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India is great! People belonging to different religions
are living together peacefully here. That’s why, India is great! Enemy states, terrorists, mafia
tried in many ways to break our unity, they’re still trying, one such attempt is 1993 Mumbai blasts, 1998 Coimbatore bomb blasts,
2002 Akshardam attacks, 2007, 2013 Hyderabad blasts, they tried to break us apart
with many such heinous acts, but they couldn’t even
pluck a hair strand, that’s the spirit of India, After Mumbai blasts,
many gangsters ran away from India, one among them is Sadhu Bhai, after conquering Singapore,
Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, he became Godfather to
South East Asian mafia, joining forces with terrorist outfits, creating chaos with death
and bomb blasts, Sadhu bhai who had become
a big problem to Indian Government, no one could dare stop him
for 20 years, the first man to challenge Sadhu bhai
is Baadshah!- A place in Hong Kong… Anyone who enters mafia for livelihood
or to terrorise others, but Baadshah has entered
mafia world for his father, Baadshah, you’ve shaken the
world of mafia. But committed many mistakes. You’ve dared to taken on
Sadhu bhai, Godfather of mafia, you killed my brother, I’m mad about films,
I watch two films every day, Every time I watched I used
to get a doubt, if a man’s caught instead of killing him,
why do they lecture to him? Now I’m clear. I’ve experienced the kick in it.
I got it. I’m not killing you immediately. I’ve to give you more pain.
How? Father! I’ll kill your father
right before your eyes. Get Baadshah’s father! If tiger is inside the cell,
even kids can play with it. When it comes out into the arena,
it begins to hunt! Impossible to stop it. Not just the police of Hong Kong,
Indian police is also searching for you. Take good care of my father, there’s a solution to every problem, I’ll find that solution
wherever it may be. Few days later…
Milan, Italy… One who wants his security
rears a dog, one who wants society to
be secure grows trees! Now I’ve earned the right
to have breakfast. Come for breakfast.
– You know what to tell her, right? Today morning I cleaned
the toilet, sister. I did the dusting, sister.
– I know you both didn’t do anything. Have breakfast first. You bore us saying got to do some good
to earn the right to have breakfast, how come you’re offering breakfast
without any lecture, sister? Nothing, I’ve finished
my interior designing course here, I’m going back to India, so I want these last 10 days
memorable and enjoy it to the hilt. Where are you taking us, sister?
– There’s no kick if I tell you. This is too much, sister.
We’re here since our childhood, even neighbours don’t know our names, but you’ve become a celebrity
in just a year. Like Sonia left Italy to settle in India,
sister will leave India to settle here. Are you confused about
so many greeting her? It’s hello in Italian language. To know about her followers,
you need to follow her for some time. Why did you bring us to hospital
promising to enjoy, sister? Why are you getting anxious? Did you offer us breakfast
to donate blood? We’ll not donate. Selfishness is like slush!
Get into it gives you scabies! Help is like ball,
playing with it gives you happiness. We don’t want any happiness. Why did you call me here urgently?
Everyone is fine, right? We’re fine, you’ll lose blood now.
– Blood donation again? You know how difficult it is
to co-ordinate for film shoots. Balaiah is on location! Uncle, your earn money
coordinating film shoots, blood donation would add
good deeds to your life. That’s if we do once in 6 months,
every month would give me weakness. They’ll give you apple to eat. You don’t worry, uncle.
We’ll stay here only. They took a litre blood
and gave this apple. They sucked B positive only. Uncle, good deed is like
a ball hit on the wall, you do good,
you get good in return. Trusting your ball, last month, I accepted credit
for a producer, he’s not answering my phone calls, now a day’s goodness isn’t
a ball hit on the wall, it’s whitewash of the wall, if you scratch,
it’ll hurt your nails! Uncle is hurt! Is it?
Thank you! What happened, uncle? It seems that producer has
paid the money. What do you say now?
– Your ball has won. Learn from your father. You shared his blood but
not his goodness. Their blood group is different, right?
They don’t have a big heart like me.- Uncle! It’s danger to us
what ever we may say! She’ll remember something. Heart makes me remember
today is World Heart Day! I must immediately go to
child heart care. Sorry dear, stingy God gave me
only one heart. Uncle? We can’t do it anymore, sister. We’re doing bachelor’s degree and
begging like beggars, what’s this? If you help someone and
look into their eyes… They’ll suspect you’re ogling at them! I can’t reform you!
Count the collection. Is it donation box of Tirupathi
to count leisurely? It could be just 5 Euros.
Let’s go. My target is 10000 Euros,
I won’t move till I achieve it. 10000 Euros? We’ve to rob a bank. No need, people with social conscience… What’s that?
Social conscience…? We need dictionary to
understand your language. Michael Jackson must come here
to achieve your target. I don’t remember it was June or July,
I fell in love with her… I’m a Romeo, a lonely lover,
my love isn’t with me now… I’m spread an unlimited love
within my limited heart… You’re my heart,
soul and life… I’m frantically searching for you Saira,
you’re my only happiness in life… Heat waves in winter is
because of you… What am I without you? I’ve to rivers of fire
to reach you… I’ve a brave heart,
why is it so mellowed? I’ll come wherever you are
in which ever direction… Hello!- Why are you behaving like
a fool, Saira? Do you know I’m dancing on
streets like a mad man for you? But still you didn’t turn up,
why are you playing ball with my life? You did everything for that girl,
when she came to thank you, why did you avoid her? Relationship would get cut
here with thanks, now that I avoided her,
she would think about me tonight! He helped and vanished! Please ensure I see him again…
– I’ll never be seen again! You too wish that, right Saira? You’d be happy without me, right? That’s why, not just from your life,
I’m leaving this world for good. Hey boy, you! I’m coming, stay there! Don’t move, you may die! Why do you want to die so young?
– Don’t come, do you also want to die? Come…come I say! Why are you stopping me? You helped a lot without your
knowledge to raise funds for charity. Then, help me by pushing me down. What’s that nonsense?
Spend a day with me. I’m not that type. I’m not that cheap.
– Costly? I’m not that type at all! But you asked me to spend
a day with you, right? Spend a day with me I’ll give
hundred reasons to live, and prove that
life is beautiful. Please listen to me once. Your frustration to stop me is more
dangerous than my frustration to die. Thanks, you got it. Generally, a dying person asks
for last wish, but you’re asking for a dying man. So I’m giving you a day! What’s that? If I don’t get any hope on life,
you must drop me here tomorrow. Because I don’t have money
for taxi also. On hearing this name Peter Ganesh,
it has a long flashback story. Do we need patience to hear it? You stopped me from dying and
why trouble me with Peter Ganesh? Don’t get frustrated Rama Rao,
I’m coming to the point. Peter too tried to
commit suicide like you. I could save him
because I was there. I took him to home and asked,
what’s your problem, Peter? He told me. He went bankrupt doing
different kinds of business. May have prospered doing one business. His partners cheated him.
– You mean like my Saira Banu. I told him you’ve courage to die,
why not try living with it? He fell into line with
just one sitting. I observed that food is
very tasty in his home, I suggested opening a restaurant
and presented him idol of Lord Ganesh. Actually I gave him faith not an idol. Business succeeded with faith
and his problem weakened. He realised that.
What did you understand from this? Never throw away ball got as alms,
don’t ruin life for difficulties. Like mending ball to make it work,
patch up life and carry on. Mine isn’t financial problem like
Peter to make it work with patches. I got it. Everyone won’t get convinced
with one sitting like Peter. You need more sittings. What should I learn from this statue?
– Patience! James was a notorious pick-pocket. What was the talent you observed in him? He can wait for hours like a jackal
to pick someone’s pocket. I got it, you wanted him to
cash it like this. James used to pick pockets earlier but
people are giving money voluntarily now. Hi sister!
– Got him? Got him? Had I not reached on time,
he would’ve gone forever. His name is Rama Rao.
– Is their father donkey? Don’t feel bad, he’s frustrated,
his lover cheated him. He appears like a cheat. See, any man who got cheated by
a woman is cheap to everyone. I came to a foreign country
for Saira Banu, not a penny in my pocket, whenever I think about her cheating, I wish someone hugs me tightly, and say Rama Rao, don’t worry
I’m there for you, but who is here for me?
None! Leave me, I’ll go away. Rama Rao, stop!
– Leave me, I’ll die. Don’t worry, I’m there for you. He made her hug him. Why is Saira Banu playing
football with my life? Football brings to my memory, life is like a football game, would we stop playing game
if we miss the ball? We buy a new ball. If you miss Saira Banu,
you may get Udaya Banu. What’s your problem anyway? It’s just the size of cricket ball. I must tell you about a warrior who
fought with basket ball sized problems. Who dumped him?
– God dumped him! He lost his mother at 3,
lost his father at 13. Next wicket at 23? Not so long gap, he lost aunt and
uncle who raised him the next year. Oh my God! Is he still alive
after killing so many people? Who is this man eater? I went to the tip of mountain
to throw away beer bottle, that silly girl thought I was committing
suicide and took me to her home. I don’t mind losing my job!
But life is very happy! You’ll not get this life second time! I’ll call you later. With your inspiration, wish to die has turned
into hope to live, madam. I’ve developed the attitude
of helping others like you. What have you done for that? I went to a church and donated
pasta to poor children, madam. Donated pasta? It is donating rice in India
and here it is donating pasta. Next?
– I held next door aunty, madam. I didn’t mean that held,
I held her while she was falling down. My foot! She slipped walking on a banana peel
and I held her. Started the second chapter in
your autobiography, madam, just now started the world of ball,
it’s coming out very nicely! I don’t like this!
Anyway as you wish. What’s this world of ball
like animal world? Don’t you know about madam’s
ball philosophy? Who is he, madam? He’s Rama Rao.
– Why is he here? He wanted to kill himself.
His lover dumped him. What happened?
– I remembered Saira Banu. I’ll go…leave me…
– Stop…stop…listen to me. This is common.
– I feel like dying. I wish to put my under
a running train. What’s that nonsense?
I’m there for you. Leave him, let him die.
What bothers us? If I had thought like that,
would you be here now? He’ll stay here tonight.
Be careful. Would he do anything to me?
– See that he doesn’t harm himself. Tell the boy about my philosophy
and quotations, and give him a hope in life.
Got it? If I really tell him,
he’ll die for sure. Look Rama Rao, we write with pencils in school,
do you know why? If we write it wrong, we can rub
and write it correctly, but when we grow up,
we get pens to write, there’s no chance of correcting it. I’ll incorporate this pencil
philosophy in your biography. Dasu, you know I don’t like
all this, right? Anyway, as you wish. Think over tonight what I said!
