sardar? You are what I think you are. Yes. Who are you? Oh my! Who am I? What has happened to you, Sardar? You don’t recognize your Sweety? Sweety? I searched for you everywhere. London. Canada. Pakistan. I didn’t know I will find you here.
Yes. What is going on? Who is she? That is what I am asking. Who are you? Don’t get angry. Don’t be angry. I will never beat you. Okay? Come. Come home.
– Let’s go. Where are you going? Yes. Where are you taking me? Home. Tell me something, Sardar. What was the flaw in me that
you married another woman? Another woman? Fatso, are you in your senses? I will bring you to your senses. Yes. I am not talking just like that. Yes.
– Proof? Look. I have the photo. See this.
– Photo? Isn’t it Sardar and my photo? Look. Look. We got married in London
three years ago. Yes. It’s me. Sweety.
– Hey! Why don’t you say something
to her, Sardar? Ask her whether she has
any photo as proof. Yes.
Do you have any such photo of us? Photo.
– Yes. Come here.
I will make your photo. Hey you witch! Beware if you touch my Sardar!
– Get lost. I will grind you into pieces.
– What will you grind me, fatso? Today it was amazing. I have donned many guises in my life.
But it has never happened before. That lady was so hell-bent after me.. ..that for a moment I also felt
like I am her husband.. ..and not my wife’s husband. Whatever you say, Bhaiya. These days your getup
is not working. What? No. It’s not that. You see, that day my beard
came off and slipped into my hand. Otherwise I swear. Kanta would have been
on Rampur’s platform today. But don’t worry.
I have thought of a new getup. Inspector Godbode. If I don’t make her board
a train today.. ..I am not an actor. There is no need for that, Bhaiya. I have decided that Kanta
will stay with me. Here. Huh? With you? What if he returns? He will return only after serving.. 7 years imprisonment term. By then Kanta and I will..
– This is wrong. Look, Kishan.
You are again being a monster. It’s really wrong. Kishan cannot stay
without Kanta. That’s it. Sir. It’s Harry from Hong Kong. Yes. Harry, good evening.
How did you think of me? It’s got delayed, Swami. I have still not received
the delivery. The delivery is ready.
Where is the payment? Payment?
– Yes. You are asking for double payment.
– Send the first payment. Tell me. When will you send it? Swami, I know. You are a good actor. Are you and Kishan fooling me? How did Kishan come in the picture? Your Kishan. Don’t delay it more, Swami. Dispatch the goods quickly. Got that? Okay?
– Sir, I think Kishan.. Kishan. O Goddess, your car isn’t less
than a monstrous ride. This is nothing. Sit in a plane.
You will know how thrilling it is. Plane?
– Yes. Plane. No. I will go to Rampur in a train. Before that you will go to Singapore. See. I have booked the tickets.
Yes. Let’s go home.
Let me pack my bags. Forget that. I will buy you everything
new once we reach there. Everything? I will buy a gift
for my uncle and aunt. And for Parvati. And Raghu too. If you say,
I will buy entire Singapore.. ..and parcel it to your Rampur. What? You don’t know.
I have committed a big heist. I told you.
It’s not your cup of tea. But you didn’t listen to me. Hey! She is my Gita. But with him..
– Nonsense. You will remain a moron. Kishan has got her for me. What did I tell you?
Kishan cannot deceive me. Come on.
– Hey! She is not your Gita, Ranga Swami.
She is my Kanta. Act sensibly. Act sensibly.
Leave her hand. How do I leave it? She has captured my heart.
How do I leave her? Leave her hand.
– Otherwise? Otherwise I will destroy you. Thambi.
– Yes, Swami. Did you hear what he said? He will destroy me for this girl.
What? Yes. This is what I said. Hey! Hey! I will burn you alive. Don’t come ahead. It’s easy to finish him off.
Don’t remove your sword. You are becoming my enemy
for the girl as imposter Ramgulam. You will die a terrible death.
Terrible death. What is he saying?
