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One of our biggest issues was food waste, so we decided to partner with Leeds
and use all of their expertise on data analysis and behaviour change to make a real difference for our customers. So, we worked interdisciplinarily to look at the environmental food waste data and the customer relations and insights data, bringing new analytical methods
that we’re developing here, combining that with datasets from other types of companies. Will was a real expert in helping us translate the academic research into really tangible things we could do
in the business. And so, we experimented with social media, in-store demonstrations and product stickers, in-store magazines, online and so on. So, we’re still working with Leeds University so it’s great having them on the doorstep and I think the KTP really opened the door for us. This project had a massive impact
on our business. Two million customers said that they’d change their behaviour from the information they got. That saved them fifty seven pounds a year. So this has really helped
shape our future policy.

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