– About pencil, right? Let’s meet tomorrow morning. What if I remember Saira Banu
in the mean time? You take care of him, Dasu.
Bye. Which place are you from?
Were you committing suicide? Come on do it now, let me see! Are you fooling her because
she too innocent? I’ll rip out your skin! Where’s the vodka?
– Vodka? Smell! can you tell the brand with smell? I can tell character by looking at eyes. Is your family dead?
– Nobody is dead. Nothing! You’re here for livelihood
and I’m here for Janaki. From now onwards…
– I’m at your service! Look Rama Rao, one side there’s death
and life is on the other side. Decision is in your hands. Quotation is marvelous!
I’ll add it in your biography. Shut up! You know I hate all this!
Anyway do as you wish! Look, problem is like a ball, if you look at it close to your eyes,
it’ll appear big, if you throw
it away, it appears very small. We can throw a ball away but
how can I throw Saira Banu? She’s huge like a bullock!
– I got you. What you’ve on Saira Banu
isn’t love but hatred! Once the hatred is out,
your problem is solved. How can I remove hatred
like removing air from a ball? There’s a solution for that too.
Dasu, come here. Think he’s Saira Banu,
throw up whatever is in your heart. He had a heavy breakfast,
are you asking him to throw up on me? Close your eyes and take a deep breath! Did you take? Remember all the atrocities
Saira Banu committed on you! That is…that’s it… Open up now! Hey you, Saira Banu! How you tortured me? Will you use me like a servant
without considering me as yours? If you change hostel every 6 months,
should I carry you baggage and luggage? If your uncle has an eye operation,
should I bring him food? Did you stick to me only
after doing so much? How many boyfriends do you’ve
like radio brothers? Will you fall for every man you meet? Will you please give her phone number? Give me your phone. Aren’t you ashamed to maintain friends
with cell phone I bought for you? What’s this, madam? It’s wonderful! Anger is off my system!
– My phone too is gone. Let it go, bloody phone! Rama Rao’s anger has gone,
that’s important. I lost the thought of dying
in just one day, if you give me 10 days,
I’ll find a way to live. Sister isn’t free,
she’s going back to India. Rama Rao will stay with us
till I go back to India.- Sister? You want a ball to play and
he wants a ball to live. You’re catching all the balls
perfectly like a wicket keeper. How far your job has reached, Baadshah? I’ve met Janaki, I’ll accomplish
the job in near future. There’s information that Sadhu Bhai’s
men are in Italy for you. Take care of dad. Why did you react so violently? My reaction would be violent
if anyone touches from behind? Welcome to meet the star program! Today our celebrity is,
famous film director, ‘Friendship with Ghost’
‘Killing Is My Hobby’ ‘The Night It Rained Blood’
‘Blood-Thirsty Man’, ‘Football with Skull’
‘I’ll Kill by Cutting Throat’ the man who created such
gruesome and terror films, a face to face program with
‘Revenge’ Nageshwara Rao. Greetings. Puri Jagannadh goes to Pattaya
for story sittings, Rajamouli goes to Rajasthan,
where do you go? Cherlapalli jail! My story sittings are with criminals. Directors sit with story writers,
why criminals? I don’t sync well with writers,
criminals sync perfectly with me. It seems you run affairs with every
heroine of your film, is it true? If the chemistry between us
off the screen works out well, only then chemistry between hero and
heroine on screen will work out well. They say director is the captain
of the ship, what do you say? I say its trash! In my opinion director isn’t
captain of ship or driver of the taxi, or pirate of the plane
or owner of the wine shop? Then?
– Thief!- Thief? A thief who will steal hearts of people
and money with box office collections. New idea! They say villain in your film ‘Knife-Blood’
is based on real life Don ‘Crazy’ Robert. Is it true? Look at that! Whatever you had shown in
the film about him… ‘Crazy’ Robert is a
fearful Don to you all, but result of my research says
he’s a funny fellow. A broker, a joker,
a loafer, a duffer, he started his career as
a masseur for old women, when bad time took
the toll of his boss, luckily his time turned good and
he ended up as a Don. Didn’t you get any
threatening calls from him? Once when he called and asked
Rs.4 crores, I said I’ll kick him. I told him to call
Ramgopal Varma if he wants. He got scared and hang up the phone. What’s your next film, sir? Part one flopped, right sir?
– That’s why I’m making part two. If this too flops?
– I’ll make part three. So you want to take revenge
on audience, right? That’s ‘Revenge’ Nageshwara Rao for you! Suman was shocked with my answers. He’s using my phone to make calls.
– Give the phone to your director. Okay sir. It’s you who would get shocked
not Suman. “Crazy’ Robert’s phone,
shall I tell you’re not here? What’s it, Robert boy? Why are you blabbering nonsense?
I’ll pump bullets into your mouth. I’m going to Italy in 2 days, if you’ve guts,
if your gun has bullets, if you’ve ticket for the flight,
come there, let’s settle it. What’s this sir? You’re going
overboard as you get old. Why are you taking on mafia
at this age? Mafia mean underworld,
it means they live underground, I’m not scared of people
living underground, I don’t respect who live up above, I don’t care about people next to me, rhyming is perfect,
make a note of it. What’s it uncle? ‘Revenge’ Nageshwara Rao,
a film director has come from India, I must show him locations,
but Karan Johar is here. No problem, uncle.
I’ll manage with my disciples.- Thanks dear. Dasu, we’re getting late.
Madam has called us, we’ve to go out. I’m coming. Whatever you may do, it is very
difficult to trap Janaki madam. There’s thrill in achieving
the impossible. We must do some social work,
why should we bother about films? This job has selfish motive too. Selfishness and you?
I don’t believe it. Not my own selfishness but
selfishness for the society. It sounds new,
what’s the meaning of it? I’ve seen this director’s
tweets on Twitter, he seems very radical in nature,
he doesn’t respect ladies, he has no love for children,
he has no responsibility of the society, sex, violence, killing, plundering,
hurting, sickening thoughts! If we change his perception and
get him to do a film on ball philosophy, the message will spread around
the world easily. Because cinema is a powerful media! Many learnt dance after watching
the film ‘Saagara Sangamam’, learnt music after watching
the film ‘Shankarabharanam’. Picked up chains watching
the film ‘Shiva’. Shut up! Always makes bad comparisons. Director is here! Tell coordinator Gopi that
my comforts are very important. Gopi sent us.
– Where is he? Is he dead? He has other work, so couldn’t come.
So he sent us. He too has assistants?
– Let’s sit and talk coolly! What’s the talk about
Sundaram Babu’s film?- Disaster sir. It seems all the distributors
have bought pesticides too. It seems they’re abusing wildly
the director and the hero. I’m ‘Revenge’ Nageshwara Rao
from Italy. What’s the talk about my film? What would people say about your film?
They call it as block buster. It seems buyers and distributors have
replaced God’s photos with yours. Is it? Biggest hit in industry,
enjoy the success. I’ll come with a story
to beat that record. He’s real director.
Not a bit of jealousy. I’m doing my next film
with him, fixed. Why did you praise a film
that has bombed? It’ll be 3 months before
he comes to know it’s a flop. By then our dates would
be confirmed. Timing is more important
than talent in this industry. It looks good, post it on Twitter. If you tell your story,
I’ll show you locations for it. My requirement is story. Are you here for locations
without a story? I’ll hit upon something
while on location hunting, right? Then, you’ve hit on something
without even moving out, sir. Madam has a readymade script. If you make a film on it,
it’ll create new records. First tell me the story. Once upon a time in Kottipalli,
there lived a billionaire. Is his name Koteshwara Rao?
– No., Venkateshwara Rao. Along with billions he had
a strong wish to live among billions. So he spent all his wealth to build, hospitals, orphanages, toilets,
temples, schools, roads, ponds, and was left penniless and
shifted to a poor hut in tatters. This is not a story but sorrow. Not only that I’ve a great title
too for this story. What’s that? ‘Effort can make men as saints’ What would they do by becoming saints? They’ll beg like them. If I make a film on it, he’ll not beg,
but I’ll surely beg. I got an idea for a block buster story
while hearing this lousy story. Record it. This story has one hero
and 5 heroines. In the first scene, first heroine Mona is killed by hero
by banging her head on wall. if we tilt up the camera from
the beautiful dead body, a deadly song!
– What’s the song here, sir? Thaman will take care of it,
you record it, man. Cut it, it’s second heroine Rani, hero picks up a big boulder and
smashes the head of Rani to kill her, cut it, comedy scene follows!
– Comedy scene here? Two corpses were making
satires on each other. Record it! Now the third heroine Mamatha, he pulls her to the bathtub, pushes her into it and
stamps on her neck, kills her dastardly. Cut it, fight scene.
– Who would he fight with? With the girl’s boy friends. Is the girl such a bad character?
– Very bad. If not why would the hero
kill the girls then? What happened then, sir? Got the story till then only,
2 pegs at night will finish it. I want apt locations for this story. Is this location okay to you
for the story? Any location is too much
for his story. Record it. Fix the frame and ten goons are
coming at you like mad dogs. Why am I seeing the visuals in real? Still in hangover,
they’re real goons. The ball hit on wall will
always bounce back. I got a gang caught by police
for cheating tourists. They would’ve sent them
to take revenge on me. No, they’re here for me. They’re coming crazily,
it means they’re ‘crazy’ Robert’s men. No, they’re coming for me.
– No, for me. I said for me, right?
– I too said for me, right? Stop your argument. If we get caught,
they’ll lynch us. Stop! Why should we run
when they’ve done the wrong thing? We’re dead if we’re caught. You took on death,
can’t you take on them? No…
– What no? You wanted to jump to your death
from a mountain. Why don’t you jump on them instead? How can I take on them? Think them as Saira Banu’s
boyfriends not goons. Remember how she cheated you. Transfer all your energy to fist. Each of your punch must send them
like a ball into the boundary. Go! Robert has network in Italy too. What do you think then?
Mafia is no joke. That’s a good shot! Look, how he’s beating them! Look how he’s beating them, madam! What a power you’ve madam! You beat them and
say it’s her power. I never raised hand on Saira
who cheated me. How can I handle so many men? It’s madam’s inspiration. Madam’s words motivated me.
