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Are you Jake Scully… I’d like to talk to you about a fresh start on a new world. You´ll be making a difference. I became a marine for the hardship. I told myself I can pass any test a man can pass. All I ever wanted was a single thing worth fighting for. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re not in Kansas anymore you are on Pandora You should see your faces… We have an indigenous population called the Na’ vi. They are very hard to kill This is why we’re here, because this little gray rock sells for 20 million a kilo. Their village happens to be resting on the richest deposit and they need to relocate. Those savages are threatening our whole operation We’re on the brink of war and you’re supposed to be finding a diplomatic Solution The concept Is to drive these remotely controlled bodies called Avatars They’ve grown from human DNA mixed with DNA of the natives A marine in an Avatar body… That´s a potent mix. You get me what I need, I’ll see to it you get your legs back. Your real legs. Oh yes, sir. Looks like you. This is your Avatar. Just relax, and let your mind go blank. It shouldn’t be hard for you. Jake, it’s real simple. I want you to learn from the inside. I want you to gain their trust. You should not be here Go back All this is your fault. I need your Help Outstanding Haven´t got lost in the woods, have you? Did you forget what team are you playing for? It’s the strong prey on the weak and nobody does a thing. You´ve got one hour. You knew this would happen? Everything changed…. Jake it’s crazy here Quaritch is ruling and there is no stopping him We’re going up against gunships, with bows and arrows. I guess we better stop it. They’ve sent us a message that they can take whatever they want We will send them a message That this… ..this is our land!

100 thoughts on “AVATAR Official Final Trailer (2009) James Cameron Sci-Fi Action Movie HD

  1. With the announcement of production officially beginning, here is the original 2009 final trailer! #Avatar #JamesCameron

  2. My favourite scene is where Sully shoves his cock in the Chief's daughter's face in front of the whole village. She takes it like a champ, but I think that was because Zoe Saldana was doing the acting. I bet she's absolute filth in the sheets.

  3. He just… highlighted avatar, he clicked the dropdown menu, and then he just randomly selected: "Papyrus." Like a… like a thoughtless child wandering by a garden, just yanking leaves along the way

  4. I was sad not to mention the abyss, it's a great movie from jamesx cameron and very subscribed, thanks there he cameron developed the technology for the t1000 from teminator 2 And waiting anxiously for the sequel to this masterpiece by James Cameron, and Marvel's faboys first learn to review a movie for later Come here
    criticize avatar ok.

  5. Flat, generic, childish comic book movies may come and go but they won't change how great Avatar is. There was NO GUARANTEE that Avatar would make a dime. In fact, it had a lot of bad press before its release, being compared to Pocahontas or Ferngully right off the bat. It still fought through all of that petty nonsense to eclipse Cameron's own early box office phenomenon, Titanic and become No. 1 for 10 years straight. And don't give me that excuse of the 3D prices. Why would no 3D movie since come close to that 2.7 billion dollar record??

  6. this is such a good movie, y’all are just dumb as shit lmao. like you gotta SQUINT to find things wrong with it.

  7. Them: They're indigenous people…but they're difficult to kill
    Me (familiar with Caribbean history about the Arawaks): and I oop? Another genocide?

  8. I know you this isn't realted to Aang at all, but after watching The Last Airbender again in Netflix, I kinda missed this one too.

  9. Had this movie not had so many color and a nice picture, it would’ve never reached 2 billion. I remember once the movie came out in dvd it was the movie displayed on every HD tv in Best Buy to show of the picture quality

  10. ابو الهول نسيت اقولك # فوازير الأشباح = مين مولف فيلم افاتار الحقيقي ( مدينة الطايف ١٩٧١ الي ١٩٧٣ ) هههه هههه

  11. So maybe Avengers End Game beat Avatar at the "box office" but, it was NOT because it was a better movie. Advertising, promotions, "star-studded" cast. Avatar had none of this. It was just a good movie.

    Tht she went from being the blue coloured alien in the highest grossing movie of all time to the green coloured alien in the highest grossing movie of all time.

  13. It’s kinda funny, because not ALL of the effects hold up, and that makes me laugh when you consider the effects are honestly why it because #1 in the first place

  14. I am watching my favorite movie "AVATAR" I haven't watched in over a year. This movie has hidden messages in it for some people. Great movie.

  15. Those who missed it in 3D, missed one of the best experiences of this life….Awesome 3D experience of a beautiful and wonderful planet Pandora…

  16. All coming true and my family people are one we was dreaming he creayed was a car was going to hit him but thanks God was place I put motodrieve of Casablanca American and airport forces

  17. The Imax 3D experience was so breath taking and immersive. After the movie walking out into the parking lot feeling like I left a different world and is back into my shitty college reality.

  18. Pandora LOL, the blue aliens secretly control the human military and they are trying to turn all of the humans on planet earth into blue aliens; as themselves, they use deception and human mind control to further their agenda; they mind control brain wash human minds into their colorful fake bullshit scripted made up world to use as a weapon against the human race.

  19. My favorite part of this movie was when Awesome military guys killed all the stupid shity Na'vi !❤️.

    Fuck those blue bastards !👆🏻🤬

  20. My question is why the name Avatar?? Its been taken for a long time now -_-

    In Avatar the Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra
    And simply in roblox

  21. Lepo prikazana americko engleska politika, ako im se nesto svidja uzece to makar i na silu, pozeljno je na silu, pa je tako stradao Avganistan, Irak, Srbija,Libija, malo su se zeznuli u Siriji jer su se umesali Rusi. Videcemo sta ce da bude u Venecueli. Ipak ko je malo jaci od njega zaziru i podvijaju rep kao npr S. Koreja da ne pominjem Rusiju ili Kinu.

  22. Endgame passes Avatar at the box office

    Endgame to Avatar:

    "You're gonna be okay… You can rest now."

    Avatar to Endgame :
    "yeah… FOR NOW!" (devilish smile)

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