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91 thoughts on “AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Movie Review- REEL IT IN

  1. As much as I like your videos Ralph, your opinions on some matters confuse me. I genuinely couldn’t see any issues with this movie aside from (maybe) the Wakanda battle scene. I can’t say much except I completely disagree. I’ll allow you to have your opinions, but I don’t really see how you backed them up. Even the parts where you said the stuff you liked. This comment will surely get lost in the mix, but I’ve gotta say I think your opinion on superhero movies will always be that they’re below any other kind of movie despite how enjoyable or simply good they are, and I think that hinders both your ability to enjoy the movie itself and produce a fair review of them. No offense to you personally, but I think maybe it really is a good idea to stop watching these movies if you have a bias against them (whether or not you’re able to tell if you do). And I don’t just take this stance from this one review, it seems any movie with a large budget is immediately subject to a bias against them for you. While it’s completely fair in some cases (Suicide Squad and Transformers, for obvious examples), I’m just really not able to see your criticisms on some of them, when I consider myself to be a bit too critical with movies given how many I’ve seen. Just my opinion, though, obviously

  2. The most shocking moment was when Thanos shattered all 100 of Charles Stiles' cameras at once and then swatted his drone out of the air like it was nothing.

  3. I can't agree there was no character development.

    There was about 2-3 minutes of character development for most the major characters. It would be better to say the movie has less character development than normal movies except for the protagonist, Thanos.

  4. That's the huge difference between these and DC/star wars, actually planning and having a vision for all the films
    Star wars I have no idea why they did the trilogy individually, that's just bizarre

    And DC just changes and reacts and has no consistent idea or vision, just a cluster fuck
    And effects wise, jesus titty fucking christs puckered asshole steppenwolf looks like he's from n64, compared to Thanos who is the gollum of this era, just perfect
    And I couldn't give a fuck about dc vs marvel, just from a filmmakers perspective, it's pretty basic

  5. This is probably my most hated marvel film yet. Holy shit what a fucking mess. Thanos is an awful villain just fucking awful, he makes no god damn sense. He wants to make the universe a paradise by killing half of it because "not enough resources" BULLSHIT. The guy just makes stuff out of nothing when he has the reality stone, why the fuck does he not make the resources needed. Thanos is the fucking worst, stupid muscly grimace.

  6. This movie was Amazing. Very different from the rest of the Marvel movies. The protagonist was the Villain, and that shit was really cool.

  7. I’m just gonna post this here because I’m getting really annoyed watching YMS reviews (so I’ve stopped), because god damn is he so condescending towards blockbusters. It feels like he has such a one note mind set, if it’s artsy and low budget and shit then it’s good, if not it’s bad to ok to a bit above average. He gave this movie a 6 out of fucking 10, and makes it seem like it just is (yes, that’s above average to him. But are you kidding?). I’m sure he knows it’s just his opinion, but it just annoys me how much he dislikes these movies for no reason other than the fact that they’re… popular? I don’t even know. Reason I’m posting this here is because one I wanted to rant two I feel like Ralph actually appreciates all kinds of movies and I appreciate that, even though the two of you have the same sort of tone in your videos. Just comparing the two of you makes me dislike his opinions even more. Sorry if none of you care I just wanted to say this I could probably go on for an hour about all different scores I just completely disagree with and don’t think I meant everything literally here obviously the guy doesn’t hate every popular or expensive movie but if you look at some of his scores you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  8. When Tony stares at his own hand almost as if hoping that he will start to fade to dust as well only for his worst fear to come true…devastating.

  9. I feel bad for little kids who watched this and the poor parents who had to talk to them about the fact some of their favorite superheros just disapeared into dust.
    Now, we all know they're coming back but I definitely know there are some kids who didn't understand that. 😂

  10. … people don't like Gammorah? Huh, I love her character. Honestly, I don't think Heath Ledgers joker is on the level of Thanos… I liked that movie a ton, but, Thanos is just far beyond what the Joker did imo. But that's just a flavor thing I think? Hmmm dialogue… I can see disliking Vision and what's her face… wanda? But I dunno, Tony Stark was on point in my opinion. The cheesy crap was more with Bruce Banner, Vision, and then the deaths after.