Madam’s power provoked me. Great innovation is praise. I’ve gut feeling you can turn
country bomb into atom bomb. You can turn coal into gold. You can create Tsunami
in a swimming pool. You can produce a cyclone
with a sneeze. You can make Kung-Fu champion
of a lame. You can make a dumb to do mimicry. I’ve gut feeling you can turn
country bomb into atom bomb. You can turn coal into gold. You don’t eat without doing
a good deed, sister. Why are you eating madly? I’ve earned myself a right to eat
for life without doing a good deed. What’s that life time achievement? Not just one or two, I’ve made a businessman
of dying Peter, I’ve made pick-pocket James
famous all over Milan, I’ve made a beggar like Dasu
a famous writer. A boy like Rama Rao beat up
big hulk like goons. I feel if I’ve so much power in me,
why should I limit myself? That’s why I’ve come to a decision.
– What’s that? I want to create a movement
like Anna Hazare. I must stop the power cuts.
Reduce petrol price. Bring prohibition.
What will you prohibit? If people go blind with power,
you’re blind with your innocence. First ensure prohibition upstairs.
– What are you talking?? Dasu and Rama Rao are fooling you.
They’re drinking upstairs. My disciples will never do that.
Come, let’s check. We’re still alive because of our
ancestors’ good deeds and your Kung Fu. If not we would’ve been sacrificed
to this mad madam’s innocence. They came for me not for her. Are they from Saira Banu?
– Who is she? You repeat her name like a kid
asking for chocolate. Girls like to console a crying man. That’s why I created that
characterless character. Along with a dancer and fighter,
there’s a writer too in you. Dasu, you said drinking can
make me forget Saira Banu. Why am I still remembering her? That’s the purpose of drinks.
– Why did the purpose fail then? I think you’re hurt too deeply. Not just me, entire country’s boys are
suffering because of cheats like Saira. If I hadn’t met her in ‘Bommarillu’ and
separated on 50 days of ‘Love Failure’ my entire life would’ve
been ‘Happy Days’! Then, Siddarth hand is also
there in your love story. Not just in my love story, Siddarth’s hand is there very
deep in everyone’s love story. He made girls to visit Coffee days. He pampers girl friends in his films, watching that girls ask me
to behave like that, would Coffee days match
with my mass face? You’re right. And this ‘Dil’ Raju, on one side he makes youth love stories
saying life without love is waste, another side he makes films
saying family elders are right, and confuses us, already we’re dying with them
and recently social networks, did you see, there’s a net
in the word itself? It means trapping boys with a net. Girls never read books
but are always on facebook. Are they genuine at least there? No! Name is Kanishka but
photo is Anushka, name is Sangeetha,
photo is Samantha, actually the real thing that’s
destroying this country isn’t, elections, corruption, 2G or 3G,
but single G! G for girls! Pubs, clubs, restaurants,
resorts, malls, multiplexes, for whom all these are built? After birth their fathers,
after growing up, their boyfriends, after marriage, their husbands,
to destroy and ruin them non-stop. Tell them to ban all these for one day! If India doesn’t overtake
America in 30 minutes, I’ll shave my moustache,
rub my nose on ground! Why are you getting so excited?
You mean all women are like that? Except one!
– Who is it? Isn’t our madam a lady?
Boy? Is she lady boy? Yuck! She’s an angel! Did you ever observe Janaki madam? I’ve seen her goodness only
never saw her properly. She’s like Goddess Mahalakshmi
in modern dress. If she wears a sari,
she’s Goddess Kanakamahalakshmi! How can we drink as her disciples? What if madam comes to know this? How her sensitive heart would weaken! Yes, if madam is angel,
Inky and Pinky are side angels. they both may die in shock! First time in my life
I drank listening to you. I’ve decided this is the last! Look at them! Relax, they’re gone. Why didn’t you praise madam directly,
why did you deride all girls first? If I deride all others and praise her
only, she’ll feel one of the kind. Impact will b great, got it? Pick the bottle, let’s have a drink. No bottle, you broke it, right? Mad Dasu, I broke water bottle
and full bottle is there only. You’re frightening me, Rao! Won’ the ball be still bouncing
for the shot we gave last night? Whatever it may be it’ll not
fall in your basket.- Why not? Janaki madam would wish to
become Mother Teresa, she’ll never wish to
become Mrs.Rama Rao. Am I like Kanakamahalakshmi? How could madam guess
what’s in my heart?- I don’t get it. I’ve reformed you,
can’t I get judge this? I know you hate praise, madam,
but please don’t stop me today. Why are you struggling?
Come out, Rama Rao! Nothing, I wanted to be
little detail, that’s all. Any man would go crazy for that hair! Neck…neck.. Neck is necklace road. Navel! Don’t speak indecently.
Waist is national highway. May have worked for R & B,
they can’t see anything else. A poet has the right to compare
with anything in this world. There’s a good poet in you. The girl who marries you is
really very lucky. Visited a temple just now,
take offering. Everything will be fine. Rao, you’re not an ordinary batsman, any shot from you,
the ball will go for a six! Without you… Without you…darling Waiting for you all day and night… You’re my heart and soul… You’re my moonbeam…
you’re my light… You’re my destination… I fell flat for you…
Got into lovely action… I followed you… I fell into the lock-up of love… Fell into an unknown trans… What a magical girl… A danger to my life is born
like an angel… I’m dying…I’m living on the
ventilator of your beauty… Attraction…attraction… Deliberation….deliberation… May I wipe it with your sight?
I’m getting enchanted by you… Anyone in this world is after you… May I talk to you?
May I fondle you? You’re a jasmine twig… Your blue eyes are mesmerising… Your smile is a flowery missile…
Take my life, my love… DIG Balaram, a sincere officer
who made the department proud, it’s really unfortunate he fell
to the bullets of mafia, young officer Adhi who worked
in his team… He’s an inspiration to many
young officers like me. My life’s aim is to catch Baadshah
who killed such a great officer. I’m ready to sacrifice my life
to achieve it. If silent a school master,
if flexible a dance master, if fit a drill master,
they took on mistaking me for them! The hunt has begun now! The new forest officer too
can’t stop me! What?
– Show him the clip. If silent a school master,
if flexible a dance master, if fit a drill master,
they took on mistaking me for them! The hunt has begun now! The new forest officer too
can’t stop me! What is your producer saying? He said your making is longer
than actual film. Silly man! Tell him to send it to
TV channels without cutting a frame. How do you feel about it?
– It’s extra-ordinary! Isn’t it, Rama Rao? If artistes do 10% of what director did,
every film would be a silver jubilee hit. Isn’t it, Dasu?
– Yes boss. Director has shown us 10 incarnations! You wanted to talk to me? You’re going back to
India tomorrow, right? Would you like to give me company? No, Rama Rao is a good dancer. If you use him properly,
he would become another NTR! I know your potential, Rama Rao! Will you please stop it? You’re praising him
and he’s feeling shy, is entering cinema field
as easy as entering a theatre? How many great people worked here! With such great directors here, every idiot wants to
barge into the field! What Surya?
Bloody idiot! Who is idiot?
You’re an idiot. Your films are foolish! Are you comparing yourself
to K V Reddy? Tell me one film made by K V Reddy? ‘Mosagaallaku Mosagaadu’ It was made by action king K S R Dass! You calm down,
I’ll talk to him, madam!
Don’t get emotional. I left her because she’s a girl. I’ll cut you into two!
Didn’t you see my making video? Bash him! She asked K V Reddy’s film and
you told K S R Dass’s film. ‘Mosagaallaku Mosagaadu’ Just now she said that. So, tell me another film. Another film…’Pandanti Kapuram’. ‘Pandanti Kapuram’? It was directed by Lakshmi Deepak. Do you’ve such a good knowledge
about films? I know much more.
– More? Who is the first recipient of
Dada Saheb Phalke award for Telugu films? Will you beat if I tell
correct answer? I beat you for telling wrong answer. Nageshwara Rao got it in 1990, Bommireddy Narasimha Reddy
got it in 1974,- Who is he? B N Reddy! I know about B N Reddy a builder,
I didn’t know there was film director. Don’t you know about B N Reddy? Don’t get tensed and spoil
your health, please come out. You ruined her mood. They beat me like my school
teacher Kripanandham master. Shall I record this too? You’re so cool always,
how could you get so emotional? How dare he abused you! He’s basically a bad man.
Not just me, he’ll abuse anyone. It’s different if he abuses you
and others.- Why? I said different, right?
– I’m asking why? Rama Rao, you’re irritating me! I said you’re different
from others, that’s all. I’m very near in achieving my goal. Nobody can stop Baadshah
till he achieves his aim! Baadshah who created a sensation
in the underworld, to know why he’s silent now, you must know about
Royal Casino in Macau, Baadshah’s father Dhanraj used
to run Royal Casino, Sadhu Bhai’s 50% of income used
to come from Royal Casino, Sadhu Bhai who conquered
entire South East Asia, he couldn’t dare enter Hong Kong. reason for it is Violent Victor
and his son Ruthless Johnny. With Hong Kong as base, Victor who ran
drug mafia and human trafficking in India, he laid his eyes first time
on Dhanraj’s casino, Hong Kong is Victor’s area.
Deposit the money safely in bank. Got trapped, you Dhanraj’s mongrels. What’s the code number of the locker? Tell me, if not I’ll cut you. Whose birthday is that? You got information about date,
van route, and locker code also. But didn’t know about Dhanraj’s son lion
who has entered the field recently. That’s your biggest mistake. That lion’s name is Baadshah! If you dare touch Baadshah,
the sound will be solid! This is Hong Kong,
this is my dad Victor’s area. Though the pitch is yours,
the match is mine. Tell your dad that
Baadshah has arrived! If Baadshah decides,
war will become one sided. Victor got the stick! Jonny almost wetted his pants. Baadshah, my son! Now I’ve understood my son is grown up
and they’ve understood he’s a man! First time you’ve made Victor
bite dust in Hong Kong. Why are you tensed? Tomorrow is sister-in-law’s birthday, like every year, I’ve arranged for
special prayers on her name in temple, but the temple is in Victor’s area. It’s not right to enter the area now. Uncle, never back off from promise given,
fixed date, it’s not manliness. No Baadshah… One who fears is slave,
one who frightens is Baadshah! Bhai, the man who beat Johnny
has entered our area. Go fast! Go fast! I wanted to celebrate your mother’s
birthday grandly when she was alive. But I couldn’t.
Now I can but she’s not alive. Go…go…go fast! Where’s Baadshah?
– He left, Bhai. Why did you let him go? Got scared on seeing him, Bhai. Tell me, Vikram. Okay. Sadhu Bhai has called
a sudden meeting after 2 years. He wants me to come with you.
