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[Local train departs…] Excuse me! Waiter: Good Evening.
Thank you, Sir! Sir, would you like to… Jokes apart, man! Grand arrangement!
Rightly said. Yashraj: What’s up Som Ji? Seems like you are in your groove today! [Laughs] Thanks for inviting us, Yash. Oh! Come on. Mr. Faruque is now an M.D. A little bit of celebration is always welcome. [Laughs]
Really Yash! Mr. Faruque’s Geneva Convention achievements are quite notable. By the way, where are they?(emphasizing on “they”).
Oh yes!… I’ll just check, huh? Okay.
Yeah. Sure. Cheers! [THUD]
(Glasses fall) OYE! Who kept this thing here!
Pragati: YASH. Leave it. What “leave it”? Somebody could have gotten hurt! It’s okay. Thakur: OYE! Why the hell are you so inattentive? Can’t you be more careful?!
Sorry, Sir. Just stop apologizing, and start paying attention to your work. Okay, Sir. Nincompoop! And, um… Why haven’t they arrived yet? Pragati: Listen. Ahuja’s called. They’ve sent Gaurav with the guests. Why? Who cares? What? Ahuja’s are not coming. They have a meeting, so… Uff.. That drug addict Gaurav… He has to come today?! Someone: Who’s this Gaurav? Minu: I don’t really understand,.. how Mr. Faruque manages so many things, at the same time. You know, the last time… You were there, right?
Jahnvi: (NODS) Some company offered him a new assignment. On stage…
Ms. Negi:- Guha & Associates huh? The Company! You seem to know a lot about them, rather him. Of course..
I was the secretary then. These people should be thrown out of the society. Huh? What about Jammu? Eh? Do you really believe the girl’s story? Kathwa, Bakarwal, And the rest. They all are the same. Don’t you see a pattern? The Hajio Bano rape case… All of it is framed. The CBI should investigate this. Minu:- And you? What do you do? Veda: Me?..
I don’t do much. I don’t like to work much. He’s there, no! My big project! My husband! Minu:- Awww….
[Smiles] Minu:- Oops, sorry!
Shivangi:- It’s okay, no problem. And on the other side, there’s my husband… He is always out of station, due to his work. I always have to take care of everything, here. Take Vaishali only, for instance. Her college is about to start as well. Excuse me, guys. I’ll just join you in a minute, please. Which college? There she is.
Vaishali:- Aunty. How do you spend your time at home? Without any work? [Shivangi scolds Vaishali] Hey! Nice outfit!
Ishika:- Thank you, So, which college are you in? Pragati:- Absolutely, absolutely Dwiti:- Hats off to your father. At this age also, his memory is quite commendable. Pragati:- (Smiles) He is an inspiration I am telling you. He used to write poetry as well, no? I just love to spend time with him. Okay? Where is he? Upstairs? No. Umm.. Actually.. We had to send him to an old age home. Where? I thought he was resting upstairs. No.. Actually, we got busy.. There was no one to look after him.
He was starting to get depressed. So, Yash thought that he will get some company in old age homes. OH! Haha! There he is… That was just out of the world… I mean.. I mean, just, WOW! Yeah, when the people in here is this amazing… I had to catch up.
(Laughs) You surely did! Jahnavi Basu. Ayushmann. Khurrana. Is it? Well, I prefer Bhardwaj. Photographer: Guys? One click?
Yes, sure. Come.
Oops. [Camera clicks] I’ll just come.
Bye. Okay. Uhh.. [Camera clicks again] Why will it be necessary for you to wear a mask? Your makeup is more than enough. Vaishali: Veda Aunty.. You will be able to see properly if you wear this. Come on. Put it on. [Random chattering heard] Vijay Patni: Your attention please!
Someone: Yeah, attention, given. Patni: Ladies and gentlemen Someone: Yes, sir! Patni: Everyone look at me. Someone: Yeah, we are looking. Patni: The magic begins now. [Laughs] Patni: Everybody, wear the masks. Hey, this is an offence. Wear the mask properly. Okay? I’m going inside. It’s quite suffocating. Patni: Keep watching, keep watching! Are you ready? One.. Two.. And.. Three. [Claps] Fantastic! Great, Vijay Ji, great. [Claps get louder] Rajat: I think he’s in a good mood. (Vijay Patni) Don’t be nervous.
Ayushmann: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just go… and when the moment comes…… Understand that you have almost secured a job. Okay.
Rajat: And.. what’s that in your mouth? Waiter: Sir, the chief guests are here. Okay.
