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Bring me the lamp. Your life begins now, Aladdin [This Year] Woo! You really don’t know who I am? Genie, wishes, lamp? None of that ringing a bell? [“Arabian Nights” playing] Only one may enter here [Lion’s roar] One who’s worth lies far within [Lion’s roar] The diamond in the rough

100 thoughts on “ALADDIN Trailer 2 (2019)

  1. If the genie could grant his wishes, he would want, of course freedom, FORTNITE and MARK ASS BROWNIE

  2. FINALLY! After 1 day i have found the only place where you are able to watch Aladdin 2019 with awesome quality and awesome sound! Im giving away link to you, guys ) Open in browser ALADDIN .IHACK . CO

  3. Lets kill some racism here – the name Aladdin is actually "Allah Dino" in Arabic meaning Given By God. Same as Saladin (originally Salah Uddin).

  4. All these stupid smartasses must be feeling pretty stupid now that this movie did so well and is one of the most successful movie of this year . That’s why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and a movie by its trailer (even though it was a good one ) .

  5. As long as you LOVE what u see, I'll stay the same looking. While improving my mind, heart and soul. ♡

  6. Great movie, but live action? Hell no! This was so CGI'd that no one is going to believe those crazy dance moves by everyone and especially an aging Will Smith were natural. They're too cartoonish and super fast.

  7. Overall it's a good movie.

    Not that good of a Jafar, not menacing enough. And Will Smith can't sing that well but they did write him some pretty funny lines which helps to counterbalance the drawbacks.
    Seems like they only really cared about getting Jasmine and Aladdin right as those are good casting choices. Although I think Jasmine and Aladdin are supposed to be younger but likely the best they could get.
    The people of Agrabah are pretty much just random actors they hired. Didn't seem like they cared too much about maintaining an Arabic feel in that regards.
    Where the movie shines is really thanks to the costumes, CGI, writers, set designers, etc. The casting dept just did a mediocre job.

  8. I think Will Smith is trying his best to live up to Robin Williams role, no one can replace Robin, but I think he would be proud to see Will Smith doing this

  9. they ruined the movie . dosnt event come close to how cool the cartoon was. And this singing is awful not to mention effects, romanticism and everything . It's like the movie was made in Rush . rubbish

  10. I think sonakshi sinha should play jasmin role! Indian, and so similar to real jasmin! This actress doesnt sense me to be jasmin! How disney act like this! Like an native american play mulan role.

  11. Por qué mentir y manipular y decir q es cuento chino. Es un cuento de cultura arabe. Basta de arrebatar a los arabes sus hazañas

  12. Aladdin live action was much better than I thought it would be. Disney did a great job. The most important part of a classic film of this magnitude is the musical numbers and they got it right i.e. Arabian Nights, Friend Like Me, Prince Ali and A Whole New World.

  13. This movie is the copy of pakistani FIlm


  14. This movie is the copy of pakistani FIlm


  15. Its Disney, so they couldnt afford to find a REAL singer singing this amazing soundtrack, so they just used full autotune on a rappers voice because stupid brain dead masses wont give a fck about the music or anything apart from watching a trash movie and shoving pop corn in their fat obese bellies..

  16. This….was awesome. Didn't expect it. After all the awful remakes, i thought this is gonna be the same, but it was fun, fresh, and itself. It was lovely

  17. After watching the movie, I regret trolling Will as genie, THERE WAS A LITTLE GREY AREA THERE, we forgot about how great of an actor he is, man killed it as genie

  18. You weirdos complaining about the movies but they nailed the live action and this movie is so beautiful 😍 so please fuck off

  19. The movie was good. But these days it is hard to satisfy everyone. Especially when any idiot has an opinion. Bad reweivs come from idiots who stay with mommy and hate everything that's nice and good

  20. And fast forwarding to now
    The movie is great but some people don't wanted to remove their dislike from this trailer

  21. So glad the made him a darker shade of blue in the movie, it feels more real, insted of reality becoming cgi, it looks more like the cgi is more like reality

  22. Everyone slated the trailer and Movie before it came out. And now? . Great Movie indeed. Will Smith was very good

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