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♪♪ [Heavy Metal]♪♪ [Continues]Huh!♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪♪ Taking care of what is mine ♪♪ And drawing up
the battles lines ♪
♪ Seeking out where you are ♪♪ Seeking out where you are ♪♪ Seeking out where you are ♪♪ Seeking out where you are ♪♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪♪ Shaking at the battle line ♪♪ Tearing down something now ♪♪ Feeling kind of happy now ♪♪ Drawing up the ♪♪ Drawing up the ♪♪ Thinking kind of funny now ♪♪ Coming after you ♪♪ Thinking kind of funny now ♪Huh!♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪Huh!Huh![Bird squawking] [Footsteps] [Low snorting] Tom? Tom! It’s too early
in the morning to be a jerk! Aah! God. Morning, babe. You scared me. [Chuckles]
I have such a bad hangover. Oh, no better cure
than the great outdoors. [Howls] Stop. Seriously.
My head is pounding. Baby, it’s my mating call. Mmm.
Let me have it. [Chuckles] [Howls] [Both laugh] [Distant howling] Hello! Who’s out there? Tom? Shh. Yo! Ah. It’s the ranger. Hey. Come with me, boy. Okay. Park ranger. Wonderful. Are we not supposed to be here?
Are we in trouble? You stay here.
I’ll go talk to this guy. [Gasps] [Whimpering] Tom! [Crying] [Men shouting] [Crying] No! Go! Get her! Go! [Crying] Oh, God. [Screams] [Whimpering] [Crying] No! [Moans] [Crying]
No! [Chuckles] No! No![Screams]
First and foremost,
I want to congratulate
you seven. You have the esteemed
honor of participating in this year’s
corporate retreat! Give yourselves a hand.
Come on. This year, Principal Division
Corporate Retreat will consist of a two-team
Battle Royale in the stunning
Jasper Woodlands up north.[Man]
Executive Tactics.
Our staff of special
forces operators
will help you take leadershipto a whole new level.The skills you already have,hardened in the
crucible of battle.
Executive Tactics.Sweet! Hoo! So…it’s paintball. Well, this is
Executive Tactics, complete with
state-of-the-art hardware. Bolt action. Laser sight. Capture the flag
will never be the same. [Chuckling] Something funny, Benson? Uh, no. I’m sorry. I was just, um… As always,
this excursion is a fully paid
evaluation/review. As an added bonus,
an extra week’s salary will be applied
to the winning team. That’s what
I’m talkin’ about. That’s gonna be
my team. [Clears throat]
To my Series Seven. Leave the BlackBerries at home,
and mind the poison ivy. Let’s bring it on! [Cheering] Yeah! Yi yi yi! Whoo. Oh, my God.
It is so wild out here. Yeah.
We should go hunting. Oh, dude,
that’d be awesome. We’d get a big elk. We’d put him right
on the office wall. [Laughs] Benson, you can flush him out, go traipsing through the woods. Then I’ll take the shot,
and make the kill. [Imitates gunshot] Leave me out of it,
thank you. Oh, that’s right.
I’m sorry. I forgot. Benson’s a lover,
not a fighter. I’d rather be a lover
than a dick. Dude, Johnny,
I cannot have
this guy on my team. Okay, well, why don’t you just
take yourself out now? Benson, all joshing aside, this is about
team participation, and there are evaluations. You above everybody else
should be taking this seriously. I’ll carry my own weight. You don’t have to worry
about that, John. Yeah, well, that’s
what I like to hear. Alpha to Beta–
Alpha to Beta.[Man]
Team Beta.
You guys see
a sign for route 113? Don’t think so, bud. Let’s pull off
at the next exit. We’ll make a pit stop. That’s a 10-4. [Grunts] Baso.
Yo. Ha! That’s what
I’m talkin’ about. Hey. Let’s try some firepower. Let’s do this. Breakfast of champions, huh? You damn right. Benson. Gas. Hey, check under the hood while
you’re at it, home slice. Hi. Do you have
a bathroom we could use? [Inhales sharply] [Low snorting] [Motorcycle engine starts] [Engine revving] All right, check this out. Come on, come on.
Show me what you got. Aah! Not bad. Now watch how it’s done. [Clang] Oh, man. [Laughing] Excuse me. What the hell was that? Is that a kid? Yeah, yeah,
I think so. Hey, kid, you okay? Just a paintball gun. No worries. [Footsteps departing] Saw your ugly ass and booked. Take another shot. Freaky-looking kid. Morning. Uh…do you guys take AmEx? Credit card? Right, that’s– [Motorcycle engine revs loudly] Sorry. Too much Java. I– I pumped 50
on number 1. [Sighs] I’m Adam, by the way. Nice to meet you. [Snarling] Aah! Perry, you’re such a jerk. Come on, Lee.
Everybody loves a little head. He’s a little freaky. Yeah, a little. So… How are we this morning? We are golden. Jethro turned us on