– Where’s the meeting? Sadhu Bhai won’t reveal the
spot till last minute. Sadhu bhai, my son Baadshah!
– Of which country? He was born when my father won
the title ‘Baadshah’ in wrestling. Ever since then we call him as
Baadshah instead of his real name. Dhanraj, you’ve been working
for 20 years with me, it means I trust you! If that was true, we won’t get frisked. Fear! I liked your guts when you
hit Johnny inside Victor’s area. Now I like your attitude. That’s why I’m giving you
an opportunity. It’s not an opportunity
if you give it for your necessity. What’s the job? Antony, a man who came from Kenya
to deliver a container, Victor’s men kidnapped him,
you must recover him, because the container is
of very high value.- How much? Give Macau to me. How dare you put conditions
to my boss! Leave him! If you recover Antony,
Macau is all yours. These children are flood victims.
Flood victims. There’s no one to inquire about them. They don’t know we’re doing
business with their organs. Shift them safely to lab. Hand over the children to Indian Embassy. Where’s Antony, Johnny?
– Antony? I don’t know anything.
– I know you don’t know. Because Antony was kidnapped
by my men. Why did you kill him, Baadshah? I promised to hand over
Antony by 4 pm. Baadshah will never back track
his promise, commitment. The game which we’re playing without
your father’s knowledge with Sadhu, we’ve reached the final stage. We’ve to be very careful from here. Till we achieve our aim,
think about only purpose, uncle. Not about lurking dangers. You’ve handed over Antony
as you promised. Take it. Baadshah will never take anything,
he’ll conquer it. Think of him, you’re finished… Bow your head and salute him… He’s Alexander in the arena…
He’s Baadshah! Sharp like the blade of Samurai sword
which can cut nerves of any enemy… His walk is swift…adventurous…
Runs shivers down the spines of his enemies… He won’t rest till he reaches
the top to rule over all… Won’t stop till the victory is complete… The world falls at your feet
if you take chances… Unparalleled energy and
unlimited enthusiasm is his forte… We’ve information that Sadhu bhai is
sending a container load of RDX from Hong Kong. I’ve already talked to
the Commissioner there. Go with your team and stop the
consignment in Hong Kong itself. Why should we go there sir?
Can’t we alert all the ports here? They’ll use the coastline for
such consignments not ports. India has a coastline
of over 6000 kms. They can unload it anywhere! Till now every bit of RDX
reached India like that only. I’ll leave immediately
with my team, sir. Keep it confidential till
the operation is completed. Don’t give any details
to your team also. Sadhu bhai, you tried many years
to conquer Hong Kong but failed, now I’m surrendering
Hong Kong to you, my son is no more, I’m not interested in anything, the only one interest I’ve in
my life is Baadshah’s death! I need your help to achieve it. He’s my man. If he was, he wouldn’t have
taken Macau from you. Baadshah played a drama to
take Macau by kidnapping Antony. You remember, right?
Today is David’s son’s marriage. You attend the marriage with uncle. David uncle is very close to us. Everyone is getting married,
when is he going to marry? Why marry him off now?
– Is he a little kid? Had sister-in-law been alive,
he would’ve got married long back. Uncle, forget about my marriage,
let’s attend that marriage. Bhai, Baadshah has left to St.Paul’s church
to attend David’s son’s marriage. Macau Mayor is coming to our casino,
I think your presence would be better. I’ll attend the marriage
with your uncle. My brother dedicated his life for me. He lived till the last moment for me.
He died for me. We mustn’t spare Victor. Victor is not alone,
Sadhu bhai is also behind this attack. Why would Sadhu bhai try to kill me? He wanted to kill me not you. I must hear the news of
Baadshah’s death! I worked 20 years loyally for Sadhu, I got separated from my wife, how dare he conspires to kill my son! Did I work all these years
for such a man? We must order,
we mustn’t take orders from Sadhu. Our courage must put an end to him. Victor, Sadhu bhai, everyone behind
your uncle’s death must die. There must be only
one Baadshah for mafia. And it must be you! He killed my son,
he took away Macau from Sadhu Bhai, he won’t stop with that, Singapore, Malaysia,
Hong Kong, Philippines. his ambition is to rule over
entire South Asia! No need of so many men, bhai. I’ll kill Baadshah,
his father and all others, I’ll put an end to the problem. No use of having just intent
to kill enemy, you must have content. Today you’ll die here. My grandfather didn’t name me
to use it as my epitaph. To be written in history! If you want to live be
under Baadshah, if you want to die,
stand before Baadshah! Victor’s game is over!
The field is clear! You’re the only one left. It isn’t so easy to touch me. Koreans, Malaysians, Indonesians,
I’ve killed everyone who opposed me, and created this empire! Baadshah is here to conquer
that empire. From today Baadshah’s rule begins! Within no time Sadhu bhai’s
chapter in mafia will be over. You don’t have that capacity. Boundaries blow up for
Baadshah’s stamina! Gang war with Sadhu bhai isn’t
as easy as finishing Victor’s gang. If Baadshah decides
war will become one sided. I began the war for you. I’ll end it with you. Victor’s residence
Kowlan, Hong Kong You all are feeling little restless. Bro, I committed many small mistakes
since childhood without telling you, I wanted to come clean
about it someday, but you died,
what should I do now? You can confess to me. When I was in tenth class I felt like
kissing brother’s girl friend Catherine. It’s quite common to have
such feeling in that age. But Catherine didn’t agree. I got angry,
I raped and killed Catherine. Not only that my brother’s son Johnny, I got him addicted to drugs and girls
and turned him into ‘Ruthless’ Johnny. My sister-in-law came
to know about this. Left with no choice, I doused my sister-in-law Mary
with petrol and burnt her alive, and created it like a fire accident. So, I went to church and
confessed about my crime to God, Father who was there before
you came heard everything, I got angry, I held him by hair
and pulled him out, I stamped on his neck and
strangled him to death. I’ve decided no one who knows
the truth must be alive. I had done all this scared
of my brother Victor. There’s only one man I love
and fear in this world! Baadshah killed him and
left me as an orphan. I don’t have anyone now,
whom should I live for? I must live to kill Baadshah. Your brother died without fulfilling
his wish of killing Baadshah. Hereafter our common target
is Baadshah. Shift the container immediately
to India. Port of Hong Kong You gave a shock by not revealing
about this operation till last minute. I don’t have any other choice. Are you working for Sadhu Bhai? Adhi, you saved the container
and did a great favour to me. Make your department believe that Baadshah
killed the police and took the container. Bhai, not just framing Baadshah,
we’ve a chance to finish him. What’s this, son?
You didn’t call me for 2 days. I’m little busy. What busy, son?
I’m missing you very much. When are you coming back, son? I’m almost done here, mother.
Very soon I’ll be back there. Love you too, dear.
Be careful. Your papa is with me, son! Come! Are you confused to know how I
kidnapped your dad from your place? Friend! Why? I’ll kill your father
right before your eyes. Get Baadshah’s father! If tiger is inside the cell,
even kids can play with it. When it comes out into the arena,
it begins to hunt! Not just Hong Kong police,
Indian police is also after you. You take care p my dad,
there’s a solution to every problem, I’ll find the solution! Was ACP Adhi the mole in department
who worked for Sadhu Bhai? The lie he told about Baadshah killing
police is evidence against him. I’ve erased a number of gangsters
in the list on your instructions. Before I reached my final
target Sadhu Bhai, I’ve become a criminal
because of Adhi’s betrayal. I can believe you but how can you
make the department believe it? Moreover Adhi is going
to marry my niece, engagement is also over, my brother-in-law is
Commissioner of Hyderabad, we’ve a family feud, I can’t tell about Adhi
and make him believe it, but we mustn’t spare him, he betrayed my department,
he’s out to ruin my niece’s life. We’ve only one source Adhi
to catch Sadhu Bhai. He used Adhi to get us,
we must use Adhi to get him. And save your niece also from Adhi.
But how? I’ve a plan, sir. Though you’re not a police man,
you’re taking great risk for an aim, I’m sure you will succeed. Where’s your niece now? Baadshah who came to Italy
with a purpose, unexpectedly fell in love
with Janaki. Daddy, sister’s wedding invitations
are very good. Your uncle has planned a grand wedding. Mummy called, she wanted you
to get something, right? She will tell, she went to
the marriage 3 months earlier. I’m doing the shopping
like a woman here. Janaki, that brings to my memory,
finish your shopping in 2 days, we’re leaving to India in 2 days. We’re so excited about your marriage,
why are you so dull, sister? Any girl would feel sad as marriage
nears for leaving the loved ones. What’s the hurry?
– Hurry? The house is on fire! Janaki’s marriage is fixed,
you know that? As a side kick if I feel so much,
as hero how much would you feel? But what can we do? Did he go to suicide point again? Rama can never go away from Janaki! Whether you scold, beat or marry me,
you’re the one I love… Flowery Janaki…
How bashful you are… Come with me to your In-law’s house… Betel leaf, nuts and calcium
is to make mouth red… I’ve beauty and youth
to make you happy… I’ll squeeze out you beauty
like honey from a comb… Like cool water under the mat…
You came near me to pinch my cheek… You pricked gently like
a fish bone… Won’t my 25 year old heart
go berserk? Your mischievous eyes have
rung the bell in my heart… You’ve made my shyness
to vanish… You’re a dagger to cut the night… You pounce on me
with all the force… Fold up your dhoti and take me
along with you to world of bliss… I’ll swarm you like floods
breaking the dam… Like a magical landmine that blew up
all the secrets on seeing you… Why are you rushing, boy? You’ve taken over my beauty… Toast of the party… Can I use as side dish
if I’m hungry? I’ve not seen anyone like you,
I swear… Well chiseled…
perfectly built…Come on, hug me… Rip me,
Kiss me, my dear… Don’t lit fire of passion
with desire filled eyes… Hit like a speeding heavy lorry… I’ll appreciate if you
hug me tightly… Is my brother temple priest to fix
marriage if you say you love her? He’ll kill you in encounter. If he kills me for loving his daughter, You’ve been cheating him for 15 years
claiming as police officer. what would he do with you? He’ll douse you with petrol
and burn you alive. Instead of someone
who would request humbly, why did you love a man who threatens? Convincing my brother isn’t
as easy as blackmailing me. All the men in house
are police officers. Even milk man, servant or to ring
door bell, he must be a police man. I’ve won Janaki’s love, it’s not
difficult to win over your brother. Trust me.
