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Feel it in your fingertips you fall. Wondering if you’d never loved before. Look into her eyes forgetting heartache. And happiness is finally yours to have. Funny how a day could mean so much. Altering perspectives with a touch. Letting go of fate that oh so lonesome. Imagining my happy ending you.

100 thoughts on “**Award-Winning** Romance Short Film | In Passing | Omeleto

  1. Sometimes giving up is happiness just it wont last long. For me that's the message of this video.

    If just they met in a different time in a different place and in a different society that wont push them hard enough to do this.

  2. I am going to jump off a building so that I can finally have someone fall in love with me. Great idea! Sarcasm

  3. point is theirs always someone going through what you are, funnily enough you'd probably be likely to get along with that person. best people i've ever met have always been at the worst or weirdest moments of my life thats fore sure. could see where they were gonna go with is but the message is still there which is good.

  4. Look never sucide cuz of love cuz of bully ignore the otgers they gonna die in hell they gonna die the worst way ignore and be smart about love if soo

  5. In Real Life It Would Take About 8 Seconds For Them To Fall So This Doesn’t Make Sense I Think These People Are Aliens In A Slow Motion World

  6. Wow, an entire romance can play itself out, all in the few seconds really, before it crashes hard right into reality! It's a beautiful film.

  7. And I always thought I FELL for them in the wrong and worst possible way, Rotfl.

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