to a few less crowded spots. Really?
Yeah. Looked like he was ready
to feed us to his wall
of otters. Yeah, he would have
if you kept that mouth running. Why are you flirting
with me? Yeah, word to the wise– most of these parts
around here are off-limits
to Civilian Tactics. Deputy finds out we’re out here
blasting trees with paintballs, we get fined. We keep this on the down low. Yes, boss man. [Shallow breathing] Baby’s ours. You understand that now? Yes, Mother. Will you attempt
to run again? No, Mother. Never. This is my home now. That’s a good girl. [Whimpering] Be careful.
Give me your hand. Oh!
[Laughs] Hey! All right. Hey.
Hi. Are you coming swimming? Uh…no.
I’m– I’m good. Adam, why?
It’s gonna be fun. No, no. Benson’s got
to make new maps
of the area. Otherwise,
we will all get lost. Speaking of which, did you know this used to be
a military reservation? Oh, that’s fascinating. Oh! My gosh! Adam, save me! Hey, what are you doing? I hate my life. [Screams] Perry, you creep! What? You said the water
looked nice. No, I’m freezing! That’s why they call it
a cold spring! Aaah! Whoo! Yeah! 1, 2, 3! [Screams] Oh, it’s so cold! [Laughs] Come on! Jump! Jump! Yeah, Baso! [Chatter] Play nice, play nice. Get him under! [Low snorting] [Heavy breathing] Hey, guys! I think you need
to come look at this. It’s a hunter’s prize. Jagoffs probably got so drunk they forgot they left them
hanging there. I think it looks
like they were left
there on purpose. Lee’s right. They look like they
were markers or something. Jesus, we’re in a national
forest, campers. You’re bound to run
into dead, rotting things. Just get over it. It’s getting late. We need to set up camp. Uh, excuse me. Are we not gonna report this? We should put an APB on the way
you looked in that bikini ’cause it’s a crime. Hey, all talk, no action, Per. Yeah? You want to share a tent? Yeah, you wish. God, that thing
was so mutilated, we don’t even know
what it was anymore. Oh, boo-hoo, Frodo. Come on, Johnny. I want to put orange paint
on these chumps by 0900. All right, then.
Let’s get moving. I want tents and bunks up
within the hour. Final video conference at 2100.
Let’s move out! Let’s get it on! [Engine starts] Okay, guys, we’re going
to our side of the lake. Look out! Live beer! Whoo! Come to daddy. Oh, yeah.
Ahh! Nice and cold. [Gasps] Having some trouble
with your can there? No, I’m fine, thank you. Are you sure? Hey, want us
to call room service? No, I’ll manage.
Thank you. She’ll be upper management
in three months. They’re already sharpening the name plate
for her office door. “Assistant to Senior Exec.”
Hey, look at her. Right beside him,
cozy as a tent mouse. She’s part
of the team, Perry. She’s getting evaluated
like everybody else. Come on,
Johnny’s working on a second divorce
with a fat cash flow. You don’t think he’s
hitting that? Grow up. The water cooler
doesn’t lie, my friend. More things change,
more they stay the same. Tan legs and a nice bounce. That’s all some girls need. You know, Perry,
do me a favor. Get really drunk tonight
and don’t talk to me. Did I strike a chord? [Laughter] Speaking of stats,
King John, what’s the point tally
for final elimination? Yes, yes. Three shots and you’re out. Just give me
a good sniper post, and I will turn that paint
pellet into a hollow-point. Right in the skulls
of the nerds! Ladies get five shots. What? If you’re the sniper
you say you are, it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m just saying. What about women’s lib
and ERA and all that crap? Thank you. [Imitates brakes screeching] That disappeared
with Britney’s thong.[Laughs]Hit him for me, Lee.To Beta Team. We wish you luck
and courage. And if there are
no further questions,
we bid you good night. May your nightmares
be painted in blood and guts. Absolutely. Perry!Ha. Yeah, your face
will suffice.
Give it up, Maggie. I’m not sleeping with you.
Stop begging. All right! All right! All right, soldiers. Over and out.Cheers.Bye!They are so screwed. [Laughter] [Perry] Yeah! Surprise. Come on. Come here.
You look so fine. Stop that. [Laughs] John. [Rustling] [Bird screeching] [Laughs] What are you doing?
What, are you gonna act like we’ve never done
this before? Would you stop?
[Laughs] [Talking indistinctly] Hey. You’re crazy. John. Don’t. Does it still tickle? Hmm? I thought we talked
about this. After you got promoted,
we said this was over. Yeah, in L.A. But out here,