– Yes uncle. If Rama Rao hits,
it’s a goal, confirmed! Flight tickets are also confirmed.
– All are together in it. What’s there to do here?
Let’s go to India! Our container with 2000 kgs
of RDX has reached India. Hyderabad is hosting a world summit
on 20th of this month. Blasts must rock Hyderabad
on the same day. Bombs must go off in all major cities. India would become a terrorist
country in the eyes of the world, investments coming to India would stop, rupee value will fall, economy would fall into
unrecoverable condition. What’s in it for us?
– Thousands of crores. Alert all the gangs working
for us in India. You too shift to India.
ACP Adhi will help you. Gym bell is ringing! Get up! Gym bell is ringing! Get up!
– Gym bell is ringing! Get up! This is not Italy, if you get late
brother-in-law would kill you. Get up! This isn’t like a family home but
a private branch of Police academy. I ran away to Italy unable
to bear this torture. Get ready quickly, must go before
brother comes there. Even TV soap operas have weekend gaps,
but no gaps for your brother’s discipline. Get ready quickly, if you get late,
dad will kill you. When priest said life will
be on run if I marry you, I was very happy, but I didn’t expect the run
to be like this. Get up quickly. If you come late,
brother will kill you. Your fate! Good morning brother,
reached late night. That’s why I didn’t disturb you. It’s routine to work out
despite late night arrivals. What’s this bulging belly?
– No shootings.- Shooting? I mean not much of shoot outs
to kill criminals, daddy. Am I right, uncle?
– Yes dear. Italian mafia is sitting in home
fearing Pilli’s pressure. You’ve proved that a Pilli man
is tiger where ever he is! How do the Italian police function?
– They’re always in some functions. If I don’t manage,
I may be in trouble. I too want to share my experience
with all of you, but brother-in-law hasn’t come yet.
– Not yet. Good morning, brother-in-law. What were you doing without
coming to gym? Oxygen level has come down in house,
so I jogged 3 rounds in KBR park. What rounds?
– What else? Jogging rounds. Strange, I met Akkineni Nageshwara Rao
in the first round, second round,
I met King Nagarjuna, third round,
Chaitanya shook hands with me. So, you’re a 4th generation kid
to cover 3 generations. My foot! Nageshwara Rao is in America
for Tana Conference, Nagarjuna is in Europe
for film shoot as usual. Naga Chaitanya is in Pollachi. How can Telugu industry do well
if everyone shoots out of the state? You must reform not Telugu industry.
What’s your weight? Not what your weight should be,
uncle’s asking what’s your weight? What’s the level of your cholesterol?
– As much as he wants! Can you read the name on your
pant zip without bending? Very difficult, brother-in-law.
I can’t see it. How long?
– Since 10 years. My future son-in-law is
talking bad about you. He’s feeling bad for having a
useless officer like you in his team. Aren’t you feeling bad for
getting criticized by everyone? Don’t you’ve any feelings? Hunger too is a feeling, right? Don’t always eat like a pig.
How a police officer should be! He must be like a loaded gun. How are you?
– Like a loaded lorry. Shut up! Moreover you get angry too! Mother!
– Brother! What brother?
How could you love this lousy man? He doesn’t deserve to be watchman here
but I’m tolerating him for you. He couldn’t even run 10 metres but I
used influence to make him Inspector for you. Look at his face! Like a shaven old monkey! He’s an epitome of lies, laziness,
disaster, cheating, foul! It’s unnecessary to talk about him. Generally people die of disease
but he may die for discipline. Go 4 rounds non-stop around the
compound carrying Bunty for lying. Watch him! 4 rounds non-stop!
Am I Vijayawada-Kodada bus? Was it my mistake to marry her
and become in-house son-in-law? Right, brother-in-law. If you hadn’t come to this house, forget
about belly, you would be starving. Instead of looking like that,
why don’t you sync with family system? Is yours great royal family to sync
with your family tradition? What’s your surname? Since it’s weak cat,
if you add ‘Simha’ (lion) to your name, can you really become lions? Why should he bother about
my height and weight? Is he carrying me?
Bloody dirty mouth! Why are you abusing my brother? Getting angry if I abuse your brother,
but when he abused me? I did stop him, right? Almost when he’s done with, he says
mother and you say brother in chorus. He goes berserk like a bull in china. I’m not foolish enough to know whether
you’re stopping him or provoking him. Who is it? Brother-in-law! What’s the discussion without
doing the punishment rounds? I’m teaching them how a
police officer shouldn’t be! No need of lectures for it,
simply showing you is enough. If there are so many mistakes in invitations
to invite VIP’s in the department, how many more mistakes would you
commit in such a grand marriage? Why is everyone silent? About wedding invitations…
– Didn’t he like it? He liked it, he wants to know
who got it printed. Didn’t you tell him?
You won’t tell him such things. I got it printed, brother-in-law. So, it was your creation, right? Yes, colour, words, additions and
deletions, everything is my work. Where’s the title doctor
before my name? Where are my degrees?
– I told them to remove it. It looks like some sex specialist. It looks homely.
That’s why I removed all that trash. Who are you to remove that? My father Pilli Appa Rao toiled
for 25 long years, he bicycled my way to education, those are the degrees I earned
with my hard work, how would you know the value of it? You’re good for nothing.
Useless, pathetic, rogue! Mother!
– Brother! What brother? I’d accepted him though he
failed intermediate for you. I got him police job for you
though he can’t spell degree. Come. He reacted like this for missing
degrees in the invitation card. You want to change the groom.
Is it possible? It will surely happen, uncle.
I trust Rama Rao! I’m the new head of cultural division. We’ve been celebrating annual day in
Lahari resorts for the past 3 years. We’ve decided to celebrate in
Pragathi resorts this year for a change. For a change we too decided the same. Won’t you bother about our
feelings if you decide? Won’t you give value to the
feelings of our employees? You must do it in Pragathi resorts only! What’s this? We said we’ve
booked there only. If you had, then cancel it. Are you worried about losing
your commission? Have you gone made after
losing money in business? Why do you overact even
after we agreed? This is good, I wouldn’t strain myself
if you’d accepted it earlier, right? Uncle, he’s little hard to hear.
– Got it? Stop discussion and
give payment details. Last year it was Rs.4 lakhs,
now prices have gone up, madam says the price is Rs.5 lakhs. Rs.10 lakhs? It’s too much.
Rs.8 lakhs is okay to me. I think his defect
is benefit to us. Why are you discussing among
yourselves? Tell me your price. If Rs.8 lakhs is okay to you,
then it’s okay to us also. What okay?
– Greetings madam. Our payment is Rs.5 lakhs! I’m impressed with your honesty to
give discount after deal is finalized. I’ll send the advance by evening. Bye madam.
– Bye. You’ll never change, people try
to squeeze maximum from customers. and you try to reduce the price. Never cheat those
who trust you, brother. Well said, mother. What’s this surprize visit? I’m here to give you
a surprize, mom. How are you doing?
– Fine. Who is he?
– My friend, he’ll stay with us. Freshen up, let’s have lunch. New business? What’s that? We don’t have experience in it. What’s event management that
you’re doing now? Decorate according to the occasion,
dinners according to their tastes, cultural programs for entertainment. If you combine everything and do it
for one occasion, that’s wedding. They don’t spend pittance for parties
but for marriage they’ll spend crores. But who would trust and
give us marriage contract? If we gain their trust,
they’ll give. Commissioner, you traditionally buy
jewellary here for all your functions. With that confidence I’m telling you
this wedding planner is the right choice. Since you recommend him,
I’ll test him in my style. Where’s the boy? Here he comes. Greetings Seth!
– Please sit down. Why did you call me?
– I’ll tell you, my name is Subrahmanyam.
Section officer in Commissioner’s office. Is it? Commissioner has planned his
daughter’s marriage very grandly. He has given me that responsibility. Seth told me about you,
if we come to an understanding, it’ll be beneficial to you
and me too.- How is that? If marriage hall rent is Rs.10 lakhs, we’ll quote as Rs.20 lakhs,
let’s share the profit 50-50! If food is Rs.1000 per plate,
we’ll quote it as Rs.2000 per plate. Let’s share it 50-50! If flower decoration is Rs.5 lakhs,
let’s quote it as Rs.10 lakhs, Let’s share 50-50! Let’s arrange Mumaith Khan’s dance
in sangeeth program, we’ll pay her Rs.10 lakhs
and claim Rs.25 lakhs. Let’s share 50-50!
What do you say? I’ll beat you with slippers! Get up man! Will you take commissioner from
Commissioner himself, bloody criminal. Do you know what marriage is? Entire celebration must be
recorded in heart not on CD! Marriage canopy is
sacred like temple! Do you know why marriage feast
is always excellent? To ensure guests eat well
and bless with heart! Will you take commission from it?
Bloody crook! I’m scolding you and
are you laughing? Will you arrange Mumaith Khan’s
dance in sangeeth? Is it marriage or recording dance? Seth, call Commissioner,
let’s fix him. No need, he’s Commissioner. Is he Commissioner… I made a mistake sir.
– You haven’t done anything wrong. That’s your character,
I like it. Seth, you’ve suggested a good boy. I’m giving the marriage
contract to him. Don’t get nervous because
I’m Commissioner, serve well and earn good name.
– Okay sir. Seth will discuss other details. Bye.
– Okay sir. Thank you very much, uncle. I’ve taken this risk because of the
trust I’ve on you and your mother. No let ups in marriage please.
– This marriage will never happen. I mean this marriage will
not happen ordinarily. It’ll be the craziest! Welcome brother!
– Welcome brother-in-law. Already your home is shining
with marriage glow! Someone has blown up a bomb!
Who is it? He’s the wedding planner.
His name is Rama Rao. Greetings uncle. Marriage is 10 days away,
why have you started the celebrations? Marriage in Commissioner’s house
must be mind blowing! You haven’t yet seen the best, uncle. There’s much more in store! Is he the groom?
He’s very handsome! Uncle, he has hidden s six pack inside,
don’t know what else he’s hiding inside? Don’t get angry, buddy!
Just for fun. Marriage is fun!
