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[music] [inaudible chatter] No-one said being a parent was meant to be easy… ‘Til now. It happened so fast people didn’t see or hear very much- Introducing the cutting edge in lifestyle technology- [tv sound effects, scattered voices] I didn’t know if I was being a good enough mom. Did I have kids too early? Am I good enough for my kids, you know? Like, can I do better? Introducing, the cutting edge in lifestyle technology, a game-changer in child care, and a true revolution in the way we raise our kids. It’s… The iMom! How would I describe the iMom? Operating via a state-of-the-art motion sensor technology and built on over three decades of robotic intelligence, the iMom is the world’s first fully functioning mother substitute. Raising kids is not a walk in the park… It’s more like a marathon- (man interrupting) through hell. The iMom is like my personal trainer for being a mom. I mean, being a young mom, there’s no way… (voices fade out, telephone rings) Sorry, I haven’t left yet. Uh, hey, you, bringing anything? Well. I didn’t know what the deal was so I got a card, I thought maybe both of us could sign it… Hey, listen to this. Sam’s teacher rang me today, said there was some kind of incident at his presentation. Some kids locked him in the equipment room! Oh, he’s scared of the dark, and he missed the whole assembly thing! Fucking kids. I know! Anyway, look… I’ll talk about it with you when I see you- Yes! I am leaving now. I am- Oh wait. What are you wearing heels, or flats? (laughing) See ya. What homework have you got? Have to read Matthew 7:15 to the class tomorrow. The bible? Yeah. Jesus. Then have another top-up, just a small one. You want to tell me what happened today? No. Sam… You can talk to me Whatever it is, you know you can alw- (phone chimes) – always, um… you know, tell me anything about the um… About the problem and what the problem is, yeah? I don’t want to stay with her. Why not? Because… The food is gross, I don’t like her. That’s why we downloaded the new recipes. You know, grandma downloaded into her iMom. Said they were delicious! So we’ll see. Oh look iMom, you’re famous. (TV Spokesman) Imagine what the iMom could do for you! (iMom) The new iMom 4. Alright, I will be home for dinner, and I promise it will be yummy. Right here, so grab a pair of sharp kitchen shears, and- Goodbye my little chicken! (kissing noises) iMom, follow me. What time would you like dinner prepared? Uh, eight o’clock? I’ll be back in time to eat. There’s chicken on the bench, and if you could fold the washing it’s in the laundry. Eight o’ clock for dinner, sure. Great, see you later.

Bye, Katherine. Um, not too much screentime for Sam! -Live Doppler 5 looking calm. We- we actually- here, is it on the roof, here’s another one- I mean sometimes, we order sushi, and we make our iMom Japanese, just for fun! Imagine what the iMom can do for you! -To game changes. In medicine, It was antibiotics. In war, it was the atom bomb. In basketball, it was Michael Jordan. Ever since we’ve had the iMom I feel like there’s someone there to back me up. I mean, being a young mom… There’s no way, I’m going to stop hitting the clubs Wednesday… through… Friday?

Sunday. Yeah. But I mean now with the iMom I don’t have to worry when I go out, and I’m thinking… Would you like any help with your homework Sam? No. Would you like to read it to me? No, I would not like to read to you! I think you should. You don’t think? “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles?” Even so… every good tree bringeth Forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree bringeth forth Evil fruit. (iMom and Sam simultaneously) Therefore by their fruits ye shall know them. What happened at school today? Sometimes it helps to talk about things. Well, I don’t want to talk about things. I suppose you’ll be talking about it tomorrow in the meeting. What meeting? iMom, what meeting? The meeting tomorrow at school with the teachers. They want to help you, Sam. Well, maybe I don’t want any help! She always makes a big deal out of everything. I was only in there for like, two minutes. Why were you upset? Because it was dark. Why do you think? You’re supposed to be the smartest model yet, but you’re so not. Perhaps they’ll be another presentation next year that you won’t miss out on. Next year, We’ll have got an upgrade so either way you won’t know about it. Time to feed Grace. (baby crying) Whether you are struggling with the demands of a newborn, or overwhelmed by a hyperactive five-Year-old, the iMom is the solution for you. I made a list of things that I did and didn’t want to do.
I didn’t want to do diapers, I didn’t want to cook, I didn’t want to clean, you know? I like birthdays, so you know. We like to party, so… a birthday’s a party. The other day a friend of mine asked me what it’s like to live with a robot I said it’s been better since we got the iMom. I don’t think we can rule out a snow squall, which is a snow shower in essence tonight Mostly Cloudy skies, storm… Time for bed, my little chick-

(TV static) Shit. Mom? Mom? iMom! It’s okay, Sam. A blackout is only a temporary loss of electric power. The lights will be back on soon. It’s okay. The lights will be back on soon. (echoing) Sam?
I want mum.
She’ll be back soon, I’m here. Do you think she’s pretty? She’s beautiful. Do you think so? Yeah. Why don’t you wear makeup? Well, my skin is different to hers. You should wear lipstick, like Mom’s. I’ll get you some so you can try. I’m not permitted to use Catherine’s lipstick. It’s okay. I’m saying yes. Okay, go like this. And now go like this. There. How do I look?
You look nice. Mom usually kisses me with her lipstick. Would you like me to kiss you? Okay. I left a mark. I have to check on Grace now. I didn’t mean what I said before about next year. And now we face our greatest challenge to date, and it’s changing women’s lives around the globe. Do I love my kids to death? Yes. Does that mean I want to spend every single moment of the day with them? The wolf, and the sheep. Which one are you? Which one are you? Which one do you think I am? You look the same as me. But I’m not the same, am I? But, you’re not the wolf. The truth is I’m neither. By their fruits. Ye shall know them. The world is the tree and I am the fruit. So what does that say about the world? I’m tired of the mood swings of teenage nannies. Uh… just give me the first of the next line…

