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Why make ant-man 3 look I love ant-man particularly played by Paul Rudd I love Evangeline Lilly as the wasp as well, but Hollywood’s gonna ask these questions both business-wise and Creative wise I wish Peyton Reed would ask himself these questions As you’ll see this conversation we’re about to have would be very helpful to the 3rd fountain. All right So anyway ant-man 3 why make it legit question Especially when you consider that ant-man 1 & 2 are two of the lowest grossing movies in the MCU Which means that things didn’t improve with the sequel even though ant-man and the wasp came right after? Infinity war and helped to set up endgame people didn’t care They said I’ll just read about it online or just skip right to endgame they a lot of people chose You know, they made the choice and that’s very important not to see ant-man and the wasp that’s bad Especially because Paul Rudd so lovable but his box office numbers have never been strong Anyway and gran Julian Lily doesn’t really make any other movies. But anyway you know, it usually levels the characters movies up in the MCU a Director change but no Kevin Feige just signed Peyton Reed to return for round 3 Making Reed the only director in the MCU because John Watson’s MCU adjacent to make a complete solo trilogy, but you know what? But that might be nice for Reed and his management team, but we’re not in the Peyton Reed business and neither is Kevin Feige Kevin Feige is in the MCU business and I don’t think Peyton Reed is a good choice here but as many of you pointed out at least this means that Reed won’t direct the Fantastic Four movie that he’s been angling to direct or wall T because Reed is friends with James Gunn and Explicably got this gig this, you know Third did he’s got he’s getting around three even though he’s had he’s failed twice now The Fantastic Four movie is clearly a ways off so he could always do it after another ant-man movie and his name is Reed I wonder if Payton has used that. He’s like I’ll use anything to Fantastic Four. Please don’t give it to him But anyway back to ant-man three, there’s going to be quite the waiting list for release dates in the MCU So I give what’s coming quickly a coveted spot a coveted rare spot to a set of movies that are clearly Operating at a smaller level. Hmm As I said, it’s a legit question, but here are some legit answers Alright, so number one Paul Rudd crushed it in endgame. He was hilarious He punched a Leviathan in the face He was Marvel movie magic one of the best characters in that movie and he stole a lot of his scenes in Civil War right? I mean he really does a great job when he’s in any movie that Peyton Reed isn’t directing I’m just saying alright, so as you can see, I’m not saying they shouldn’t make another ant-man movie I’m just saying they shouldn’t make one with Peyton Reed, but you know what? Maybe Reed will finally get it right because his ant-man movies have been Surprisingly low on action sequences despite having two characters with amazing powers that really Suit themselves to not only action sequences but unique ones now and then and the wasp is I’m sure some of you are already typing Did have some cool action sequences but not only were they short but pretty much all of them I think all of them actually were teased and for the most part fully shown in the trailers So when you go to the multiplex you were like, so there is nothing else what alright so number two reason number two So, yeah, but still Paul Rudd I want to see more of him as ant-man and I want to see more Evangeline Lilly as the wasp But not answer number two theme parks because ant-man is such a cool character Of course, he and the wasp are popping up in the theme parks Disney has a diverse portfolio Hong Kong Disneyland’s Buzz Lightyear ride got ant-man and the wasp makeover just this year featuring Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly Oh, I want to ride that so bad. It looks amazing I do love Buzz Lightyear as a ride So I don’t love it when they reskin rides like they reskin Tower of Terror for guardians of the galaxy Love Tower of Terror, but do love guardians of the galaxy if you know the new version of the ride So I don’t know is it time for Buzz? Lightyear to go the way of ant-man and the wasp I have any of you by the way It looks like an amazing ride and I love the Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly filmed stuff for the attraction, you know Just show us how awesome they are and they deserve better movies. Alright, so Plus there’s the pen test kitchen coming to Avengers campus in 2020 these attractions need a movie to back them up who wants to ride the ride or eat at the restaurant of the duo that’s Third movie got canceled less people that want to eat it the one that’s going forward Although I’m yeah, I’m just gonna put a pall over it I mean, I’m still riding that ride meeting at that restaurant But it would be less cool now on that note number three It seems everybody gets a trilogy if you get started you get a trilogy in the MCU or maybe even more as Thor says Cuz I think