What do you say? Please come in, let’s sit inside
and discuss, brother-in-law. This sudden meeting has
been called to discuss, our Guru Sampurnandha Swamiji has
found a defect in groom’s horoscope. Defect in body has medicine,
what’s the remedy for horoscope? Solution is water! Fool! It’s not general or
mineral, it’s eternal! This pot which contains holy water
collected from all holy rivers, bride must stand in north direction and
give it to groom’s southern hands. Should we go east and
sprinkle it all the way? No, consecrate holy Basil plant
with this holy water. We don’t have basil or
jasmine plants in home. If you don’t have,
it’s available in market, we can buy one and consecrate
it in home. What do you say, Swami? Time is elapsing, call the bride. Take it, give it to the groom. Don’t give it to anyone or
let it fall down till you reach home. If it falls?
– Your son will be finished. Shut up, priest!
You’re too superstitious. Is he kid to throw it down? When senior priest fixes the
marriage, nothing can stop it. Uncle is half dead for
what he has done, if you see angrily
he may really die. Did uncle do it wantonly? You’re right,
I did like this in haste… This marriage is not just
a contract for us, we consider it as a function
in our home. Leave everything to my boys
and enjoy! Thank you so much, we’ve arranged
out house for their stay. She’s my daughter Janaki, the bride.
Ram’s mother. Greetings aunty.
– Greetings dear. You’re very beautiful. When are you bringing home
a girl like her, Ram? if you really like her,
let’s take her to our home, mother. I said it for fun,
marriage means fun! Watching your game plan,
I feel we’ll surely win. But the ball isn’t your
hands to start it. If we get everyone to ground,
ball will come to my hand. I’ve full faith in you. What are you doing? You’re with bride…
– Don’t panic. We’re not here to conduct marriage
but to stop it. What are you saying?
– Yes, uncle. Let’s stop this marriage and take
Janaki to our home as daughter-in-law. What will you take with you? I mean we’re discussing about what and
how to take things from here? Isn’t it?
– Stop overacting, can’t tolerate it. You said you’d come to India
and reached home too. My brother who never trusts anyone, he has given entire responsibility
of conducting marriage on you. Does he know your matter?
– He knows, he’s also our party. What party?
– Sangeeth party. We’re discussing about sangeeth party.
You too can participate. Don’t strain too much for
a marriage that won’t happen. How are you planning to
stop this marriage? You mean she too…
– She knows everything. She too is our party. What are you doing here? You too are aware of everything,
we’re discussing about his plan, tell her how we’re going
to take away their daughter? Take away my daughter? We’re discussing about how to
take the bride to marriage hall. Doesn’t she know? What?
– He says don’t you know this also? Uncle, it’s part of our daily duty,
how would she know it? She would get excited
if it’s sari selections! Well said. Saris have come from Kanchi,
come and select. You too come.
– Go…go… Uncle, you’d have ruined entire
plan with your foolishness. What to do? I’m confused like state politics
don’t know who belongs to which party! You give me a list,
I’ll by heart it. What’s our next move? We need a scapegoat for
our next move.
– Scapegoat? Yes sir, I’ve entered the home
as per the plan. I need a scapegoat to stop
this marriage and trap Adhi. I got it, but who is that scapegoat? Are you human or beast? I told you to arrest Punjagutta Pandu,
why did you arrest his son? He’s underground and
I got his son in school ground. I thought if I arrest him,
he would come out. For that will you charge
a class 2 kid with rape? Class 2 kid? Mother!
– Brother! What brother? He eats six times like a wild boar.
can’t he use his brain? It’s better to die than
live like this. Is your life worth living?
How could you love such a man? Useless, stupid, wastrel, idiot… Nephew, he may really kill himself. You bloody fool! I’m a human,
that’s why I’m drinking. You’re a demon, that’s why
you drink my blood every day. You’re frying deeply and eating me. If God is there,
I’ll also get a day! I’ll lynch you like a bedbug.
That’s my wish…my aim… Uncle, let’s take over this
scapegoat’s dream project. Come. He got up! Did I tell you not to bring it
here till marriage is over? Why did you bring it here?
– No.. What no?
How danger it is if someone sees it? What are you doing here?
Doing voodoo? What’s this lighting?
What’s this chair? I beg you, uncle,
please don’t shout. This is dream machine not a chair. I know washing machine, time machine,
what’s this dream machine? Dream machine is that which
makes our dream come true. Uncle, every man has
a villain in his life. He would be torturing us.
We can’t harm him in anyway. The suppression will lead us
into depression. that creates tension
and we get irritated, it generates vibrations in our body, heart will get blocked
and mind will get struck, brain will get the stroke!
– What next? What next? Burial, right boys?
– Yes. Americans thought advance about many
dying like this and found this machine, they made a film in English
‘Inception’ to promote this, uncle! It was dubbed in Telugu too?
What was the name? – ‘Arambam’ (Inception) Right, Chinese copied this idea
and made this duplicate. happy with our marriage plans
and he presented us with this. We can dominate people who
torture us in dream and be happy. Body will be fit and
our life would get saved. Got it, uncle? Got it, I want to sit on this
machine and enter dream world. Why do you want to go, uncle? Everyone one has his own
tales of sorrow. I my get that brain stroke for
the torture of my brother-in-law. What a difficulty you’re facing! So, let me join your club. Okay but there are few conditions.
– What are they? When you enter dream,
real life characters too come, you mustn’t tell them
that you’re in dream! What if I tell?
– You’d die in dream. So, whatever you want to share
about your dream, it must with club members only. One more important thing, uncle. 10 minutes in dream is equal
to 10 days in real life. If I want to come out of the dream? Just sing this soon,
get up…get up…my King… Now I got you.
Please take me to dream quickly. Okay uncle, you must be the
hero of your dream. Gym bell has rung, get up quickly. Drinks all the night and
gets chided by my brother. Shameless man! Don’t know
when would he get sense? She’s going to gym,
bell is ringing there. Everything is routine.
But Rama Rao said its dream. Welcome…welcome! You are…? Is it you Rama?
You act just like NTR! You haven’t seen much, uncle!
How great can I act! You can see it in future
and beyond that! That’s okay! What’s all this? Dream! Uncle, you’re in dream now. We’ve entered your dream. You say dream but my brother-in-law
is shouting like a Doberman. Mad uncle! Why did you enter dream? To take revenge on people
in real life. Who is the villain?
– His brother-in-law Jaikrishna Simha! He’s calling you,
what should you do, uncle? I got it, I must take revenge.
That’s my wish, aim… What are you waiting for?
May victory be yours! I’m coming! He and his bloody discipline! You should’ve come running,
why are you coming like a hero? What’s the time now?
– Who knows? it you want check yourself. Why are you asking me? What’s this language
and body language? Changed…everything is changed. Days I looked at kitchen when hungry
or bar when I was thirsty is over, For years I cried for food
and drinks in this house. I cried for good peaceful sleep. Now my eyes are burning,
if anyone dares stop me… They would get reduced to ashes! Whether you come for fight or war, whether you come with
hooligans or goons, whether you come alone
or with entire family, if you dare taken on me,
I’ll crush you like chutney! What’s that arrogance?
You want to get beaten up? How dare you beat my sister! I’ll beat you also!
– Will you beat me? Leave me, I’ll bite you to pieces. I’ll gun you down. Leave me…leave me… What’s this fight in
dream also, uncle? I entered dream to take
revenge on him, right? What’s the kick if you go
to climax directly? You gave him a stroke, right?
Go and have a drink. It won’t be fine to drink
in day time. Dream has no day or night.
– You say like that! Leave me…leave me… What happened to him?
Why is he behaving like a mad dog? I’m also scared, brother.
– There’s nothing to fear. He has terrorised us,
you say nothing to fear. I’ve handled a similar patient,
so I know it. It’s a psychological disorder. It’s a revolution created by
depression due to suppression! If we leave them for a week
without bothering about them, they’ll become normal.
– What if we don’t? They’ll not spare anyone. They’ll go mad and
may bite necks of people. How could he catch such
a dangerous disease? It’s the problem created
by over domination. Yes brother, I too got affected
by suppression by your domination. Yes, I too fell into depression. Yes brother, I too got lost
in commotion. I too got those revolution thoughts. Yes daddy, man will lose balance like
ball if there’s too much pressure. Wait dear.
You and your damn ball theory. I’ve understood that you consider
my discipline as my domination. So, be as you like till
Janaki’s marriage. Let’s have a meeting after marriage
and make new easier rules. Everyone would’ve got affected with
that disease if I had delayed further. Keep my brother-in-law under control
till this marriage is over. Leave him to me,
take care of other things. What a dialogue delivery, uncle! Trust me, your brother-in-law
wetted his pants!- Yes, uncle. My brother-in-law won’t remember
this after waking up, right? He may gun me down. What are you saying, uncle?
Are you mad? How can he remember your dream? He’s new, may have got confused. My personal life is very happy
now because of you. What happened to your
professional life, uncle? It’s a total disaster! Brother-in-law dominates in home
and Adhi dominates me in office. Adhi brings to my memory, your brother-in-law has invited Adhi’s
family for breakfast tomorrow. How can he take decisions
in my dream? This is my dream, right? They’re taking the decisions.
– Then? Sleeping Padmanabha Simha! All these characters and
scenes are from his thoughts. I got it. He created this scene to take on Adhi
like I did with my brother-in-law. You got it right, uncle. So, you must be number one in
personal and professional life too! You must be the Emperor of
your dream world. That’s what sleeping elderly man wishes! I’m Baadshah! Once I decide
war becomes one sided! This isn’t like breakfast
but buffet in star hotel. If he eats like this,
my son would become like me. What?… He has started it early morning! He wanted to freak out till marriage,
I permitted him to. Who are you to give me permissions?
My foot, damn it! Firs time, he got drunk. First time? I’ve been drinking
day and night of 20 years, you know my foot! Why are you staring at me? Do you want to drink?
If you want, have it. No need to fear any fool! What? He listens to you, please manage him.
– I’ll take care of him. Guru, he’s feeling bad,
please come. Should I go if he feels?
– For my sake. I’m leaving because my soul mate wants it.
– Sorry, brother-in-law. Got info that Sadhu bhai’s men
have entered the city. Intelligence reports say
they’re planning something here. Whatever they may do,
Baadshah will be behind them! Baadshah is right before you now! Baadshah is right before your eyes. He’s Baadshah! I’m Baadshah! If Baadshah decides
war will become one sided. You’ll vanish without a trace. Don’t take him seriously.
Focus on Sadhu’s men. Hereafter I and my team will be on it. You’re a Dhoni and
you’ve a team too! Sadhu’s men are not in city
for more than 30 minutes. Already police know about it.