Waiter: They are here, sir. Yeah,. Let’s go. Ayushmann: Hm hm. [Doorbell rings] I’ll get it. They are here. Akash Ji is here, guys. Pragati: Bouquet!
Yash: Oh! Oh! Welcome! Welcome!
(Laughs) Please, come in. Please. Akash: Gaurav also came along with us. Yash: No problem.
Akash: We had a meeting together. Pragati: We’re glad that you’ll could make it. GAURAV!! Good to see you here as well… and that too in a formal attire! [Laughs] Let’s go inside. Please come in. Watch your steps. Everyone is waiting for you guys. Now the mood is set. Hi hi. Hello.
Good Evening! Come.
Hello. Gaurav: Washroom? Ishika: Not a good idea, you know.
Vaishali: Huh? Not a good idea. Ishika: Gaurav
Vaishali: Why? Well..
I’ve known him since childhood. We used to be family friends. His father is a big businessman, who is now married to the daughter of… Thapar…? Now married as in? Well, it’s umm.. his second marriage. Then what about the first one? His (Gaurav’s) mother died. Umm, by the way, you know.. Ahuja uncle also gave his best, but.. But what? He just got spoiled. Alcohol, night clubs, everything. Literally everything. And then I had to shift to Mumbai and.. since then, we are out of touch. Someone: Ishika! Well, I gotta go. but, as far as I know.. he’s trying to rehabilitate. So let’s see what happens! All of them were trapped there. Thank God, they got rescued. 40 of them murdered… Ahh?
Sorry. But literally, no one raised their voice against the issue. [Sings] You are a thing of wonder! Ahh!! Ishika Goel. Air Hostess, of a private domestic airline.
Pandey: Hmm! I’ve heard, there has been some strike… in a particular airline, I guess. I don’t know, some unpleasant issues! Yes. Bare body search, of each and every air hostess. Is it true? They’ve searched them naked?
Yes. Oh God! Still, I can’t blame the delicts as well. If the dress is luring enough, then anyone can … Not in the dress, All the dirt, is in your perception. Change it, I think, it’s high time. Guys.. The camera is on! [Sings] Happy Birthday to You! He is singing the birthday song.
Whose birthday is it? [Everybody laughs] Simply, cutting a cake without singing happy birthday is of no fun. Yes, it’s very wrong.
That’s why I had to sing it, that’s it. [Laughs] [Music stops] What happened? Turn on the music no. Why did you pause the music? It’s there. Ask him. I didn’t do it. Atleast, turn it on. Which one?
Whichever, just play it. [Music starts again]
Perfect. [Claps] [Calls someone] Hmm. Umm? In this way. Umm? Yeah. [Both laughs] Didi, please. Not now. Naina! Welcome! Welcome! Where were you?
Naina: Actually.. Your boyfriend didn’t come along? [shows pity] Why? Is it mandatory to have a boyfriend with me? [Whistles] [Smiles]
Where were you? You’re looking pretty. Thank you. Come this way.
You were supposed to come earlier. Yeah. Actually, I had a performance. Then you need to talk to him. Atleast, give it a try, for once. There’s no point in talking. You won’t understand. I won’t understand? Have you ever taken the responsibility of raising your child, all by yourself? Do you know the pain of being always answerable to your relatives? Even about your own life? Isn’t that enough? Please Just, keep this topic of relatives aside, for a moment. It’s easier said than being done. It had to be this way.
Pragati: Oh! It had to be this way? Never thought of yourself? Did you ever try to forget him and start a new life? Did you ever try to get close to him and try and understand each other properly? By the way, we haven’t introduced ourselves, yet. Yes, yes. Amrish Jain. Akash Faruque. Superb performance, young man. Just, keep it up. Don’t fall into the trap of doing a job. Mind it, you have a golden voice. All will be wasted. Just, Cheer up! Sure, Sir. [Radio plays] [Door opens] Mr. Sahay: Ramdin.. Turn off the radio. From page 3, it’s all about, who met whom, who went where, which event is the most trending on Facebook! Is it necessary? So many things are happening around us, so many killings, so much injustice! Don’t you feel? As a reporter, you have the responsibility to cover those? [Smiles]
Ray Robinson: Mr. Sahay… As a DSP, Don’t you feel the same responsibility to cover the crimes around the city? Instead of attending these trending social gatherings? Ray Robinson? Christian? No, Sir. Robin Ray.
Bengali Brahmin. Rajat!
Yes! What are you doing? His peg is over, can’t you see that? Go and call the waiter.