his first two movies didn’t really count particularly that middle one Because again, it would be embarrassing for ant-man and the wasps to not complete their own trilogy Which is very good news for Doctor Strange who also was low gross in comparative. He did very well overseas But Doctor Strange and of course Black Panther and Captain Marvel To complete their trilogies blood wonder though being dead is a bit of a question mark and one has to wonder if Florence Pugh Will inherit ScarJo second two movies, I’d be down for that Then reason answer number for Disney Plus I put a question mark here because some of you guessed when I was tweeting about this on Friday That a third ant-man movie because of their smaller scale both Creatively and at the box office would maybe be a better fit at Disney Plus, which of course Disney is very aggressively populating with not just content but Marvel content, but while it’s well It’s does seem like a good fit to me and I wouldn’t rule it out again I think the demotion would be bad for the theme parks in the MCU brand overall Ant-man is such a valuable character in the in the team-up movies. I don’t think they want to do that to him I think that the second-tier characters who will never get a movie like, you know Although, you know Wanda’s leveling up to the Doctor Strange sequel, but still she’s never gonna get our own set of movies, right? Sorry I wanted a fan switch is getting it looks like an amazing TV series, but I think that’s the distinction so I don’t know if Disney Plus actually would work out then 5 another Avenger because not every manager does Their own set of movies and thor ragnarok prove that team-ups are a very good idea Doctor Strange is casting a team-up spell for his own sequel with Wanda and their a lot and I think he’s gonna have a ton Of adventures in that old be it basically be like another Civil War where it’s the de-facto Avengers movie but anyway there are a lot of Characters who could show up in an ant an other ant-man and the wasp movie first and foremost professor Hulk who’s now done some some Work in their field and that would be fantastic. And of course, well Hulk could be showing up in the she-hulk show He’s fabulous in the movies He can’t have his own movie because that universal deal still in place and then they get to release any Hulk move So all the hulk movies themselves, so I think he’d be great in ant-man and wasp movie and they could certainly use the assist ant-man Giant man, you know ant-man giant man and Hulk’s fighting side-by-side. I love it All right fine, and I think there’s a lot of good stuff there finally breeze on answer number six LaChance Ur number six is Secret Invasion as I’ve pointed out before in my Secret Invasion Coverage in the comics both Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne were a big part of that story Hank was replaced by a Skrull as a sleeper agent and went undiscovered for quite some time He did a lot of damage and some of that was turning Janet Van Dyne into a living bomb who detonated when the scrolls needed her to at a pivotal point in the battle It’s a big part of Janet Van Dyne book history. In fact and Hank I don’t know if it’ll happen to Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer I don’t know if they’ll you know play around the storyline and have it happen to Scott and hope we’ll see Because you know, it is rumored that Secret Invasion could be the captain the second Captain Marvel movie Although we all want an A Force movie damn it. Maybe that’ll be Captain Marvel 3, which is so far away. I Don’t think Secret Invasion should involve an all-female team. But anyway, a third ant-man and the wasp movie could help set up Secret Invasion No matter where it takes place. I still think so You can envision, you know Cuz I think they were I think they want Captain Marvel to to be an a force movie quite frankly. Brie Larson herself So so pushing for that. I think Secret Invasion should be the next Avengers movie Avengers Secret Invasion. It’ll be amazing I love it. So I’m again ant-man the wasp could help set that up, but it’s pretty far down the line So we’ll be getting time to have an Avengers movie at that point as well So I hope will you see Edmund in the wasp 3 if it sets up Secret Invasion or you just be like I’ll catch up Alright, so cuz you know again, I guess it only really set up And game in the end credits sequence. Maybe they have to make that the whole movie Alright, so those are the legit reasons to make ant-man 3 But I still have very little faith in Peyton Reed but fingers crossed because these reasons are also good So I really think they should make ant-man 3, but it just boggles the mind they would Repaint and read I just I mean he had two chances I mean, it’s not like, oh he had to learn, you know, like Bryan Singer the difference between X x-men and x2, right? Christopher Nolan difference when Batman Begins and the Dark Knight blood Peyton’s had his two movies and he didn’t level up at all Alright, so share your thoughts down below subscribe today. And of course as always you can check out some more videos right now