Tell them to be on high alert. I’ve inquired after you told me, Sadhu’s men Crazy Robert and Rocky Rasool
are in Dog House on city outskirts. Why are you dull, dad? I remember your mother
on seeing Hyderabad. I used to live in a small house
with you and your mother. I thought money is everything to life. Mother gave importance to
relationships than money. I couldn’t understand it then. I’m sorry father for not telling
you that mother is alive. I’ll achieve my aim in near future
and unite you with mother. Press meet? Why? Asking me why? Shouldn’t
people know about your talent? Only then sleeping Padmanabha Simha
would get satisfied, right? Yes, uncle. Breaking news to you,
shocking news to department, shaking news to mafia! I’ll catch Sadhu’s men who
entered the city in one day! If they listen to me, I’ll arrest
them if not I’ll gun them down! I tolerated him till now
for my sister. I must suspend him immediately. Police have the information,
we mustn’t delay any further. Material must be dispatched tonight. Any delay in this
Sadhu won’t take it easy. Serial bombs must rock Delhi, Mumbai,
Kolkata along with Hyderabad. This must be the breaking news all
over India by tomorrow at this time. Who are you? Kondaveeti Simha who made many
criminals to wet pants in Kondaveedu. Bobbili Simha who punished
plunderer Pasupathy in public. Samarasimha who saved Rayalaseema
from the clutches of Veeraraghava’s faction. Lakshminarasimha who created
fear psychosis in villain Dharmabhiksham. Simha who saved people of
Vijayanagar from Veerakesava. Padmanabha Simha is a mix of
all the Simhas put together. With that pot belly you look
like a pig in uniform. What the hell can you do man? Why are you wearing mask?
Dust allergy? No uncle if I’m in focus,
you’ll not get fame. You sit in the car. I’ll finish them
and credit it to your account. many innocents would die
if these bombs go off. You must stop it at any cost. Kill him! Tell me, Ram! I’ve recovered the RDX. Since their plan has failed,
Sadhu bhai will come to Hyderabad. We’re nearing the target. DCP Padmanabha Simha has lost balance
because of professional failures. So he made statements of catching
unknown Sadhu bhai’s men. We apologise on his behalf. We’ve decided to suspend
him from today… That dead body is Rocky Rasool!
Sadhu bhai’s man! Boy, only donkeys wait for orders,
lion waits for situation. I’m a police of deeds not just words. I’ll do what I say and
I’ll say what I do. Sadhu Bhai! Cancer and
AIDS may have cure. But if you take on me… You were sensational, uncle! Your performance shattered your
brother-in-aw and Adhi got astonished. I need a girl urgently now.
– What’s this dirty wish, uncle? What’s so dirty in it? Heroes have an
item song after a fight scene in films. I want an item girl.
– Item girl? I don’t want any item girl,
either Anushka or Tamanna, I don’t mind both also. It’s not possible, uncle.
– Why not? Why restrictions in dream?
Is it dream or not? This is dream, we’re not the deciders.
– Then, who decides? Sleeping Padmanabha Simha! Any girl he imagines would
entertain you. Isn’t it?
– Yes, uncle. Who is his choice? My sari is green signal to you… I’ve brought you the sweet… You’re sultry hot Sun… I’m a pot of chilled water… Oh my God! Show me, where’s her house? May her shyness go to hell… She broke my heart into pieces… Tell me what do you want?
Higher up or valley down… Welcome, my name is Kanakam… Come into my dreams
but nobody can get us… It’s normal for young
to have wet dreams… If it is not satiated,
it’s hell all the night… All night I did that… You look very cute to me… If you want what you desire,
you’ve to spend a lot for it… There’s a short cut to have it
without spending a penny… Get under the covers…
close your eyes… Jump the bandwagon of dreams…
have a blast there… Well said, my dear man… Chase every day, try to impress…
why do you want to rip it? Won’t your time get wasted?
Won’t you end with high BP? I’m a queen of your cell…
let it be anyone… Get into the dreams
with the snap of a finger… It’s bliss of heaven in
the streets of desire… He’s the police informer who made
months of plan to fail miserably. A tip before you die,
I’ll do what I planned to do. There’s no one to stop me. There’s one man! Who is he? I got it on seeing fear in your
eyes at the mention of Baadshah’s name, you’d surely die in the
hands of Baadshah. A shocking information
before you die. Baadshah too works for
the same officer I work for. Who is that officer? Who is that officer? Baadshah is working for police. Bhai, I understood it now
by the way he hit me. The masked man was Baadshah! Yes, Padmanabha Simha is a buffoon. He didn’t even catch
a pick-pocket till date. I want both Baadshah behind him and
the police officer behind Baadshah! As marriage time approaches,
I feel like a tennis ball coming at me! Don’t worry, let it be any problem,
I’ll play football with it. Please co-operate calmly! You’re just a wedding planner,
how dare you touch the bride! What’s your range and this change? We don’t know your caste or past! What’s this nasty things? Why are you asking me that?
– Who should I ask then? Sleeping Padmanabha Simha! I’ve told you many times all these
characters and scenes are his dreams. Why do you always ask me
the same question? I got it, first time, right?
I got confused. Why is he getting such lousy thoughts? Don’t know what he is
planning with this! That’s okay, Janaki won’t
remember all this, right? How can she remember your dream?
You speak like a mad man. Don’t get angry,
Padma’s schemes are too confusing! They’ve killed our informer Kesava. I’m sure Sadhu Bhai is in city. You be careful. Nobody must know you’re Baadshah
till the mission is accomplished. My mother too doesn’t know
I’m Baadshah! Are you Baadshah? Are the criminal entire
police department is after? No, please listen to me, mother.
– What no? My fears have come true!
You too just like your father… Never again show your face
to me in life. Mother, the reason I became
Baadshah is Siddhu! Why hasn’t he come yet, mother?
– He’ll come. You know I’m going to US today, wished to have breakfast together,
why did you come so late? If he comes late,
there will be a reason. You say whatever he does is right. It took time to get this printed. Every day when you’ve coffee,
you must remember mom and me. Likewise we too should think
about you while having coffee. Did you see? Silly!
Give me your hand! He’ll remember me every second now.
How is it? You both should always be like this. I will but I doubt him.
– Doubting me? You passed civils, why are you going to
US instead of attending interview? I can more there what IAS and
IPS officers earn here. People think like this, that’s why top
goes there and scrap remains here. Where’s Bombay?
Isn’t it in India? You got a good job offer there,
why didn’t you go? You could’ve gone there, son. Mother, he was with you since birth.
I joined you much later. You found me on streets and
raised me affectionately than him, how can I forget that, mother? If you talk about it again,
I’ll kill you. Look mom, he’s distancing
himself from me. Sorry, I’ll never say that again.
– No… I said sorry, right? He’s short tempered, mother.
– Then what? I forgot my bag,
I’ll get it, mother. Be careful, son.
– Okay, mother. Getting late, come fast! No…no…I’m scared…
I’ll just watch!- Light it! Our investigations prove Sadhu Bhai
is behind the Gulshan Chat blasts. We’ve alerted the teams, we’re taking all precautions to
avoid such incidents from happening. I’ll ensure Govt. compensates to
the families of victims in the blast. Did you see this news? Bomb blast in Bombay local train.
Many innocent people died. It’s common in India. Would you react like this
if I had died in the blast? Power or poverty isn’t the
biggest threat, terrorists and mafia are
the biggest threat to us. They must be shot ruthlessly. I don’t want to be a police officer
to make money or for power, for the sake of my country, to clean up Sadhu bhai and his gang
for killing many innocent Indians, I scored 90% in Civils
with that aim, I’ve cleared mains with 95%, I got selected with high grades in
every event of the training period, why did you reject me then? Your father Dhanraj is the
reason for your rejection. How can my father be the
reason who died 20 years ago? Your father is still alive. You want to kill Sadhu Bhai, your father runs a casino in Macau
working under the same Sadhu Bhai. We mustn’t recruit candidates
criminal family history. I’ve been trying to catch
Sadhu Bhai for 20 years, your father Dhanraj is
a financial expert, getting frustrated for not
getting recognition for his talent, he joined Sadhu as his
financial advisor. When Sadhu left India, your father
tied to take you and mother with him. Your mother didn’t agree. She made him believe that you
and she had died in an accident. Likewise she lied to you that
your father is dead. I saw hope seeing fire in your
eyes and honesty in your words. Infiltrate the gang with
your father’s help, Intelligence reports say Sadhu is
planning major blasts in India, we must stop him at any cost, if you do as I say, I’ll drop
all the charges against your father. Sadhu bhai is my target from now. Operation Baadshah began like that. He erased many gangsters joining
the gang with the help of his uncle. He stopped Sadhu bhai and
saved us from a big disaster. He reformed his father and
weaned him away from mafia. Sorry son, I misunderstood you. Father always talks about you! Where’s your father? If children do mistakes,
parents correct them, but I committed the mistake
and you corrected me. I’m proud of giving birth
to such a good son! I feel shame for
what had happened in Italy. Without knowing about you,
I bored you with my ball philosophy. You ran the show like Lord Krishna but
I called you as disciple and heir. No problem, finally you called
me as lover, right? Next you’d say husband!
– It isn’t that easy. My father must know
Adhi is a traitor. He must get convinced and cancel
the marriage. How can you do it? I’ve arranged the song, dance and
movements for tomorrow’s sangeeth. Sangeeth of Pilli family! Sangeeth of Pilli family
must be talk of town, everything is perfect, right?
– Planning is perfect sir. If you don’t want any spoilers,
keep Padmanabha Simha away from drinks, you request him personally. Go…go… Brother-in-law, you’re famous
with children too. Fame depends on the work you do. You’re right, brother-in-law. I’ve a small request.
– What’s that? I don’t want Pilli family to become
laughing stock of the town. So, please don’t drink today. Should I not drink for
your silly family? Uncle, elderly man is requesting,
please give up for just a day. I agree because of
my soul mate’s request. Brother! Why is your brother here? That is…
– Who invited him? I invited him, sir.
– You? He’s not a relative, he’s an enemy.
Do you know that? Don’t get angry, sir?
I know about your fight. Punishment for such guys
isn’t keeping them away. Then?-
We must show him what he’s missing! He must see Pilli family’s
grandeur and burn with jealous! You’re right!
I didn’t get this idea. Are you fine brother?
– Fine, dear. Are you fine, sister-in-law?
– I’m fine. You belittled my family
rejected my son, and got your daughter
married to her lover. That’s why you stayed away
from us for 2 years. Watch the grandeur of
Pilli family’s wedding. Brother!
