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Sir! I believe it happened yesterday between four to five in the evening. It was already dark by the time our team reached the location. Who are these people? They are his family, sir.They reached here this morning. Okay First, let us examine the body We can then talk to the family. Hitesh, anything important? Yes, sir. There are two coffee cups here, sir. One full and one empty. What is interesting is, both the cups have just the fingerprints of the victim There are no other fingerprints on the stove or the tray here, sir. So, that means the victim prepared the coffee himself and for two people. Possibly, sir. He did not expect this to happen. Someone close to him must have done this. Where is the family? I am sorry for your loss. You are ? Nani, sir. The one that got killed is my father. This is my elder sister and her husband. and that’s my elder brother. When did you receive information? Early in the morning, I got a call from the police station. I called everyone else and we drove here right after. Do you suspect anyone? We don’t suspect anyone. And, to be frank, we don’t even want to know who did this. It is better if you guys stop wasting time on this too. Sindhu! What is in your pocket? Give me that. What is this? Actually, my brother had a drug problem He has been clean since past one year. These are medications prescribed by the doctor. He only uses them when he is tensed. We really need your help to proceed further in this case. You may be asked to visit the police station too. Sir! Can we meet tomorrow? Yeah sure. Not here, can we meet in the coffee shop near the service center. Morning 10 AM? Thank you. So, what do you think, sir. Could it be family issues? Who could have done it? I’m not sure But I think they’re hiding something . I can see that on their faces. Sir, Nani is here Yeah Nani, please sit. Coffee? No sir, Im fine. You wanted to talk. Im not sure if it can be of any help to you One day from that day, all relationships in our family have completely changed. I wanted to share this with you. Go on, Nani. Actually, we lived in a different city until an year ago Suddenly one day, we vacated from there I can never forget that day. That day… What happened dad? I’ll explain later, go pack your bags first. Why are you so tensed? What happened dad? Don’t ask me anything now, go pack your bags first. Nani, what did I tell you? Adi, please stop. Come sit here. Sindhu, what did I tell you? Go pack your bags first. Okay, dad. Nani, what did I tell you, go pack your bags. Adi, please stop crying. Just wait ten minutes. We will be leaving from here.
Listen to me. Brother , get up. Hey Adi, c’mon move. Dad, what happened? Nani, I told you not to ask me anything now. C’mon lets move. We left the city that day, sir. We have been living separate lives since then. My dad insisted on it. I asked many times but no-one ever gave me an answer why. But sir, my dad was a good man. Be strong, Nani. Thanks for your info. Let me save my number. I saved my contact as ‘DCP’. Okay sir, I’ll make a move. Shall I drop your somewhere? No, I’ll walk, sir. I have been trying to call you since thirty minutes, You didn’t answer. What Oh, there is a missed call from Nani. I don’t understand how my phone went silent! Yes, Hitesh Sir, it is very brutal. We collected many evidences and are now sending them to the lab. Can I talk to you for a minute? You know, Nani tried to help me solve the case and got killed. He seemed more responsible towards your father than any of you. Nani told me about the past events that forced you guys to live separate lives. He met with me and on his way back he was killed… He told me whatever he remembered But you tell me exactly what happened on that day. You may not have had love for your father, atleast for the sake of your younger brother, tell me what you know. I will That day, I was returning from a friend’s place and my brother was supposed to pick me up He never showed up…so I called him up. And then… Hello dad? How come you have brother’s phone? Where is he? Okay , please come soon. Dad, why so late? Hey, hey Adi , why did you get off the car? Dad, what happened to him? What is all this blood ? Sindhu, get into the car. Adi, get into the car. Dad, what happened to brother? He got high today, can you imagine what he did after that! Sindhu! Sir, I’ll talk to you later. Could you please come see me tomorrow? What happened, sir. Where are you both coming from? I was on my way when I saw him and gave him a ride here. Harshit, your wife…. When did you come here? I was here all day, I had just gone to check the water tank What happened, sir? Asha, call the team here. When can we expect Nani’s reports? Im waiting for them too, sir. Hitesh should call any moment. We are missing something. What was that girl’s husband doing in town? He doesn’t even know anyone from this town. I don’t think he would have any motive to kill her father. I doubt what Adi was doing there when the girl got murdered. When a girl is getting killed so brutally right next to him, how come he didn’t even realize it. What about the time when the killer attacked me how could he have not heard that?! If someone is unaware of what’s happening around them even with all the noise caused from the attack, it means that he either got back to drugs or…. he was the one in the mask. Sir, it is Hitesh. Sir, lab reports have come. We found a pill near Nani’s dead body It is the one that doctor prescribed for Adi. Damn it! You get the arrest warrant from office immediately. Sir, what about you? I’m going to Adi’s place. To pay him back! It’s not me, sir It’s not me. Yes, I was a drug addict once but my dad struggled very hard and brought me back to normal life. Why would I ever kill him? Why? i was a good with my brother and sister too. It’s not me, sir. I have proofs. I am sorry A warrant has been issued against you and my team is on its way here to arrest you. It’s fine, sir When there is no-one left for me in this world, how will it matter where I’ll be. But I know who is behind all this. What! Who is it? Dan Who is Dan? I ruined his life. Hey, where is Dan? Dan? Stanley sent me to you, bro. Did you mix it in the cigarette? Safety. Stanley told me that you have some stuff from Goa. Stamp? Something better. Oh, can I try this? Oh s**t, I need to pick my daughter up. What I gave you now is acid, it will take time to kick off. Take care, bro. Bro, bro, please bro.. Bro, please bro. No! I have no clue what happened afterwards, sir I don’t even remember who got me home from there We left the city after that. I know how you got home. But I need more details about Dan. I understand you were under the influence that day. But you’re a better person now, right? Try to remember once, who got you home. Two persons got you home, try to remember who they are. My sister. One more person. Try to remember who that is. My dad. Yes. Dan’s face is stuck in your mind due to the effect of that drug. Now try to remember correctly who you struck that day with your car. I can only remember Dan, sir. Try harder, Adi. Try hard! No!

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