– What am I saying? Go to Belgaum prison and
ask your real Ramgulam.. ..what I am saying. Belgaum?
– Yes. My Ram?
– Yes. Swami.
– Why are you getting hyper? You were going to set
the world ablaze. What happened to you now? Swami, I won’t spare you.
I am telling you to keep quiet. What will happen if I say it? You did a very dirty thing.
Very dirty. You deceived this girl. You played the charade of love
with her. Not charade of love. It’s true love. I swear on my love. If you say
anything, I will set you ablaze. I won’t say anything.
I won’t say anything. Now both of you can talk
among yourself. I won’t say anything. Thambi, come on. I won’t say anything. Why was he saying that? Why was he saying that my Ram
is in Belgaum prison? He was lying. He was bluffing.
Don’t trust him. What? Forget Ram. Forget him.
I am there. I am there. I am there. You are not my Ram? So what happened? You are not my Ram? You deceived me.
You lied to me. No. Not deceit. I love you.
Not deceit. I didn’t deceive you. I love you.
– No. No. No.
– Kanta. Kanta. No.
– Kanta, listen to me. Leave me. Don’t touch me.
Don’t come near me. You are a sinner.
I will go to my Ram. Wonder in what condition he must be! O Goddess, I made a mistake! Kanta, I love you.
– You deceived me. You are an imposter.
– Kanta! I love you.
– You are a sinner. Kanta! Kanta! – No! I love you!
– Leave me! Keep quiet. Keep quiet. You won’t go anywhere. Even if the whole world
is on one side.. ..I will still not leave you. You are mine. That’s it. Leave me. Let me go. Leave me. Help! Is anyone there? Save me from this demon! Look. Let me go to my Ram. For God’s sake let me go. I cannot live without him. I beg of you. I plead with you.
Let me go. Look. Don’t commit atrocity.
You will incur a sin. You will go to hell. Drink it. Look. If you don’t drink,
I also won’t touch water. What? Here. Drink. Drink. Drink. Unnecessarily drama. Why do you get angry? Why do you get hyper? Now nothing can be done. Nothing. My heart and my mind
are not in my control. I love you a lot. I love you immensely. Try to understand. I am ready to do anything for you. I am ready to quit
all illegal deeds.. ..and settle down in your village. Try to understand. Forget him.
Please forget him. Kill me. Chop my heart into pieces. Finish me off. But as long as Goddess
is there on earth.. ..I will never take your name. I will never take your name. I will see. I will see you. Kishan! Kishan! Kishan! Kishan! Kishan! Kishan! Listen. Where is Kanta? Where is Kanta? I don’t know. Look,
whatever is happening isn’t good. Look, Bhaiya. I understand
what’s good and bad for me. What? It’s better that you don’t interfere. Look. I know you are not a
bad person by heart. You have only gone astray.
That’s it. Look. I don’t want to hear
your lectures. Have you gone mad?
Why don’t you understand? What if something happens to Kanta?
– So? How is she related to you? She is not related to me. But you are related to me,
aren’t you? Look, I won’t let you do
anything terrible. The terrible thing has already
happened, Bhaiya. I tried a lot to explain to her. But she doesn’t understand.
What do I do? How can you go against
someone’s wish.. Someone’s wish?
And my wish means nothing? It is important.
Your wish comes first. Tell me. I will bring a fairy like girl who is
better than Kanta as your bride. Look, Bhaiya.
I am not a 5-year-old kid. And Kanta is not a plastic doll. Leave your dialogues. My decision won’t change. How come? You took the decision on your own.
As if I don’t have any value. I am saying it’s wrong.
This cannot happen. Cannot happen? Who are you to interfere? Who am I? You are asking me who am I? You are standing here
because of me. My wife, whom you address
as sister-in-law.. ..stayed awake many nights. Otherwise you would have died. You were this small, when you
were lying sick in the gutter. I picked you up and hugged you.
I raised you as my child. And you are asking me who I am. Very good. Very good. This is what I had expected from you. Yes. You have done a
lot of favors on me. What do I do?