– Please make him sit in the first row. Please come, brother-in-law. Thanks son! I could meet
my brother after years. Thank Janaki not me,
she told me everything. Welcome, brother-in-law! Sangeeth is grand like marriage!
– Don’t you want marriage then? Just for fun!
I said marriage is fun! Find Baadshah who is behind Padmanabha
before marriage is over. I need to talk to you personally. There’s a marked difference in
Padmanabha’s behaviour for few days. I observed him. Some guy Baad…
– Baadshah! He’s talking to him on phone.
He’s in regular touch with him. He meets him under the cover of darkness.
– Did you see Baadshah? I did try but couldn’t see
his face clearly in dark. But one thing is sure,
he’s too dangerous man. You’d be shocked for this.
– What? It seems he’ll kill you also. Some guy Siddhu…
– Sadhu Bhai! That’s the guy! It seems you work
with him, right? Why are you telling this to us? What do we get in the marriage?
I expect something from you, sir. Don’t tell about this to anyone. Can I advice you along
with information? This is free. Tell me. If you get the short man o drink,
he’ll cough up about Baadshah! Drinks here…?
– This is also free. What?
– A special bottle for you. I’ve promised my soul mate
not to drink today. Right but groom wants you to drink. Have some juice.
– Juice is okay to me. Why has he changed route
and calling me uncle? Don’t know what’s the plan of
sleeping Padmanabha Simha? You’re right! Uncle, juice. Why two glasses?
– If you like it, you can have it. Liked it, uncle?- Fantastic!
– Have that one too. Can I get two more?
– Get it. Did you see, Rama? Juice is missing. Who drank it? Guests have arrived,
start the program.- Okay sir. Women in the family practiced dance
for 2 days, let’s start with them. Dance? They can’t even cook properly. Would they dance too?
Guests may throw up. Any function in my family
would start with my act! Hail Lord Shiva and Parvathi! Dance and rhythm in tune is bliss… Acting and ovation is heavenly… In action…in pose… What’s that dance?
– Bharathanatyam! No, it’s silly dance! What’s that movement like
walking in slush? What’s that lousy expression on face? You stop it! Kamalahasan cried for
banning ‘Vishwaroopam’, if he sees this dance,
he’ll die in shock. Will our dances make you throw up? So they had the liquor mixed juice. We’re fans of senior NTR! You wanna watch the show! Parents’ threw me out of home… Husband too dumped me… I’m all of just sixteen,
if you marry, it’s just 3 knots… I went to Gudiwada… I went to Guntur… Eluru…Nellore…
I went to many places… Wherever I go…whatever I do…
they ask for more… Bloody rogues who come
to watch the show… May your home turn into gold… May my body turn beautiful… You’re on high,
would you like to join me? Will you take on the passion head on? There’s a hut… There’s a cot… Hut and cot both are empty
without a man… The girl is on high and
the cool night says okay… My youth is for you… It’s going all out for you… To quench desires… Aren’t you ashamed to get
drunk and dance? You ruined Pilli family honour.
Why did you also join them? They wanted me to join…
– Will you join if they ask? They’re senseless…
– It’s not their mistake sir. Who are you to tell me that?
– Your son-in-law added liquor to juice. Watch this video, sir. Did that short man tell
about Baadshah? What will he say?
He’s killing me for that juice. No use like this,
if we kidnap Padmanabha from here, our problem would get solved. How dare! Will you try to kidnap me?
– Don’t shout! With professional jealousy of
becoming more famous than you, would you stoop down to
so low level? Don’t shout, I’ll strangle your neck. Will you kill me? Kill me! I’ve understood you and
your character. You added liquor to juice and
now beat my brother-in-law. Are you human or beast? Why are you shouting at son-in-law?
Take it easy as fun and forget it. It’s not fun,
he beat my brother-in-law! Son-in-law of this family! How much my brother-in-law is feeling
for me? I hope this dream is true! Fall at his feet and
seek his forgiveness. What are you thinking?
Fall, if not marriage may get cancelled. Why should he? Commissioner must fall at
his feet for abusing him. We too have family honour. Honour? Your son made a mistake, instead of chiding him,
you’re supporting him. No use is growing like a bull,
grow your brain. How dare you point finger at me! If you stay here,
I’ll have you thrown out. We’re not women to wait
till thrown out. We’ll smash your faces! What’s this nasty?
cancel marriage, that’s the end. If you fight,
it’ll create bad image for you. This marriage is cancelled! Who are you to say that?
I’m telling now! This marriage is cancelled. Get out!
– Let’s go, son. Bloody proposal! Bloody? You’re a bloody family. Shut your gob!
– Calm down sir. Your family honour isn’t lost by
the cancellation of marriage. It’s destined that a better
son-in-law would join the family. That’s why this happened,
what do you say?- Yes sir. That guy wasn’t fitting into
the frame with Janaki madam. Groom must change for colourful frame! Colours…myriad of colours… I want to see the colours on
cheeks of the beauty… Must wear a silk sari… Apply a dot… Marriage band must play on…
Tie the knot with her… Make her my life partner
under the canopy… Tiger…tiger…
come, Tiger… My beauty is sacrificed
on your altar… My beautiful bud… It’s a rain of jasmine
in heart… Get me the exotic mangoes
of Chittoor… Show me the taste of
morning sickness.. May I share lovely hugs…
May I charm you… In highs and lows,
blow up brain with my magic… Would I object if you
do anything with me? It may be morning sickness or anything,
my beauty and heart is yours… May spread the
bed of happiness… Kesava sacrificed his life
for the department, it’s our duty to stand by his family. Take it, dear. We must thank your father. If you need any help, please call me. I played with police of 12 countries,
you played with me, I know Adhi didn’t hand over RDX
to the department, I know Baadshah is behind you, tell me, where’s Baadshah? If not you will die. Traitors like him betray for money, but many police officers would
sacrifice life for duty. Should I launch your film? I saw your heroism on TV and
thought it would help my film. Who would see me? Crazy Robert, he would wet the
bed if he sees you with me. If not?
– He would kill me. What’s your connection with him?
– Enmity! He asked money and I said go to hell. He got hurt and I got booked. He made an attempt on me in Italy. Why did you go to Italy
with this idly face? To see locations.
But coordinator Gopi cheated me. Okay, bye. Why are you seeing there?
Tell me. He didn’t come and sent his niece. Why are you seeing there again?
Tell me. She came with two tails. What are these breaks like power cuts? That’s the problem with
creators like me, when we narrate anything,
characters come alive before us, can’t understand
if it’s dream or real. No doubt! It’s a dream! I think this is his plan to
link me up with some heroine. Who is the heroine? My hero is power star!
– I’m rising star! Together it’s multi star!
Where’s the location? Tell me sir.- Has Sunny Leone put on
some weight or not? Why ask about taste before eating?
You going to meet her, right? He Sunny Leone and
I don’t see any skirt here. Adhi, his father, Crazy Robert…
why are they here? I got it, this is climax
to the dream. He has created this scene
to play with all of them. We got into this mess
because of your loud mouth. Hand over the short man
to them and get us freed. We’ve announced the release
date of my film. Hand me over to them?
I’m here to finish them. Aren’t you ashamed to join
villains with that bull? Stop shouting, where’s Baadshah? I’m before you,
and still asking where’s Baadshah? I’m Baadshah! If Baadshah decides,
war will turn one sided. Ask them, let’s go. We must see the mood and ask
if not we’ll get rapped. Isn’t it, Surya?
– Get lost! How dare you beat me!
How dare you dominate me in my world! Your world? This is my man’s creation. What’s that nonsense?
Did you drink early in the morning? Am I talking nonsense? All of you are my man’s creations. My man wishes and is determined
to make me succeed he’s sleeping. Where’s he sleeping? You mustn’t tell them you’re in dream.
– What if I tell? You’ll die in dream. I’ll not tell you. Stop! I can’t tell you! I mustn’t tell you,
if I tell I’ll die. If you don’t tell
you’ll surely die. Tell me. Why are you rolling like a pig?
Why don’t you answer us? I didn’t expect even in dream
I would get hurt in dream. Why did he create such a situation? Useless man! I don’t want
any of this trash dream. I must come out of this immediately.
But how? Just close your eyes and sing
Get up…get up…my king… What are you thinking? Give me 5 minutes,
I’ll tell you everything. Get up…get up…my king… Don’t you want to get up?
Shall I wake you up? How long will you sleep?
Is it lodge to sleep like log? Moreover damn snores too.
Get up! Get up!
– Got up! Why am I still in dream?
It means China machine has failed. So, never use duplicate Chinese machines. What are you looking at? Get up! Did Rama Rao booked me like this?
Who is Rama Rao? I’ll show him to you, sir.
I’m going through hell. That’s him! He’s wedding planner! He’s Baadshah! He’s Baadshah! If he’s Baadshah, why did he act
like wedding planner? You can never understand his moves, because this is a plan
by master mind Baadshah! He came near Adhi with Janaki’s help, he used Padmanabha Simha
with dream machine, he provoked and
brought you to India. Like using a bait to hunt tiger, Baadshah used this scapegoat
as a bait. This dream machine will make
our dreams come true in dream. You’re now in dream, uncle.
– How can he decide my dream? We’re not the deciders.
Sleeping Padmanabha Simha! You must be the emperor of your dream. So, this is not a dream.
– This is not dream but real. Why did he choose me though
there are so many in home? You look like tissue paper,
use and throw away! It’s not safe to be here. Call Wilson and arrange for
a chopper in Hakimpet airbase. I recruited him the day you
recovered RDX sent to India! So many variations in one character. He brought entire mafia to
kneels without uniform. Now he’s an officer with uniform. If you’ve guts,
try to escape from him. No police officer could make me
come to India for 20 years, you made me come here, I’ll offer you whatever you ask
and do whatever you ask! Leave me! Loafers like him may fall
for your offers! But I’ve an address for this dress. There’s a history to that name! There wasn’t anyone to buy NTR and
there won’t be anyone in future. One step forward and IG will die! Did you see Scorpios blew up
with one step? Your one step makes films to flop. Many innocents died in
the bombs planted by you. One among them is Siddhu
I love so much. I had decided that day to kill you. I told you
I would finish it with you! All are gone!
Only I’m left. You got caught! Without polluting Pilli family,
I’ve a police officer as son-in-law. It’s Pilli Appa Rao’s blessings. When I see you happy, I feel it’s like
a coach seeing his student hit a six! Though it’s routine example,
it’s new! Isn’t it like a dream to you, uncle? Dream again?

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