the rules are different. Not for me. We’ll see about that. No. I’m sick of the looks
that I get. I can’t even go get a cup
of coffee without hearing something about
my body and your hand. Tell me who’s talking,
and they’re gone. I would just
rather it be me.
What? I was gonna wait until we got
back to L.A. to tell you this, but…I’ve put in
a request for a transfer. You’re serious? Yeah. I am. [Burps] [Urinating] Don’t get in
my line of fire. Dick. Hope a skunk
gives you crabs. Wouldn’t be the first time. Whoo. [Low growling] [Heavy breathing] [Air horn blares] Yeah!
[Laughs] Look at this guy.
He isn’t even dressed yet. What are you guys
trying to do, wake up the entire state? Nope. Just Beta Team. God, couldn’t we just
call them on the cell? 21st century was yesterday. We’re back to the basics. Damn straight. [Air horn blares] Okay, what the hell
was that? It’s our wake-up call. What time is it? Too early for this, man.
I’m going back to sleep. No, no, no, no,
wait, wait, wait. Everybody get ready. Let’s go! [Air horn blares] [All]
Oh, yeah. Where’s Lee? I don’t know, dude. Boo! Gotcha. Nice, Benson.
Be last in the bush
for shizzle. You might be taking us
back in time, but I’m not going anywhere without the radio,
thank you. Wait a second.
What are you guys wearing? Fatigues
of the trade, Benson. Why don’t you
go get yours on? You’re slowing
us down already. No, thanks. I gave up on camouflage
after cub scouts. Benson? Fatigues. It’s an order. I’ll help him.
Adam, come on. Benson. Wait a minute. Which way? I don’t know. This trail’s not
supposed to be here. Okay, where exactly
did you get this map? Your mama’s house.
Stand down, soldier. Yeah, you know that thing’s
upside down, right? We gotta keep moving. Okay, well what should we do? Left looks good.
Let’s go. Come on guys.
Come on! Come on! Holy shit. That’s bad-ass. When would Beta
have time to do this? Paul must have taken
a macramé class, the homo. No, no, don’t touch it.
It’s the Squall Warrior Torture. You see the leaves?
It’s poison oak. It’s all over the thing. So that your enemy suffers
before you kill him. Watch much
nature channel, John? Wait, come on.
Why would Beta do this? Who said it was Beta?
Come on, guys. There’s no signs,
no paths. Hello? The dead animal
carcasses hanging
from the trees? Does any of this look
like a national park to you? What are you saying,
Jethro back at the bar
gave us the big “F You”? No, it’s more than that.
Something is not right. I think we should radio Beta
and let them know. What? No! It also wouldn’t hurt to contact the local
authorities, John. Whoa, whoa.
Nobody’s calling anybody. It’s an abandoned
hunting net, Benson. Yeah, in a so-called
national preserve. For the love of God, can we
please go shoot some people? Look, last night,
I saw someone. What? Benson, what the hell
you talking about? In the woods, John. I really
think someone was watching us. John… [Sighs] What’s our next point? Yes! Listen, John. Listen… Next point. It’s northwest.
Half a click. [Exhales sharply]
All right. Then let’s move out. Right behind you, John-bo. Is that Baso? Die, Baso, die! [Paintball gun firing] [Laughing] Think about that when you pass
my new corner office! [Laughter] Whoo! Who’s better than you? Nobody! Yeah! See that, baby?
Did you see that paint? I saw you land one shot. Three, mamacita! Well, call it in. No. We maintain radio silence. We don’t want those chumps
knowing our position. If you shot Baso,
we got to restart anyway. So call it in. Ah. Johnny, we got
to maintain our ass, bro. Alpha to Beta,
Alpha to Beta. Over. This is Beta. Over. How’s Baso liking
the sting? Go again, Alpha. Come on, Paul.
Don’t give me that horse-shit. Perry just took
a huge chunk out of Baso. Yeah, negative on that, boss. Lying sons of bitches.
I just put three shots
in that dude. Beta, what’s your 20? Uh, yeah. To tell the truth,
we’re exactly not sure. Chen got his points crossed,
and now we’re lost. Yeah, in the land
of my M-1. Perry, shut up already. You shut up, map boy. Everyone shut up! Paul, return to camp.
We’ll reset. Come on.
We’ve got them on the run. We can’t quit now. You heard them.
They never made contact. And you believe them?
What kind of teammates
am I dealing with? The kind that uses their head
before their trigger fingers. John, can we pack
this thing up or what? [Sighs] We’ll pick it up
after breakfast.
Let’s roll. Come on, honey.
Playtime’s over. So, they want us to meet them
back at the campsite? Wherever the hell