Okay. Waiter! Uncle? Why did you talk to him in this way? Sorry? Since when did you start talking so much? Huh? We have guests to attend. Behave yourself! Naina: Hey! What’s wrong? Atleast tell me, what’s wrong? Why do you look upset? What happened? Ms. Negi: What do you think, Was I not the most deserving candidate for this promotion? My talent, my efficiency, my diligence, Was anything wrong with these? Everyone.. everyone is behaving in such a way, as if I did something very wrong and got promoted. [Laughs] Look at me.
What? Actually, the truth is.. all of these people around us.. are jealous of you. Just forget about all these, And come with me. Come with me no. Offo.
Let’s go. [Singing at the background is heard] Gaurav: Funny thing! Vaishali: I tripped over them. I don’t know who kept this in the middle of the way. Patni Ji’s magic mask. Phuff!!
[Startled] Ahh! Don’t Not fair. Relax. You are afraid of masks or what? Interesting! Right from my childhood. Masks, puppets,…
You know what? I never played with dolls. Hmm. [Exhales] I was thinking… What are you doing here! As in? Bunk it. Okay, what about this… Joker! Heath Ledger? He’s too handsome.
[Laughs] I’m afraid he is not alive anymore. [Someone calls]
Vaishali? Umm, okay. I think I should be going. Vaishali? Shivangi: Vaishali? Where were you? I was looking for you! What happened to your feet? Nothing Mom. Show me. Sing us another song. Since you are such a wonderful singer! No. I am done, for today. I did sing a little bit. But, that’s it. What nonsense! Everyone, let’s sing and dance, some more. Sing another one no, I’ll also join in. I am singing a Rabindra Sangeet. Okay?
Lovely. You Bengalis are all about those same melodramatic songs. Pandey Ji, there’s still some time left. Rectify yourself. Sajani Sajani. It’s for you. Naina dances beautifully! What are you doing? Nothing.
I’ve been noticing, you are being very unmindful. What’s wrong? Nothing. Are you oka…
[Thud] Listen, you are just adding upon my work. Just leave it there. And go to your work. Listen! Listen. I am the one who is responsible to bring you guys here, including YOU. So be a bit extra careful. Don’t create a mess. Go! Ma’am? Ma’am?
Pragati: Hmm? It’s late. I need to go home. Ma’am, may I? Are you mad? Let the dinner finish first. [Random chattering heard] I still can’t figure out… if these are real.. or fake! If these seem fake to you, you can give it to me.
[Laughs] Take them. Nowadays, everything is possible. Neither do you know, nor do we, nor do the rest. Feels like these currency notes are directly from… the kid’s monopoly game itself. Hey, Do you wanna invest all your time behind your scotch and shares? Take some time out of it and invest it in this party, if not in India. [Laugh] Do you guys even let me invest? We are surrounded by ministers, like you, If I gave away everything, there’s gonna be nothing left for me.
[Laughs] Wha… Be a bit more careful. Go. Pandey: Actually, Amrish Ji, the thing is.. Your Green coloured U.S currency notes are not used here. So if you don’t share the Indian Colours… Don’t you think Holy (Indian Festival of Colours) will remain incomplete? See, currency may be of various colours throughout the world, Transactions only have two colours, White and Black. Isn’t it? Thakur Ji? Amrish Ji, We are devotees of Lord Shiva. ‘Amarnath’(White Shivling) and‘Kedarnath’(Black Shivling) We worship them both. But this is India… Here, the Taj Mahal also has to think twice, before calling itself ‘white’ You are not making it easy for the Taj, sir. These days, it has to work real hard.. to stay white. [Sings] Colour me in the colour of Saffron! Bravo, Som Ji. You sing absolutely fantastic. Do one thing, In your promotion party, you sing by yourself. And I’ll rather take care of your job. Nevertheless, I think Vijay Sir is already there to provide me with a job.
Am I right, Sir? Very Clever!
[Laughs] Bhabiji! Akbbar, Shah Jahan has entered our discussion Our‘Nav-ratan Sabha’won’t disperse without your ‘Navratan’ curry. [Everybody laughs] It used be a Mandir. Tejo-Mahalaya. It used to have everything that a Hindu temple should have. But, Shah Jahan made a cemetery out of it. The Edifice looks good. But it was constructed forcibly. The colour of Saffron will look good on it. Excuse me? Are you even willing to change the history? Which history are you talking about, Sir? That history! Where, nullifying the Hindus used to be a dream! Or, that one.. which used to think of looting India.. and abolishing it. Hmm. [in disgust] I don’t have a problem altering this history. Well.. guess I’ll have to take my kids to visit Agra, as soon as possible. Or else we might have to go there and visit Shiv Ji’s new temple instead. Who knows!