Shall I kill myself for you? You did that for your happiness.
Not for me. You wanted to experience
the joy of a son, of a child. I didn’t call out to you
from the gutter. O father. What happiness will you give us? What happiness will you give us? We were blindly in love with you.
That’s why we ignored all your vices. And we loved you. Even today I am begging you
for your own wellbeing. But Kishan, what you are doing,
its outcome will be very bad. Kanta belongs to Ramgulam.
How will you face this truth? Kanta is mine.
If you try to interfere.. ..I will finish you off. Change your clothes. I have got a job. Now we don’t need to stay here. We will go to Bangalore.
I will drive trucks. Did you like my idea? What? Why…why are you looking
at me like that? I am with you.
We will start a new life. What? What are you thinking? Isn’t it a good idea? Hurry up. Hurry up.
There is no time. No! Are you mad? What were you doing?
– No. What were you doing? Look. You will either
become my bride or die. Did you understand? What did I say? Did I harm you? What did I say? Did I ever speak with you bitterly? I made only one mistake. I loved you. That’s my only fault. You are lying. A man like you cannot love
someone or get someone’s love. Cheater. Fraud. Trickster.
This is all you can do. Don’t say that, Kanta. I truly love you. My love is pure. I don’t want anything.
Just let me go. Let me go. No!
– Let you go. No!
– Let you go. Let you go. Ram. You have committed
many atrocities, Kishan. Move from our way. Leave my Kanta. Kanta belongs to me, Ramgulam. If you try to interfere,
I will finish you off. What? No. No. Ram! Ram! No! Leave me! Ram! Get lost! No! Ram!
– Kanta! Kanta! Ram! Stop, Kanta. Stop. I will come. I will come.
– Beware if you come forward. Before you touch me,
I will jump in this fire and die.. No, Kanta!
Don’t say that. Don’t say that. Kanta, I love you a lot. I cannot stay without you. You can kill me, can’t you? Kanta.
Kanta, I cannot take it anymore. Hold on to something. No, Ram! No! You are under my oath, Kanta!
You are under my oath! How will I live without you, Ram? No, Kanta. You are under my oath! You are under my oath! Save yourself. No!
– Hold on. No!
– Hold on. Wait for a moment. Wait. Here. Hold it. Hold the rope. Don’t think that I did it for you. It’s for her. Come on. Leave. Come on. Go. I cannot tolerate it. Go back. Kishan. No. Shall I ask you something? You love her a lot, don’t you? It’s great fun. It’s great fun. Ranga Swami, Ram got his love.
What now? That is true. But without me
the story has not ended. You are becoming dim-witted. The real drama will start now.
Wait and watch. I see. Is that so?
– Yes. O Goddess Ganga, help everyone. And always protect my Ram. Goddess Ganga is waiting
in Rampur. This is Mumbai’s sea.
Let’s go. Once you get Ganga’s water,
you see Her reflection.. all oceans in the world. It’s due to Her grace that
I found you in this city. It’s your love
that has kept me alive. Don’t ever go away from me, Ram. Never. Okay. Now hurry up. Or else we will miss Rampur’s train. Yes. Let’s go.
– Come on. Come on. Come on. You have come. Come. Come. Kanta, see who has come. Hello.
– Him? It’s Ranga Swami. He got me
released from prison on bail. I am sure you are mistaken. No, Kanta. You don’t know. He is an evil man. Now let’s leave. Police? Very good, Natwarlal.
Catch this scoundrel. Hey!
– Can I ask why? I have a warrant in your name, Kishan. Your game is over.
– That’s the problem. My name is not Kishan. I am Ramgulam.
– Yes. Quiet.
– Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Ask them.
He is Peter. He is Ranga Swami. Ask them whether I am Kishan.
– What, Peter? Sir, he is Kishan.
– Tie this scoundrel. Hey!
– Hey! What are you doing?
What are you doing? Leave my Ram. Leave.