the campsite is. Yeah, but this has
got to lead somewhere. It does! Look. What the hell? There’s not supposed to be any structures around here. This map is totally useless. Maybe we can get some
directions or something. Yeah, it could be trespassing. No way in hell am I going
in there with you guys. Good. Let’s go. [Scoffs] Hello? This is so creepy. Yeah, I don’t know
about this, Chris. [Knocks] Anybody home? Come on. [Inhales] What the hell is all this? Good question. Where are you going? To check for a phone. Mike, look upstairs. By myself? No, I’ll go with you. [Gasps]
Mike. I couldn’t resist.
Okay, shh, shh. With Baso down,
who are they gonna
send after us? Paul?
[Laughs] What the hell? All the nonperishables.
They took them. Beta. The little bastards. They outflanked us
and made off with our stuff. Baso was the diversion. Look, they said Baso
wasn’t even in the zone. Like hell he wasn’t. They want to play dirty?
Let’s play dirty. I’m telling you,
it’s something else. Like what? God, Benson, you’re more
pathetic than I thought. Hey, moron! Moron? I’ll put a boot
right up your ass! Perry, I’m so tired
of your shit! Really? Every day you got
to say something! Bring it! Cut the crap! Everyone! Check your tents. Now! [Grunts] What is this place? [Arrow fires] Aah! Aah! Aah! [Clattering] What the hell was that? Chris, is that you? [Screams] [Indistinct yelling] No! Alpha to Beta,
Alpha to Beta.
Over. [Heavy breathing] Alpha to Beta Team! Come on, you guys, pick up.
Over.[Woman screaming]
Help! Help!
Get away from me!
Beta, this is Alpha.
Do you read? Over.[Man screaming]
Get away from me!
[Woman crying]
Oh, no.
[Static crackling]Alpha to Beta,
Alpha to Beta.
Oh, God, no![Woman screaming][Engine cranking] What is it? It won’t turn over. Is it the battery? No, no, the headlights work.
The battery’s fine. Check out the gas gauge. How could it be empty?
We just put gas in the car! I don’t know. What the hell is going on? It’s siphoned. What? What is that? Out there.
What is that? Who is that? Hello? [Heavy breathing] Just get back in the car, man.
What are you doing? John! Oh! Go, go, go! Come on! [Crying] Here you go, Mother Ruth. This is your new home now. [Muffled screaming] Calm her down so we can begin. Let’s go. [Panting] Come on! Oh, my God, Adam!
Oh, my God! They killed him! No, it’s okay. Shh. How many did you see? I don’t know.
I think I saw two. Look out! [Screaming] I got him! Come on! Come on! Come on. Come on. Wait a sec. You still have Dash’s
satellite phone? Yeah, it’s in my backpack. We need to climb
to the top of this hill. There’s a good chance
we can get a signal out
from there. And run the risk of taking
an arrow to the head?
No way. We got to get help. No, we got to keep moving
and stay low. And go where?
The road is miles away. And who knows how many
of these guys are out here. Come on, we just got
to climb as high as we can. Come on, man. [Muffled screaming] Hold still. Come on. [Grunting] [Dialing][Line ringing]Hello?Ranger Ricks.
This is Park Headquarters.
Ranger police.
Thank God. My name is
Adam Benson, okay? I’m with a small camping group somewhere in the northwest
section of Jasper Park.What can I do for you?Yes, sir,
we were just attacked by men with archery weapons. And I think they killed
a friend of ours, sir.You think?
Are you sure?
No, I’m sure!
Yes, they did, okay? Tell them I shot one.You think you can make it
to the cold springs by
the park entrance?
Yeah, okay.
Yeah, we know where that is.Okay, how will I
recognize you?
Yes, we’re wearing blue
camouflage fatigues. There’s also another group
ahead of us.[Static crackling]
Hello? Hello?
Hello?You’re breaking up.Sir, hello?You’re breaking up.Sir! Oh, shit! Try him again. [Dialing][Beeping]I don’t got nothing.
Lot of static. Shit! Damn it. No, Lee, it’s okay.
It’s okay. He says we’re just
gonna meet up with him by where we took
that swim earlier, okay? I know how to get there.
I know how to get there. Which way? It’s this way. Did you get a name? Yes. Ranger Ricks. What? You’re joking, right? Hey, Perry… that guy that fell
out of the tree, think you killed him? Either that, or he’s in for a hell
of a cozy handicapped space. You guys, check it out. I’d advise you
to drop that firearm. Yes, sir. You Ranger Rick? That’s Ricks. Miss, are you okay? I’m Adam Benson,
the guy you talked
to on the phone. We got plenty of time
for introductions. Let’s get you inside. We also lost contact– I’ve radioed for support. We’ll get them.
