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The Best VR award goes to, Arden’s Wake
by Eugene YK Chung It is an incredible honor accepting this
award and I accept it on behalf of my team
Penrose Studios who’s watching all the way back in San Francisco. It is the
greatest honor of my life working with you all and is my privilege to be able
to work with you every single day. To my family watching back in Virginia and my
dear Kadeem who came with me all the way over here. A heartfelt thank you to the
festival directors, Paolo Baratta, Alberto Barbera, and Michelle Reich, and Liz
Rosenthal for inviting us and taking a chance and leap of faith on virtual
reality this is a brand new art form and it’s an incredible honor that the
world’s oldest film festival has embraced for the first time this art
form in official competition it’s an incredible honor to be a part of it. Thank you to the incredibly gracious jury, John, Celine, Ricky, it was an
incredible pleasure to be able to share Arden’s Wake with you and thank you so
much for your support. It means the absolute world us. To the VR community,
finally, you inspire us every day with what you do with your richness and your
innovation and we believe that this is where film was a hundred years ago an
emerging art form and it’s going to be a really exciting journey. I can’t wait to
see how it goes. Thank you so much. Grazia allegory Adele Venice filter
reality Grazia Dolenz

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