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100 thoughts on “An American Werewolf in London (1981) – Subway Chase Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

  1. If this happened to me:
    Werewolf: starts chasing me
    Me: pulls out my lil .380 Bersa Thunder and starts shooting
    Werewolf: kills me
    Me: at least I didn’t die with a hipoint

  2. That poster on the right-See you next Wednesday. Wasn’t that adult movie they were playing in the theater?

  3. If that was me,as soon as I've heard the 1st growl,I would of been outa there…I'd of put road runner to shame….beep,beep,..and gone….😂😂😂😂

  4. Still one of the most iconic scenes in horror! And still the best werewolf movie EVER!! It's not even close "Howling" fans. Good movie, but this movie goes for the jugular and the funny bone like almost no flick before it, and very few since it's release!

  5. Timeless Classic
    Hello? Is someone there?
    Yes, I'm a Monster, Killer, Alien, Rapist
    Thanks for asking…

  6. That would be a very frivolous report to the police. I heard a growl sound. The dispatcher would just hang up on you around here.

  7. Tottenham court road deserta…nn ci credo neanche fosse scoppiata una guerra nucleare…!!??😂😂😂

  8. I always wondered if the wolf had gone up the escalator would he of started to whistle and check his watch?

  9. Ananı karını sikiyim yürümeyi bilmiyon tramvaya biniyon filmlerde şöyle düşüyorlar ya gıcık oluyorum valla

  10. Damn that guy is way out of shape, I’ve seen girls get farther in horror movies and actually trip over something but this guy haha his fall did more damage then the wolf haha.

  11. Best werewolf movie ever. Best transformation best storyline. Effing classic. Got it on DVD and VHS. Makes u want a Dr. Pepper afterwards. 👍👍👍

  12. His cardio conditioning is terrible, and then he drops his umbrella with a pointy end and doesn't pick it up – literally his only weapon.

  13. The werewolf:what’s the password
    The guy:nope sorry
    Werewolf:I’ll kill ya

  14. I feel super bad for that man that got mauled to death by that werewolf. He didn't deserved to die, neither the other people.

  15. The scene is so badly done. I mean… the werewolf's pov shows that it's right behind the guy, but when he runs, nothing is even close to being behind him. And he runs so slow.

  16. The way they barely showed the werewolf is one the things that made this film fantastic. Leaves the viewers imagine.

  17. Very well thought out camera angles. I also thought this was the first film that actually mixed comedy and horror well

  18. The man saw me as a werewolf but using glasses and the Indonesian teenager boy say "Hi!" and pretend to be a cute dog

  19. i don't know about anybody else but if i hear a certain type of fuckin growlin deep in a fuckin hole i ain't gonna stick around long enough to ask it hello haha!! damn white ppl…..and yes by the way i'm white just not stupid white

  20. Typical wolf tactic for hunting: If you know you are faster, let him wear himself out first, less of a fight when exhausted.

  21. This scene literally haunts me. I don’t know why but I just think this scene is so terrifying!!! Im afraid of werewolves! I’m so happy they’re just a myth

  22. When I hear a deep, rumbling roaring growl echoing towards me, it always make me think how it's not in the least bit amusing, in fact I'd probably report it.

  23. One of the scariest scenes in any film ever. After seeing this, no subway station late at night has ever been the same for me. Sort of like what "Jaws" did for me about swimming in the ocean after dark!

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