Don’t worry about that. Come on. Let’s get you people
someplace comfortable. Go ahead, hop in. Thank you. Base.Go ahead.We’ll be back in five.Roger that.[Static crackling]You know, I picked you up
on an old radio squawk. Lucky thing.
I, um… wasn’t sure the satellite phone
would work up in the pines. Yeah. Lucky thing. Um… Sir, isn’t the main road
the other way? Oh, we’re taking
an alternate route. Well, maybe we should, um, radio our friends again. Why? Won’t do you any good. [Latch clicks] Where are you taking us? Lady asked you
a goddamn question. [Screaming] One more word,
and I’ll spray it
down your mouths! All of you! [Screaming] Let’s go!
Get out of the car! Everybody out! [Grunts] Okay. Get over here. Lee! Come here, you! [Overlapping shouts] Just relax. Let’s go! Let’s move it out. Get the bag on him. Come on, go! Move! Come on. Come on! Come on. [Shouts] [Grunts] Come on. Get on in. [Muffled shouting] Get in there. Get in! There you go. Put him in. In you go. [Door locks] Yeah! [Crying] Don’t hurt her.[Heart beating]Enough. Enough! Let’s go. This one, too. Fertile. Beautiful. They shall each be
a Handmaiden of the Lord. Be at peace, child.
This is your new home now. Don’t turn your eyes
away from me, girl. She needs a proper cleaning. Then we can begin. Yes, Mother Ruth. Unh! Unh! Unh! [Muffled] Adam! Hey! [Muffled shouting] [Door opens] [Coughs] This you? You gonna tell me
who the hell you are, boy. There’s been
a misunderstanding, okay? My name is– My name is
Adam Benson, okay? I’m a computer designer.
I design computer games. We were just here
on a retreat. We– We didn’t know
we were trespassing, sir. We just– We didn’t mean
to intrude. Why don’t you stop lying
and just tell me? You work for FBI,
don’t you? Oh, Jesus, no. No, don’t. Don’t. Say the Lord’s name again,
and see what I do. That one you shot
out of the tree, broke his back in the fall. If he wasn’t already dead,
we’d have had to put him down since you hit him square
in the face with that
Agent Orange herbicide. Didn’t know you
still used that stuff. No, it wasn’t Agent Orange. What, anthrax? No, it was a paintball,
you idiot! Whatever it was! One thing’s for sure… You people are gonna pay. Out here, it’s our law! And you will abide! This is a mistake.
This is a mistake. It is a mistake, son. We knew you were coming back
to reclaim this land. We were ready for you. This here is the reckoning. [Coughing] We’re not FBI.
We’re not. You lying little
son of a bitch. [Screams] I know you were trained
to say that! It’s all part
of your infiltration! God damn it,
there’s no infiltration! You will not utter
His name in vain! [Door opens] This dirty bastard. He didn’t tell us
what we wanted to know. Now look at him.
He’s just begging us
to finish him off proper. No, no. Please. Well, tell me. How many more of you? There’s eight. No, no, there’s seven. Make up your mind. There’s seven of us. You killed one
with an arrow. How many women? Why? Why? [Chuckling] Women are useful. Be plentiful and multiply. The rest of you are
just useless to us. Think not I come
in peace, sinner. I come not in peace,
but with a sword. No, no! No! Take that. Stop, you piece of shit! Stop it, you son of a bitch! Stop! Then tell me!
How many more? I told you everything,
all right? You piece of shit! Tell me! Tell me! [Whimpering] It’s all right, child.
You are home now. Oh, God. You are a vessel. You must provide. Bring him to me now. Wait, I know you.
I know you. I saw your picture.
I saw you. They’re looking for you.
They’re looking. She’s one of us now. Why ain’t he talking? You tell me. Maybe we was wrong.
Maybe they ain’t feds. You said they was FBI. They were shooting their mouths
off about bagging bodies. I didn’t know what to think. You don’t think!
I do. Shit, you’re snorting
more crank than you’re selling. Go on. Finish him off. Hey! Go fetch
the next one. Yes, boss. [Labored breathing] [Muffled shouting] Pocket. Pocket. [Muffled screaming] [Muffled shouting] How about you? Infiltrate and execute? That’s what your boy
said in my place. I like souvenirs. [Indistinct talking
in distance] [Chattering] [Woman in distance]
Children, I’d like you to open to Moses in Deuteronomy. I think it would be
chapter 22. [Girl]
Yes, ma’am. [Indistinct talking] Help me. Help me. I can’t. I want my baby. Help me. Help me. Holy Mother Ruth,
protect our bitter earth. Holy Mother Ruth,
protect our bitter earth. Enough! Destruction come,