– What are you doing? Kanta! Kanta! O Goddess!
– Kanta! What has happened?
– What are you doing! Leave him! Listen!
– Stop. You are mistaken. Kishan, don’t worry. I will love
Kanta more than my Gita. Come. Come. Leave me. Hey!
– Leave me, demon. Leave you? No! Leave me! Let me go, inspector. Inspector! Let me go! Hey, inspector!
– He is struggling a lot. Hey, inspector! Inspector! Inspector, think about your uniform. They will kill Kanta. Please let me go. What will you do? Do you want to disturb Ranga Swami? Inspector, let me go.
– Listen. I will pay you more money
than Ranga Swami.. ..for sleeping with the girl.
– You swine! You must have bought your
uniform with your pimp money. What did you say? What did you say? What did you say? Tell me.
What did you say? You grabbed my uniform.
You grabbed my uniform. How dare you! Pimp! Pandu! Open the lock!
Scoundrel! Beat the scoundrel! You.. Life has a meeting with death.
Yes. Death. “Life has a meeting with death.
Yes. Death.” “Life has a meeting with death.
Yes. Death.” “Tonight is the night of
catastrophe.” “Tonight is the night of
catastrophe.” “Life has a meeting with death.
Yes. Death.” “Life has a meeting with death.
Yes. Death.” “Tonight is the night of
catastrophe.” “Tonight is the night of
catastrophe.” “Eyes are gesturing to each other.” “Silence broke.” “When one heart called out
to another heart.” “A little dark. A little light.” “It’s such a strange weather.” “Who knows what will happen?” “Life has a meeting with death.
Yes. Death.” “Life has a meeting with death.
Yes. Death.” “Tonight is the night of
catastrophe.” “Tonight is the night of
catastrophe.” Look, don’t struggle so much. Shoot him. Ranga Swami must have
slept with her by now. Let me also see how
good your Kanta is in bed. No! What? What? Whose…whose girl are you touching? Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Scoundrel! I will see him later. What? Come. Let’s go to Ramgulam quickly. Considering all evidences
and witnesses.. ..the court has reached
the conclusion.. ..that the allegation against
culprit Ramgulam is true. So the court holds culprit
Ramgulam guilty.. ..and under section 302
of the Indian Penal Code.. ..the court gives him death penalty. He shall be hanged
by the neck unless he dies. No! Hey! Did you book the ticket? Yes. It’s for tomorrow morning. You are worrying needlessly. I would have gone on my own. I will drop you to Rampur station
and come back. Kanta. I will return your love to you,
Kanta. IG sir is here. Come on. Hurry up. Left. Left. Left. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left.
– Left. Left. Left. Left. Left. Left.
– Left. Right. Left. Right. Move aside. The IG is coming. Seems like before checking
the jail’s record.. ..I will have to check
your mind’s record, jailor. Dildar Singh Rathod. My Kanta. I have only one regret of dying. I couldn’t give you any happiness. Actually, my luck is bad. It’s time to change your luck.
Hurry up. Come on. Kishan, you? Questions and answers later.
Change your clothes quickly. If the jailor comes,
there will be a problem. Come on. Change clothes? Have you come to help me
escape from here? Of course.
I have promised to take you to Kanta. Here. Wear this. Now nothing can be done. Destiny has played its cards. Now gallows is my destiny. So call Kanta. Let her also
hang on the noose with you. Instead of crying and
dying after your death..’s better that she dies with you. Kishan, I understand. You have gone crazy after
seeing Kanta’s condition. But just imagine. Even if I escape from here,
for how long.. ..will I escape from the police? Am I a fool? I give the guarantee.. ..that nothing will happen to you.
Come on. If we have a few more jailors
like you in this country.. ..the entire country
will be destroyed. All criminals will turn
into mahatmas. And the real mahatma will turn
into a criminal. The wrong man is outside.
And the innocent man is inside. Sir, my record is clear.