  11. I don’t understand what he liked about the movie. He hated the action and the jokes, which are the two things he wants from these movies. Also the action scenes made up half of the movie, and in his review he said that the action was boring. So basically what he is saying is that half of the movie was bad.

  12. Star Wars could actually be on a MCU type level because there is so much potential in the lore but it sucks because it isn't being realized.

  13. It's March 30th of 2019. How have I missed this review until now? I'm subbed and not's are turned on. I don't get it.

  14. In my opinion:
    As a film? Some areas leave things to be desired

    As part of the culmination of a decade long project, composed almost entirely of CGI and juggling 10+ different characters while still introducing a new one and surprising the audience? 100/10 The scale of this, weight of everything riding on this film not being bad and opportunities for things to go wrong it's impressive.

  15. "I think Im done after this" I get that so hard, they are fun, but im a bit overloaded, just wanna get this last big event outa the way then chill on it for a long min

  16. It's funny how Marvel can go from making a fantastic movie like Infinity war only to drop some kind of faecal infused bomb like Captain Marvel all over our screens the next time round. Because of that I really do have some concerns going into the final act. It's not going to be about Thanos this time round which is worrying, Captain Marvel will take center stage most likely. Was such a great series of movies too.
    I'm with you on Black Panther too, definitely one of the weakest in the MCU.

  17. The MCU ranked best to worst.

    1. Iron Man
    2. Avengers: Infinity War
    3. Avengers
    4. Captain America: Winter Soldier
    5. Spider-Man: Homecoming
    6. Guardians of the Galaxy
    7. Thor: Ragnarok
    8. Captain America: Civil War
    9. Avengers: Age Of Ultron
    10. Doctor Strange
    11. Iron Man 3
    12. Captain America: The First Avenger
    13. Ant-Man
    14. Iron Man 2
    15. Thor
    16. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2
    17. Black Panther
    18. Incredible Hulk
    19. Thor 2
    20. Captain Marvel

  18. The second guardians of the galaxy is definitely not better than the first. I hope that was a typo on your ranking

  19. When the ghost of yankee Jim came in and took the gauntlet away from thanos, snapped and Wong got dusted, that got me.

  20. It got real intense when John Gotti got the Infinity Gauntlet and used them to get T and set up twenty cameras in the manager's office.

  21. Endgame was fucking amazing, thought I should come back in time and let everyone know.

    That's how Youtube comments work right?

  22. I dont mean to say this as an insult, but "I'll see captain marvel so that I'm not called a sexist"… is sexist. Because you're making a decisions based on sex.

    The less you say or think about, the actual better. Just say "I will see it for the lore" or "I won't see it because I'm only interested in thanos" or whatever.

    To be made multiple comments about gender, and that's what "gets my back up" and makes you sound like a sexist lol. The less you think about it and thus dont let it enter into decision making, it becomes easier just to.. not look like a sexist.

  23. You should do a review of Endgame. I loved Infinity War but hated Endgame. Curious what your thoughts are.

  24. The reason that the Avengers didn't get development is because Thanos is the protagonist. It was his movie, not their's

  25. Spoilers for Infinity War and Endgame (and Ant-Man and the Wasp)

    Who's death had the most impact on you?

    Scarlet Witch
    Vision death #2
    Dr. Strange
    Maria Hill
    Nick Fury
    Hank Pym
    Janet van Dyne
    Black Widow
    Thanos (dusted)
    Iron Man

  26. What? No Turkish Airlines? See, the problem with Marvel movies is that they don't widen the world like Turkish Airlines did with Batman vs. Superman! Get on board with Turkish Airlines Marvel!

  27. Remember the theory that Ant-Man would crawl into Thanos' ear and expand?
    But then we got the Thanus theory one year later…

  28. I doubt you're still looking at comments on this video but I think the main reason you're negative reviews do better than reviews like this is because for some reason when you like a movie you put so little energy into the review

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