and they shall seek peace. And there will be none. [Group chanting]
Holy Mother Ruth,
protect our bitter earth. You must be pure
when it comes. Once it’s done… you will be one of us. It is time.
Come to us, son. [Crying] [Chanting]
Protect our bitter earth. Holy Mother Ruth,
protect our bitter earth. [Indistinct chatter] Hey. [Grunts] Get up! Yeah, that’s it. Up. [Groaning] Son of a bitch! [Groans] Help Baso. You all right? Help Baso! God damn it. Christ. Christ. Paul’s dead. Dash, too. What about the girls? They’re still alive. They don’t recruit new members,
they breed them. What? Who the hell
are these people? I don’t know.
Some sort of religious cult. They think we’re FBI,
we came here to shut them down. Damn right.
We about to shut them down. No, we need to get Lee, Maggie,
and get the hell out of here. Die! Die! Perry. Perry. Perry! Aah! Die! It’s all right. Weapons. We need weapons. I got something. It’s one of our smoke grenades.
They must have got it off Paul. Do you know how
to use one of those? I’ll manage. Look at how
beautiful she is. Stop it! Don’t be afraid of him.
This is my baby. [Whimpers] So he is the chosen one. She’s yours, son. Take her. [Crying] Josiah’s with the girl now. A new communion has begun. We must breed
our forces, I know. The vessels will
be protected, Mother. And the seed. Without him,
we will grow weak. I will not let that happen. But if this is Armageddon– You must keep us safe
from the unpure. I will do that, Mother. [Panting] Wait. Untie my arm. [Chuckles] Untie my arm. I want you to untie my arm. Good. Good. Good. Now untie that one. Hey, boss!
We got a situation. Let’s go. Check the perimeter. Yes, sir. Move! Now! Lock down the compound. Now![Man]
We are condition red.
Children, quickly.
Quickly, inside! Everyone, come on.
Step it up. Let’s go. Okay. [Indistinct chatter] Chris, can you get to
the other side of the
camp where the bunker is? Yeah, I think so.
What’s going down? I think it’s where
they’re keeping the girls, so when you hear
a big bang, you get in, get the girls,
and get out, all right? Big bang? What the hell
you talking about? Will you just
listen to me? Okay. Good. Now untie my feet. Untie my feet. Good. Good. Right there. Good. Untie that one.
Untie that one. [Screams] Hey. Get your gun. This is it. Now help me. Hey. What are you boys doing? Perry! Hey! What is that? Shoot it. Come on. [Man]
Who’s up there? Hey! [Indistinct shouting] [Screaming] Activity, northwest corner![Man on radio]
We got shots fired
inside the compound!
Multiple fires.Run, children! Ow! [Whimpering] Maggie. Maggie. [Crying]
Oh, my God! No! We’re gonna get you
out of here, okay? Let’s get you out of here.
But you got to be quiet, okay? We’re gonna help you. Oh, my God,
what did they do to you? Listen, I need you
to help me out, okay? Just try to get up.
Maggie. Oh, my God. Listen, listen.
Be quiet, be quiet. Please be quiet. [Crying] Shh.
They’re gonna hear us. Maggie, listen.
Snap out of it. Shh! Maggie, no. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Who are you? Go. Now. Maggie… I’m gonna get you
out of here. It’s gonna be okay.
Trust me. [Grunting] Josiah, bring her here. FBI! [Air horn blares] You hear me? You got seconds
to show yourselves! I’ll kill the boy first! Call me a boy without that
redneck gun in your hand. [Grunts] [Screams] Stay down. You have 5 seconds! Two! Wait! Over there! Wait. Drop that pistol! Don’t shoot. I said drop it! Put it down. Bring them here. Come on. Come on,
move in closer! Keep it coming! Let the girls go! Oh, don’t you
worry about them. After some time,
they’ll feel right with us. They always do. [Chuckles] Boy, you don’t know
our ways. You don’t know our God!
You just think you do! But this is our land! In the mountains,
the desert, the woods. We are our own nation! There ain’t nothing
you can do to change that! He shall be like a tree, planted by the rivers
of water, that bringeth forth fruit. Whatsoever he doeth
shall prosper. You come in here
with your stink! You pollute this clean land. You should die slow. But I’m gonna give you
one more chance. You tell me what’s out there,
and I’ll kill you quick. [Laughter] I’ll tell you. Get him up. I’ll tell you
what’s out there. Here’s what’s out there. Get back! Get back!
Get back! Get over there! Do it, and we all die! Bastards! But mama here goes first! Mama goes first! You tell that boy to heel.
Tell that boy to heel! Josiah, be at peace.
Be at peace! Let her go. Let her go now! Maggie. Maggie? Are you serious? We came out here
