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english maam we got have to cancel anymore its okay. we pay for crisis, this is only we have It’s not that, you can’t help them is the pieces left, please listen I can’t breath without zach i know here? given two more weeks Good luck! how long was this one last until we have still two weeks maybe more is not one last gear i put thinking out it just last forever matti don’t noted our rules list you’ve never came back no one ever comes back from the stirs one day I gonna go up and kill all those people then we won’t to hide down in here don’t become people there must it’s time to go back sleep sound sound hung on there body it was lying, Jesus give me this It’s not right ah! my son need this wycth over quick No he is gonna die please forgive her No Noooooo.. No… left, ah you going you going I can help the wires, need a stronger connection grrrrr I need this hang on there please not hey man mama why are you crying? I met some people today they help me want there any monsters Noooo

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