48 thoughts on “Ant-Man 3 Movie CONFIRMED – Beyond The Trailer

  1. I'm hoping that in order for the sequel to make at least a billion dollars, the main villains need to be Whirlwind, Crossfire, and maybe Egghead to make the movie more interested in the making.

  2. There's just no sense of urgency with antmans movie where its "i gotta see this to prep for whats next" like there is with the other solo films. Like I've skipped both antman movies and found out eveeything i needed from the big team up movies…and thats not all peyton reeds fault.

  3. I’m with u grace, I think marvel has enough amazing stories and freedom to be more creative and have a great ending to the trilogy and Reed is a bit of a step back

  4. There have been three separate directors for the Thor series, so it’s definitely possible to still have a trilogy without Peyton Reed. I don’t mind sticking with Peyton Reed, though I’ll always be bummed that we didn’t get an Edgar Wright MCU film. Maybe one day!

  5. Yes, I'd see Ant-man 3. I agree, Ant-man 2 should have had a stronger connection to Infinity War/End Game than just the end credits. I know he was across the Country, but he could have at least seen some news story about the Infinity War alien attack in New York.

  6. I like the antman movies. It's a different feel from the other mcu movies. If this gets made I will support it. I wouldn't mind if this is a stand alone film.

  7. I feel Marvel don't really care if Ant-Man does well or not. They just like that Peyton Reed has done a good job with interlinking his stories in the MCU. He does the job.

  8. I like the Antman movies,they are fun.And of course they made less money,he's literally a small hero.The worst MCU movie is The hulk,followered by Dr. strange.

  9. I guess I'm kind of confused by this video. Sure the 2 Ant-Man movies haven't done as well as other Marvel movies but they aren't like the other Marvel movies either. They fill a different type of niche and they do it well. Both of them, especially the second was wonderfully written and shot IMO.

  10. The first Antman movie was better than Ironman 2 and 3. also, the Civil War movie was the best MCU movie to date.

  11. The problem with Peyton Reed is how common his style feels. These days the MCU thrives on indie talent that looks like a distinctive style to one set of directors. He’s just made the same movie that anyone could make.

    (I sorta feel the same about the Russos as well but that’s another story)

  12. Maybe because the sequel made 100m more than the original. Yes, small if we're talking about Marvel movies as a whole, but it's still a good achievement nonetheless. Plus, after Ant-Man played a big role in Endgame, at least bigger than the majority of the audience expected, of course they were going to make a sequel.

    I just really hope Scott is going to be an active character in this one like he was in Endgame, unlike the other three movies he's in.

  13. #7 Introduce Fantastic 4 into the MCU. Peyton Reed kinda gets what he wants, and the Box Office will do well because people will want to see how the MCU handles the Fantastic 4.

  14. The third movie is sometimes the charm. Thor 3. Logan. I'd like to think that Marvel isn't just doing a third movie to fill out the trilogy but because they have a story idea that they think will be a hit.

  15. I feel like it was a courtesy that Kevin Feige let Payton Reed make Ant Man 3 só he would have a excuse to not let him make Fantastic Four

  16. I luv Antman and Antman & the Wasp… better than Thor and Thor 2. It deserves a Trilogy. I think the reason why it is not as popular is because no one is scared or intimidated by “ ants “ . Nobody wants to be an ant. Everyone wants to be big. But the movie is hilarious and so much fun.

  17. I’m actually fine with another Ant-man movie. They still have places to go and it’s not the worst news out there

  18. Yes, Ant-Man deserves another shot. Both movies so far were a lot of fun, if not Endgame level good – but not everything in the MCU has been totally awesome. He's become a major player in the Avengers and all the main team get (or will get) a trilogy. Thor 3 worked a charm, the first not so much, the 2nd was pretty terrible. And more Paul Rudd is always a good thing…

  19. Hopefully after Ant-man 3 he can come to the Disney streaming service but also have him and Wasp appear in the films too.

  20. I just realized you're my neighbor! That view in your window is my home in UWS. I've been watching your videos for some 2 years and just moved to New York from Europe. Crazy coincidence!

  21. I think the FF could be introduced through a third Ant Man and the Wasp movie. They could be in that city in quantum realm briefly glimpsed in the second AM&TW movie!

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