for a paintball retreat! We don’t give a damn
about you backward-ass people! But rest assured,
you ain’t seen nothing yet! You can’t buy the pain
I’ll bring down on your
cracker asses! You waiting
for the reckoning? Huh? I am the goddamn reckoning! I’ll pull this pin and blow
all of us to goddamn hell! Drop your weapons.
Put them on the ground
right now! Drop ’em! Go on, drop ’em!
Drop ’em. Get out of here. We’re not leaving
without you. You get out of here! Come on. Come on. Run! Come on! [Man] Mother Ruth! [Man #2] Let’s go! Hey! It’s not
a damn grenade! It’s just a smoker!
Grab your weapons!
Let’s go! Go! [Gunshot] Keep going! Come on. [Gunshot] [Cries out] [Screams] Jesus Christ. [Gurgling] Don’t look. Don’t look. Give me the gun. Give me the gun! Aah! Go. Go! No! No, Adam! No! We got to go. Now! Come on, let’s go! [Man]
Got one of them. Come on! [Gunshot] Go, go! Come on. Pass completed! Walters tackles him
at the 40. [Groaning] Aah! Drops him like
a ton of bricks! Come get me! [Man shouting] Come get me! [Gunshot] I got you. Hold on to this tree, okay? Hold on. Hold on. You’re all right. [Screams] Bring it! Bring it! [Groans]
Ah, fuck. Bring it! [Gunshot] Go, go, go! Put your foot
on the rock! Let’s go. [Groans] Here I am! [Clicks] [Growls] Come on, Maggie.
You got it. You got her? Yeah. [Grunting] All right, come on. You can do this.
Just think of puppies. [Crying]
I want to go home. How are we getting
down from here, Adam? Which way are we
supposed to go from here? I don’t know, all right? I want to go home! Calm down. Maggie, stay quiet,
all right? It’s all right.
Maggie, calm down. No! It’s gonna be all right.
They’re gonna hear you!
Shut up! I want to go home! Maggie, we’re gonna be
all right, okay? Just be quiet. I’m tired! There’s nothing up here. [Screaming]
I want to go home! Maggie, Jesus Christ,
they’re gonna hear us! [Screams]
I want to go home! I want to go home. What are we doing
out here? We can’t go back, all right?
What do you want me to do? I don’t know where to go. Everything looks
the fucking same! You brought us up here! Just give me a second,
all right? I don’t know!
I don’t know, all right? Go down this way. We just came
from down there. I don’t know
where to go! Just give me
a minute. It’s not gonna be okay. It’s okay. Maggie. Maggie, it’s okay. Maggie, what are you doing? Maggie. Maggie, wait. It’s okay.
Maggie, it’s okay. Maggie! [Body thuds] [Crying]
No! God! I can’t– I’m gonna– It’s okay. I’m gonna be sick.
Oh, my God. This way! We’re never gonna– Come on.
Come on, we got to go. Come on.
Come on, let’s go! [Man]
Found them! Adam… Don’t shoot!
We need the girl alive! Lee, we got to jump.
We got to jump, okay? I can’t. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. All right?
All right? Trust me, okay? Ready? Go! All right, come on. Go! [Engine starts] Let’s go! [Growls] Hang on a second. What is that? I don’t know.
Let’s check it out, though. Maybe they got
a phone or something. Adam, no.
Look at that place. We gotta get off
this trail. Come on. Hurry. You okay?
Yeah. All right.
Stay quiet, all right? I don’t think
this is a good idea. Come on. This must be where
they used to live. Before they went underground. Shh. [Clatters] Come on! Someone’s coming. Stay back! Whoa, whoa. It’s okay. Are you Ricks? You the one I spoke with
this morning? I think they
intercepted our call. Why don’t you tell me
what happened? Get down! [Grunts] Adam! Go get the girl! Go, go! [Groaning] [Gunshots] [Screaming] [Whispers]
Help me. Please. [Gun cocks] Help me. [Siren wailing in distance] [Siren approaching][Police radio chatter]The two from the truck. No, no, there was– There was three. I shot three. Mr. Benson, we recovered
two bodies on the road. We didn’t find a third. Let’s go. Got my six? Run! [Gasps]♪♪ [Heavy Metal]♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪♪ Taking care of what is mine ♪♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪♪ Seeking out where you are ♪♪ Seeking out where you are ♪♪ Seeking out where you are ♪♪ Seeking out where you are ♪♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪♪ Feeling kind of funny now ♪♪ Drawing up the ♪♪ Drawing up the ♪♪ Thinking kind of funny now ♪♪ Thinking kind of funny now ♪Huh!♪ Drawing ♪Huh!♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪♪ Drawing up the battle lines ♪Huh!Closed-Captioned By
J.R. Media Services, Inc.
Burbank, CAHuh!♪♪ [Ends]

