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(typing) (alarm buzzing) – [Announcer] 5910 unit 44, 5910 unit 44, 5910 unit 44. – Please, have a seat. Welcome to earth. Purpose of visit, business or pleasure? – Vacation. (electronic beeping) – Previous port of embarkment? – Planet Gargantua. (electronic beeping) – Now, before we proceed, there are several rules that we must go through
before we enter the border. Number one, Intergalactic
species, such as yourself, may not engage in any kind of
romantic activity with humans. Number two, Intergalactic beings engaged in any criminal
activity will be punished accordingly to the laws
of the jurisdiction area. Intergalactic beings found
guilty of these violations, will be deported immediately
back to their home planets and then blacklisted from Earth. Do you have any questions? – No. – Enjoy your stay. (upbeat music) (spaceship engine running) – [Aurora] Hi, my name is Aurora. I was born and raised on Gargantua, one of the oldest, most
advanced planets in the galaxy. I’m visiting Earth for the first time. I’m finally getting it
ticked off my bucket list. I’ve heard so many good things about it. So, about a month ago I
matched with this human on this dating app. Kind of like Tinder. His name is Martin, and we’ve been texting each other ever since. Long story short, I might
have a big crush on him. So I was like, hey Martin, how about I take a
little vacation to earth? (upbeat music) – [Martin] Hey. So nice
to finally meet you. – [Aurora] Martin, first time huh? I thought you’d be taller. – I thought you’d be older. So, are you ready for your
complete human experience? – Be my tour guide? – Alright, so we’ve
got cafes, theme parks, we can go to the beach. – What’s a cafe? – Where they serve coffee, you know? – No. – Oh my gosh. Follow me. – It’s beautiful. – Well first of all, let me just say that I’m so honored to be able to
take your coffee virginity. – Well the whole human experience, right? Alright, first cup of coffee. Here we go. – Well, how is it? – Oh my god, that was f****** orgasmic. I totally understand what
you guys are on about. – I told you, coffee is very much like a religion around here. (instrumental) – Wait, I know how to make this better. – So disgusting. (slurping) – What a lovely drink. Aliens. – So anyway, how are you enjoying Earth? – Really liking it. – Yeah, coffees good? – Yeah, do you want some? – No, I don’t want any actually. I prefer my coffee sauceless. – Are you sure? Okay, if you’re sure. – So disgusting. – What? – Coffee is coffee, sauce is sauce. You don’t put the coffee in
the sauce, it’s not good. – No, they go really well together. – I’m sorry, you must
have a weird alien tongue. – You have a weird human tongue. – No, I have a good human tongue. I enjoy my coffee, I enjoy my sauce. – Yeah so you’d enjoy
the sauce and the coffee. – No you don’t put the coffee, you just have them separate. – But they go really well together? They’re so good together. – So have you ever seen Star Wars? – Um, I don’t really go to space much. No it’s not a planet, it’s a movie. You know, with light-savers, Darth Vader. – What’s a light-saver? – It’s like a sword but
it’s made out of a laser and it goes like zoo, zoo. – I don’t think an
actual planet does that. – No, it’s not real. It’s a movie. You go to the cinema and watch
Luke Skywalker, Han Solo. – So it’s like fake sort of? – Yeah you could say it’s fake. Well, it’s a movie. Surely you’ve seen star Wars. – I don’t know what the Star Wars is. – You’re hopeless. (Moon River playing) – [Aurora] I’m an alien. He’s human. We’re from different worlds. Different planets. Different lives. Too different from each other. What were you thinking, Aurora? This could never work out. Yet, somehow, the more I spend time with him, the more I realize I’m in love. I’m probably asking for trouble, right? – Some more wine? – Ugh, what is in this? Really? – We are Gigantuans, we love our wine. We have a lot of pride in it. It’s part of our heritage. – Hey, let’s play truth or dare. – Alright. I’m first. – Who better kisses, humans or gigantuans? – Gigantuans. It’s just that They have three
tongues, some of them. And there’s lot they can
do with three tongues. – Ouch, I’m not sure if I should be jealous or offended there. My turn, dare. – Okay I dare you, to kiss me. – Mam, I need you to come with me. – Hey, where are you taking her? – Deportation. She needs to leave Earth
immediately, or will be blacklisted. – What did she do? She did nothing wrong. – I saw what you did back there. That was wrong. You know it was wrong,
I know it was wrong, we all know it was wrong. – Is it a crime to love? Is it a crime to love someone
regardless of their species? – Look kid I’m sorry, I’m
only just following orders. You know the rules. (dramatic action music) (heart beat) (gun shot) – No, no, no, no, no. Have you ever thought about leaving Earth? – All the time. – But it’s your home. – I don’t know. It sort of just started
to feel a bit alien. – You can come with me. We can run away. – You mean as in moving to your planet? – Why not? You’ve always wanted to go there. It’s not that far away you know. – I guess I could take a vacation. Definitely need it after today. Are you calling an Uber? – Yeah, we have to go
to the space station. Once we’re there, I know
someone who can sneak us out. – Sounds good to me. – [Speaker] Your Uber
Space is arriving soon. (cheerful music) – [Aurora] My name is
Aurora, I’m on my way escaping Earth with my human boyfriend. May the force be with us.

5 thoughts on “ALIENTOWN | Sci-Fi Short Film

  1. Very clumsy political allegory. Why is the alien so Australian? Putting sauce in coffee and doing greenface? She looks and acts like an Aussie in almost every way. Take a look at some of Australia's neighbouring states. Indonesia. PNG. The Solomon Islands. etc. In those countries you will find humans who have a far more exotic culture. In fact, indigenous Australians' traditional culture is less bogan than some of this.

  2. hello!! do you also make fiction shortfilms ??? I have a a short film I would really like to share with you 🎥; you could look for "PLANETA ZEME STONJAUS" on YouTube or send me a message to give you the link, Thanks !!

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