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It was troubled times in the populous peninsula Freedom was a secret dream; Slavery was a brute reality Doctorial ways of British raj gave way to desperation and plight, Leaders sprung all around the country to challenge the rulers might In a little known town called Senkottai cried a new born baby The humble parents named him Sankaran and raised him well Pursuing graduation, he married and began his life’s sojourn A government job, good salary and he had little about which to mourn However, fate has always had a surprising twist, Furious he turned against Britan’s Iron fist “The Britishers are here to plunder and loot our country. Working under their service would make me an accomplice to a robber” Ashe was the collector of Tirunelveli, people didn’t enjoy his reign His ruthless orders to slay nationalists, caused a lot of pain Ashe’s hate for national rebels had no bounds When Swadeshi Shipping Company was making huge rounds, VOC owner of the ships posed a threat to the English. Angered Ashe banished the ships and pushed VOC in to dark cells Fuming Vanchi vowed to pack off Ashe to Devil’s hells. Cows were killed for meat to celebrate an English prince after which Vanchi vowed to punish Ashe for all his sins “Vanchi, Ashe Durai is travelling on June 17 with his family to Kodaikanal for a holiday.” Is he? I don’t plan on letting him reach Kodai What do you mean? I believe the time has come to act and make our voices heard. In Maniachi station, on 17th July 1911 as the sun replaced the moon, Little did people know that the tranquil town would see bloodshed soon as a hooting train halted in the platforms of the station Vanchinathan boarded Who are you man? and headed towards his final destination A loud gunshot brought everything to a halt Down fell Ashe, as the bullets pierced his merciless heart Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram! a fearless voice chanted as the gun fired again Vanchinathan fell down signing without any restrain Popped out a suicide note justifying his ghastly deed Voicing his frustration, he asked others to follow in his lead “I dedicate my life as a small token to this motherland I am privileged to have carried out this deed today. This is what everyone in Hindustan should consider as his duty. VANDE MATARAM Indeed noble stories are not always written by pens Sometimes they are written by swords and guns It really depends

12 thoughts on “Ballads Of Bharat | Vanchinathan

  1. மகன்தந்தைக்கு ஆற்றும் உதவி இவன்தந்தை
    என்நோற்றான் கொல்எனும் சொல்..He proved Mani😄

  2. நல்ல முயற்சி !
    மென்மேலும் வளர வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

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