100 thoughts on “Backwoods | 2008 Thriller Adventure | Ryan Merriman | Danny Nucci | Haylie Duff

  1. Pretty decent movie! Sure it's kinda the same plot we've seen a million times now but it's executed well, lotta pretty scenery and lovely ladies, explosions and gunfights, all good stuff. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Though its a movie, we town rats are so arrogant when wandered  into the wild, and our behaviours does irritated every things in the wild. good movie.

  3. Those hero and his partner woman jumped into the lake but after one second their same clothes are and hair are dry what fantastic movie 🍿 I almost vomited. I lost two hours watching this useless and senseless movie so many mistakes better don’t watch LAP SAP movie Hong Kong people say complete salsap

  4. This movie makes me not want to travel or take road trips because there are crazy cults out there. No wonder so many people are missing.

  5. Finely a b grade horror love these movies no big Hollywood blockbusters most movies I've seen are b grade Indies love it

  6. Who is this last lady in the end of the movie with the Ginger hair , I thought I know but this one doesn't seem pregnant so I'm a bit confused

  7. I LUV ya Clasic Movie Channle…but……..
    Into the movie 5 seconds and I think I'm done. Jr & chick should have known something was 'up' when uniform dude showed up and didn't talk to them together on the spot. She see's boyfriend get killed then runs panicking….
    I'm not really into slasher movies but if that's your thing then I guess this is the movie for you and that's great.

  8. that ending…seriously? lol………..and that last woman isn't she pregnant? but when she was running out from that cave looks like she's no longer pregnant……. to people who likes camping ..never go out in the woods…camp in a public park where you can see roaming people around you ….lol

  9. This movie reminds of Wrongturn n The hills have eyes n this is also a solid one except if the ending have more twists 🤗, alright it's a nice movie. Thanks

  10. Liked the Movie. Backwoods.

    Except. ONE thing. Who's idea is it to go into an Abandoned House. Dirt everywhere
    Broken Furniture
    Rotten Food
    and SAY .
    Oh let's go see if it has a PHONE ?? Not only that. Idiotic idea. But then
    Not downstairs
    let's go Upstairs.
    (Maybe it is hiding??)
    Okay so I can see this is just a stupid moment all movies have
    But then do it Again ??

    Pleeeaassse!! That actually kinda spoiled the movie for me …

    I mean all movies are fairly predictable and sometimes the really cheesy ones are funny to watch .. but I accept the silliness of them ..
    This either portrays the actors are stupid or the producers think that of the viewer…
    Kinda like fool me once
    Shame on you
    Twice? Shame on me …

    Happy Holidays

  11. So all of them are brothers and sisters from different mother. A whole bunch of crazy lunatic. 🙄 Anyway, i think the last guy there is from the movie of final destination (the roller coaster.)

  12. I love these types of movies. Keeps city folks where they belong, in the cities.
    Leave the good stuff to the rest of us.

    City folk; thank you for the utube phenom, be we were thriving before your high tech gadgets. We, out here, use any tool to our advantage.

    Wathc the movie with burt, back in the seventies, same sheet, diffrent tech.

    Listen to country folk can survive song.

    Without your cities you are dead or hurting.

    History was written by country folk…..

  13. Camping and The Second Amendment are Synonymous with each other.
    In New York City we have a saying that is:
    Which means that you should never go anywhere without packing some HEAT.
    Now I know that some of you Millennials don't have any clue about what I am saying. So let me break it down for you.

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