[Everybody Laughs] (Points towards Amrish Ji)
The U.S. government has eaten up the whole of Syria… What if your Taj was there, instead of being here? Would you have been able to save it? ‘That religion’ never had peace in it.
Never. That’s why, the whole world is spitting on them. Tell them to go to our neighbouring state, and try and patronize your religion… They’ll understand. You guys call India a secular country, right? That’s just because of it’s hundred crore Hindu citizens. We just only demand a few of our temple’s back. And what are you gonna do with those temples, Thakur Sab? Hmm? Gaurav: Worship the goddess? Will you be able to?
[Exclaims] Whatever, let it be. You are a devotee of Shiva. Pandey Ji, you tell me? Yes? Gaurav: You are very knowledgeable!
Pandey: Yes. How are you planning to establish your deity, in that temple? Gonna make an idol or force the goddess herself, to move to your temple? Thakur: Oye!
Are you drunk or what? Why? [Laughs] I don’t think drinking is illegal. Is it? My question is seeming to be tricky, isn’t it? So… [Lights a match] You guys were discussing about temples only. Right? [Lights a match]
Where are you planning to build the next temple? Hmm? You guys have already showed your prowess, in Katwa and Unnao. [Laughs] [Takes a puff] So, what next?
[Smiles] Anyway, You guys don’t really let people to read Azan in mosques. So, in that case, Imams (Muslim Priests) will be of no use further, I believe. So, why not convert their religion! Tell me something, Baba Amarnath, himself stays in Kashmir. Do you wanna force him as well, to move to your temple?
Or.. Or wanna push him off to the neighbouring state? Umm.. Let’s do one thing. I am surrendering India’s secularity to you. Now, tell me. What are you gonna do with the 30% minorities? Are you planning to keep them here? or.. planning to push them out as well? There’s another community. Yeah. Christians of Goa. What do we do with them? Sail them in the Arabian Sea? Thakur Ji, India is way more noble than you can ever comprehend, very far away from your politics. Try and keep that in mind. Let’s go, everyone. Dinner is served. [Chairs move] Sorry, I just lost my appetite, huh. Thank you. [Puts out the cigarette.]
Thank you. Hey! Pragati: Hey everyone. Dinner is ready. Please. Let’s go. Come on, let’s go. Sir, let’s go. [Chairs move] Your phone was here.
Yeah, got it. Let’s go. [Breaks glass] OYE! Had enough of your nonsense. Get out. Trying to be a waiter, huh? Okay. Let me show you your worth.
[Slaps] Sir, forgive him, sir.
Oye, say sorry. Waiter: Sorry, Sir. But, it was not my fault, sir. Then? Was it my fault? What’s your name, scamp? MOHAMMAD IQBAL Are you actually scared of masks or real faces? Vaishali: Oh! You. What happened? Take it. No, thanks. Take it. It’s clean. Thanks. By the way, What’s wrong? Everything that’s happening inside. I know. Everything’s visible from here. Why are you standing in the dark? Already told you. Everything’s visible from here. Everything gets a bit.. indistinct under too much light.
See [From inside] Doesn’t understand which class he belongs from. Don’t know, if they are human beings or animals. Who? Thakur?
[Laughs] Don’t insult the animals, please. Atleast, they don’t wear masks. By the way, Why are you so angry with him? Sometimes, I just feel like shutting their bloody mouth. And just throw away the veil that they wear. Yeah, but.. then why are you angry with him? Atleast, he admits, whatever he wants. You are taking their side? I thought… Oh! Come on. What did you think? A bit earlier, you were speaking elseways. Relax! Take a puff, or else, just like your society, you will also become… I don’t smoke. Pity. Anger management, huh? The thing is.. Not only them, All of us are wearing masks. In spite of knowing everything.. because of our personal intentions, we choose not to speak. You mean to say that we are the ones at fault? I am at fault, you are at fault, Everyone of us are at fault. All of us who, know it all and decide not to speak. [A commotion is heard] Thakur Ji, leave him.
Leave him. Please stay calm. Who brought this scamp here? It was not his fault, sir. HUH.
Then whose fault was it? Does it make any difference? [THUD]
[Glasses break] Spare him. [Kicks the mask] STOP. That’s enough.

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  1. Wonderful…strong concept & script..great direction, colour combination, strong performance..excellent very excellent

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