– Enough of your record. You are harping on about record. Who hears the entire record
in today’s world? People don’t even hear songs
on records. They play cassettes. And your prison’s cassette player
has got damaged. So you won’t leave. No. It’s impossible for me
to leave from here. I won’t let this sin take place. Fine. I will leave. Oh yes! Kanta’s memento. Keep it. Quiet!
– Sir. I feel ashamed of myself. How did I make a man like you.. ..who doesn’t even deserve
to be a tailor.. ..such a big prison’s jailor? I will give you poison
and I will commit suicide. Commando, catch him.
Put him behind bars. Imprison him.
– Sir. Imprison everyone.
Come on. Put them in. Ranga Swami. See how he is stunned. What did I say? He will definitely come to prison
to help Ramgulam escape. But even I didn’t know
that both the duplicates.. ..will step into my trap. Ranga Swami, don’t stop me today. I don’t have time, Ranga Swami. I also don’t have time. Gita must be waiting for me. Today, I will satisfy myself. Kill both of them.
– Stop. Stop. I got scared. Duplicate, you will shoot
with a duplicate gun. Move! Hey! Let him go. Let him go. I also have to settle
an old score, Kishan. Come on. What is this?
– Nothing. He has fainted.
– Oh! Take him to the station quickly. Kanta is waiting.
She is in the train to Rampur. Don’t worry, Kishan. I have locked the jailor in prison.
Like this. Very good, Bhaiya. Before he comes out,
I will go inside prison. What? Hold on. You will be inside.
He will be outside. I don’t understand. There is no time to understand,
Bhaiya. Take Ramgulam quickly. His destination is waiting
for him. Quickly. And you? I have reached my destination,
Bhaiya. No. You won’t do that, Kishan. You want to free him and
hang yourself on the noose. Are you mad? My madness ended long back,
Bhaiya. Now I am in my senses. Losing everything gives so much joy. I cannot express it. What are you saying? There is no need to lose anything. Look. You come with me. He will get Kanta.
You will stay with us. Again the same thing. If I also leave from here,
the police won’t leave Ramgulam. Someday, somewhere,
he will be caught. If I am here,
everything will be good. There won’t be
any problem in Kanta’s life. She will lead a peaceful life. She will lead a peaceful life. She will lead a peaceful life.
What about us? Our life will become miserable. What will I say to my wife?
I have sent you to the gallows. No. I won’t let you go.
I won’t let you go. Don’t do that, Bhaiya.
Don’t do that. You know.
All this is happening because of me. I always thought about myself.
Blindly. Today, I have got a chance to atone.
Bhaiya, you are under my oath. You are under my oath. Let me go. And take him to Kanta.
Or else she will die. She will die without him. God, what kind of trial is this! It would have been better
if I had died. At least I wouldn’t have had to
see this day. Bhaiya, don’t say that.
Don’t say that. People like me come and go. People like you pick him from
the gutter and make him a man. I have received immense
love from you, Bhaiya. Immense love. More than a mother and a father.
But today, let me go, Bhaiya. Kishan, stop it. All my life I abused you
and called you names. Today, seeing you, I have found out.. ..what a true man and
a true lover is like. You are great. You are very noble. Very noble. Give sister-in-law my.. Kishan, stop. He fell ill. He fainted. He will be fine. I will.. Dear, I will.. Ramgulam, a girl was waiting
the whole night to meet you. Would you like to meet her? My heart was certain
that you would come. Liar. It feels so good. It feels so good
when you call me a liar. Hey! Say it once more. Say it. Hey! Hey! Kishan.
– What happened? What? What is this? What happened? What happened? Kishan. What happened? What did you do? What is this? What did you do? Huh? ‘Wait and see.
One day I will die in your arms.’ ‘Why? For me?’ ‘Okay. Sorry.’ ‘Look, if you die,
I will also leave the world.’ What have you done?
What have you done? I am leaving. Don’t delay, Kishan. Okay? Yes. Kishan. Kishan. Kishan. Kishan. Bhaiya.. This.. Ram. Ram. Ram. This..

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