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…heard of that thing that… …God killed himself… …and with his last breath He created the earth? Who said that shit, dude? “ASPHYXIA” Hey, man. Relax, dude. I’m on my way there. Two minutes. I’m almost there, dude. Easy. Alright, man. I’ll see you there. Take care. Bye. We should have came later. – Hey! – Congratulations!
– Thanks a lot. – I’m happy for you, really.
– Thanks, man. – Good job, man!
– Thanks, thanks. – So what now, guys? You gonna make a porn?
– Yeah, we’re gonna start financing 3D porn films. – Hell yeah! You could hire me there.
– Yeah, right, who knows with this guy… Hey! How are you? What’s up, cheeky bastard? Got some bad company here? Yeah, we were just waiting for you to start a threesome. – Oh, man!
– Wouldn’t you like that, eh? Hey, dude… Ain’t that this dude’s ex-girlfriend? Yeah? Where, man? There, dude. Oh, yeah, it’s her! – That sucks, man.
– So gay… Let’s not say anything, though. Let’s leave it like that. Say nothing to who? Ah, whatever, man. Let’s have fun. We’re here, let’s party- Yo, yo, guys! Let’s go get some drinks, man! You know what, dude? Fuck those who stay behind.
You’re here, I’m here. The rest is bullshit, man! Cheers, dude! Hey, dude, I’m so fucking wasted. Why don’t we best go home? It’s kinda cold.
Aren’t you cold, Seba? Just a little sleepy, is all, but whatever, let’s stay.
The sun’s gonna come out soon anyway. Yeah, but are we gonna do here? Let’s go home. No, no, not home, man. My dad will kill me if he sees me like this. Alright, what are we gonna do then? What don’t we go play football, eh? No, let’s just sit over there a while, please. You wanna take a dump, Seba? Hey, guys, I’m fucking starving.
Let’s go get some burgers and pizzas or something. And you’re buying? That’s the least you can do now that you’re gonna be rich. Yeah, and don’t you wanna go fly a kite, too? You know who I fucked the other day flying a kite? Oh, don’t say anything, man. I know what you’re gonna say. Why is it, man, that you can’t ever have everything? Sometimes you got one thing, you lose another. Why? Don’t be a pain in the ass, Seba. Yeah, Seba, we already talked about shit, man. What the fuck? Seba, dude… What the fuck… Seba! Seba! Seba! Hey, Seba, Wake up. Raul. Wake up, dude. Look at Seba, man. What’s going on, man? He won’t wake up. He won’t wake up, man. What the hell, dude… Seba. Seba. What happened, man? Wake up, dog. Hey… and Marcelo? He’s not here, dude. Where is he? I don’t know, man. Go look for him. They’re coming.

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