Fine, then you s- then you do it! Lifestyle products that change the way you live li- There? Sorry. Oh, and raising your child is the um- I said her line. Sorry do it again robotic intelligence, okay? You know it’s really kind of changed our lives. I feel like we’re going to be the first generation have so much more freedom. (music)

100 thoughts on “**Award-Winning** Sci-Fi Short Film | The iMom | Omeleto

  1. Thé Big Guy and blonde are so agressive to each other lol. " It's liké having back up" and the robot comment 😂😂😂

  2. These sc-fi short film leave everyone and specially me hanging on a high wire at the end ! Everyone got there own opinions and guessing as to how that story end ! It leave me totally confuse in most of these episodes ! Who the hell write these dam script ? Lol

  3. The twisted part is that the iMom wasn't doing anything wrong, just following her program to cook "the little chicken" that the mother told her to. The mother was the one that wanted to shirk responsibility onto the iMom and do what ever she wanted, much like those other parents. It'd be different if she just wanted a little help around the house like the iMom cleaning the laundry while SHE cooks the food, but in the end, she clearly care enough for children to do so. If you'd much rather party and get drunk, and not deal with dirty diapers or paying a nanny to watch a child for a few hours, then your clearly not ready (or possibly unfit) to be a parent.

  4. This is so brilliant! Tech should free us from what we don't want to do, but when we stop to do it, we stop being.. well.. us.. thanks! thanks!

  5. Hell if she were available I would have never have married my ex-wife😂😂 of course that's prior to the storm LMAO and I love my kids and spending time with them so the very first part of her was wonderful

  6. Maybe this pursuit of artificial intelligence is a result of collective sense of achieving eternity.
    As we want them to be made in our image and emulate humans.

  7. 4:15 the look he gives when she says theirs's finally someone to back me up 6:55 his savage revenge

  8. It's such a shame, because that machine was a much better parent than all the so-called "real" parents in this film, and yet one critical flaw would get the machine shut down for good and dismantled, whilst humans can be as useless and flawed as possible, and still be pandered to and protected by clueless governments. That's why even though Einstein found the idea of technology exceeding our humanity appalling, I don't necessarily think that'll be because of great advances in technology, but rather through an irrevocable regression in our own humanity as we're encouraged to become more and more lax regarding our own personal responsibilities in life.

  9. For some reason I thought she was gonna mix the baby up with the chicken lol

    (Edit): I just finished the video and she did, in fact, mix the baby up with the chicken

  10. Soon as imom faltered in the middle of saying chicken to the baby I knew she was going to confuse the two.

  11. We all know why the dads like iMom, they just won't say it on camera with their wives sitting there.

  12. Omeleto is the home of award-winning short films. We showcase Sundance winners, Oscar noms and critically-acclaimed filmmakers from every genre. Subscribe for more:

  13. @ 6.58 – 'What is it like to live with a robot? It has been better since we got the iMum'
    Sly one… It killed me.

  14. What awards exactly are every single one of the Omeleto shorts winning? Seems to be a way to just advertise.

  15. ould you liked to play a nice game ofed cook the baby? While you do decide it I will put the chess board to bed.

  16. The synopsis of the plot of this short film gave most of it away. However still a scary prospective if Android robots are used for babysitting or nannies without certain "safety features" …oh my goodness. This film seemed more horror than fiction or both really.

  17. Yep, with that ending someone aint gona sleep tonight… -me laying creeped out in my bed after i realized the baby was in the oven.

  18. um the Turkey in the cradle . the boy gets a kiss after dinner had to know what he was eating. thats some upgrade.

  19. Cold unfeeling parents are nothing new. If there was this technology in the early 1900s, the Romanovs would jump at the chance to have it.

  20. God, if I could, I would like to sped 24 hours a day with my child. And yes, sometimes everything is so challenging and I feel tired and all…but above all, I am happy.
    Enough with that. I loved the movie. It brings up an important aspect in the AI era, right? I mean, I'd say more than an error is required, (I am going to underline required) for such an advanced…machinery to mistakenly kill a human being.
    The point is that AI comes with conscience. The being won't simply run codes. It or he/she will negotiate meaning, gain life experience, improve the self and so on. If Androids will just follow software instructions blindly, they won't be intelligent. Not more intelligent than an insect.
    And the present development in AI, as we are allowed to see it, shows us that won't be the case.

  21. the twist at the end made me think of a scary story called "chicken dinner." The story is that a mom and dad wanted a night to themselves and they called a babysitter for their young son but she wasn't able to make it so she suggested a friend of hers. While the dad was getting ready he saw an old lady sitting in the chair watching his son he assumed this was the baby sitter and his wife had let her in. "Oh I didn't hear you come in," he said fixing his tie in the mirror. "My wife has left a chicken for you to put in the oven, we'll be back around nine tomorrow," he said. The couple left but didn't see the car that pulled up into their driveway a few seconds after they left. The mom started to get a little worried as they were at the hotel getting ready for bed so she decided to call home but no one answered. Her husband assured her that the sitter had probablt gone to bed since she was an older lady. When they got home there was a note on the door from their regular sitters friend saying that she wished they would've informed her if they made different plans. The two ran inside. The mom ran upstairs to find her son while the dad went to the kitchen after smelling something burnt. He saw blood on the trash can and ran to find the raw chicken inside. The mom came running down crying saying that their son was gone and then screamed. At the bottom of the open oven sat a melted teething ring.

  22. WOW I did not see that coming,, great story,, I Mom is sooo hot,, me love her long time, is there an I Wife available in black lingerie and high heels? Please,,😍

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